(122-03-30) Scholars But Not So Gentlemanly
Scholars But Not So Gentlemanly
Summary: Acolyte Bryn and Scholar Siyu nearly get in a tussle, but make new friends instead.
Date: Date of play (30/03/122)
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Siyu is now set into the library, letting out a great little giggle. This is what he is here for! He managed to get in, and to return his paper on the plagiarism in linguistics, but now he's managed to get into the meat of his search. Geology, the study of the earth, rocks and minerals, and the mines of Westeros. The mines! He needs to know where they are so he can visit, and find their wealth. He does get a pretty good sized stack going.

It is after lunch and the library is full of Maesters and students, many of them "resting their eyes" while pretending to read. The light is excellent with the sun so high and pouring in through the glass dome. It is very warm in here, the dust motes floating lazily in sunbeams, patches of coloured light decorating the carpet. Some of the older boys from the history seminars are working at a big table, sharing references they spot that could help the others and whispering conspiratorial.

It Seems that the best mining is in the Vale and the westerlands, while the Iron Islands, despite their name, happen to be metal poor and they generally get their weapons through raiding or trading.

The heat doesn't bother Bryn as much as many of the others here, not making him lazy at all. He also doesn't sweat much, which some might consider odd. He's working at a table near the older boys, working on his own project, looking at some old records from Valyria.

Siyu mmmms, the heat isn't so bad, the Summer Isles had nicer breezes but the heat only affects him a little bit. He still feels it of course. Just smiling as he lays down the scrolls, gathers his notebooks and begins to take notes. There is of course all the various mines around. The Famous Casterly rock, other of copper and iron. Tracking quarries of stone. WIth the history of building castles in Westeros stone quarries are just as important. He looks up and he spots…well Bryn. He smiles and notes the text. "Oh…hm. Is that leftover from the Doom?" he inquires.

One of the older boys blushes to his ears and thumps another on the back of his head playfully.//The really old things from the Freehold are in the Old Scrolls Room, where they are very stern about light and document handling. Anything out here will be a copy.

Bryn looks up and smiles, then shakes his head to Siyu, "Well, the words are, but this is just a copy. They don't let me at the really old scrolls." Then he looks down to the words and says, "Record-keepers in Old Valyria were just as boring as ones today." He glances up curiously then towards the blushing boy.

Siyu blinks a little bit, and the pretty Yi Ti teenager turns over to the blushing boy as well. He tilts his head again and purses his full lips. Giving a little wave of his fingers to the boys. He just turns back to Bryn, "Ah I see. Why are you reading it, I am curious what you're hoping to find. I am doing my own research." he grins and keeps writing out what mines and quarries are described.

It is at this point that another group of acolytes enter. These are big, rough boys, mostly from the north, but two from the Vale and a younger, smaller, shier one trailing after, not much older than Bryn. The group near Bryn freeze mid teasing and both groups glare at each other.

Bryn answers, "I think some Valyrians came to Oldtown before the Targaryens, there's a few old relics around. And a big, old dragon nearby. So I'm trying to find more proof, see if any old ships or anything came this way." He looks up to the acolytes that arrive now, blinking again as he looks between the two groups. "What's going on?"

Siyu looks over at the larger group of acolytes, and he doesn't of course say anything, this is not his place, he's just a guest here after all. He keeps talking with Bryn, "Ah ha, you're seeing evidence of a dragon around old town?" he nods

Slowly, the boys at the neighboring table stand up. The body language suggests both sides are ready for confrontation. A boy with an accent suggesting an origin in the Fingers says, "That's our table." His tone has a threatening matter of factness about it. The oldest of the boys at the neighboring table responds with quiet menace, "The big tables are for those you arrive first." Measters are waking from their post lunch doses, and looking about to see what disturbed them. A Librarian puts down his pen and approaches warily with a long suffering expression.

Bryn blinks, looking to Siyu, "You haven't heard of Veraxion? Or Princess Visenya's dragons? She got the eggs from Veraxion's lair…" Then he trails off, though, as he looks back to the confrontation. He stands up then and says, "Hold on." He moves around the edge of both groups and approaches the boy about his age, doing his best to make it look to the maesters like the other boy is just a bystander as well, and not part of the aggressive group, "I've seen you at dinner, congratulations on getting your link! I'm Bryn, by the way."

