(122-05-02) Maiden Day Contests
Maiden Day Contests
Summary: Archery, Races, and Hawking in honor of the Maiden followed by a fete at the Garden Isle Manse.
Date: Date of play (02/05/122)
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It is the Maiden Festival. Banners are flying, horses shift restlessly. Prince Dhraegon, the Elder Tyrell, and the much abused Helpful Judge sit in the judging area, the elder Tyrell already glaring at a flower bedecked Dhraegon, and the Helpful Judge already looking like her has a headache coming on. A Septa comes out and leads the crowd in a Prayer in honor of the Maiden.

The younger Tyrell is sitting amid a rabble of performers from the Whimsy, young knights and squires, pretty much holding court as they exchange whispered comments about the maidens. It doesn't look like Loryn Tyrell will participate in today's events, as he's already swigging wine.

One who does look like he wants to compete is the Dornishman known as Elyas Seafarer. News had been doing the rounds that his name is actually Ser Elyas Jordayne, a black sheep of the illustrious family, who's now planning to wed the Braavosi banker who arrived in town recently - and had to come clean. He's wearing fine Dornish clothes and a massive chip on his shoulder.

Siyu is amoung the crowed, either the commoners, the merchants, or maybe the pretty boy, still exotic, has been invited upsomewhere with the nobility to be some eoxtic showpiece. He's not going to participate, having no skill in archery, or talent in fighting. Perhaps if there was something involving metals, but that isn't very likely. He takes a deep breath and sips his wine, dressed in his white linens, clean and cut.

Venders are selling wine, fruit, and candied flowers. Madrghal sand rides up at the last minute on his pale yellow horse. The frail looking Dornishman actually has a bow with him. He shuffles slowly towards the area where the archers are lining up. The herald announces, "All archers to the competition area!"

Elyas saunters to the archery area as well, nodding greetings here and there, vibing self-assurance and confidence as he looks at the competition.

Siyu claps some, "Ah ha, I see…." he looks over at Loryn and gives him a bow of his head. He sips his wine, and considers, he tries to find someone to ask, "So it is tests of skill. The tournament. Hm, how very interesting. Even contests. I've only seen more savage pit fights Essos. We do not have such fights in Yi Ti. So it is more about skill and honor? How very Westrosi…" he seems amused, interested, and very curious as to how this all works. Sipping his wine, and watching the archery contest.

Loryn nods a greeting to Siyu and gestures for the stranger to join his own group if he so wishes - the man from Yi Ti being a curiosity he can present to friends. "It's a way to train, measure yourself against others, keep yourself on your toes and so on.", one of the squires tells him eagerly. "I love tourneys! But most of them are for knights only…"

The targets are bedecked with flowers. The judges lean forward to watch the shooting. The Herald calls, "You may begin!" Madrighal steps to the line with the other archers and raises the bow. There are women and smallfolk in the ranks as well as nobles. Madrighal's wasted looking arms strain as he aims and shoots.

Siyu smiles at Loryn and he swishes his wide hips on over, "Greets Loryn. How are you doing today? Enjoying the tournament." he looks over and nods, "Ah so it's public displays of skill. I understand.." ehhe nods, "It is different to urs, but I understand the principles." he tosses back his long hair. He winces and looks at Madrighal, "Ah the harper, I didn't know he was an archer…"

For all his swaggering arrogance, Elyas actually does handle a bow rather well and easily moves through the first round of the competition. He seizes the chance to steal one of the flowers from the target and toss it at a pretty young commoner girl watching from the first row.

Loryn snorts a bit at Siyu's remark in the meantime. "He apparently ISN'T an archer. Andy should be here, he'd win archery hands down.", he says with certain confidence, "But do tell me about your competitions at home? What do you do?"

Arrows take flight. Madrighal's alas falls short of the target, his arms shaking a bit. A variety of others hit the targets. The commoner girl squeals her delight as she catches the flower and she cheers all the louder for him each round following. After several rounds with the targets being moved back for each, Prince Dhraegon declares Elyas the clear winner. The peculiar Prince hands him a winner's purse.

