(122-05-18) Of Geography and Shadows
Of Geography and Shadows
Summary: When men get together and measure their coastlines…..
Date: Date of play (18/05/122)
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It is the time of day when people are mostly done working and are looking for a drink and a bit of dinner. There is no singer just now, just the loud hum of conversation and the clank of tankards on wood. There are quite a few students talking excitedly about the party next week or their studies. Scattered here and there are Measters, some familiar faces to both Camillo and Siyu.

Siyu comes down from his room. He has paid for his room and his board, so now of course he's going to settle and find a drink, and get some good food. The pretty, odding looking teenager will simple settle with a book and wait for a a barwench to come over with the special.

Siyu comes down from his room. He has paid for his room and his board, so now of course he's going to settle and find a drink, and get some good food. The pretty, odding looking teenager will simple settle with a book and wait for a a barwench to come over with the special.'

Camillo has perhaps been here for some time. People often don't notice exactly when he came into a room. But there he is, with a mug of something in his hand and his back to one wall. He must be alone. Which is not surprising.

Eonn looks a bit shaggy and dusty. Or more, sweaty with dust clinging to it. He comes in, trailed by a half-grown white cat.

Killian is quietly enjoying a tankard and some roast bird. He also has a young Eagle with him, who he is allowing to savage a dish of entrails. The eagle has flight feathers, but not adult colouring. The eagle does not look pleased to be here, but wears no hood or jesses.

An elderly Archmaester enters. The man is shrunken, with a large widow's hump, and only a few wild wisps of hear on a liver spotted pate. He has a large nose and a number of moles. Despite his cane and wrinkles, he is a sharp eyed old bird, and catches the eyes of each of the the students in turn. Most of them suddenly realize they've urgent business elsewhere. Of those who stay are two of the less nasty cronies of the youths who had been harassing Siyu until Eonn stepped in that time. These two are serious students, despite their poor taste in friends.

Camillo perhaps eyes one or two people who belong at the citadel, and surely notes the latest entry, but he doesn't move. He doesn't even drink.

Eonn makes his way over to Killian. Or perhaps it's the eagle. He looks at the bird more than the man, at least. And bends to pick up the little cat.

Siyu ahhhhs as he gets the rich meal. So what you like of the simple ingredients here, the Westrosi know how to make the best of it. Rich and hearty ,enough to fill a stomach. He grins and breaks the brown bread and looks up. Scanning. Camillo, off by his lonesome, Killian, with an eagle? Interesting. And Eonn. His eyes go faintly wide, but he inclines a hunk of bread towards the man and his cat. "Greetings." he offers. The old Maester trundles in and that causes him to pause slightly again. He hmms and looks at the two students, and back to the maester. What exactly is going on? Hm… He sips his ale and leans back.

Killian gives Eonn a friendly enough wave, but looks a bit worried on seeing the cat. "Best to keep them apart. Seasdottir might take her for prey." Indeed the eagle looks like she might be sizing up the beastie. Killian lifts her onto the back of a nearby chair just in case, though as the bird can likely fly, this isn't all that reassuring.

The tough old Raven heads for the two students, who seem only midly intimidated. The old man sits, demands Redwyne wine, and then loudly asks them how their papers are coming. The youths answer quietly, and normal talk resumes. A grey haired Septon of quiet demeanor and a Camillolike tendency to blend, goes for a refill to his tankard and ends up sitting rather closer to the pair than he was.

Camillo probably spots the Septon, too, and his relocation. He has one sip of whatever's in his mug.

The young cat says, "Meerp!" in a concerned sort of way, from Eonn's arms. Eonn looks at Siyu, nods and greets him, "Faraway," and then looks back to Killian and the eagle.

Siyu bows his head to Eonn, observing Cat and Eagle. Huh, interesting mix. Though the Old Raven renders him more interest. He smiles some and sips his ale. He eats his food, thick and rich, and his bread, "Pray tell what are you studying?" he asks the two students, "I admit I am most curious of the goings on of Maesters myself." trying to be friendly though the two would obviously recognize the meddling Yi Ti.

The Septon is peaceably sipping his ale at his own table and making no mischief.

Killian gives Siyu an easy going smile.

The students look rather startled at being addressed by the peculiar foreigner and fall silent. The Archmaester fixes his bright eyes on Siyu and asks his own question, "What sort of architecture to they have in your country? Where the Mazemakers there? Have you myths about the sea?"

