(122-05-08) Of Seals and Crabs and Sailboats
Of Seals and Crabs and Sailboats
Summary: Killian meets various people while feeding Mother seals.
Date: Date of play (08/05/122)
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Killian is clad only in tattoos as he often is at the beach, and standing on the rocks with a bucket of fish, which he is flinging at seals below him in a small cove.

Siyu gives a little yawn as he wanders down the beach, a bottle of wine in hand, rocking back and forth. Barefoot, enjoying the soft and wonderful sand between his toes Most of this is wonderful of course, he is really enjoying life here. Pretty young man happily humming and tossing his hair back. Giving a brief hum as he looks over at you and…fish in a bucket? "Hello there…" he comments

Killian gives the youth a friendly wave, utterly comfortable being seen dressed only in a smile, "Come see the pups!"

Siyu gives a faint little blush at the nudity, but it's not really that bad. You're a male after all, nothing he hasn't seen. he looks over at the fish bucket and down, "pups?" he inquires, "Oh you're feeding…seals?" he asks

Killian nods, "The mothers usually fast until the pups are a bit older, but if ye feed them, the death rate is lower. I am fond of seals. Want to try?"

Siyu sips his wine, "No, no thanks me and raw fish, no…" he gives a little bit of a cough, "Still I suppose I can offer wine. So do you often feed seals…alone…naked?" he inquires

Up close, Killian has no tan lines, and the thigh tattoo is still healing. He laughs, "Why would I be handling fish with my clothes on? Especially on a beach in this ridiculous climate." The pups are squeaking; the mother seals are barking and making the most of his bounty.

Siyu ahs a bit, "Well I suppose that's true." he looks over, "So you are from the north, well, north of kings landing at least, away from the more tropical climate." the young man speaks, "Man of the sea s well I would assume given your care for the seals"

Killian nods, "I'm a Far Islander. We're the ones sailed as far North and West as you can go and still find bits of land to live on."

Siyu nods his head, "Iron Islands…right, forgive me, I had forgotten." he coughs some. "Right, right we talked about the geology of the Iron Islands. Such a strange place. It is rather interesting the history and culture there. Isolated as it was…." he hmms, "Still the seals are happy"

Killian grins, "The pups have a lot of fattening up to do before they are ready to swim, but I am pleased." He is as proud as if he fathered them himself from the looks of him. He says softly, "We keep the old ways on the Lonely Light, yes."

Siyu nods, "Away from even the main islands, so…" he considers and sips his wine, he hmmms a little bit, "Well then…I wonder what we should talk about now hm. After all it was only short conversation last we met. Ah…." he looks again at your lack of pants "Still always good to see new perspectives. Still I imagine my own beliefs are quite foreign to you"

Killian flings another fish, bits of him swaying as he does. "Do ye follow the true God or these peculiar new fangled ones?"

Siyu shakes his head, "No, in fact I do not belive I follow any sort of god as you think of it. I mean there is the eternal emperor, but he is both in flesh and spirit and not really a god as it were. We believe our ancestors watch and guide us from the far beyond. Our families wait for us to join them, and help us when we are honorable and shun us when we are wicked…"

Killian is up on the rocks, wearing nothing but tattoos and a smile. he has a bucket of fish and is casually tossing fish to a squeaking and barking collection of seals in a cove on the other side. He is talking to Siyu, completely relaxed and shameless. "The best of our dead fight and feast with the Drowned God..

Siyu nods a little bit at that. Siyu is a pretty boy, wide hips, long flowing hair, an exotic teenager from Yi Ti, obviously not from around here. He is barefoot and ressed in white linen wiht a bottle of wine and he just gives a little laugh at Killian, "Oh I see…hm…it seems the faith of the seven fears ancestors. They dont' want to admit they are there. Still. I recognize we each have our own religion."

Killian snorts, "We have no truck with these new fangled Andal gods on the Islands. Every time they send Septs and Maesters, they end up as bait. Of course the Oarsmen are there."

A large black mare comes barreling down the beach with two other horses following a bit behind it. Atop the black horse is a dark haired woman who looks to be having the time of her life. Sonya Cuy rides fast along the shore enjoying herself too much to worry overmuch about controlling her horse. She lets the mare race along the noblewoman's dark hair catching the wind as well as her skirts and she skids to a stop near the rock where the two men sit. She grins as she lets the horse catch its breath her gaze looking about spotting Siyu who she thinks at first is a woman and…a naked man? She blinks a few times and her eyes widen in shock as she looks Killian over. By now her guard and handmaiden have rode up to join them and Sonya remains in shock for a moment.