Siyu hmms a bit at Loryn? "Oh it is your school. Schools of combat and speciality, some hundreds of years old. They compete amoung their students. Fight of masters are held behind closed doors. Our public fights are of poetry and philosophy. Knights…or rather, those we consider leaders, our warriors who lead foot troops, are expected to be able to debate with words as easily as swords. Their combat is tested by their schools, clans and family. In public it is about who can spar verbally." he nods, "And most of Essos is blood sport in pit fighting…savage. So this…two warriors fighting in public, of high skill is…well, a treat for me." he nods some. He claps for the Dornish bard though. After all the man is still recovering, he probably needs a little support.

Siyu says, "Common folk have public brawls on an elevated platform, but not the leadership. That is what your knights are yes?"

Elyas accepts the purse with a deep bow, then actually places his hands on Dhraegon's shoulders and leans in to kiss his cheeks. "Thanks, my honoured friend!", he exclaims loudly, "It is a good day for Dorne! And this will go nicely towards funding a wedding ring.", he admits in a little softer tone, clutching the purse as he wanders off.

Loryn quirks his brow as Siyu explains about public flights of poetry and philosophy. "You people must have amazing tempers.", he points out, the others nodding agreement, "Round here, after five minutes of philosophical argument, cups are flying and daggers are drawn." "Him, he's quite a loose cannon.", another young man chimes in, pointing his chin towards Elyas who's just receiving his purse, then grins. "But that's the Dornish for you."

Siyu glances at Loryn and nods, "Well if you lose your temper. Show violence. You dishonor your family, your clan, your school. Everyone has their rank within the hierarchy, savage climbing via combat would throw the careful levels of ranks into chaos. The 1000 princes and the eternal emperor clamped down on public duels…" he thinks, "I do forget how long ago. But if you are of rank you are not allowed to challenge, unless it is a grievous insult of family. And then first you must have a mediator, and before the duel, an agreed upon compensation. Not related to rank. At any rate, the only way you could prove yourself a powerful warrior in that case, withing your rank is with words." he says, "As said, much simpler for commoners. Usually on festival days, they raise a large platform. Everyone who wishes to compete signs up. You fight until you are thrown out, or there are no challengers left." he nods some, still smiling.

Dhraegon gives a startled blush as his cheeks are kissed. The Herald announces the horse races.

Madrighal shuffles to his horse. The horse is a stallion in fine condition, his sand coloured coat well brushed and his long white tail and mane braided. His master may be rather shrivelled, but he is well muscled.

You invite Lillian to meet you for RP.

Elyas disappears briefly to take the purse to his banker, because that's what bankers are for, right?, then re-emerges a while later with a fine Dornish sandsteed.

The preparations for the horse ride get the attention to those watching as well. Loryn's eyes had already begun to glaze over a bit at the explanation of public debates in Yi Ti, though he tries to keep a polite smile for Siyu's sake. "Oh, there's the horses! I got money on that guy!", he points out a young man wearing Tyrell colours, "That horse is from our stable!"

Siyu blinks a bit, well he thought the raised wrestling platform was interesting. Still, Yi Ti is ancint, and as such it's bureaucracy is enormous, and regimented. It does tend to get dry when it comes to structure and politics. He looks over at the horses and nods, "Good horse flesh, though most of them are for speed, I imagine that would make sense given that it is a race…" he comments.

It is the Maiden Festival. Banners are flying, horses shift restlessly. Prince Dhraegon, the Elder Tyrell, and the much abused Helpful Judge sit in the judging area, the elder Tyrell already glaring at a flower bedecked Dhraegon, and the Helpful Judge already looking like her has a headache coming on. Vendors are selling wine, fruit, and candied flowers. Ser Elyas has just claimed the archer's purse and the horse racers are lining up, women amoung them.

Madrighal's own horse is not a sandsteed, though odds are he has a bit of sandsteed blood.

Lillian has a beautiful grey dappled horse, with a black mane.. she rides up to the startline. The Lady is wearing clothes suited for racing and that means no skirts but instead a pair of tailored pants which look to be fitted to her exact body shape.

The Dornish sandsteed does seem rather high-strung and dances around, unwilling to be nudged to the start line. But Elyas sits like glued to its saddle and finally they are at the start line, joining the other riders just before the race is due to begin. He nods a few distracted greetings to others, but is mostly focused on the horse now.

