(122-05-09) A Princess, Two Ladies, a Scholar, and a Prince
A Princess, Two Ladies, a Scholar, and a Prince
Summary: Various people meet in the square and are imposed upon by Prince Dhraegon.
Date: Date of play (09/05/122)
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Lillian looks to Sonya as she steps around to look at the lesser Lady. She frowns "I know the look of someone trying to escape her guards, is there somewhere you need to be M'lady?" she asks the woman, "if I am keeping you from a nice night out with a lucky Knight I am sorry". She really is not sorry but chides her anyway, "Why don't you help me.. shop?"

Speaking of escaped from guards, the large and rather conspicuously dressed Prince is slinking along in a way so exaggeratedly surreptitious, that he can't help but draw the eye.

Sonya's eyes widen a bit at Lillian's assessment and she blushes a shade of light pink frowning slightly. She looks up quite defiant all of a sudden, a slight fire in those dark eyes. "I would never disgrace myself with some random knight my Lady. I do have standards and yes I was trying to give my guard the slip. But it was a test of my abilities and nothing more. I am not the kind of girl to go sneaking off with…men. If I ever do then I hope there are more kind Ladies like you who will stop such foolish actions." She says the last word as though it bothers her greatly and then brightens up with a cheerful smile at the offer, her tone goes polite again. "I would be delighted to help you shop if you wish My Lady. What are you looking for?"

Jennelyn seems to be shaken out of her attentive state to the music by the sudden outburst of the lady not so far from herself. Her round orbs glided over to the pair a glimpse of disapproval in her eyes that was gone just as soon as it had been there as she turned to face the two ladies but said nothing simply nodded her head at the pair as if having not noticed them before.

Siyu is observing, watching, and he tilts his eyes to the small one, and then of course he sees a very large man in awkward clothing, and he peers. Oh dear is that? His odd colored skin goes pale and he looks from left to right, wondering if now is a good time to flee!

Lillian laughs and she sets her hand on the Ladys shoulder, "ahh something fitting for a child like prince, perhaps you can…" she pauses. "can find me something bright, like a ribbon or something he can draw with?" she asks her and then she sees him. "But lets let him not find out..here he comes." she whispers then she steps out "Prince - Uncle, how are you today?"

The Prince has been favoring tunics long as a ladies gown in back but cut short in the front and his fine white hair is knee length. Two thin braids with matching ribbons to his tunic woven in keep his hair out of his eyes. he appears to be stalking the Cake Show, with the expression of a naughty child about to raid a cookie jar. There is no sign of Flox or Guard. He is completely unarmed, possessed of not even an eating knife, and has no purse to steal. he starts and blushes as he is hailed by the Princess, looking terribly guilty. He lumbers over and pleads with them all, "You won't tell them I escaped will you?"

Sonya smiles warmly at Lillian looking a bit puzzled by her words but she nods and watches as Dhraegon approaches. "I will see what I can find." She whispers back quietly. She will bow her head low in respect for both Targaryen's present. Lillian is given an almost shy apologetic smile. "I'm sorry if I got a bit defensive there My Lady…I meant no offense to you." Her tone seems quite sincere and truly apologetic.

Jennelyn puts a hand to her lips and closes her eyes to regain her composure a moment before smiling politely and nodding in greeting to the newly arrived prince but not speaking up at all.

Lillian smiles to Sonya "no offence taken, I should not have been teasing." Her eyes move from the Prince and Princess to the square at a whole as she hands some coin off to Sonya as she agreed to help her find something for the prince.

Dhraegon peers at Lillian with wide lavender eyes, then at Jennelyn. His deep bass voice contrasts with his childlike delivery, "I… you both look very familiar. And there's Keli's young friend and…." He eyes Sonya worriedly, "I don't think I remember you."

Jennelyn nods politely when the prince questions his knowledge of her. "we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, my name is Jennelyn Targaryen, a pleasure to make your acquaintance," she replies cordially.

