(122-04-28) A Dornish Invasion
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Date: Date of play (28/04/122)
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It is late in the in the afternoon, the inn is not too crowded. Not only being known as a place of rest but for it good food there are several people that came here just to have a good lunch. Orion and Isabel are new to the area and have come here to see if this place lives up to it reputation.

The young Hightower has recently returned from her study abroad. She has made quite a name for herself, for those who like custom clothes. Today however she is tired, having just rode in from a long journey, she has two handmaids and some servants to help with the large pieces of luggage… moving slowly into the inn, a tired look in her eyes. The lady pauses to get herself a light meal before bed.

Madrighal wears no weapon larger than an eating knife, though he has a mandolin case strapped to his back. Despite his youth, he moves like an old man, watching his feet as he goes. He pauses in the door to let his eyes adjust.

Isabel smiles as she arrives at the inn with Orion. Apparently there for lunch, she casually looks the place over, as if to judge for herself how good the place was.

Orion is there with his close friend and alley Isabel, as well as his bodyguard/attendant Angela. He looks over the different tables and points to one then says to Isabel, "Lets us sit over there."

Lillian looks to the Prince, and Princess, her eyes tilt slightly "Greetings your Magisty, It is good to see you such a far way from home, I too have just found my way back after a long time away." says the youthful woman poised in etiquette. She turns slightly with her bowl of noodles and she slowly sips upon them

Madrighal spots the other Dornish, with some surprise. Hearing the accents of home, he shuffles carefully that way, and waits politely, eyes lowered to see if he is acknowledged.

Angela enters the inn alongside Orion, giving him space as she looks over the area he pointed out. The place may be fairly calm, but she looks to be keeping alert regardless as they start to walk towards the table in question.

Isabel smiles as she gives a slight nod to Orion and starts to move over towards the table he pointed at. She smiles gently as she stops and notices Lillian, "Greetings. So have you returned from visiting a distance home land, or just exploring the world?"

Orion looks over Lillian "Might we have a name? I am Prince Orion Martell the Lion of Dorne, with me is Princess Isabel Martell and my attendant Angela." He then looks to Madrighal "I could be wrong but I believe I have seen you before? Either way how about the two of you sit down with us seeing how there is more then enough room for everyone."

Lillian chuckles and she curtsies "Lady Lillian Hightower". Says the noblewoman. She looks over the Princess and she nods her head "back from my apprenticeship." she smiles.. before she moves to lift her bowl. Well when a Prince invites you over, you go.

The too thin Musician gives a deep bow. His own accent is richly Dornish, a mix of all the regions of that country, "You likely have. I am Madrighal Sand, acknowledged of Toland, a troubadour and have played and sung at Sunspear. Let me know if I may be of any assistance to you in this place, as I have been in residence since last June."

Angela nods to the pair, then walks over to the table ahead of them, pulling out a chair for both Orion and Lillian, then taking a step back to make way for them to sit.

Isabel smiles as she listens to Lillian, "Oh so you were away for work then? I suppose being an apprentice didn't leave you much time to go exploring about then?" She then glances to Madrighal, "Though a troubadour? I am sure you have spent time exploring around?"

Lillian smiles to Isabel "oh my family sent me away to learn all there was to learn about clothing. I believe i made the man there something once, a fine outfit for his performance, but it was while we were traveling through Dorn." she says, her voice soothing and somewhat accented, though her accent is from many places not just one. Her eyes shimmer and she smiles brightly eager to speak about her adventures but she is shy, and she curls the bowl of noodles into her chest. "I need to rest.. it has been such a long trip, I beg your pardon Your Graces."

Orion nods to Isabel comment, "If I remember your face Madrighal then you must be pretty good, though in the near future I would like for you to come to our mansion to play for us privately." Orion looks to Lillian, "You had a long journey you should rest, till next time farewell."

Madrighal smiles, and in this moment looks most like what he once was, "I think I must have traveled every inch of our beloved homeland at one time or another." He bows to the departing Lillian, then turns back to the Royalty, "Have you just arrived? Has anyone told you of the Acacia club yet? I find it is good to have a little piece of home to visit when one is in a foreign place."

Angela keeps quiet, seeming comfortable to observe the conversation as it goes on for the time being.

Isabel smiles as she nods to Lillian, "Of course, go ahead and get some rest if you need. Traveling can be rough at times." She then looks back over towards Madrighal, "I have traveled around a lot my self, though to places much further than just the home land." She shakes her head as she thinks for a moment, "I don't believe I have heard of the Acacia club yet."

Orion gives Madrighal a small smile, "I have heard of Acacia club, sadly have not had time to visit it yet." He strokes Angela shoulder making sure she is ok, then looks to everyone, "Shall I have Angela bring a waiter over to us to take our orders?"

Madrighal's voice is rather high, but richly expressive, "This is my first time beyond the borders, I fear, but I have hopes of traveling far. It is a good time to come. Things are calmer than they were. The Acacia is for Dornish and their guests only. It is a bit of a haven when things get a bit much. Of course you will have you Manses as well, your Graces." He studies Angela from under long lashes, but as he has not been introduced, simply gives her an encouraging smile.

