(122-05-10) News and Cakes
News and Cakes
Summary: Peri finds three Targaryens in their garden.
Date: Date of play (10/05/122)
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Dhraegon's knee length hair is pulled back in one long braid with seafoam ribbons to match his clothes woven in. He is… stealing plants? Certainly, he has pots and a spade and is taking some of the plants out of the earth and potting them, giggling softly to himself.

Jennelyn is sitting on a nearby bench with some delicate needlework in her lap, looking up when she hears the giggling, and though she tilts her head curiously at his actions, she says nothing.

Peri is quiet as she watches Dhrae, from the gate, slipping in. The lack of reaction from the guards might be jarring for someone unaware of who she is. She chuckles herself "Dearest Uncle Dhraegon, whyever are you spiriting away those poor plants?" she asks, her fingers plucking a bit of fuzz off of her Essosi cut gown with her graceful fingers, taking a few roses out of her hair to adjust the holding pins before replacing them absently and moving to stand over Dhrae and glance down at his mischief "Did you check that potting wouldn't kill them ?" she asks, demeanor potentially jarringly casual. She hasn't spotted the princess yet it seems!

Taelor comes sweeping into the gardens from the direction of the manse. Dressed in a gown designed to make him look like a lady its very hard to tell he is not. A handmaiden comes out behind him carrying a small harp and the pair make their way over to find a seat on a bench that just happens to be across and near to where Jennlyn sits. A shy smile is given to the other Targaryen and a glance is also given towards the giggling male who also seems to share Targaryen blood. There is a look of empathy in Taelors eyes as he studies the childlike man who seems to be digging up plants. The maid offers him the harp and he takes it testing the strings first before attempting to play anything.

Dhraegon gives Peri a big goofy grin, and puts a finger to his lips. "It is a secret! I will give you a hint though, if you like?" He giggles, "These are mine. I brought them with me from Kingslanding in pots… Well I'm leaving half in anyway and most of these are the babies of the ones I brought last year…." He looks wary, "How…how is the little one? Did you here I am being married off after all, only to a different lady?" And yet he appears sober and reasonably calm, and is not hiding in a pillow fort or under a bush. "Mistress Peri, have you met… have you met…." He peers worriedly at Jennelyn, "I know you aren't Visenya as you are not shouting or Elionys as you are not blushing, or Faelyn…. Faelyn's the one with the sword." He squints at Taelor, "And I'm pretty sure that is not Cerys or Daevon…." He has this lost look now as he gazes at his relatives in some worry.

Peri reaches to rub Dhraegon's hair gently "I'd not heard. Is she a good woman for you?" she asks, soothingly cooing at Dhraegon "Should I request tea and a light proper service be called?" she asks, curiously, "I'm sorry if you aren't happy with the news, I know you were terribly fond of your Betrothed." she offers to Dhrae, gently. She shrugs "I.. honestly can't tell any of your kin apart unless they are older or talking, Uncle Dhraegon." she offers with an honestly "Yes, he's moving now, eagerly zooming about the manse I live in and starting to pull himself upon furniture and skirts to look around his world. He'll be talking and walking soon." she offers with a chuckle "I'm thinking, perhaps I should like another little one, but, I'm unmarriable, so, it is unlikely it will happen unless more travellers com to town."

Jennelyn smiles politely and nods to the man though there is a brief moment where she is understandably……suprised, by his choice of dress, she says nothing however, obviously well aware of how her family can differ wildly depending on chance. "My name is Jannelyn, I believe we met in the square yesterday, and you took me to get cakes at a little shop," she replies gently.

Taelor looks to Dhraegon and offers a gentle smile to both him and Peri. "And my name is Taelor, I just arrived from Kings Landing." He looks down at the harp in his lap briefly and decides to wait a bit before playing anything just yet. Instead he examines his company curiously and rather thoughtfully staying quiet for a bit now.

Peri is quiet for a moment with a smile "Hello young princess." she tilts to give a highly proper curtsy in greeting. She leans to conspiratorily press her hand over Dhraegon's ear "Yes, definitely not Daevon or Cerys or Visenya or the one with a sword." she whispers to Dhrae with a smile "I would perhaps know your kin better if I wasn't so busy and often tending serious ailments that require my full attention." she admits up to Dhraegon "If you or Prince Daevon called upon me, and I did not answer, I apologize. I needed time to sort some things as well and prepare for tax collection." she offers honestly, hesitating as she looks at Jennelyn and Taelor, giving Taelor a gentle curtsy. "Princess." she offers, "I wish I lived in an area of the city that could have a lavish outdoor area safely." she offers with a chuckle.