Siyu glances over at the group as Dhreagon mentions him, he's sort of in the back and he holds his hands up, the exotic young man tries to smile, "Ah. Haha…I'm just…no I was just out shopping is all your grace…" he offers kindly and bows his head formally.

Sonya offers a gentle reassuring smile to Lillian before her gaze goes to Dhraegon and she offers him a kind smile and a respectful curtsey as he approaches them. The look of worry is met with a soft and reassuring look. "No we have not met before Your Grace. I am Lady Sonya Cuy, its a pleasure to meet you." She keeps her tone soft and gentle so as not to offend or startle him.

Lillian frowns a little as the prince seems not to know her, she frowns a bit and she tilts her head "are you alright? you met myself and the smallfolk at the followup party after the races.. did you forget?" she asks

Dhraegon gives Jennelyn a big goofy grin and booms, "You may call me Uncle Dhrae! Everyone does! Do you like cakes?" Then he is lunging at Siyu to try to hug him, "I didn't get lost this time! I found the cake house all by myself and no one through a chamber pot on me!" He beams at Sonya and says in the stilted tones of a memorized speech, "I am Prince Dhraegon Targaryen it is nice to make your acquaintance." He repeats her name softly several times under his breath. Then he gives Lillian a worried look, "I really don't remember much between the hawking prize and the part where Marsei was standing in front of my bush…." Then he brightens, "Oh? Are you the singing Lady? I remember a nice singing lady!"

Siyu acks, and he practically squeaks as Dhraeagon hugs him, "Ah…ah your grace…um…ahem. Hello…" he offers, feeling his ribs creak. THe pretty young man just freezes. Not sure how to react in the bear hug. He is hopefully let down and tries to catch his breath, "Well I am glad no one threw a chamber pot upon you…" is all his brain manages to spurt out.

Lillian nods her head to the Prince, "Indeed I was .." she chuckles then she moves to her Manor "I need to sleep."

"Excuse me your grace but I should return home. Hopefully I will have more time to talk if we meet again." She offers a smile and a polite curtsey before she and her guard and maid head back down Hightower street.

Jennelyn simply watches, nodding in parting as everyone takes their leave of the square, but does not yet take leave of it herself, seeming a bit amused or perhaps confused with her presumed cousins behaviour, and content to stay and watch him interact with those remaining in the square.

Dhraegon giggles a nodding agreement to Siyu's comment about the chamber pot and releases the poor young man. He looks like he's going to go for a Lillian hug, but the clever woman escapes his clutches. He looks about to lunge at Sonya next, but she too escapes. he gives Jennelyn a hopeful look.

Jennelyn seems to hesitate a moment and looks over to her chaperone, apparently silently questioning the appropriateness of this action and when he nods his consent she chuckles softly and opens her arms to the man with a small nod.

Dhraegon is gentle with his hugging of her despite his size and his hands stay in appropriate places. He releases her, "The manse has been so empty with most of the young people gone!"

Jennelyn nods in acknowledgment of the man and smiles politely. "Jennelyn Targaryen, a pleasure to make your acquaintance," she says politely before completely disappearing as her family member embraces her. "indeed, i suspect i shall be here for a good while to fill the mansion if it pleases you and the rest of the family that reside here," she replies politely.

Dhraegon blinks at her, "There is room for all of us, though I will be moving to the Hightower once Marsei of the Bright Petals and I are…are wed…. Do you like gardens? Shall I teach you the hunting of snails?"

Siyu takes a step back and let the two royals speak, he's nervously looking around, doesn't want to get assumed to be doing anything wrong. For the most part simply bobbing his head and listening to the conversation between the two.

Jennelyn blinks slightly, her composure slightly broken at his ideas of amusements for her, though the composure os recovered in the blink of an eye as she replies once more. "indeed i do love gardens very much, roses especially are my favorite, as for the hunting of snails i……i am uncertain of how appropriate it is for a young lady to be down in the dirt, perhaps as a child yes, but i am an adult now and must comport myself as one, so I must respectfully decline the invitation," she replies politely.