Angela nods to Orion at the touch to her shoulder, more than content to watch over them as they discuss the area, listening for her own benefit as well. She gives Madrighal a smile in in return, shifting her stance just slightly. Periodically, she glances about the room, just in case.

Isabel smiles as she nods, "Well if you hang out around an all Dornish place, then you wont get exposed to much when you go traveling. Though it would be an interesting place to visit."

Orion introduced Angela right after he introduced himself and Isabel, "I have not travelled too much outside of Dorne. My services as leader of my elite one hundrend man force was often on the move in the defense of Dorne." Seeing how Madrighal has taken some what of an interest in Angela, Orion talks a little more about her, "Angela was a simple farmer before I took notice of her, she has been trained to serve and guard me."

Madrighal smiles sadly, "I lived at the Quill until the Black Sick came. I do not think I saw any Dornish the first few months I lived here. Still I was grateful enough for it when circumstances changed. I came here to study the similarity and differences in music on this side of the Mountains compared to ours." He sways slightly, gaze going a touch unfocused, grabbing the back of a chair until the moment passes. "It is nice to meet you, Angela. Great things can come of anyone, I think, as long as that person finds what they love."

Angela nods to Orion's statement. "Indeed, and it has been a pleasure serving." She gives another smile to Madrighal, appearing a bit concerned as he steadies himself. "It has opened up quite a bit more travel than I'd likely have managed on my own. But, are you okay?"

Isabel nods to Orion, "Yes, you have a lot of important responsibilities that keep you busy at times." She doesn't have as many herself at the moment, though she doesn't see a reason to mention that.

Orion raises a brow at Madrighal, "From a simple farmer to now serving and traveling with a Prince of Dorne I would say great things have already happened for her." Orion gives Angela ass a firm slap, "Angela go bring a waiter to us to take our orders for food." Orion strokes the side of Isabel face with his hand, "I am glad we can take this time to relax now, in a day or two I believe we might have some important business to talk about… we shall see."

Madrighal's smile is rather self mocking, "I tire easily these days, that is all. It is kind of you to ask." He attempts a careful bow, "I meant it that way, that surely her worth has shown itself." he sways again, this time, his legs begin to buckle.

Angela jumps slightly at the slap to her ass, then nods to Orion. "Of course. I'll be back shortly." She looks to Madrighal as she starts to move. "Perhaps you should all have a seat to continue talking? No need to tire yourselves out. Refreshments will be good." With that, she is off to get a server.

Isabel smiles as she nods to Orion, "That is true, though that isn't for a while still. So we still have some time." She smiles as she looks back to Madrighal. "You sure you are okay?"

Orion looks over Madrighal with a curious expression on his face, "Why are you standing? I invited both you and that Lillian girl to join us at our table." He motions for Madrighal to take a sit down at their table, "Go on, sit down enjoy yourself and eat, we need to put some meat on those bones."

Madrighal seems visibly confused for a moment, then covers it with one of his dazzling smiles, "My apologies. I thought the invitation was intended for the Lady Lillian…" He does sit carefully and with obvious relief. "My Maester insists I try to exercise every day. I may have over stretched myself." Indeed, his colour is distinctly paler than when he entered and his looks worn.

Angela returns just a few moments later with someone from the inn to take orders, then moves to stand near Orion once again, putting her hands behind her back as she maintains her watch.

Isabel laughs slightly, "Well exercise is probably a good thing to do every day. Though no reason to get too carried away. Though yes, we meant everyone could come join us."

Orion looks to the waiter, "I will only accept your finest and your best meals for everyone here. Keep the food coming and wine flowing, for this day all of us shall dine!" He then looks to Madrighal, "Too much of anything can be a bad thing, unless we are talking about women."

Madrighal looks like he is steeling himself as he orders a quail with grapes and brown sauce and a particular type of extremely dry green blood white from an estate well known for such. "You are very kind, Your Graces." He smiles a little wistfully, "I find these Reach folk very hard to read in that respect. They often flirt when they do not mean to, though sometimes they do."

Angela nods slightly. "I have found that they can be very generous. I am quite grateful to have been able to accompany Prince Orion on his travels." She smirks slightly. "And that is a good thing to know, if we are going to stay here for a while. It may avoid some awkwards situations."

Isabel smiles as she looks around, then over to Orion, "I hope you can tell the difference when they don't mean to and are just friendly, and when they really want to do something."

"The men just tease here?!" Orion chuckles, "That is why their women are so frustrated. There clearly are not many Dorme men here or that would not be the case. Speaking of Dorme men and women, are there any in the city whom you think would make good friends or allies?" Orion grins to Isabel, "A woman is going to know the type of man I am, soon after meeting me, if she is friendly to me that means she wants what I have to offer."

Madrighal laughs softly, "Certainly, if I figure it out I will tell you. One manages somehow nevertheless, but I have had some awkward moments. Some of the men are teasing, some are not, and they have this strange virginity fetish…. Do you mean amoung the Dornish or amoung the people of this Kingdom?"