Killian gives the new arrival raised eyebrows and an amused grin, His accent is a very thick mash up of the Islands and the north, all rolled r's and archaic vowels. "Come to see the pups, have ye?" he stands in all his tanned and tattooed glory without a hint of shame.

Siyu blinks as he hears the clop of hooves and he turns his head, tilting it as his hair falls down. "Oh um…hello…Greetings." his accent in comment is filtered through several languages, the most recent being braavosi. his voice is a sweet high tone. Perhaps not dissuading the female though. Wide hips, long hair, beautiful face, full lips. Ya, he's got all of them, "Um…I…" he coughs a little bit and he looks at Killian and back to the lady, "I was just passing through…" he intones.

Sonya blinks and quickly turns her head away as Killian stands up. "Eww! If I wanted to see such things I would have gotten married! That is…get some clothes on before I push you into the water." She scowls chancing a glance back as she slides off her horse. Her maid actually giggles and is openly admiring Killian. Sonya glares at her and mutters something under her breath…it sounds a bit like the word 'traitor'.

Killian laughs, "I am no threat to ye. Indeed, I am newly wed and my fair lady wife rides me to exhaustion every chance she gets." He seems terribly pleased at this. "Ah, Lass, it's too hot for heavy tunics. Come help feed the Mothers, and be content."

Siyu gives a cough, and he begins to slowly back away. Sensing noble troubles. Ie the troubles he wants to stay far and far away from. The foreign small folk keeps back away.

As Siyu begins to back away Sonya looks to him. "Don't leave. If anything I should be the one leaving." She studies him carefully and she seems much more polite now perhaps because she is still confused if he is male or female. "What are you doing out here with only him for company anyway?" She looks to Killian warily as if unsure what to make of him. "Yes its hot…but you don't see me running around naked do you?" She moves over towards the rock pointedly not looking below Killian's face. "Oh and some of us have no desire to know what happens to women once they get married…those poor unfortunate ladies." She gives a dramatic sniff and yet her eyes glitter, she is teasing him a bit.

Killian laughs again, "My Sweet Blaithe chose her fate willingly enough. She even let me give her to the sea and took her marks brave as anyone! I offered her a choice of marks or ring and she chose both."

Siyu gives a faint little cough, "I wouldn't want to interrupting a meeting of nobility…ah…my lady. Not the place for small folk…" he bows "So ah…good luck…" he rapidly disappears off the sand and flees.

Sonya watches the other flee with curious eyes and then she glances back to Killian. "Hmm…maybe she is happy then. It sounds as though she is quite devoted to you." She considers him a moment still not looking down. "Whats your name anyway and are those seals you are feeding friendly?" She peers at the animals curiously trying to inch closer to them. She extends a hand toward the water trying to see if one will come to her.

Killian says with a fanatical fervor, "I adore her. I hight Captain Killian Farwynd, heir to the Lonely Light. They are wild animals, Mistress, and they are particularly unpredictable just now what with the pups so young. I like to feed the Mothers as otherwise they fast. This way, more will live." The seals are basking in a group on the sand, each mother with a young pup. The wee ones squeak excitedly in between feedings.

"Lady Sonya of House Cuy." Sonya introduces herself still studying the seals curiously. "I have never seen a seal this close. Most of the animals I have seen are land beasts. I like them." She smiles faintly and slowly withdraws her hand when she sees that its all mothers and their babies obviously knowing enough to keep from getting herself bit. "Can I help?" She looks to Killian curiously now. "Help feed the mothers?"

Killian offers her a fish, "Fling it towards them, but careful not to hit the wee ones." He demonstrates, and a mother well into the pack snatches it from the air. "These seals know me and so are a tad less wary, but best to be giving them space all the same."

Sonya nods in response and moves back a bit before taking the offered fish and tossing it carefully towards the seals. She tries not to hit the little ones and one of the mothers snatches it up before it can hit the water. She watches the creature curiously. She turns to Killian and smiles rather brightly reaching a hand out for another fish if he has one.

