(122-05-11) Proper Ladies
Proper Ladies
Summary: Princess Jennelyn and Lady Marsei meet at the Dragon Door Manse.
Date: 11/05/2015
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Sitting Room - Dragon Door Manse Starry Street

This lush room is comfortably furnished with chairs and couches, all thickly upholstered in either black or red leather. There are upright reading chairs, sofas that allow people to sit side-by side, one of those 'gossip' couches that separate a seated pair with a curving arm, and lounges for lying down. Placed handily among them are end tables with polished stone tops, black veined with red. Their wooden legs are dragons, each carved and painted differently, with gilt details. A similarly carved sideboard holds wine bottles and glasses, and two matching chests contain blankets and extra throw-pillows.

The room is well lit in the day by three large arched windows that offer a view of the garden. They are framed with carved stone dragons that match those of the arch leading back into the entry hall.

Footsteps — gentle and, somehow, cheerful in pace — approach the sitting room of the Dragon Door Manse, yet the lady who graces its doorway a moment later is not a Targaryen. The coppery-haired and exquisitely violet-gowned woman is Lady Marsei Hightower, who entered without a fuss; she is on a list of readily accepted visitors to the manse, although she does not quite move about the place familiarly, cautiously pausing to peek into the room with no desire to interrupt. She's holding a small box folded in paper and thread in her hands.

Jennelyn is seated on one of the ornate couches in full visibility from the archway leading into the room. Dressed in an elegant gown of pure white gossamer silk. Her hair is done in two ringlets that frame her face and the rest tumbling down her back and over her shoulders. In her lap is what appears to be needlework of some sort, a very delicate and intricate peice by the looks of it. Her ice blue orbs flicker upwards however at the sound of footsteps and she gives a polite smile and a nod to the one who enters. "Good day," she greets.

When Marsei's eyes alight on the young Targaryen, they brighten. She may not know the girl, but she appears happy to see the polite face, a rosy smile immediately forming. "Oh, hello! My apologies — I did not mean to interrupt, particularly such lovely needlework," she says pleasantly with an admiring glance to the embroidery. She steps into the sitting room, though not far. "I'm Lady Marsei Hightower," she introduces warmly, "I only wished to leave something for Prince Dhraegon."

Jennelyn smiles politely and shakes her head. "Oh i assure you that you interrupted nothing Lady Hightower, i am simple working on some needlework as i have nothing else to occupy my time at the current moment," she replies with a musical little giggle, her crystal eyes sparkling with the sound. "My name is Princess Jennelyn Targaryen, a pleasure to make your aqauintence," she says cordially.

"Likewise, your grace; I don't recall seeing you in our fine city before now," Marsei replies cordially in turn, all easy smiles. "I hope Oldtown is not so dull," she adds; it's all in welcoming, good-natured jest. Despite the needlework being a method of time-passing, the Hightower lady steps closer to regard its details. "May I see?" she asks politely.

Jennelyn nods softly and smiles. "indeed i arrived just recently, i was sent here by my family when I came of age," she replies before blushing modestly and delicately handing the needlework over.

After a brief knowing look to the young lady, Marsei tucks the small box carefully under her arm, against her side, and takes Jennelyn's project to look it over. She has the eye of a simple admirer of the work, not an ounce of criticism in her gaze. "Look how delicate it is, and the symmetry, it's quite lovely," she says sincerely before handing the piece back. "It's rather a masterpiece compared to mine," she compliments; regardless of the jab to her own skills, there's actually no self-deprecation in the statement, still remaining utterly good-natured even as she adds, "And me an old lady, compared to you." Marsei certainly looks far from that, but it's been some time since she's been a maiden.

Jennelyn smiles and blushes modestly at the barrage of praise headed her way. "Your Ladyship does me great honoir with her kind words," she replies modestly. "i do confess my family does often praise me for my accomplishments, but i simply behave as i think any young woman of noble birth ought to from the moment they can dictate their pwn movements, one must be poised, elegantly, and accomplished on the truest sense pf the word," she says softly.

There's a fleeting moment wherein Marsei looks carefully at Jennelyn as if trying to guess her parentage, but remembering the extensive and confusing Targaryen family tree is a feat. She smiles further. "You seem the picture of all of those things, Princess Jennelyn. I understand; I was not terribly older than you when I was sent to King's Landing for a time. Do you know many in Oldtown?"

Jennelyn smiles modestly and blushes shyly. "you are truly too kind your ladyship, as for knowing anyone here, i have only just met prince Dhraegon, but he is my only aquaintence so far, i grew up in the crownlands myself,"

Mention of Dhraegon changes Marsei's smile — it doesn't lessen it, only puts a small quirk in it. She remembers the box she holds and whisks off slightly to the side to set it neatly on one of the polished tables. "Perhaps Princess Visenya will take you under her wing," she says, a hint of admiration in her tone for the mentioned older princess. "You'll be quite welcome at court at the Hightower," she says like an offer, though it's more of a fact; the court is open. Of course Targaryens are admitted just about wherever they please. "And to visit whenever you like. We've a lovely library, if you enjoy libraries. And gardens, though few can rival Dragon Door's."

Jennelyn smiles politely and nods. "indeed, i would most dearly love to be oresented at court if permitted, and would be more than honoured to visit at your convenience of course," she replies cordially with a smile. "after all i am a woman now, and i am sure my parents are thinking of my marriage, as for your library i would also be curious, i am quite fond of romances and various other classics," she replies with a smile. "what about you? what do you like to do if i might ask?"

Marsei seems pleased, cheerily raising her slightly dimpled chin. She takes it upon herself to sit down nearby, doing so delicately, leaving the smooth fabric of her gown unwrinkled and herself poised near the edge of the seat. "… oh, the expected pasttimes I suppose," she answers humbly — but not unhappily so, smiling in humour at herself, "I always expect it's my sisters who would have the more exciting answer."

Jennelyn tilts her head ever so slightly in curiosity at the comment the girl makes, but whether by breeding or by common sense, she holds her tongue and nods before she turns to pack her needlework away and smooth out her gown before giving her full attention to Marsei. "Indeed, i find most of the expected pasttimes for a lady to be genuinely enjoyable, though i confess as a child i was not so eager, all the same they have a way of growing on you,"

"That is precisely it," Marsei replies with a gentle laugh. "Fashions and dance and entertaining; there is nothing wrong with that." She smiles more softly at the princess. "I hope you find Oldtown to be enjoyable. I know how it can be to miss one's home."

Jennelyn smiles politely and shakes her head. "i came here because it is my duty now, i am no longer a child, but a woman, and they wish to find me a husband, it is only proper for a women to be betrothed when she blossoms after all, i assure you, i will not be homesick, but your words are still very lovely to hear all the same," she replies warmly.

"And I am glad to hear yours," Marsei replies. For a second, her lips move as if she might impart further words to Jennelyn; instead, she only smiles, ever-so-slightly wistful, and moves on. She indicates the small box she left on the table with a glance. "Will you make certain that finds its way to Prince Dhraegon? I do not know if he is in, but if he is, I do not wish to disturb him. I mean to visit the Sept shortly."

Jennelyn smiles politely and nods. "of course, i will ensure it is sent to him as soon as he is available, do not worry your ladyship," she replies politely.

"Thank you," Marsei replies; even such a simple civility filled is with sincerity. "In fact, I should be on my way." She stands as elegantly as she sat down. "It was truly lovely talking to you, Princess Jennelyn. I am certain I will see you again very soon."

Jennelyn smiles politely and nods in parting. "Indeed, i am certain we will, do be well," she replies.

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