The pennant drops. The horses leap forward. For all the diminutive musician was rather embarrassing at the distance archery contest, he does know how to cling to the back of a horse and his rather restive stallion bursts forward with spirit.

The Dornish sandsteed continues to have her own head. While the other horses run off, she does another little dance around the start line until she realizes that she is being left behind. Elyas' colorful cussing might help to spur her on. But for now the pair is lagging rather behind.

Lillian found that her horse was not saddled correctly, and the Lady Hightower nearly fell off .. she called sharply to her attendant to fix the straps before she sees the gate fall.. she gives a kick to her horse and the black mane flutters against white as the steed bounds forward.

Siyu lets out a clap as he watches the various horses run, "Yes! Excitement! A race!" he doesn't quite know what's appropriate, but he'll watch with some cheer. Horse racing is a universal sort of thing.

Loryn watches the Tyrell rider anxiously… he's somewhere in the middle now, doing not badly, but certainly not on top of the race.

Not surprisingly, there is an advantage to being small in a horse race. Madrighal Sand rides low and light as his horse presses forward, neck and neck with the Hightower lady's.

Elyas and his sandsteed are still lagging behind. The horse is not keeping up very well, perhaps too young and inexperienced for the race or just not in the mood for it today.

Lillian races alongside Madrighal, a light laugh in the air as she leans down to pat her horses neck "Come on Whisper ol girl." she encourages her horse as they spur around a corner.

Siyu throws his hands up, "Excellent!" he laughs

Madrighal's Whiskey must have caught a whiff of a mare he liked in the final stretch, as the musician struggles a bit to keep him on course. He does manage to keep ahead of the pack, but the momentum is lost.

Lillian pases the dornish man and his steed finally surpassing him the grey mare gets her body about a shoulders length in front as they cross the finish line, Madrighal hard at her side.. the race was very close indeed!

The sandsteed gracefully saunters in behind the others, forcing Elyas to roll his eyes in dismay. "She wasn't ready for this.", he sighs to anyone who'll listen. But he does clap for the young lady who's come out the winner, an unknown face to him but clearly known to the locals who cheer for her.

Loryn, too, claps for the young Hightower lady, being so pleased that he doesn't mind the fact that he lost his money. "Did you enjoy that?", he asks Siyu with a grin, when the man cheers, "Beats poetry, doesn't it?"

The crowd is on it's feet cheering as a Reach woman beats the Dornish! The Elderly Tyrell… is he smiling? He is, for all the Tyrell horse did not win. The Tyrell judge announces Lady Lillian Hightower as the winner and gives her a fine purse and crown of flowers. The tired looking Dornish musician, accepting the second place purse with a bow.

Lillian smiles as she accepts her flowers and she blushes patting her horse, she hands off to a servant to be washed and cleaned. The hightower smiles easily, though she turns then to watch the other festivities.

Siyu ohs, "well we have horse racing, as I said, it's just public combat for the most part, except for the wrestling with the common folk." he smiles, "Still that was very exciting in deed

Madrighal takes his purse with a bow, then faints, causing rather a commotion. Apparently the diminutive Dornishman overstretched his limited strength.

While the races were going on, Squires were clearing the standard archery targets and putting in the horse archery course, with jumps designed to look like arbors and pendulum targets in various flower shapes. It is a thrilling event, with some danger to both participants and the occasional spectator.

The hawking takes place off site, in the fields and woods to the north and takes most of the afternoon. Madrighal does recovery in time to ride out with the others and despite needing to rest repeatedly, does surprisingly well.

Not surprisingly, Hawking is pretty much a Dornish affair since hawks are essential for hunting in the desert. Elyas and three of his scruffy sailor friends are there, having one bird between them. It's actually one of the other guys' birds and he's doing a good job with him.

The Dornish hawk comes back with another bird in its beak, which he drops at his owner's feet. "Nice dinner!", his friends cheer. His owner, whose name is Aryn, realizes that his hawk has done the best job during the allowed time and high-fives his friends, including Elyas, who gets to keep two of the caught birds for his own dinner. Aryn meanwhile gets ushered to the dais to claim his prize.

The ending horn blows and the riders return with birds and assorted prey. The Helpful Judge does the official count. Prince Dhraegon awards Aryn first prize in hawking, and at the end, says, "I would like to formally announce my betrothal to the Lady Marsei Hightower, Sister to our Queen and to our Host, the excellent Lord Ormund!" There is a stunned silence and then the tipsy crowd bursts into confused noise.