Siyu tisks a little bit, and he speaks in clear and expert Hight Valyrian, "You all…sit down and continue your studies. You are not hooligans. You are scholars. You are here to learn, and sharpen your mind. If you wish to take their table, defeat them in debate of an agreed upon topic of a scholarly nature. That is how philosophers and scholars handle themselves…" he eyes the group with a withering glare. "Using your physical size…honestly…" he looks over at Bryn. "No I have not. I am not from Westeros, I do not know the stories of the dragon riders small one.." he smiles a little bit again. He ohs and nods his head and leans back. He watches Bryn, tilting his head slightly, watching him work. He observes with interest.

The boy close to Bryn's age is clutching a bunch of papers to his chest as if they might be a shield and hunching in a way that suggests he would very much like to hide somewhere. He is experiencing the first zits of adolescence and has the awkward look of a boy just starting his first big growth spurt and not sure what to do with this suddenly longer limbs. He whispers, "Verexion. That's the one ate the woman and burned some knights in the Spring…." He's likely from on of the lesser islands from his accent." He looks relieved for Bryn's rescue and worried about the bigger boys and their confrontation at the same time. His voice is husky as if he doesn't speak much. "I…I', Theron. Congratulations on getting your link too. I saw you. In the Infirmary…."

Siyu's interruption has both groups of older boys rounding on him as an obvious common enemy. Both groups advance threateningly on the obvious outsider. In the Northern group, someone cracks their knuckles.

Bryn smiles then and says, "Nice to meet you, Theron." Then he nods, "Thanks, I…" Whatever he was about to say, he looks up towards the groups as they turn towards Siyu. "Uh-oh."

Siyu appears very unphased. He's still writing his notes down. His pen gently scritching as he copies the notes, looking up, "Really?" he asks about the knuckles. He switches back to Common as he writes. "I am a foreigner…I am a guest. You are supposed to be the scholars of this land. I am a scholar from a foreign land. We are supposed to share, and impress one anothers. If you have questions of Yi Ti I will help. But…" he looks up with a tilt of his head. "You do not appear to be students who wish to LEARN. So. Shall we be students together?" he asks "Or are you going to…" he snorts and motions. "Do that…"

The Librarians and Scribes, who are all full Maesters and consider this their main workspace are gathering and not looking amused. Several of the previously napping Measters are watching with some interest. A couple of acolytes working near the Old scroll room entrance are whispering and the bits that can be heard suggest they are placing bets on whether or not Kubos' bully boys are about to give the foreigner an ass kicking or whether the Measter will cut in. A rather tall and slender Librarian clears his throat, "Let us not have any _disturbances_ today." The boys from the neighboring table exchange looks with each other and as of one mind, opt to sit back down at their table. The newcomers take a menacing step forward.

Bryn guides Theron back a bit from what's happening. "The Maesters won't let anything happen, I hope. They wouldn't hurt a maester, not if they want to stay at the Citadel…"

Siyu nods his head a little bit, and he headbobs, "Still the offer is there…" he looks at the group. "I am from Yi Ti. you likely will not get another opportunity to talk with one such as me in quite a while, i ever. DO you have any questions. You could perhaps impress some of your teachers or gain some insight…" He scritches more on his paper. He looks up at Bryn and nods, "You actually handled that very well"

Theron seems happy to be guided and for positive attention as well.

The Northern group does not look inclined to drop it, but the Librarians and Scribes step between them and Siyu, looking threatening, and one of the Northerners says, "We should probably work on our papers…" The keep eying Siyu in a way that suggests he ought to watch his back on the way home, but for the moment, things are calm again. One of the neighbor boys drawls, "So did YiTi have trade dealings with the Ghiscari Empire?"

Bryn smiles a bit to Siyu, though adds after things calm down, "You should be careful. I've seen people act like that before… never here, but lotsa times in the Undercity. They're dangerous when they get like that."