Killian has most of a bucket still. He graciously hands her a fish, then flings another on his own account. The tall red head has a strong arm, it seems. "I know well enough most will manage without, but I am fond of them. They remind me of home."

Killian is up on the rocks wearing nothing but tattoos and a smile with a bucket of dead fish. He is tossing them down to seals basking on a sheltered beach with their young pups squeaking and nuzzling at them. Beside him is a (dressed) lady. On the larger beach behind them are three horses, a guard ands a lady in waiting.

Sonya tosses another fish and glances back at Killian as another seal catches the offering. She has no trouble keeping her eyes on his face whatsoever. Nearby a black mare's reins are being held by Sonya's mounted guard and her hand maiden sits atop another horse watching the pair. Sonya nods to Killian in understanding. "You are attached…I can understand that. I get attached to animals easily as well…I had lots of pets back home. I miss them already and I just got here."

Out on the water there's a little sailing craft, with a bright turquoise-blue hull and clean white sails. It's turning to make for the little stretch of beach.

Killian gives her a bright smile, "I love wild things and the sea. I suppose I'm a bit of the same myself." He squints out into the bay, "I hope they are landing on the other side of the jetty…."

Sonya smiles faintly and her eyes turn to look out toward the water. "Perhaps this would be a good chance for you to get dressed…before more company arrives?" Her tone is kept lighthearted and teasing. "I think I have seen more of you than I have any of my former suitors…though I consider that a mercy."

Killian shrugs, "It's too hot for heavy tunics." He looks on his pile of clothes and weapons with some regret, "I do not like getting fish all over them."

The sailboat makes its way into the larger crescent beach, spilling wind from its sails so it proceeds slowly. Eonn is at the tiller. He's shed his armour and is wearing just the simple soft shirt and trews he normally wears under the stuff. It's a pretty boat, with a little cabin even.

Another figure sits in the little sailboat with Eonn, dark hair rifled by the breeze. It's the Lady Hellan Stark. She's comfortable enough on the water, though it's hard to truly say that the woman looks comfortable at any given time; there's a certain stiffness about her shoulders that isn't only due to her rigid regal posture, made more by the ruff of fur about her neck, attached to the dully coloured cloak she wears. She's watching Eonn navigate rather than where he's navigating.

Killian flings another fish to a nursing mother and turns to watch the sailboat, calling, "She's a nice wee thing, ye have there!" His sea coloured eyes catch the dark figure and her stiff posture as well as the familiar red head at the tiller.

Loryn Tyrell is not a sailor and doesn't step into a boat if he can help it. But he's been riding out on his Dornish sandsteed along the coast and sees the small bay busy with people and boats. And seals. So he guides his horse down to the beach curiously to see what's going on.

Sonya huffs. "Is it too hot for pants too then? If I stripped down right here I would bet you a silver stag that I would start a regionwide scandal…It might be fun to shock people but the hassle of listening to my father afterwards might not be worth it." She looks almost disappointed and steps back a bit letting Killian continue to feed the seals just watching them herself now. "But if I stripped down and was caught with a naked man on the beach then my reputation would be ruined." The handmaiden giggles and pipes up now. "But your father might have more luck marrying you off in that case my lady! At least then he would think you are interested in some men." Sonya eyes her and rolls her eyes. "I'm not interested." Sonya smooths out her skirts and heads back for her black horse. The lady is dressed in black silks, the ends of the gown slightly wet from standing near the sea but she still looks rather regal.

Eonn seems to be enjoying himself. His normally cold bright blue eyes have a glint of mirth and pleasure in them. There are a couple of cats on the boat, a black one standing on the cabin roof and a calico one at the bow. Sound carries well over water and the redheaded man lifts a hand to wave to Killian. "It is not a quiet day here, it seems, my lady," he tells Hellan. "We could sail on, if you like?" He speaks it quietly, so it won't reach those on the beach.

Killian eyes her with amusement, "Thy taste in small clothes is none of my concern. I'm well married and more than ample pleasured." He snorts, "Best not tell my Lady of it, for she is jealous and quite fierce with a gutting knife." He tosses the last of the fish to the nursing mothers and hops down on the long beach side of the jetty. His accent is very thick, a strange mishmash of the north and the Islands with rolled r's and archaic vowels.