Dhraegon nods earnestly, "This is fine country for roses. I set traps for the slugs and snails!" He giggles, "We are a Prince and Princess! Anything we do is appropriate by definition!" More high pitched and rather unhinged sounding tittering he throws a companionably arm around Siyu's should without warning, "Is it so in your country, Keli's little friend?"

Siyu gulps a little bit as he suddenly has a great big arm around him. the young man is only 5 foot 4 and he looks unsure, "I am…not thinking so. I mean…the eternal Emperor rules. He sets the laws, but the laws are always under advice of the thousand scholars of law and the righteous path. Likewise the thousand princes of the empire all must follow the law and the righteous path. Um…however. I imagine the scholars would not object of course, to the study of nature, and finding out what mysteries you may find in the movements of snails and slugs, and their interactions with flowers"

Jennelyn simply nods and listens without a word.

Dhraegon giggles happily and ruffles the scholars hair before releasing him. "What is life without flowers? And cakes?"

Siyu ofhs! His hair is scented with vanill and jasmine, and he wobbles a little bit taking a deep breath, "It would be a poorer world indeed your grace. Ahem, what without sweet things for our eyes, um, and our mouths yes."

Jennelyn smiles softly and nods. "indeed i agree with you both, though i confess i rarely have had the opprotunity to try cake,"

Coincidentally, the Prince is scented with vanilla and lavender. "There are no slugs to hunt in the Hightower gardens! I will need a new hobby!" More giggling, then he gives them both a transparently sly look, "Right in this very Square is the best Cake house in OldTown, much frequented by fashionable ladies! They not only have jam cakes and lemon cakes, but those little Dornish spice cakes that are fashionable just now." He looks hopeful.

Siyu ahems, and he looks to the Prince and the Princess, feelign a headsman's axe draw ever closer as his full lips curl into a smile, "Well then, ahem, would your graces like to go to this establishment and…find…cakes?"

Jennelyn smiles politely and nods. "perhaps for a moment, but I should be returning the the manse soon, it grows late,"

Dhraegon gives a delighted giggle and tries to steer them into the shop, "I can be your chaperone!"

Jennelyn smiles politely as she accompanies them into the cake house, finding a sweet that suits her fancy, a microsecond glimpse of what would be the child she is appearing as she buys it. "If you would excuse me uncle, i should like to retire for the night of it would not greatly offend you," she requests politely.

Siyu takes a deep breath and nods, "Right then cakes of course…ahem. So you found one you like Princess Jennelyn and…oh…oh you have to go…" the sweat beads on his forehead. "And your Prince?"

Dhraegon looks deeply disappointed, but hugs her good bye anyway, "Tell the servants to bring you cakes if you want to try them. I like the strawberry ones best." And then he is turning that goofy grin on Siyu, "You'll help me find the manse after, won't you?"

Jennelyn smiles warmly and nods as she takes her leave.

Siyu ohs, "Well I suppose I can your grace, and ah…though I'm not entirely sure but I imagine I can of course find it with you yes…." he bows his head a tiny bit, and watches as the sugar just sort of flows. Really he is out of his element.

Dhraegon starts ordering things for them with the gay abandon of a man who never carries money personally because people handle that sort of thing for him. "Just have flox pay youu back! he won't mind!"

Siyu blinks a bit, "Oh you don't have…you do not have…coin on you…Prince Dhraegon." he announces the title aloud, hoping the baker actually heard. I mean he should know you. But he does keep sweating. I mean, He has good stags on him. A few dragons tucked away in his sleeves, but not exactly over flowing with coin.

They do know the Clown Prince here. The young woman behind the counter gives Siyu a knowing look and mouths, 'on account.' Her sister and brother are busy boxing up the order. The young woman hands the Prince several cakes, which he happily munches, getting jam and crumbs all over his face and hands.