Dhraegon looks up at Peri with pale lavender eyes, empty as a summer sky, and smiles a little shyly, "She is very kind and likes gardens and is not scared of me. Lais… Lais ran away. Marsei is sister to Ormund and Alicent. She's a widow too, of a Fosseway. She has bright petals like her brother." He giggles, "I get confused often, but it is nice to have young people about again. I am glad the boy is strong, Mistress Peri… If I might be married, I think there can be no such thing as unmarriageable." He perks up, "Oh, Jennelyn! Friend to the Singing Lady! I saved some cakes for you!" he drops his spade and crawls under a bush. Like one does. He crawls out from under the bush with a battered cake box and leaves in his braid. He offers it to Jennelyn, blushing, "We ate most of them, but there is a Dornish spice cake, an apricot tart, and a lemon cake left." He explains to Taelor, "I like cakes!" his deep bass voice clashes with his childlike manner and hairless face. He repeats "Taelor" several times as if trying hard to remember it. He blurts out, "You are definitely not disapproving enough to be Daevon."

Jennelyn smiles politely and nods as she takes the box in her own hands. "Indeed, I thank you for such thoughtfulness and kindness uncle," she replies cordially handing the box to her servant who leaves to presumably store it somewhere more appropriate than a bush.

Dhraegon seems pleased by Jennelyn's reception of the gift and attempts to come at her with a rather dirt encrusted hug.

Jennelyn pauses a moment before accepting the hug at the risk of her dress.

Peri chuckles at Dhraegon. She eyes a serving girl, moving over to quietly request a few things "Could you bring for us some boiled water, and snacks?" she asks, moving to eye Dhraegon "I'm sure you'll learn to like her." she offers, smiling softly, She reaches to rub Dhraegon's shoulder with one hand.

Dhraegon is a gentle hugger, despite his size and doesn't seem to mean any harm by it. "Should I send for my boats and reeds?"

Jennelyn smiles warmly as she is eventually released from the hug and nods to all those present. "if it is alright with everyone present i should like to retire for the night, it has been a long day and i must sleep for the next will come soon,"

Peri chuckles a bit, "If it pleases, Dhraegon." She offers "Perhaps I'll sit and watch. Now when you marry will I still be allowed to come check on you?" she half teases, her eyes going to Jennelyn before bending down to get a look at her "Sleep well princess. Please sleep well and only have sweet dreams?" she asks, smiling, thick brown hair rushing over her shoulders.

Dhraegon's face falls, "If no one is to play, best i go back to potting…." he nods agreement to Peri though, "Sweet dreams are best."

Jennelyn smiles warmly and nods, "thank you most kindly," she replies before heading inside.

Peri smiles at Dhraegon "Then may I help you?" she asks, curiously. Her expression is warm as she offers Dhrae her hand for a moment. Her grin showing as she relaxes a bit.

Dhraegon takes Peri's hand trustingly and leads him over to the bed where he was working. "Do you promise not to tell what they are for?"

Peri is quiet "Unless you are going to drop them off the hightower upon someone, I'll keep your secret." she jokes, taking a piece of cloth down to kneel upon, "I think she'll make you happy, Dhraegon."

Dhraegon giggles and shakes his head no, "I am making a special garden for Marsei, Peri. I like it when she smiles, and I want a garden that will make her smile." He shows her what he is doing and gives her instructions to limit shock. One of the plants looks vaguely familiar from that business at the Hightower. "I really like her, Peri and she likes me. She… she Understands me,Peri."

Peri is gentle, moving carefully. She isn't the best at it, but she does work hard. "She'll love this." she admits, voice gentle. She leans against Dhrae a moment "Will she allow our friendship to continue?"

Dhraegon beams at her, "I am going to fill it with bright wings! It will be a surprise!" He blushes, "I courted her all by myself, Peri." He looks confused by her question, "Why would she mind?"

Peri smiles "Because not all women or men for that matter understand that I'm not a threat to their hearts." she offers, rubbing his hand "I think she'll love it. Perhaps you could get a summer ginger plant for the garden to make it smell heavenly." she offers warmly. "If you need help finding it, I could get it."

Dhraegon giggles and wrinkles his nose, "She understands how I am, Peri. I do not think she will mind. I let her… see what I am like. In public. It was only fair she know first. Visenya is very angry. She doesn't understand at all." He giggles again, "If you like…. Do birds and butterflies like it?"

Peri smiles a bit "I think so, yes." she offers, her fingers working in the ground carefully as she pots a flower. "I think if you two get along you'll both be happy and… Visenya should worry more about herself than what you are doing, I think. It keeps your agreement with Hightower good as a family and seems healthy." she offers in thought "I'm happy that you are happy."