Hellan glances to shore when the man calls out, realizing with regret that it's a naked man, and with more regret on top of that as her eyes narrow. Her face sours away from what had been an almost pleasant neutrality. "Well, it seems we've come upon… something," she says rather drably to Eonn, undecided, a critical gaze moving away from Killian toward the seals, the lady in black, her entourage, and the arriving sandsteed from a distance. "I put it to you to decide, Master of Crabs," she says, and despite her serious tone, there's a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth after all.

Loryn's glance drifts over the scenery… from Sonya to the naked man, to the boats, to the naked man and finally to Sonya again. "Are you being pestered by this man, Mylady?", he asks. Trying to sound concerned. But is mostly curious.

"Would that it was," says Eonn, smiling. He secures the tiller in its place with a rope and stands to take down the sail, slowly, letting the boat slip in towards the little crescent inlet. "We needn't land. Just get to the shallows; I can't dive forever."

"You seem to think I'm interested in you…Seven save me from male arrogance." Sonya remarks to Killian rather snarkily. Loryn comes trotting up and she looks up at him curiously as she comes to stand beside her own horse. "Pestered? No My Lord…I just wish he would put some clothes on. I have already seen much more than I would like to." Her tone is calm and measured, polite even but there is an edge of sarcasm there too. She eyes the mounted lord a moment and looks to her horse pulling out a flask from her saddle bags.

"Can't you?" Hellan replies to Eonn with wry but — in her way, at least — good-natured amusement. "You'll cease to impress me, with talk like that." Never mind that she hasn't acted impressed up until now, either; however, she hasn't seemed unimpressed either. As Eonn works the sailboat, she tips her head up and squints toward shore, trying to determine the situation and its players more fully.

"Did I impress you?" ask Eonn, straightening up to look at Hellan as the sail drops. "I should do it again."

Killian sighs and pulls on a long shirt that is long enough to cover all the tattoos and thus any dangling bits as well. "And I was hoping for a nice swim after the feeding…."

The sandsteed stomps impatiently - obviously it had expected to be going home - but Loryn keeps a tight hold on its reins while he tries to assess the situation. The lady has guards, so she is not a damsel in distress that needs saving. And the man is pulling a shirt on after all. "I suppose the lady would not mind you going for a swim and thus covering yourself by the water.", he points out, tsking softly. "But exposing yourself on dry land?" He shakes his head at that primly. Then he squints towards the boats to see who it is there. Recognizing them, he waves cheerfully to Hellan. "Auntie Hellan, come on land! Bring your friend!"

"I don't mind if you swim naked…but I don't want to see you naked. I will be on my way now anyway but thank you my Lord for understanding my point." Loryn gets a faint smile and Sonya swings up into her saddle and starts her horse off trotting back towards the city at a leisurely pace. Her guard and maid ride behind her as she heads off.

Hellan doesn't say a thing in reply to Eonn, only gives him a look that is both quietly entertained and utterly indomitable; a strange line to tread that the Mormont turned Stark quite manages. She's distracted instantly when she hears the call from the beach, her brows coming together into a tight knit. She recognizes Loryn, but rather than return his greeting, she tips her head sharply toward Eonn and asks rhetorically, "Am I hearing things?" Auntie Hellan.

Killian mutters softly, "Greenlanders." Then pitched to carry, he calls, "Enjoy thy ride, Lady Sonya!" He looks between the young Tyrell and the Northern Lady on the boat, clearly curious..

"Would you like me to escort you, My Lady?", he asks Sonya when she prepares to leave. It may be wiser to leave the scene before Hellan reaches dry land. He can feel the burn from her glare already.

Eonn watches Hellan. He may amuse her, but she retains his attention. He seems to like to look at her. And her question, well, he seems to understand its nature, for he gives no answer, just shrugs. The boat continues to slip slowly beachward, though its sail is down and now it's just proceeding on inertia.

Sonya pauses her horse and looks back as she hears Loryn speak to her. "If you wish to I would not mind my Lord." She will wait a moment to see if he moves to join her on the ride back.

As Loryn speaks to the lady, Hellan evidently takes this to mean she can ignore him for the time being — the same has evidently been the case for the man who was so recently nude. She's silent for a moment, not unpleasantly so, before noting thoughtfully, "It's been some time since I've been on a boat, before tonight."

Killian wades out into the water, "Do you need help bringing her in, Eonn of Rills?"