Siyu ahs a bit, "Architecture. Yi Ti is a land of rich jungle, we have fast growing hardwoods, most of our buildings are made of wood. Elegant wooden carvings. Only the princes have stone foundations. And of course, the Imperial City. The entire city is made of stone…" he says as if that's supposed to be impressive. "Still we do not build as tall as your towers here. There is plenty of space, buildings are simply raised up. Arranged in grids, with space, and Stone firebreaks to ensure there are no disasters, and fire is isolated to districts. But they are curved roofs, it rains quit ea bit, with gutters that lead down to the street to wash away the debris. The streets are graded so it all flows to the river…" he hmms a bit. "A mazemaker? Perhaps. I mean. We have grand designers. Which make sure the streets and flow of our cities function in peak harmony with the elements…" he considers the questions, "As for myths of the sea, ah. I do not know many. I am a brown trader."

Eonn looks to Killian. "Where did you get it?" he asks, finally.

The Archmaester asks, "What sort of stone? What style of carvings? Where your people first inhabitants or where their others before you?" His style of asking is more like an interrogation, and the students look relieved not to be the subject of it. He shakes his head, "The Mazemakers were an ancient people who left peculiar Labyrinths, including the famous ones in Lorath."

Killian looks lovingly on the bird, "She and I found each other near the cliffs. They hunt in the sea, mostly."

Camillo hunkers over his mug. He's expert at taking a long time with a drink.

Siyu blinks, "No, no the eternal empire has always been, no people came before us. Even during the great long night, when we were at our weakest our people maintained themselves. They rebuilt, and built the firm foundations of the eternal empire…" he nods some. "I have heard stories of odd temples and buildings which warp perceptions of space on southros. oily black buildings that cause death and disease…but that is just a rumor. I have never been." he leans back. "Gray Granite, from the mountains. The red emperors build the current imperial city…" he considers, "What are the units of measure here, in Westros?"

Eonn holds the little cat in his arms and observes the eagle. He smiles faintly at it, then says to Killian, "I don't think she likes it here."

The Archmaester nods to the students, who start demonstrating approximate measurements. After he asks Siyu, "What stories to they tell of Sothoryos in the Eternal empire?

Killian nods, "I know she does not, but she needs to be able to deal with complex human places. I bring her out now and then and reward her heavily. Mostly I take her to the beach."

Eonn laughs. "I see," he says. "I wonder if she does, really." His tone is not unkind, though. Then he asks, "Are you drinking?"

Siyu mmms, "That they are full of monsters and fell beasts. Beasts and men who are not men. Those we wear the flesh of men yet are without soul or spirit. Evil infests the land that strips a man of his flesh and his spirit to the bone. It is vast. If the land itself were not tainted, all the peoples of Westros and Essos could fit upon it. The black temples are from a race long ago, and well lost. It is a different evil, an evil not of men." he leans back. "The wicked cut of man is something we can understand. The dark bleakness of Asshai we can understand, for that is of men. I have soon the oily river, and the black stone there. I feared it, but I understood it. What lies in Sothoryos we should leave be." He sighs, "The waters are fine. You can sail the coast but do not touch the earth, do not sail into the coves, do not risk the marshlands or the swamps." He hmms as he tries to compare his own measurments getting an understanding, "So…how…using your measurements, how large is your capital city…Kings Landing yes?"

Killian smiles in a rueful way, "A bit of good ale with this bit of chicken. I do not want to drink deep when she depends on me to look after her." He is listening now with some interest to Siyu's talk of strange and distant lands.

The Archmaester is listening with some fascination. The students are looking as if they which they had brought ink and quill to take notes. There follows some bickering as to exactly what counts as being part of Kingslanding and an estimation is tentatively settled on.

Siyu blinks at the estimation, "No no, not the palace your king of kings lives in. I mean the city, as a whole, in its entirety." he motions. "I mean Oldtown is very nice, but you must have larger cities yes?" he appears to be thinking this is just a city for the scholars which would explain its size.

Eonn studies Killian's face a moment longer, then turns his attention to the odd conversation.

The Students look at each other and one says quietly, "This is our largest and oldest city. Kingslanding is only a little over a century old and still growing."

Siyu ohs…he ohs slightly, "I see. So that is…the size of your entire capital." he goes slightly quiet, and muses how to discuss the next part. Pursing his lips, and hmmming. He sips his ale to try and fill the silence.

Camillo leaves the Quill and Tankard and crosses the little bridge from the door to the street.

The Archmaester is watching Siyu with a sharp expression. The youths pick at their bread and stew. Killian looks amused.

