(122-04-29) Tough Negotiators
Tough Negotiators
Summary: Dhraegon attempts to open trade negotiations with Princess Isabel and the Lion of Dorne.
Date: Date of play (29/04/122)
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The guards are expecting the Dornish visitors and they are ushered out to the garden with a minimum of fuss. Draegon is there, two thin braids that would frame his face pulled back to hang with the long loose hair in back. He has a small, rather nondescript middle aged man with him. A table has been laid out with savoury pasties, assorted cakes, honey sweetened lemon water, mint tea, bread, Preserves, and salt. The Prince himself is well scrubbed.

Orion and Isabel arrive with their own guards, the guards are ordered to wait outside of the Manse just in case there is any trouble. Orion gives Dhraegon a small nod upon seeing him, "Thank you for the invite, I have brought Princess Isabel with me, she is more qualified to deal with these matter than I am. I am Prince first and a Warlord second. The pastries looks great and I shall try some, I shall not have any bread or salt till after our talks are done if the talks go well."

Isabel smiles as she arrives with Orion, wearing a nice dress. She looks to Draegon, "Thank you very much for having us over. We do appreciate it." She looks around a little, "It is such a lovely day today, and a beautiful place you picked for the meeting."

Dhraegon looks between them with wide lavender eyes. his voice is a deep bass, but the delivery is rather childlike, "All right. Did you bring a snake to play with? The Lady Yael brought a very nice snake." The small man nudges his elbow and gives the Prince a Look. the Prince blushes and says in the stilted delivery of a child giving a memorized speech, "I am Prince Dhraegon targaryen and you are both welcome." He eyes them rather shyly and goes on in more natural tones, "I like boats, you see, and I have five in the water and a fleet in production in the east. I was talking to a nice lady in… October, but then everyone ran away because of the sick. We were hoping to do a really big trade agreement that would help your people and ours and make things friendlier. I already have a route going from here, along your Coast to tarth but I thought, more ships trading not just to Oldtown, your ports, and the sapphire Isle, but to Storms End, Kinglslanding, Dragonstone, Braavos, and a number of other cities in east Essos, a joint venture between your house and ours, would make us better friends and our people more prosperous."

Dhraegon adds, "I love gardens.

Orion rises a brow to Isabel comment about both of them appreciate being here. After listening to Dhraegon Orion says with clear annoyance in his voice, "We believe this to be a business meeting, not one of show and tell. No, we did not bring any snakes. Perhaps it is just Dornish customs but it usually the host that is supposed to provide entertainment, not the guest. I can understand why your people would want friendlier relations, after all you tried to conquer Dorne and failed. I could be wrong but this more sounds like you are going to increase the wealth for everyone a little, while you make a large fortune."

Isabel laughs slightly as she looks to Dhraegon, "I had considered bringing a lion with me, but I wasn't sure how you would react to such a thing. If you would like to see it, I can bring it along with me next time. A lion is far more interesting than some snake, I can promise that." She smiles as she listens to Dhraegon's plan then glances over towards Orion, "I suppose it depends on how much we invested."

Dhraegon shrinks back at Orion's anger. Prince Dhraegon does not even wear an eating knife. He looks at Orion with some alarm, but stands his ground, "No. I'm not interested in money for myself. I am interested in an end to the violence. Ser Osric Dayne was a good man, though I never met him, and my young kinsman still believes the justice of his and your side, despite the outcome of the Trial of seven, as do I, though we could not prove it for all of our trying. I have no means of setting that right, but I don't think endless fighting is a solution. any deal made will be more than fair." He emphasizes the more. "I do not think pouring more blood on that already shed will do anyone any good. All that will happen is the mounting up of bodies and more grief and call for revenge. haven't their been enough Accidents and griefs?" His eyes grow watery, "I think it would be better to soothe hurts by tying our people together through peaceful pursuits between our kingdoms. The reach grows grain and many fine foods you could feed people with and your fruit and wine and fashions are popular here. Anything that comes to me through this trade goes back into it. The only legacy I want for myself is a lasting peace." And then he is giving Isabel a big goofy smile of childlike delight, "You have a lion? A real one? Might I pet it?"

"So in other words you can't defeat us with armies and dragons so you now look to soften us up with friendship." Orion now chuckles darkly, "Such a plan could only come from a Targaryen, I do not think you understand those of the Dorne. What your people tried to do us, has stayed with us. It gives us the inner fire to be stronger to be better, to make sure we shall always be unbowed, unbent and unbroken. Now you like to pour water upon that inner fire by dangling a few coins at us. I am sorry Prince Targaryen if you thought it was going to be that easy, then you are greatly mistaken."

Isabel smiles as she looks to Orion, "Maybe but it doesn't hurt to hear someone out. There is always some silver lining in even the darkest of clouds." She laughs slightly as she takes a pastry, "Besides, don't have to be best friends to make money together." She nods as she looks to Dhraegon, "Yes, a real one. She is a very large one too. You can of course pet it, but you have to be gentle. She probably wouldn't eat you but she might hit you if you poke her or pull on her tail."

Dhraegon shakes his head, "You don't understand. I don't want to defeat you at all, nor does Viserys. What I want is for things to be as they are only with people not dying over borders and an endless trading of wrongs on both sides. More than a hundred have died in the past year in the trade of vengeances. I don't want any more to die." Then he is putting his hand over his heart and looking very earnest indeed, "I will be very gentle, Princess. I will not pull tails or poke or anything!"