"I'd be honoured.", Loryn tells Sonya agreeably, "My name is Loryn Tyrell." His sand steed is only too happy to turn homewards and so they ride along Sonya and her entourage, leaving the beach and its denizens behind.

"Do you like it, my lady?" asks Eonn, ignoring those on the shore for now, including Killian's kind offer. The little boat is perhaps twenty feet long, and slim, not a problem for one man to handle if he's any idea of what he's doing. It slips sweetly though the water.

Sonya looks a bit surprised at the name. "Tyrell? My apologies, I had no idea I was in such important company. Lady Sonya of House Cuy, its a pleasure to meet you Lord Loryn." She rides along beside Loryn and gives him a look that suddenly morphs into being utterly mischievous. "Do you enjoy racing horseback Lord Loryn? Perhaps you will race me back to Oldtown?" The guard and maid ride behind the pair and exchange a look the maid looks excited the guard just looks wary.

Loryn looks slightly amused by the thought that he could be important company. But he only smiles brightly. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Sonya. And yes… why not? I know my horse is eager to return home." He doesn't care for wary guards, they are not his problem.

Killian turns to watch the race with the air of a man not able to tell sand steed from nag.

For several seconds, it might seem Hellan will simply slip into a faraway quiet rather than answering, as she sometimes does. Then: "It reminds me of Bear Island," she says, her tone slightly quieter, but otherwise unchanged. "Yet I was never much one for the water when I was there." A pause. She glances toward Killian as he turns, giving the poor stranger a look that could spear a man, were it given form. It doesn't affect her next words. "It is a change from horseback riding." A pleasant one, theoretically.

Sonya smirks and urges her horse forward without further ado. The black mare races forward at a good speed and the Lady smiles her dark hair catching the wind as she rides off towards the city hopefully with Loryn hot on her tail….or at least not too far in the dust. She glances back after a moment and then laughs in delight as she sees him riding close to her own speed she grins at him and urges her horse to go a bit faster but the Tyrell is still gaining on her.

"I like it," says Eonn. "Though. In the Rills, we didn't have a boat, exactly. A coracle of willow and old seal-skins. Nothing so pleasant as this." He's familiar with this little beach, and he tosses the anchor over, bringing the little boat to a stop just as it starts to scrape on the sandy bottom. "Do you want to go ashore, my Lady? I can carry you, if you'd rather not get wet." The water is probably somewhere between waist and chest high where they've stopped. And finally Eonn acknowledges the Ironman, "My lord."

Loryn doesn't really have to do much - his horse is eager to go home after all. He just gives the sandsteed free reins and lets it run - which it does quite impressively, inching ahead and finally past the lady's horse to reach the town gate first. There, Loryn can only just stop him before he crashes into the wooden cart of a farmer just leaving town after a day on the market. The horse snorts and Loryn laughs. "Well-ridden, Mylady!", he calls out to Sonya.

Killian says, "If we must use titles, I like Captain best. It's earned. Who is thy guest, then, Eonn of Rills?" To a Bear Islander, Far Islanders would not entirely be strangers, with their odd accents and strange ways. They do their reaving North of the Wall and are know to stop at the Island to resupply or trade, being always in need of grain to carry through the Winter."

Sonya trots up beside Loryn patting her mare on the neck. "You ride well yourself My Lord." She flashes him a rather impish and some might even say charming smile and heads into the city heading for the Manse the Cuy's have in the city. Her maid races up the path to join them and the guard follows her both of them move to follow their lady and the guard eyes Loryn warily. The maid notices this and giggles. "He is no threat to the lady's virtue so stop worrying so much." The guard gives her a look and sighs the sigh of a man who has endured much. "I know but I don't think he does…" The pair rides on without further comment following Sonya as she trots through the city.

Hellan gives a reactionary and rather unladylike snort when Eonn asks if she wants to be carried — or perhaps it's over the notion of coming ashore, particularly as she spares a glance, barely, toward Killian. "I'm fine where I am," she replies; less stern, she reminds with a ghost of jest, "You just said yourself your boat is pleasant." She does stand, though, grasping a surface of the sailboat firmly for support and remaining balanced, though she may not be as light-footed as Eonn's seafaring cats. "Lady Hellan Stark," she answers for herself to the Farwynd.

