(122-06-01) Language of Ladies
Language of Ladies
Summary: Hightower cousins catch up.
Date: 01/06/2015
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Level 3 - The Hightower - Battle Island

Even a single tier of the great white stone tower is grand enough for any palace, and this floor is one is the grandest of all. The third level houses the Hightower family themselves. It has many suites of private rooms, as well as suites with multiple bedchambers, each enough to serve as a noble house in themselves. The open part of the level includes shared parlours with large windows that light the tower's interior. The floor is polished stone in three colours, red-orange and white and grey, laid in a pattern of chevrons. The grand gracious staircases are accessible from near the center of the tower.

In the luxurious open part of this level, shared by the Hightowers, a neat array of fruit, wine, gilded cups, and a gentle brew of honey and lemon have been laid out upon a tray by Lady Marsei — or rather, a servant. It's a lovely spot for gathering ladies, a parlour space with a table upon which the light of day shines. The redhaired Hightower lady has been glimpsed in the company of several friends and family today, the social butterfly; guests lingering from her rather disastrous betrothal party days ago, the Fossoways, are presently further up in the grand tower, however, and it's a lady closer to home for whom she waits.

Lillian is of dark hair, though her eyes are a hazel sheen. She responded to the request at meeting her cousin currious of the woman who would consider the child like prince as her own. She had of course heard a great deal of Marsei since her arrival back within her parents court.

Marsei rises the moment she catches sight of her dark-haired Hightower cousin, sweeping along to meet her with delicately oustretched hands, meaning to take Lillian's, as if they're old friends. They're close in age; maybe they might've been, if Lillian had stayed, but they're family all the same. "Lady Lillian!" Marsei is beaming, rosy. "How absolutely lovely you are. How do you fare today? Well, I hope!"

Lillian says, "oh M'lady, the return to this city has been met by more dragons then proper suitors!" she teases softly "your lovely prince says he will fix the gardens. How are you M'lady?" she asks her smile bright."

"I am well, now things are calming down," Marsei replies, smiling brightly in polite gratitude to be asked. She steps back and sits at the little table with a practiced sweep of the long length of her gown, arranging herself just so on the chair. Her gown is soft and pink, trimmed in happy embroidery. "I have no doubt Prince Dhraegon will have the garden looking flawless in no time at all," she says, truly sounding confident; she dips her head down just then to regard Lillian with such earnesty it's slightly it is almost out of place — as she takes the blame, "I am sorry your return was welcomed with such a frightful event."

Lillian tilts her head "I do not think it was your fault Cousin." she says as she joins a seat with the woman.

"All the same," Marsei replies, but her tone is light — if she does somehow blame herself, it's not the time to talk about it. She brightens all over again, sitting up straighter so quickly she nearly seems to jump. Her hands come together just shy of clapping. "We should throw a party," she suggests suddenly, "for you! One without dragons— perhaps at the Good Queen's Cakehouse, incase people are shy of the Hightower for awhile, all things considered. We could reintroduce you to Oldtown! What do you think?"

Lillian blinks her eyes and she looks suddenly surprised "A party for … me?" she asks then she blushes "Oh my lady I do not think that would be necessary, parties are for weddings and, kingdom events…" she pauses "though a tournament might be fun if people show up, the ladies events were fairly sparse." she says quietly

It is just about this pleasant part of their conversation when Camillo shows up, with a tray of refreshments. They are a bit simple, as the kitchens are no doubt dealing with the fallout of the dragon attacks and everyone's terror-eating, plus the stores being depleted from the engagement party.

When Lillian doesn't appear certain, Marsei only smiles, reassuring; rather than disappointment, the redheaded lady's eyes show curiosity. "It could be a casual party, nothing so grand," she says pleasantly as if to soothe her cousin. When Camillo is near, she smiles at him — or the refreshments. "Will you pour some wine as well, Camillo," she looks to Lillian, "or whichever Lady Lillian prefers."

Lillian smiles and nods her head a little "some hot cider if you have it, if not, wine will be delightful".. she looks to her cousin "so.. I hear you are to marry the child like prince are you looking forward to the match?" asks the darker haired woman

Camillo sets the tray somewhere convenient and then moves to fetch the wine for the ladies. He pours a cup of wine for each of them, then bows in Lillian's direction. "I can check with the kitchens if you like, my lady?"

Marsei starts to smile anew, as if she's been struck with another bright idea, but Lillian's question turns the expression around. It's slow, and subtle; her face doesn't fall as much as reroute to a smaller smile. "Yes," she says simply, politely. "We should never be out of cider thanks to the Fossoways," she says with a glance up to Camillo without quite looking at him. She plucks at the modest serving of fruit already on the table. "Have you been getting to know Prince Dhraegon, then?" she inquires her cousin lightly.

Lillian nods and shrugs "I sung him a lullaby when he was drunk, until he fell asleep." she says quietly before she reguards her cousin closely, still a political match was nothing to shake heads at, and marrying a prince was a great honor. She smiles softly though a her eyes pity the woman who is now going to have to take care of such a man as well as any children the match might bring.

