(122-04-22) Threats and Counter Threats
Threats and Counter Threats
Summary: Siyu is accosted by angry acolytes. Eonn and Killian step in.
Date: Date of play (22/04/122)
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It is the time of evening when people are wanting to pick up meals from food stalls or visit the baths. Stalls selling artisan goods are shut down or shutting down, and people are thinking of lighting lanterns and the like. It is overcast, but not yet raining. One group of acolytes is crossing the Square, likely coming from the Citadel, another is lingering in front of some food stalls, clearly debating what sort of pasties appeal. One group is made up of mostly tougher, older boys. The batch thinking about dinner are ones often seen about the library, working quietly on research or working on translations. The oldest of them is a frequenter of the rare scrolls room and is thought to me a promising linguist.

Siyu ahhhs as he comes out of the baths. He is fresh, clean, feeling like a cider or a beer, or something to eat and then to sleep. The pretty young man will toss his fresh washed hair, huge mass of it, smelling like vanilla and jasmine. His clothing is simply, though rather tight, Clinging to his chest and arms and his wide feminine hips. The pretty boy, exotic from Yi Ti, with his round face, almond eyes, mismatched colors and huang skin is very obvious. The man from Yi Ti. Him! The only one in the whole city.

A man dressed in a too heavy tunic of a style several centuries out of date, is dickering with a ribbon seller who clearly just wants to close and go home, but is not wanting the peculiarly dressed man to get the better of her either. His accent is an odd one, all archaic vowels and pronouns, with lots of rolled r's. Like his dress, his mix of Northern and Iron Islander speech is seemingly from another time.

The group of rather tough looking acolytes spot the youth from yi Ti and bend their steps that way looking purposeful, their smiles predatory.

Eonn is lurking in the shadow of one of the buildings on either side of the mouth of the Shambles. Not very noticable at all.

Siyu hmms slightly at the archaic words and the languages, that is…somewhat odd isn't it. He listens he hears and he approaches, looking over and listens the common, smiling still and just soaking it in. Something new something different and he has actually been reading about the Iron Islands, it might mean he learns something new. Of course the other acolytes are not noticed yet.

In exasperation, she lets him have the red ribbon for a low price, which the tall man pays, with polite words. He tucks it away in his pouch and the seller finishes packing up her goods. He is speaking common, just very old fashioned common.

The linguists cease their dithering and pool coin for the purchasing of pasties. The tough youths are close now. One with a Northern lilt growls, "If it isn't that little foreign busy body! The one doesn't know how to keep his nose in his own books and out of our affairs!"

Siyu nods a little at the thought, he smiles some and he approaches the Iron Islander, "Excuse me, good man, might I ask , are you from the Iron Isles, I really haven't experienced your accent before and I am curious if you are from that kingdom?" he inquires, and then he turns, and looks at the Northern and he faintly sighs. "If you wish to debate me academically on my theories…no in fact. If you wish to actually inquire about my homeland and LEARN. I shall offer to buy you all food and wine and drink and enjoy an evening of learning. As scholars should. As academics should. If you are somehow sour from anything, I shall sooth it with food and drink and actual academics. I offer that. Somehow…I doubt you'll take me up upon that…" he sniffs some. "Are you true scholars or not?"

Eonn steps out of the mouth of the little wynd, rolling his shoulders a bit. He's wearing his sword, and his soot-blackened armour. There'a grey cat twining around his ankles, but he doesn't trip over the creature, somehow.

Killian studies Siyu with oddly unfocused sea-coloured eyes, "I am of the Lonely Light, the far Islands. I hight Captain Killian Farwynd" He looks between the acolytes and the foreigner, bright eyebrows raised and expression amused.

Another acolyte, this one with an accent of one of the main islands clenches his fist, "You got us banned from the library. Archmaester Kubos is not happy with us and that makes us not happy with you!"

Siyu tilts his head and his eyes go wide, "Yo were one of the ones who started to pleasure yourself in public? really? And you are made at ME for your lack of self control." he scoffs, " I was there for that that was…" he sighs some, "Debate me in the normal, respectful fashion, and I shall tell my master you were in control of your base pleasures the whole time. I am not an unreasonable man…" he look s over at Killian, "Forgive me I am Gang Xi Siyu, Siyu is of course fine, it is well met Captain, ah…" he motions, "Some of the baser acolytes were using the library to…to…indulge themselves. I was there to witness it. I imagine me being an easy target for their blame I am receiving it…" h offers a faint shrug. His eyes scan the crowed and he spots…Eonn. His face palse more at Eonn then the acolytes.

Eonn looks at the acolytes, consideringly. He pays no attention to Siyu's paling.

The acolytes look rather like they are about to launch themselves at siyu, all eager to get a boot in, "Someone doctored our small clothes! It was a _rash!_ I know you were behind it somehow!" Another cries, "Everyone knows they have wizards and the like in essos! We've all heard rumors about the Black Sick!" The disturbance is starting to draw eyes, the ribbon seller scurries away with her wares.

Captain Killian looks back an forth between the acolytes and the scholar. "It is interesting to meet ye, Gang Xi Siyu." his accent rather mangles the name, but he makes the effort at least.

Eonn strides towards the group of acolytes, unhurriedly. He gazes at them with his pretty, cold eyes.