Angela chuckles softly. "A virginity fetish? That seems like an odd thing to seek after, once one is past their teens. It hardly matters, after a point. But, I suppose it isn't fair to judge the abstract qualities that some people find most appealing."

Isabel smiles as she looks to Madrighal, "Well if you are always with a virgin then they will never know how bad you are, as they have nothing to compare it to. Could be why some want virgins all the time."

Orion shakes his head to Isabel then looks to both Isabel and Angela, "When you are female's first, it creates a link between you and that woman forever. To be the first and only does create an unseen bond between that woman and man." He then looks back to Madrighal, "Now if you are saying a man will only sleep with a virgin, then that man has issues. As for what type of people, I meant Dornish at least at first. I have no problems getting to know the other people of this Kingdom later."

Madrighal nods, "The Lady Yronwood is rarely seen, her health being uncertain, but she is fierce and glorious. She won a horse race against the Men of the reach and very nearly won the first Horse archery contest open to all comers. There is the Lady Fowler, of course, who you likely know given her closeness to the Prince Alaryn. There used to be more, the Lady Yael and her husband Lord Arnau. There is Lord Arrick, I think. If you are wanting a sympathetic Maester, there is Maester Leandro.

Angela smirks slightly as she looks to Isabel. "I would hope that someone would learn to get better over time. Besides, someone would need to get to know you to get really good, anyway. Not like anyone's first time is their best." She looks to Madrighal, listening as he explains. "Are there many horse competitions around here, then? Or, was it for a particular event?"

Isabel gives a slight shrug as she looks to Angela, "Maybe, unless you died after the first time. You never know, life can be short at times." She smiles as she looks to Orion, "Maybe."


Angela is roughly 5'2", an attractive woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She is well-built, both curvy and clearly fairly strong. She maintains a serious look while she's at work, remaining alert and ready for any trouble, but she is quick to smile when she has time to relax. While at work, she will typically be seen in brigandine armor, dark red with orange straps along the front to secure it in place and an orange shirt worn underneath, with leather pants and boots, and a sword hanging from her belt. Her armor is well fitted to her figure, well made and at least refitted for her.

Orion shakes his head to Isabel as he gives her hand a loving squeeze, "No maybe about it, we have a strong connection that shall grow stronger with time, not weaker." He then nods to Madrighal, "Those are some very good names to know and be aware of, thanks."

Madrighal smiles at Angela, "One would hope to improve with practice indeed."The horse and archery events have recently come into fashion, particularly since the duel between Prince Daevon Targaryen and Ser Loryn Tyrell. They are both good men and interested in peace…. Anyway, another of the Princes has a passion for watching the events and often holds contests. There is one scheduled for the Maiden festival Saturday." He gives Orion a seated bow, "I am happy to be of service, your Grace.

Angela chuckles softly. "One would hope your last time is the best time." She takes in a deep breath, glancing around for a moment before giving her attention to Madrighal again. "That is interesting, though. Those sorts of events seem like they could make for quite a spectacle."

Isabel smiles as she listens to Madrighal and nods slightly, "Sounds like a lot of interesting things going on. I wouldn't mind watching a few of those contests."

Orion rubs his chin, "Not sure if I shall look to join in such competitions in the future. I understand the need for such event, it is just that when I fight, it is for real. Lives are lost and even the living can be maimed."

Madrighal nods, "The Prince Alaryn does not compete from what I have seen, though some of the northerners do, despite not being knights and being mostly of your opinion, My Prince. Still, others like to test their skills against those they may face another day. Others might see it as akin to the knife game, a honing of skill and a testing of bravery. It is not for me to say." He holds his hands wide open, "I am a man of peace myself. I live for my music."

Isabel smiles as she nods in agreement, "Well we all know the real purpose is just to have an excuse to throw a party and have some fun. So it doesn't matter who enters and who doesn't as long as it is entertaining for all."

"I wouldn't mind seeing an event like that," Angela says. "But, I don't know that I'd necessarily want to compete. It is the sort of thing that will tend to come up, one way or another, of course. Not that other forms of entertainment aren't just as enjoyable."

Waiters bring in the food and drink, Orion eats and does his best to make Madrighal eats as well, after the meal is done he looks to Madrighal, "The food here did not disappoint, now that we are done eating I am going to take Princess Isabel and Angela home. I am pleased to have meet you and am sure we shall soon meet again."

Madrighal eats sparingly and slowly, but he really does eat, though it seems a bit of an effort for him to remember not to pick at it. He stands and bows, "It was kind of you to include me in your meal. May your stay in the city be pleasant."

Angela maintains her watch while people eat, a bit glad to see that Madrighal has at least something of an appetite. Once Orion says it is time to go, she moves to give them room to stand, waiting to accompany them out.

Isabel smiles as she stands and looks to Madrighal, "It was very nice to meet you. I am sure we shall see each other again."

Orion waves to Madrighal then heads home with group.

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