Siyu runs a hand through his hair, and he gives a nod to the woman behind the counter. He'll try to of course keep the Prince entertained but he's not sure about being able to pay for his gullet. He gives a little bit of a cough, "Right then of course Good Prince…ah…" he takes out a handkerchief and he brushes some jam off, "Um, do you think you have sufficient cakes?"

Dhraegon leans down to let Siyu clean the mess from his face. "Are there ever sufficient cakes?" The lady attempts to hand the box to Siyu. "Shall we go drinking next? What do you like to do in the city at night when you have slipped your minders, Siyu?" Because of course Siyu must have a minder somewhere. Doesn't everyone?

Siyu takes a deep breath and he blows it out. "I have a lovely bottle of wine. I will tell you what Prince. You know where they'll NEVER look for you once you've snuck out? I bet if you hide in the gardens you won't be found. They expect to find you outside the walls not inside the walls, what do you think?" he tries and offer and he takes the box.

Dhraegon giggles happily, "That is very clever! We can hide under a bush and they won't know we are having a secret picnic!"

Siyu nods his head, "Good thought Prince, I'm very luck you thought of it…" he's not sure if the people around his sympathize, or laugh at him. Still it's. Awkward. He's not quite sure what to make, or how to act around Dhreagon. Still he'll find a jug of wine, a box of cakes and wonder how he's going to sneak into the Targaryn walls.

The faces look fairly sympathetic, though there are some smothered giggles. As it turns out, Dhraegon takes them through the servant's entrance, where a guard pretends not to see them.

Siyu clears his throat as he has the heavy jug of wine and the cakes. The pretty young man still in his white linen as we skulk through the service entrance. He's still nervous as all the hells can make him however.

Dhraegon beelines for his favorite hiding bush. the branches scrap the ground, but inside it is fairly comfortable in a tent like sort of way.

Siyu pops the wine and he takes a drink of it…good it's not vinegar. he offers it to you, and he sets the cake box down, "Well this is…cozy…" he offers.

Dhraegon takes a big swig, wincing at the taste a little, but wine is wine so he takes another, "I didn't know it came in jugs! Have some cakes! Don't drink the slug trap!" Indeed, a wooden cup rests in a small hole and appears to contain several slugs drowned in ale.

Siyu ahs a little bit, "I will in fact, not drink the slug trap, that's good advice.." he offers and he looks around, "I feel as if Keli has been in this place…" he offers in mild thought and he takes a deep breath, "Still the cakes are yours Prince"

Dhraegon nods wisely, "We spun until we fell down and hid in here with the wine the night she was Queen of Misrule and they relit the Light." He shakes his head, "A good host shares his cakes and this is my bush so I am host!"

Siyu nods ohs…and he takes a small cake and sips the wine, "Right ahem…" he tries very hard not to feel awkward, but it does, "So, is there anything you wish to know about me my host?"

Dhraegon eyes Siyu with a surprisingly sharp expression. "What are your intentions with our sweet little Keli?" He helps himself to a dornish spice cake.

Siyu hmms? "Well she appears to have claimed me. She is a stray cat, a black cat, and she is quiet intent and making sure she is my cat…I don't have any intentions, I think she's quiet interested in making sure she gets as much coin and food from me as possible. Her Father instructed her to guard me." he nods.

Dhraegon cocks his head, "Did he? have you enemies want to give you an Accident?"

Siyu shakes his head, "As far as I know I have no enemies. I'm just a scholar. a foreigner. no one wants to hurt me, well, some sore students but they don't count. No. I think it was something else. Just being…different. At any rate, she is my black cat. I feed her and pet her and keep her warm. Haha. And she sharpens her claws on me…"

You say, "At least they won't take you for Dornish. There've been at least two anti-Dornish riots in the last year. I am not her… not her father, but she is like a daughter to me."

Siyu nods ,"She likes you a lot too. She does talk about you…" he offers and sips the wine, "No I am the wrong shade for a Dornishman. Also my face is completely different, I am simply a foreigner, exotic, and out of place"

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