Camillo slips out, on his way to fetch that cider.

Marsei nods, her gaze turning knowing, as if Lillian has filled in some gap in information. "That was very kind of you," she tells her cousin, sincere. There's empathy in her sweet voice; a certain fondness toward the child-like prince in question, regardless of being pitied. She lifts her cup of wine and drinks neatly from it before following a polite line of ladylike conversation, "Do you look forward to an arrangement for yourself?"

Lillian laughs a little with a slow shrug of her shoulder "my dear, I just returned, I doubt my family will be looking for a match so soon.. besides, your wedding is much more import.. " she grins pushing that topic under the table for now.

"Now that Prince Dhraegon and I are betrothed, we do not wish to hurry the wedding," Marsei says, pushing the topic yet further under the table. She seems happy enough to let talk of marriage be — relieved, even, given how eagerly she moves on. "You must tell me of your travels!" Rather than simple insistence, she's driven by a pure curiosity; child-like, one might say, yet how different than Prince Dhraegon. Her eyes glitter. "How interesting your life seems to have been."

Lillian laughs softly, "ahh It was … interesting my septa kept me under lock and key from any exotic interests much to my chagrin but I did learn much dealt closely with the theater groups abroad, and custom items for nobles, whilst learning languages. I missed home however."

Marsei listens as though living vicariously through the other woman, although her interest is more than that — it's genuine, pleased for her cousin's success. Granted, there is a bit of a quirk in her look at Lillian, as if she's a curiosity. "How wonderful to have an artist in the family. Is it clothing you make?" Only politeness stops her from bursting with questions.

Camillo returns with the promised pot of hot cider, and a mug, on a tray. He doesn't even seem out of breath despite the stairs.

Lillian mmmms "paintings as well" she flips her hand as if trying to not boast .. she was a shy woman and always trying to turn the spotlight off her. She smiles softly, her voice a soothing exotic lilt she blushes slightly to her cousin and then she looks relieved at the cider brought to her.

All the questions Marsei wishes to ask are set quite easily aside as she regards Lillian; she only smiles at her cousin, seeming to understand, and lets the scent of the hot cider fill the air between them. It takes her away in thought for a moment. She favours the other refreshments. "How are your brothers?"

Camillo quietly pours the cider into the mug for Lillian and offers it to her. "My lady."

Lillian smiles and she takes the cider, and she smiles softly and sips it closing her eyes slightly "I have seen Brynden at the tower, he had me make him a cloak with Myrish design, it looked lovely when he wore it" she brushes her hair gently back

"That seems quite bold for Ser Brynden," Marsei says — approvingly, it should be noted. She wraps her hands around the top of her cup of wine although it does not provide the same comforting warmth as cider. "It must be nice to be close to your brothers again. I know I missed mine while I was married." Before, that is.

Camillo steps back to an unobtrusive corner where he'll be out of the way.

Lillian sips on her cider and she looks to the Lady, though her words about being married before cause a slender brow to raise she speaks nothing more of this. She however dose finally speak "you are soon to be a princess, perhaps it would be alright to speak to you of the languages I know. Who knows when the court may need them?"

"Well," Marsei says softly, in modesty and quiet surprise, "I will never be a Targaryen as their princesses are… I suppose I never thought of it like that." Both of her own light brows begin to raise in inquiry, but she seems uncertain. "Prince Dhraegon does work in the business of trade, as well… that involves meeting with all manner of people who I am certain speak all manner of languages."

Lillian nods her head "I can speak to him, I believe we are working out some deal for cloth and supplies now that I am home, I will need them to make the fashions here if the nobles desire." she seems to realise she is talking too much and she blushes "pardon M'lady" she says as she sips on her warm cider.

"Oh, no, there's no need to apologize," Marsei says warmly. "You're so useful, Lady Lillian, above and beyond what's expected." 'Of a lady' goes without saying, but this lady seems quite joyful about Lillian's skills. "I adore fashions. I like to design my gowns" she says and, leaning ever-so-slightly toward the table, puts a hush on her voice as if they're entering secret territory — but her upbeat half-whisper is all cheery jest, "I think it would be rather a scandal if I wore something I sewed with my own hand, as I can scarcely put two pieces of cloth together to save my own life."

Lillian nods meekly "common skills of art. Servant skills really but..still." she draws a breath and she smiles however at her cousins words and she blushes softly.

"But art is the most uncommon thing there is, except perhaps for love," Marsei refutes out of passion for the topic, smiling always, one hand lifted with a half of a biscuit in her hand, "both remarkable wherever it comes from, I think."

Lillian listens to her cousin then she smiles gently to her, 'I should go home … it is getting late" she says quietly to her. A warm smile to her lips.

Marsei sets down the wine she was drinking to see Lillian off. "I know haven't known much of each other since we were small, but you can come calling on me any time, cousin. Do be well!"

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