Siyu blinks a bit and he holds up his hands, "No no, the wizards come from Asshai. I have been to that black land and escaped with my life from a true witch. If I were a witch, a true user of magic you would not escape with your lives. Trust me. They feed upon their weak to gain power. I am not a powerful mage from Asshai, I am just a merchant from Yi Ti…" he offers to the acolytes. "A scholar and academic. really are you all so young you wish to be expelled? The Masters offer you a life of comfort and experience, of knowledge and books. You really wish to throw that away? Think of your life for a moment." he looks at the Captain, "Forgive me, apparently some of these students have forgotten the true meaning of study…." he glances at Eonn again, somewhat nervous. He is offering reasonable words…what will win out.

Killian has a war axe hanging from his belt and a knife almost long enough to be a short sword. His expression is calm, his body language relaxed. Which means nothing, of course. He watches impassive.

It is at this point, the pastie munching scholars join the gathering crowd. One calls out, "He's not from Qarth or Asshai with that accent!" Another nudges him, glaring him to silence. He hisses, "Not our fight." The northerner looks about ready top throw a punch anyway out of sheer frustration.

Eonn regards the students. He comes a little closer to them, probably uncomfortably close.

Siyu looks at the students and he sighs, "Really…I offer food and drink for free, I offer knowledge from a place you have not been, and you reaction is denial? Your silence means you refuse, your clenched fists means you refuse, really, you are so willing to throw away your rights as a student? To scholarship, to academics, to learning? You wish to harm me so much you throw away everything which makes you students?"

Killian sets a heavy hand on the Islander acolyte's shoulder, "Best to give it up, Lad. He's a little fish and not worth dropping the net. Best ye be running along." The five of them look at the approaching Eonn, at the tall far Islander, at the watching crowd. A lad in the group with a Vale accent says, "What about that bath and bit to eat? I'm hungry!"

Eonn sighs softly, watching them coldly.

Siyu let's out a soft little sigh, "You're choice then, you can take more offer or leave, either way I care not. I have just finished bathing and I do not wish to dirty myself."

They exchange glances amoung themselves. Shoulders relax. The northerners sighs, "Some ale and a bite to eat sounds good." The Islander shrugs away from Killian, who lets him go peaceably enough, "I could use a bath." he glares at Siyu, but the group moves past towards the baths. The pasty eaters watch him go. One calls to Siyu, "Where are you from then?" Another asks, "Where you really in Asshai?"

Eonn watches them go. The cat twines about his ankles.

Siyu looks over at Eonn and he glances at Killian, "Thank you, really all it takes is one…" He answers to those calling out, "I am a merchant from Yi Ti….and yes I was in Asshai, I survived that dark oily place"

Killian smiles a rather vague smile, "He's from Harlaw, by his accent. What can you expect?" The other acolytes come closer now the danger is passed, curious to here about Siyu's adventures. What was it like?" The rest of the crowd hurries off as fat raindrops start to fall. Killian adds, "They think they are important because of the mines…"

Eonn stays silent. The cat jumps as a raindrop hits it, and moves to stand between the man's feet. Something of a shelter, there.

Siyu looks up at the rain and he ahhhs, "Rain…a break from the heat, and a blessing to farmers. From the mines, I recently learned that the Iron Islands has mines…I thought they disparaged tradesmen. If you do not mind a curious scholar, I would ask what you think of the miners then. I offer food and wine as I did to those supposed Scholars…" he looks at Eonn. "Good man I offer you food and wine as well, as a friend of course…" he tries not to insult everyone, and he laughs at the crowed and nods, "I am a brown trader form the lands of Yi Ti. I traded for saffron with my family in the land of Asshai. But I was too greedy, I wanted too much knowledge. A witch tried to take my mind and my talent, and suck my life from my body. Ah. I managed to escape by spilling a lantern. Still..there is much magic in Asshai."

Eonn crouches to pick up the cat, gently. He says, as he rises, "Is that what you want, Faraway?" A faint little smile touches his lips.

Killian squats, studying the cat, "Yer beast then?" He peers up at Eonn, "Yer face is familiar, but I fear I can not place it." He nods, "The Islands are named for them. The iron gets traded for wood for ships and food for Winter, mostly. We used to have forests, but the trees were mostly stripped for wars. In the old days, we had to much use for the iron ourselves, to trade it." He shrugs, "I've naught to do with mines. The delving is thrall's work and the mines are mostly on the big islands: Harlaw, Orkmont, the Wyks. The scholars excitedly start asking questions, mostly ones about how to pronounce various things and whether Siyu would be interested in making a dictionary for his language for them.

Siyu takes a deep breath, and he looks over at Eonn, "I offer as gift and friendship of course. I know you, you know me. If you take it or not. I am of course, a foreign born man. There is nothing to gain or lose from it. He looks at Killian, "Ah I see, so you use…" he considers, "Thrall…that is…" he thinks about it, mulls over it, "That is NOT a slave…as you say?" he asks and he coughs, "I can give you words fro Yi Ti," e offers to the students

"No," says Eonn. "They just follow me." He holds the cat against his chest, absently cradling it with one arm. Then, to Siyu, "All right. I am always hungry."

Killian shrugs, "A man without honor. Not an Oarsman." He says oarsman is if it is a title rather than a job. "They will not feast in the hall of the God." A scholar says, "Best to do it somewhere dry where we can take notes…."

Siyu looks to everyone and realizes he's in the middle of a crowed and a big crowed. He panics, he looks to Eonn. He fumbles and pulls out a full Gold Dragon, "SOmthing I earned. Buy food and drink, ensure all are fed, I should go.." and he flees, hoping that everyone is covered and no one is bitter.

Eonn looks at the coin, but doesn't take it. He then looks at Siyu, and shrugs.

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