Eonn nods to Hellan. "I thought not, my lady," he says, smiling. He looks back to Killian, "The Lady Hellan, in want of a crab. Or I, in want of giving her one."

Loryn accepts the compliment with a little smile. "Thank you, Mylady. I am sure our paths shall cross again.", he suggests, a little hopeful perhaps, then guides his horse homewards to Garden Isle and out of sight.

Killian grins up at her, "Captain Killian Farwynd, heir to the Lonely Light… A Stark thou dost say? I have met Lord Carolis once when he was recovering from his illness of November last and call Lord Andolin a friend, though I have not seen him of late. Do they well, Lady Hellan?" He turns his bright smile on the other red head, "Shall I check my traps and see if I've caught ought of interest? I fear I've given all my fish to the seals yonder." He gestures back the way he came.

"I dive for them," says Eonn. He turns and moves to duck into the cabin and come out with a brazier, a clay one. He proceeds to set it on the boards near the tiller and load it with some kindling and charcoal.

"A Stark and a Mormont," Hellan informs Killian like it ought to be a reminder, as if he should have somehow known. "I'll be certain to send Lord Carolis and Andolin your regards," she says, a polite thing, were it not for the vaguely uninterested tone under just her voice that suggests she won't do as she says — or that she'll have something else to say to her kin, perhaps about their choice in naked strange Iron Islander friends. She turns to watch Eonn, more interested by what he's up to.

The easy going Islander with the slightly unfocused eyes does not take offense, "I've sold pelts on thy island then. Fine timber grows there."

"My lady is, of course, welcome to invite anyone she chooses aboard my Mist Cat." The name of the boat, it seems, though it hasn't got that written anywhere. He sets the little brasier burning. There's a clay pot to go atop it, with a lid. It fits quite perfectly. He dips it over the side to half fill it with sea-water before setting it in place. He sets yet another little clay pot on top of the lid. It's the sort that butter is sometimes sold in.

"It does," Hellan says to Killian with a kind of stoic pride, though what warmth she may feel for her home does not extend to him for complimenting it, her gaze remaining always with an edge of criticism. "You're far from home," she notes with an air of question before nodding to that owner of the Mist Cat. "Thank you," she says, proceeding to invite no one aboard for the time. She watches his business with the braiser and pot calmly, smiling briefly.

Killian answers the unspoken question. "I came South to find a wife a tad less related. I wooed a lady fierce and lithe. I gave her to the sea and took her to wife on this very beach. My crew keeps the peace."

Eonn smiles. "Begging your pardon, my lady," he says, turning to head into the cabin.

Hellan nods to Eonn once more and finds herself glancing inadvertently to the beach, rather visibly feeling all the more confident in her decision not to step foot on it. "Peace is well and good, as long as it holds," she says — civilly, though it is firm, particularly as she does not hold back: "I scarcely trust the word coming from an Iron Islander, even a Farwynd."

Killian gives a bark of laughter, "Far enough. Thy island is far and fine. In thy place I'd be looking askance at Islanders, but I wish thee no ill and did attend Tellur Snow the last two times he was wounded to good effect. If I'd meant ill thou wouldst know it."

Eonn has undressed, in the privacy of the cabin. He doesn't wear smallclothes, but has made some concession to propriety by tying a square of cloth around his waist, threading it between his legs and up under the knotted corners in front. He's all bones and freckles and scars.

Eonn ducks his head to come out of the cabin, thus equipped.

While the words don't warm Hellan to Killian, she does nod in an agreement of sorts; an understanding is about the highest praise she can give when it comes to the ironborn, suspicious and tenuous though it is. She leaves it there, and it shall be left there, for her attention is drawn to the cabin door and her defined face animates incredulously. Would-be laughter tries to burst the seams. It's willfully withheld, but she does smile widely and toothily. "In retrospect, I suppose I'm not sure what I expected, when you said 'diving'…" Still smiling, she folds her arms firmly and looks pointedly at the shallows. "All right, then." Go impress her.

Killian raises his own eyebrows, amused, "I am interested in this way of catching crabs myself!" Hellan's suspicion doesn't seem to distress him any, though her delight at Eonn's get up does seem pleasing enough to him.