Stunned silence indeed. Is that a look of surprise mixed with disappointment on Loryn's face? But then he rallies and joins in the general cheering of the announcement.

Lillian also looks a little shocked, she watches the Prince a moment.. and then she quietly takes a step back into the crowd. Maiden day races indeed!.

They arrive at the Grand Hall of the Garden Isle Manse

The first floor's main hall is grand, open room dominated by a massive fireplace and high-arched windows facing the street, protected by heavy iron bars. The white walls and polished white marble floors make it seem airy and bright. The starkness of the walls is softened by three long tapestries, depicting fantastical hunting scenes, while the marble floor is cushioned by rich Myrish rugs.

Down the center of the hall is a long, wide dining table, able to seat thirty comfortably. At the head of the table is an enormous chair of elaborately carved rosewood, with a door behind flanked by two high windows, giving a view of the sunlight gardens. Near the fireplace are smaller chairs, cushioned benches, and small tables for more intimate conversations.

Alcoves and doors at either side of the great hall lead to servants quarters, kitchens, and smaller sitting rooms. At the northwest and southeast corners of the building are square towers holding the stairs up to the floor above, where the bedchambers and other sitting rooms are found.

The Tyrells are hosting the Maiden Day Party after the competitions, the Great Hall decked out in flowers with some pavilions set up in the gardens for those who prefer fresh air. Musicians are playing and servants move around silently with refreshments.

Dhraegon rides a flower bedecked long horn bull lead by a servant all the way to the Manse, smiling goofily and waving at the rather confused crowd. His two guards and the inevitable Flox, impassive as if nothing at all peculiar was happening. He bounces towards the refreshments on alighting, the rather small, non-descript Flox trailing after him with a harried expression.

Siyu looks over at Loryn, and for the most part sticks near him, ahem, he's never comfortable with the nobility around so the pretty, exotic teenager just sticks to where he thinks it's relatively safe. Eating food, drinking, bowing politely…

Lillian offers a little smile to the Tyrell, she gives a small bow to him and she inclines her head, "Thank you for the welcome Ser." she says as she eats some cheese and crackers.

Loryn notices Siyu hovering nearby, so he nods to him. "Siyu, come here, I'd like you to meet Lady Lillian Hightower, she's just returned to Oldtown. Ser Brynden's sister. Lady Lillian, this is Mr Siyu, a traveller from far-away Yi Ti."

Dhraegon snatches up the first alcoholic drink he can find and downs it in one long gulp, much to the horror of Flox who can not snatch it fast enough. Dhraegon's too loud high pitched maniacal giggle carries over the chatter of the crowd, drawing looks from the other party goers. The large Prince is a bit flushed, his eyes fever bright. he snatches another, lifting it high and thus out of reach of his Aid. He bellows in his incongruously deep bass voice, "Shall we toast the lovely petals of my Intended, the Lady Marsei!"

Siyu ohs and he bows politely, "Good day my lady, ah, indeed, I am Gang Xi Siyu, a far away traveler from Yi Ti, a merchant and scholar here to study and learn." he smiles lightly. Tossing his black hair back again. He looks back over at Dhraegon. His brow knits midly with concern, giving a glance back to Loryn to see what he does or says .But the foreigner isn't going to do somthing foolish like comment. He simply waits, drink in hand.

The Dornish contingent has availed themselves of drinks as well, Elyas among them, and they respond to Dhraegon's shout with loud cheers of their own. "To Lady Marsei's petals!" "Boobs, did he say boobs?", one of the Dornish sailors wonders.

Lillian flushes pink at the words around her she coughs a little "I am sorry I am not giveing a toast to my cousin's petals, or boobs." she adds deepening her blush at her own words. She looks to Siyu and she smiles "your a linguist?" she asks him

Loryn doesn't say or do much at the moment - he's waiting for Dhraegon to clarify what petals he's talking about.

Dhraegon prepares to drink, but gives the sailor a horrified look. He booms, "her hair! Her bright hair! Not… not things under her… no!" He drinks anyway. Then bounces over to Loryn, still blushing, "She said yes! Wait until you see the betrothal present tomorrow!"