Dhraegon nods, "Visenya is very young, Mistress Peri. She doesn't understand about the choices people make that are more complicated. She wants romance out of stories, but for most people, they don't get stories."

Peri laughs a bit "Those stories are written for entertainment to distract people. I don't know, I would read a story about a love like yours. Two people who are happy, one of which is very kind and sweet tempered? It seems terribly nice and would be a fantastic escape." she points out with a grin.

Dhraegon nods, "Visenya thinks she is in a story and she yells and throws things what the plot doesn't go as she suspects. I'm not anything like stories. I am happy with gardens and cakes and company." He shakes his head and giggles, "They don't make stories about holding hands and walking peacably through a garden. People like grand romance and drama."

Peri chuckles. "I don't like drama. Romance is nice, but the men who want to Romance me want something else." she offers, voice gentle as she leans to pat the plant gently "Well children are children and you can't be too cross at them."

Dhraegon looks at her in confusion, "What do they want?" He nods, "I hide under my bush when I see her coming. She really does care about Marsei, so she means it well. She thinks… I have forced her somehow." He sounds really distressed, "I didn't Peri. I wanted her to decide without pressure. To choose freely."

Peri smiles a bit "My money. My attention in a less than savory way. Or to abuse my friendships." she offers, honestly. She smiles "She'll come around. You'll be ok." she offers resting her head on his side.

Dhraegon pats her shoulder gently, "I am sorry men are so disapointing, Peri. Is that why you named your child after two… not men?"

Peri hms "Do you consider yourself not a man? I named my child after people I love." she offers to him with a chuckle. She chuckles "I like men well enough but very few are dependable and I guess I'm alien to them." she offers, softly

Dhraegon looks at her in that blank way he has, "Do you honestly consider me a man?"

Peri considers a bit "You are masculine and behave in a way that makes you a better man than eighty five percent of the men I've met. It isn't your defining feature, I suppose. Your defining characteristic is kindness." she insists softly "You are a very kind, generous person. I love you as a dear sweet person in my life." she offers. The tone isn't flirting, it is the same kind of love she'd have for a family member.

Dhraegon's face falls, "I would…. rather be a Princess, Peri."

Peri smiles "Don't be a mean one. I know many women who make better men by the general standards than most men." she offers with a wink, shifting to hug his shoulders " Perhaps we can make you a lovely crown of flowers and have tea and cakes somewhere." she offers, with a smile, unphased. "Gender is entirely to focused on in Westeros."

Dhraegon hugs her gently, "I try very hard, Peri. I want to do what is right." Then he is beaming, "Flower crowns are one of my favorite things!"

Peri smiles a bit and leans into the hug, resting her nose against his shoulder, snuggling as she looks at him "Dhrae, Do you want me to call you my Aunt in private?" she asks with a soft whispered tone. "I'm not sure whats proper."

Dhraegon relaxes the tension she was hiding, "Yes, Peri. I would like that."

Peri leans to rub her cheek against him "Don't be tense with me Aunty. You are my best friend in the whole world anymore so you aren't allowed to be tense or sad okay?" she offers, her fingers squeezing the bigger person.

Dhraegon blushes, "Peri, I was really… not well for months and months, but I am doing better. I really am happy now. I was so scared before and now I'm not.

Peri smiles "You were unwell? Why didn't you ask me to make you feel better?" she asks, taking his hand to knead it in both of hers. She works slowly and gently. "I'm sorry I vanished for a while." she murmurs, frowning.

Dhraegon blinks at her, "I was in the pillow fort, remember? And then after… I was… not well, Peri."

Peri is quiet "I'm sorry. It is likely the summer heat sort of … you know." she offers, voice soft "eating at my brain." she admits, moving to rub his shoulder again.

Dhraegon says, "It's okay, Peri. I'm going to try not to drink as much and everything."

Peri smiles a bit "The Dornes make a drink cold as the north. they shave the ice and put sweets on it. Would you like to try that sometime?" she asks, curiously.

Dhraegon giggles and nods, "I would like that, Peri, yes." He looks sad, "I wish I could… not drink for her entirely, you know? Only I know that I will be at the wedding and panic…."

Peri considers him "You'll be okay. I think. A little is okay, like with cakes, but too much makes you ill, you know?" she offers, settled and smiling.

Dhraegon settles back on her heals, face tilted down, "Her frist husband drank too much, Peri. I don't want to frost her petals."

Peri ahs a bit "Then I'll have to find you delicious teas to try. Do you think you'd like to test it with me?" she asks, curiously.

You say, "I like mint tea well enough…."

Peri smiles a bit "What about Rosehip tea?"

Dhraegon beams at her, "Flowers _qand_ tea! When might I try it?"

Peri smiles a bit "You'll enjoy it." she offers with a lopsided grin.

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