Eonn looks down at his bony frame, then at Hellan and says, "Well, ordinarily, I don't wear anything to swim, but I would not wish to affront my Lady." Or maybe he would. Might be that he looks as if he might, at least, not mind being naked in front of her. Someone beat him once. Or more than once. The scars of a whip are on his back, his shoulders, his upper chest. He dives off the transom of the boat, a shallow but smooth dive. He's too tall to dive steeply into such shallow water, anyway.

Killian's eyes never quite seem to focus, but he does take in the scars. he doesn't comment though. Instead he gives the Lady a friendly enough smile, "So what brings thee so far South?"

Hellan starts to scoff at Eonn. It could easily turn into a chuckle, though it stops just short. She takes in the sight of his scars — where Killian might not expressly focus, she does, a somber, though not dire, look crossing her gaze. She steps closer to the water to watch Eonn under the water — mostly, she sees dark water. Her hand is never long from a stable surface, despite the fact that she has no nervousness about her. "Hm." Wry, that too could almost turn into a chuckle. "Too long a tale for a stranger."

Eonn is just a pale shape under the water now.

Killian steps next to her, ostensibly to watch the diving, but ready to catch her if she has a failure of balance. He drops his voice, "Lady Hellan, might it be that the warmer weather is kinder to thee?"

"With all the rain, no, I hardly think so." Hellan glances somewhat suspiciously at Killian for his question; only somewhat, for it can't quite be said that she appears curious enough to truly be suspicious of his conversation. She's more interested, more at peace, with watching the indistinct shape of Eonn fishing for crabs.

Eonn skims along the sand under the water, searching through stands of seaweed. He comes up for air, then dives down again.

Killian muses, "He swims like a seal…. I'm a healer as well as a Captain and Navigator, which is good as I am not particularly good with a harpoon."

"How lovely for you," Hellan says off-handedly without a shred of sincerity, and without looking at Killian. She only moves to raise her chin in order to look down her nose at the water, keeping track of Eonn.

Eonn comes up again, suddenly, grinning. He blows water out of his nose, takes another breath, and dives to swim back to the boat, just under the surface.

Killian says, "It is a useful thing on a ship. Men are often injured." He is not looking at her, but rather watching Eonn's antics, in that abstracted way of his. "We've our own way of doing things on the islands. Poultices to keep a wound from going bad, or to suck the ache from our old folk's joints and old wounds when Winter comes. We've a way with such things, that yon Maesters never dream of."

Hellan says nothing for a span; when she does, it's to state more than ask, "Haven't you left your friends behind on the shore?" No more figures mill about the beach; no human, at the very least. She might refer to the seals.

Eonn emerges at the boat's transom, spitting water again. He throws a crab aboard in a quick, somewhat jerky movement, to avoid getting pinched perhaps. The creature lands upside down and waves its claws in the air.

Killian clearly assumes the seals, "They are resting, feeding their pups. It's tiring for them." He is clearly immune from hints. He grins at Eonn, "That is fine work, Eonn of Rills, and dangerous for the fingers!"

The crab rights itself and starts to scuttle about.

Hellan nears the prize as if to oversee its worth, casting her shadow over the crab; since it starts moving, she casts out the hem of her cloak to put up a barricade. She's smiling, closed-lipped. "At last," she declares, the hint of joking a subtle lift in her voice, which is on the deeper side to start, "I was starting to suspect you'd taken me out into the Sound to starve."

Eonn climbs back aboard, shaking water from his long hair. He takes the lid off the pot on the brazier, careful not to spill his melting butter, and laughs. "I would never, my lady." That said, he darts over to grab the crab before it can scurry away. It struggles, of course, but he drops it into the now hot sea-water in the clay pot regardless, and covers it.

Killian looks between them, expression calm, "Shall I leave you two to your feast?"

"Good," Hellan tells Eonn confidently and, as the crab is set to cook, she sits now, reclaiming the spot she had earlier. She looks to Killian and says nothing, which is for the best: she acknowledges his suggestion with a taut but polite nod, far and away the most civil dismissal she can manage.

Eonn's breechclout thing drips with seawater, and he looks somewhat displeased about it. He sits on the deck, near the brazier, and says, "I'll catch another later," as the clay pot hisses a bit.

Killian shrugs, "Fair sailing then to you both. If there is need of a Healer I might be found at Beakhead House by the harbour." And then he is back over the side and swimming fast and graceful beneath the swells.

Eonn looks at Killian, smiles a bit. "Good day, my lord," he says, just before the other man's head is under the water.

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