Siyu blinks, "Well, ah, I think he's trying to be poetic with her comparison to a flower in bloom." he tries to say somthing with neutrality, and waiting to agree to the toast, glancing at Loryn aand Lillian again Suddenly not sure of himself at all, not at all…he swallows. "Ah yes, I am a linguist, a student of several languages, I'm doign some work with the Maesters." he ohhs and nods to Loryn,"yes he hair, beautiful lady…" he ahems.

This seems to disappoint the Dornishmen who titter and lower their voices to discuss…. well, petals, perhaps. Loryn looks relieved though. "I see… well, yes, she does have nice hair.", he murmurs, chugging back some more wine. Pleased to see that Siyu and Lillian have found something to talk about, he moves on through the crowd to greet others.

Lillian stands near Loryn sorta careful not to really move away from the man, though she offers Siyu a small smile "I know 5 languages myself." she tells him softly not as a boast but intrest to language.

Lillian stands near Loryn sorta careful not to really move away from the man, though she offers Siyu a small smile "I know 5 languages myself." she tells him softly not as a boast but interest to language. But then he moves away and Lillian folds her hands properly before her looking shyly awkward.

Dhraegon is manic in his delight and makes a grab for another passing drinks tray. he peers at Siyu, "Were you at Visenya's party? Everything is rather blurry from that night…." Flox is desperately trying to get the Prince's attention and being studiously ignored. Giggling that mad sounding giggle he eyes Lillian, ""Have we met?"

Siyu ohs a small bit, "Well I speak my native of Yi Ti of cours, the trade tounge throughout all of Essos. Historic High Valyrian, Braavosi, since…well I worked for the Iron Bank for a brief time, ah and the language of the Summer Isles. WOnderful place" he keeps smiling and bowing his head as it appears as if the noble parties are all satisfied with the compliment to the lady's hair. Good. No fights. He blinks as Dhraegon comes over to him. Trying hard not to panic he smiles, "Ah…yes My lord. I was in fact. A guest of the party indeed, though masked as everyone else." he smiles a little bit and glances at Flox.

Lillian shakes her head to the prince, "No Magesty, newly returned - I am Lady Hightower." she bows to him the crown of flowers falls and she grins softly as she catches them. Her eyes look to Siyu as he lists the languages he knows.. "perhaps i can learn High Valyrian, and Braavosi from you and teach you some that I know?" she asks before she too turns to the prince

Dhraegon giggles, "Call me Uncle Dhraegon… Siyu! I remember! You are Keli Belly's young friend! you were in the garden!" Flox is trying to get his attention, "Please, your Grace, drink slower!" He gives Lady lillian and Siyu a pleading look. Dhraegon askes Siyu, "And who is your friend?"

Siyu nods his head a little bit, "Ah yes, I am a friend of Keli, it is true, and yes I am Gang Xi siyu…" he keeps smiling. Nervously looking at Flox. "Your Grace, ah, congragulations of course…" he bows his head once more, "Blessings on you of course…" he sips his own drink, slowly, "This…oh, well, it is Lady Lillian, ahem. We were just discussing languages and…ah, no my lady I would not mind teaching you a few other languages and having learn some of yours. That sounds very fair…"

Lillian smiles to the prince, before she chuckles a bit "Uncle…" she manages with a soft dimpled smile. When she speaks it is musical and sweet, a gentle intonation within her deeply accented voice. She looks to Siyu "I know Lysene, Norvosi.. Dothraki, Myrish and the trade tongue ser, so if any of them sound intresting to you I would love to share the knowledge of them." She looks to the prince holding herself with great poise.

Dhraegon blinks at Lady lillian, glassy eyed and attempts to hug her. Close up, it is clear he's likely been drinking all afternoon, likely starting during the hawking. He booms, "Soon we will be kin!" Then he is launching himself at Siyu in hopes of catching him in a bear hug too. Flox looks outright alarmed.

Siyu looks over at Lillian, "oh, Dothraki. Hm, Interesting voracious language…I would…" He suddenly, practically squeaks. A pretty young foreigner, with wide hips, long hair, and of course some makeup upon his face. That's not going to start any rumors I am sure. But he freezes and doesn't move, doesn't move at all as he's grabbed and squeezed by the large Prince.