Siyu ahems some, "Right anything else you wish to know of the Lands of Yi Ti? Of our Golden Empire? I mean, I imagine I am not a common traveler eh?" he inquires with a laugh.

Eonn raises his eyebrows a bit, then moves to the bar to get a flagon of cider.

The Archmaester asks, "Do your people do much shipping on the Jkade sea? What do you know of the Shadowlands. you are close, are you not?"

Siyu chuckles some, "Do we ship? Of course we do. As I said I am a brown trader, but our blue traders travel all along the jade say. Into the lands of the Harpy and even into the free cities. Now that Valaria has fallen the free cities are a poor replacement, but…" he offers an incline of his head, "We trade freely throughout. Past the Jade gates, and beyond…" he hmms a bit, "I have been to Asshai. I have seen the shadowlands. Though I do not wish to return. Once is enough for one man."

Eonn narrows his eyes a little at the conversation. Then his drink comes, and he has a long swallow.

The students lean in, fascinated, "What are they like? What did they look like? We here rumors, but…."

The Quill is bustling with the after work crowd. There is no music, but the loud buzz of conversation over a wholesome meal. An elderly Archmaester, two acolytes, an Ironman, Eonn, and a peculiar foreigner are conversing across a table gap. The Foreigner seems to be doing most of the talking.

Siyu focuses his mismatched eyes on the students, "They have powers there. Those that have power seek it in others. Even if they are unaware. They seek to take it to enhance their own. Anyone new to that city is looked at…" he motions, "As an eagle a rabbit. A hint of power a scrap, no matter how faint, and you will be set upon by every shadow, every shade. They live and die by their magic, and they will not care what outsiders have to say. It is a dark place." he mummers, "If you seek the ancient knowledge long lost it is the place to study. But go at your own peril. If you show talent. You are more then likely to end up drained of power, spirit and life, as you are of learning your own secrets…" he shakes his head. "That is enough of Asshai."

Eonn has a half grown white cat tucked under one arm, and a tankard of cider in the other hand. The catling squirms and he whispers to it: "Shh. That eagle will eat you, stay with me."

The Students listen wide eyed to the story. The Archmaester gives very little away, though he watches the youth telling the story closely.

The eagle watches the cat hungrily from a chair back, restless and not happy about being in a crowded place. Captain Killian feeds her from a small plate of entrails, careful of his fingers, his expression mild. The bird has her flight feathers, but not her adult colouring and has a young look about her. She rips up and swallows the meat, but her gaze is on the small tasty looking cat.

Siyu shakes his head out, "AT any rate, the river is as black as tar, and flows as slowl, everything is covered in soot. As if ash rains like water. The bleak lands, seek to take the light from the sun and cast it away…" he shakes his head, "But Yi Ti, Yi Ti is much better, our jungles, our deltas, they are rich and fertile, the soil is black, but black in richness, you can throw seed and crops will grow"

Caelin steps into the tavern, wearing dusty riding clothes. The tallish young man moves with a stiff precision, signaling for a glass of wine as he takes a seat near the huddled group, glancing out of the corner of his eyes towards the foreigner in particular. One larger than normal and unusually pointy ear tilting slightly at the tales of distant jungles and rivers.

The Archmaester asks, "Do your legends connect Asshai with the temples of Sothyros? Do you have exotic foods in your Empire that we do not?"

It is the ear that draws Killian's interest. His accent is thick and archaic, a blend of the Iron Islands and the North, full of odd vowel and word choices and elaborately rolled r's. He turns an easy going smile on the large stranger, "Hail! Would it be rude to ask ye to join us for a drink? Where might ye be from?"

Siyu is an exotic teenager to be sure, he is short, pretty, beautiful really, long hair, round face, almond slanted eyes with mismatched color. Wide hips and huang skin. He shakes his head, "We do not. Their stone is black from soot, and it does not…ooze the oil as those in Sothyros. As I said. Asshai is the evils of men. That which lies in all our hearts, to prey upon each other. What lies in the south, is something far different…" he ohs, "Well for one, saffron. That most bountiful of spice." he laughs. "Still any trader knows that. But it does not appear as if you have much of our rice…or our noodles…" he hms. "Still bread is hearty. It's rich. Wheat and Barley are rich here. Though some of the thicker, pulpier fruits. You have hard skin fruits here yes? Not soft skinned." he considers. "Spices, hm…" he turns his head a bit to look at the stranger too. "The chili, I do miss it here."