Orion grabs the wrist of the hand that has the pastry in it as he gives Isabel a lustful look, "You bring up an excellent point my love." He then bites into the pastry. After swallowing and letting go of Isabel wrist he says to Dhraegon, "As I said it is not going to take a few coins." Orion now gives Dhraegon a bright smile, "It will take a lot of coins. Seeing how you are not into this for the profit, but to improve relations. Instead of reinvesting your profits back into the trade, let us have you reinvest your profits into Dorne."

Isabel laughs slightly as Orion eats the pastry, and her hand drops down to stroke his side gently. "That is a very good idea. If some of it goes into investing in Drone, that would be a good show of friendship. Though we shouldn't be too greedy or others might get jealous." She smiles as she looks back over to Dhraegon, "I will bring her over next time then."

Dhraegon peers at Orion, his pale eyes as empty as a desert sky, "In what way? Orchards and vineyards or are you wanting not only your percentage, but all of it to buy weapons? I will happily invest in things apt to improve friendship. Will you do the same with your share? Will you invest in us?" he smiles as Isabel, giggling, "I would like that. we could play with my toy boats and eat cakes!"

Orion shakes his head as smiles to Isabel, "My love they are already jealous. The Targaryens conquered all of them, yet we alone remain unconquered." He moves in behind Isabel giving her a deep hug, "They are jealous of our will, our strength and our women." After giving Isabel a kiss on the neck he looks back to Dhraegon, "How we invest our share of the profits is of no great concern, we are not doing this out of better relations and friendship… you are."

Isabel laughs slightly as she gives Orion a kiss on the cheek, "No reason to rub their face in it though." She smiles as she looks back over towards Dhraegon. "You should count yourself lucky to be dealing with Orion. He is such a straight forward and honest man. He is a bit blunt but you always know where you stand with him. Not like some people who are friendly to your face then stab you in the back later. Such a cruel world the place can be at times, but being honest with each other is a good first step towards friendship."

Dhraegon goes completely empty again mouth slightly open for several minutes, a igff he has frozen that way, then says slowly, "Please explain more clearly?"

"Eh?" Orion is not sure of the question, "What more do you need to be explained, the strength of the Dorne? Why would do this trade for profit, or how I would much rather stab you face to face and not stab you in the back."

Isabel smiles as she looks back and forth between the two of them for a moment. "I was just speaking in general, there is a lot of trouble makers but we are not one of them."

Dhraegon focuses on Orion, "You have not explained what you mean by me investing in Dorne. I hear no terms, only talk of stabbing.

Orion chuckles, "In your case the stabbing is figuratively speaking, though I am pretty good at literal. As for terms I would like for you to invest most of your shares of the profit into Dorne, per your request we would invest it in nonviolent projects. Isabel has convinced me that it does not need to be most of your profits, just some of it."

Isabel smiles as she looks to Dhraegon, "Well we are trying to have friendly terms right? We are not going to demand you invest in specific things, though if you spend the money in Dorne that helps the people there, we would appreciate it and I am sure others would as well. I am sure you can come up with some thing, and if you need help I am happy to offer suggestions. Though that is for later. We shouldn't be adding up the profit and talking about what to spend it on, before we have even begun."

Dhraegon looks between them, and settles on Isabel, "Please send Flox your proposal with details as to how many ships you venture and percentages. He will look it over for me and we will talk about it when you next visit. Would you like more cakes? I like the strawberry jam ones best."

Seeing how the offer was made to Isabel, Orion shall let Isabel decide if they will send Flox anything. He gives her ass a light grope, "From what I ate, the pastry was a tad too sweet. It lacks the strong taste of Dorne pastry." He then gives Dhraegon a some what friendly smile, "Well it was not great, it was not bad either."

Dhraegon smiles beatifically at Orion, "I have had Dornish spice cakes. They were very good!

Isabel smiles as she looks to Orion and nods before looking back over to Dhraegon, "Sure, I look into it and see what makes sense for us, and will have more specific numbers when we talk next time. I will bring over the lion as well."

Dhraegon smiles beatifically at Orion, "I have had Dornish spice cakes. They were very good! If you like, I will let you have a ride on Rose! He is very gentle!

Orion nods to Isabel then looks to Dhraegon "Very well she will do as she says, but she will be bringing two lions. Her pet lion that she told you about, and myself, Orion Martell the Lion of Dorne!" He shakes his head to Dhraegon offer to ride Rose, "I am sorry but with a name like Rose that implies something soft something tamed, I feel no challenge or thrill riding such a beast. If there is nothing more, Princess Isabel and myself shall take our leave."

Isabel smiles gently, "Who is Rose?" She laughs slightly as she looks over to Orion, "That might be true. Males named Rose does imply something soft and tamed. While females named Rose often have thorns."

Dhraegon giggles, "Rose is a bull! The Starks gave him too me! He is very gentle and not scary at all!

Orion does not look surprised, "You see, it is a male. When you get the bull named Spike, then I might have interst." Orion places an arm around Isabel then walks out with her.

Isabel laughs slightly as she looks to Orion. "What about a bull named Blood Hoof the Demon Spawn?" She lifts a hand to give a slight wave to Dhraegon as she leaves with Orion, "It was a pleasure meeting you. You have a very lovely garden."

Dhraegon waves, smiling goofily, but looks a little sad at the last, "I shall miss it."

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