Lillian laughs, she hugs the man back before he is bounding for hugs from another.. - the hug to Siyu makes her giggle and she watches in amusement. "I should go." she says softly before turning to move away.

Dhraegon's hands stay appropriate during the hugs at least. Indeed, the huge man hugs much as a small child does, exuberantly and innocently. He seems oblivious to the foreigner's alarm. His eyes go wide as the Hightower attempts to escape, "Won't you drink with us and eat cakes? I like cakes!"

Dhraegon does let the gentleman from Yi Ti loose, at least.

Siyu gulps a little bit, and he nods , he slowly is let down, and he takes a deep breath, "Perhaps some cakes, yes Your Grace, ah, a little less…less wine though, prehaps it's going to be a long day right your grace?" he asks with a swallow and looks over at Lillian, "Oh, ah, be well my lady"

One can not say no to princes rightly when they ask about cake.. she smiles and she nods her head with a small incline of her head to the Actor. "Seems as if i shall have - some cake."

Dhraegon giggles happily, "But we are celebrating! I'm to be wed after all!" He is smiling, but his eyes look terrified. He drinks down more wine, already looking for another cup. "They have nice gardens here in case we need naps later." Luckily, the Lady agrees to cakes and Flox soon has a servant offering them a selection of small cakes. Dhraegon grabs a Dornish spice cake and too jam cakes for himself, happily munching them down like a greedy toddler and following them with a most of a forth glass of wine. "I don't think I have seen you in my visits to the Hightower?"

Siyu ahems, and smiles, politely taking whatever cake is left, and eating somewhat daintly. He looks back over at Flox, and he looks to Dhreagon, "And again, congratulations your grace. Blessings once more, it should be happy, very happy of course." he swallows.

Lillian shakes her head "My family sent me away when I was seven to learn the world.. and take apprenticeships from the finest weavers, and needle workers the world had to offer." she smiles though she seems a bit sad "I have returned to my birth home like a foreigner.. I fear."

Dhraegon gives an hysterical sounding giggle, "I can not imagine a better wife for me! She is very kind and clever!" He studies Lillian, "have you… have you met Lord Tarth? Young Delwyn, I mean, not the false one. he's been much away of late…. I… will need new tunics and the like sound." More wild tittering. His sway is rather pronounced at this point, his speech slow and careful.

Siyu swallows a little bit, "Shall we go sit in the garden, ah, down bo the flowers. I am feeling a little faint, perhaps if your grace doesn't mind we can go…sit?" he asks as he keeps eating his cake slowly.

Lillian eyes the man carefully as he speaks of being faint, she eats her cake slowly. "I have not met many on my return - Prince, Uncle." she twists her lips up into a friendly smile.

Dhraegon nods an exaggerated agreement and offers his soon to be kinswoman his arm as he makes his unsteady way towards the gardens, "It is sad to have no one true home. I have… lived in a lot of different manses over the years." He finishes up his drink, "How are you liking OldTown, Siyu? It is good Keli hasn't stabbed you yet…." He likely thinks he is whispering, but is very wrong, "She is very good at stabbing. She's like a daughter to me you know!" he tears up a bit and is forced to start yet another glass of wine as a result.

Siyu nods his head a bit to Dhreagon, and he walks to try and help the prince to the ground easily so he wont' spill over, "I am liking it very well, it is a place of much knowledge and ah…ahem. Yes, she is a wonderful girl. I keep feeding her, I joke I will make her fat, haha, she is acting as my gide in this city, I don't think she'd stab me." he smiles and looks to Lillian, still listening, "So you are freshly returned. Well, it is good to have a family to come home to, even if they are new family"

Lillian laughs as she takes the Princes arm and she nods to Siyu "I am sure having a prince as my uncle wont hurt when it comes to finding a match." she teases him happily as she follows the lead into the gardens. She still eats her cake with every step.

They go out the back doors into the garden.

This large garden is a wonderland of splendor. Small trees and exotic flowers are in bloom, their aromas permeating the area. The entire garden is enclosed a high wall, covered in vines and ivy. There is an area where fresh herbs are growing, and another for roses of red, white, and of course, Tyrell gold. Other beds have daffodils, tulips, lilies, and pansies. Spread out and mingled amongst the rest of the plants are a variety of wildflowers. The two far corners are dominated by massive oak trees, which spread shade over the area. The luscious scents and beauty add to the natural feel of the atmosphere here.