The black-haired man tilts his head in greeting, regarding the strangers' attention with calm, detached interest, a thin smile appearing as he responds to Killian, "Not rude at all. I am afraid I am only from Brightwater, and freshly arrived at that. Nowhere as interesting as our friend here." He regards Siyu, before standing, shifting a chair over as he moves his wine, repositioning himself. "Ser Caelin of House Florent. A pleasure."

The Archmaester nods and leans back, sipping his wine. The Students look as if they are longing for their pens again.

Killian gives Ser Caeln a polite nod of greeting, "I hight Captain Killian Farwynd, heir to the Lonely Light…. Brightwater, eh? Ye've a likely look about ye."

Siyu finishes his bread, "At any rate, feel free to ask more. haha…at any rate. I am staying here, I am of course studying at the Maester's library. I am more then happy to talk. THouh for now before my food cools. I'm going to finish," he nods to the students and heads back to eating

Siyu looks over to Caelin and ohs as he sips his ale, "I am Gang Xi SIyu…Siyu is fine of course. I am from Yi Ti, and just finishing my meal." he bobs his head.

Eonn watches Siyu, and sets his cider down so he can scritch the little white cat behind its ears to calm it.

One dark brow shoots up slightly, although he simply nods, the stiff young man taking a sip of wine. "Captain. Gang…" He does pause over the name, frowning slightly. "Siyu, then. A long way off. A companion of yours?" He glances at the still silent Eonn, although his attention then returns to Killian, at whom the question seems directed.

The Archmaester thanks Siyu for his conversation, and with a dark glance at the acolytes and a tart comment about work they ought to be doing instead of gallivanting about, ushers them out.

Killian laughs softly, "No, just someone I talk about theology with…. What brings ye so recently to Oldtown then." his sea coloured eyes don't seem to directly focus on the tall knight, though there is keen interest in his expression.

Eonn pays no mind to Killian and Caelin. He watches the Maester thoughtfully.

Caelin watches the departing Maester and acolytes, dark eyes following for a moment. The silent brooder standing nearby draws another glance, but as he doesn't seem to be going anywhere the Florent puts him out of mind. "Inspecting a ship for sale. A few other small matters that have accrued while I've been at home. Nothing very interesting. What about yourself, Captain?"

Eonn stays silent. He turns and puts the little cat on the bar.

Killian perks up with real interest at the mention of the ship, "Oh? what sort are ye looking for? A galley? A warship? A fisher? A yacht? A barge?" He gives the knight a blissful smile, "I sailed south to find a wife a tad less related if ye catch my drift, and I found a fierce wee thing who suits me better than any other woman in Westeros, more beautiful than a clear night and quick with a knife. I gave her to the sea with mine own hands and she took her marriage marks quite brave."

"A little merchant galley about which the seller makes wonderful claims, none of which I expect are true. Still." Caelin pauses, dark brow lifting very slightly as he inquires with polite curiosity, "Gave her to the sea? Marriage marks? These are Iron Island customs, I should guess?"

Killian feeds another tidbit to the sullen bird, "We are all given to the sea once as babies. some of us are given more than once. Unless she was given I could not make her my rock Wife, though their still might be bit of trouble about it. It's why it is important that the crew love her. She'll need support for her claims if ought happens to me back home. Marks are… an old custom, not much practiced out side of the far Islands. It is from before we learned to write histories. Instead we put our stories on our skins. She took her marks as if she were island born and bred. We swore our vows in the ocean, after I gave her to the sea, and after the bedding ceremony, we both took our marks. I'll not have some man claiming her as a Salt wife when I am gone.""

It is clear that the knight only follows some of that. There is a certain prudish, conservative distaste to be expected from the noble houses of the mainland, but it doesn't diminish his curiosity. Caelin eyes the captain thoughtfully. "What type of story do the marks tell, if a stranger may ask?"

Killian pulls the top of his tunic down to display a double wave pattern in blue with three red dots above. The wave pattern looks to ring his upper chest and shoulders the way a thick torque or neck piece might a bit higher up. "This shows I've been given twice to the see and these three dots are for men I killed for certain single handed. "I've my marriage marks here to show I took a Rock Wife." He touches his stomach. "Knotwork with clasped hands for knobs. I've others, but they are more private in meaning."

Eonn turns his head to look at the Iron Islander again. He's still silent, scritching the little white cat. It purrs.

Killian gives Eonn a rather vague look. "I should be getting Seasdottir home before the drinking starts in earnest. Farewell, Eonn of the Rills."

Eonn nods, watching Killian with his pretty, cold eyes. "Good night," he says, softly.

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