Stone benches of polished marble surround a long pool, also of marble. There's a statue of a small dolphin above one end, spouting water from its snout. The pool isn't very deep, only about three feet, and small, colorful fish dart about playfully. Luxuriously soft towels are folded and placed on some of the benches. To one side is a lounging area, with outdoor furniture which comfortably seats six.

Dhraegon giggles happily, easily led, "She could use some curves. She's growing up, our little Keli Jelly. I know short tunics are fashionable, but I do like the long ones. What do you think, Lillian? I ought to have new wedding clothes. What are your favorite types of cakes?" his eyes go wide, "Oh! his is lovely. I do like a nice garden…. Daffodils like my Sweet Marsei…. Pansies for Lord Garvin. Septon's lace and lilies of the valley…. A pool for boats…." And he randomly starts to weep large, slow tears.

Siyu clears his throat, and he turns red as Dhraegon talks about Keli, "She is a good guide, a lovely girl. She keeps me safe…" he offers and coughs again. "And I make sure she stays out of trouble too. Well fed, well dressed, it's good, we help each other…" He smiles a little bit. He looks at Lillian as Dhrae starts to cry. He swallows a bit, not sure what to say or to do…

Lillian shrugs a little to Siyu "It will be alright prince Dhraegon".. she tries "would you like another piece of cake? Or maybe a song?" asks the Lady.

Dhraegon suddenly straightens and eyes Siyu, a hint of the normally absent dragon in his eyes, "Your intentions better be honorable!" Then he is staring at Lillian with big innocent pale lavender eyes, "I like cakes! And songs! Will you sing to me?" He sniffles, tears already forgotten.

Siyu blinks a little bit, "Wait…what I…" he coughs some, and then of course he turns a bright red color. Feeling a bit of panic. "I just…" he stands slowly. Right, no, upset prince, that was the exact opposite of what he wanted. He stands up, "More cake yes…I'll…go get some more…" he offers, trying to find an excuse to leave.

Lillian looks to Siyu - a brief worry of her own in her eyes, should she be left alone to care for the child like prince. Her hand goes out motherly and as the cake is being gotten she slowly combs his hair with her fingers, and very soothingly begins a song to the Dragon as he looks to her.

Dhraegon gives Siyu a hopeful look, "Cakes? And Wine?" His hair is very long and fine and soft. He has two thin braids with ribbons and flowers braided into them, pulled back like a crown around his head. The rest falls loose and straight, pure white down his back. He sighs happily as she finger combs his hair and sings. The Prince tries to snuggle against her, much as a four year old would, rather than a massive man mountain more than twice her age.

Siyu swallows and rises. He goes to try and find Flox? Right that seemed to be the servant in charge. To tell him about the Prince. To get a servant with more cake, and prehaps a little less wine, to the Prince, and quickly make his escape.

Lillian sighs softly as she finishes the song softly and sweetly, she adds a few more braids to his hair as she plays with it. "Do you feel better?" she asks him softly.

Dhraegon leans his head against her shoulder, droopy lidded as she sings. He giggles softly, "You are very nice. I like having my hair braided. You will back a good mother one day…." Flox does turn up with more cakes and some honeyed lemon water. He gives Lillian a knowing look. Dhraegon is soon happily eating cakes, jam and cream all over his hands and face. Poor Marsei is clearly going to have a time of it when her doom arrives.

Lillian nods to the servant, she pets his hair quietly for some time "Oh, well, that wont be for a while my dear friend, no one knows of me yet." she smiles softly to him. Then she reaches over for the cake, to eat it lightly as she makes sure he is alright until the alcohol has run through him.

Dhraegon sighs, "If only they grew on bushes…" Baies or cakes? He happily munches more cakes, then leans against her, closing his eyes, "Nothing like a good garden. I love flowers. And slug hunting, though I expect there are no slugs in the Hightower gardens to smear on mean people."

Lillian laughs and she shakes her head "no. but I am sure you will find other things to smear, like..cake?" she teases then she smiles to him "I should go, my brother would be worried."

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