Siyu huffs, "The people of the Harpy? It is…unavoidable. Past the Jade Gates you will find those Harpies everywhere…" he mummers, "From the Jade gates past the Doom of Valyria…" he shakes his head again "Yi Ti…does not…prey like they do. We do not hunt flesh for sale. And they are not an empire." he intones. "Each of their small cities is ruled independently, they barely cooperate together, their only common theme is the Harpy and slaves." he nods. He looks over, "This is a place of scholars. No one should act like that in a library…"

Theron is hanging close to Bryn, doing his best to pretend to be invisible." The young men at the neighboring table look confused by Siyu's answer. Then the light dawns, "Oh! you mean the modern cities! There was an Empire that those cities are the remaining fragments of…" Another cuts in, "We don't have slaves here either." A third asks, "Did you stop at Volantis on your travels? Have you seen any elephants?" Theron's husky whisper cuts in to answer Siyu's implied question, "Tempers have been high because of the scavenger hunt."

Bryn looks to Theron curiously, though speaks softly, so as not to interrupt Siyu's answering of questions. "Still? The scavenger hunt's been over for weeks. Or are people still trying to solve it?"

Siyu laughs some, "yes, there is only the modern cities…the Valyrians, the dragon riders. Broke Ghiscari, and salted Gis with salt. There is no more empire, it was as if it had never existed. Yi Ti has survived it all with our eternal Emperors. We have thrived since the Long Dark." he leans back, more then happy to answer questions, "No, not Volantis. I passed the Doom and headed to the Summer Isles…" he nods, "And then from there to Braavos…" He glances over at Bryn and Theron? He tilts his head, "A hunt? Ah ha? A hunt for what?"

Theron shifts uncomfortably and drops his voice to barely audible, "They say Maester Leandro found something amazing up at the Hightower and isn't letting the others in. It's got the Archmaesters worked up and everyone's still really tense and angry. You know, a lord kicks his man you kicks his servant who kicks the dog." He sighs, "I'd give anything to see what is down there…. I've a theory, I'm working on for my Measter's thesis. About the Hightower." he lets Bryn explain about the Hunt. The boys sigh, "What we could really use is information about Yi Ti's trading and political relationships with the rest of Essos. It's for a history course, you see."

Bryn looks up to Siyu and explains, "There was a bunch of clues… I even had a Dragon Dream about it, but all the clues were leading to a major discovery." He looks back to Theron and wrinkles his nose, "He can't tell anybody. Lord Ormund /and/ Princess Visenya ordered it kept secret, until the King decides what to do."

Siyu smiles some, "Well I am more then happy to talk about it. After all I was a brown trader from Yi Ti, I have gone through all of the lands…ah…what specifically would you want to know. After all. Our Silk, our Saffron makes it here. So you know we travel at least to Westros. The problem with the trade with essos…is…well…THe mountains block our land routes, Southros blocks our travels to the south…we must past through the Jade Gates, past Quarth, to get anywhere" He blinks a bit, "That sounds intriguing…" his desire to know tingles, hid desire to delve also tingles but he simply tamps it down. No idea how magic would work in this place.

Theron sighs, "I know. They won't even let me sketch the bottom floor exterior….." A youth asks, "what is a Brown trader?" Another says, "There are ugly rumors about Quarth…" A boy interjects, "Wizardry is not real. It is something out of stories." another says, "I heard they are dirty and spread the sick."

Bryn bites his lip, and then says, "I might be able to get Maester Leandro to let you help with… what he's doing there. But you'd have to keep it secret." He looks to the other boys then and says, louder, "Magic is real. I've seen what the warlocks can do. They made a fog that chased us, and made people sick with the same symptoms as the plague. I think they made the plague. And not by being dirty."

Siyu ahs, "The brown traders and the Blue…one travels the land, the rich brown earth, the other travels the blue, the wide sea…I was a land trader…" he smiles a bit, "Magic…ah…I have been to the shadowland, I have been to Assai. I have…experienced it. I tell you, the magics of the continent are very real." he glances at Bryn and tilts his head, "Made the Plague? The sickness that was here?"

Theron looks so painfully eager and grateful, "I can do that. I've years and years of research to do, but if I had sketched to work with it would help enormously! you are so kind to ask for me, Bryn!"

Bryn's comment about plague mists is greeted by skeptical looks, but no one challenges him directly." One of the boys turns to another, "Oh! Like Salt Dornish and Sand Dornish!" his friend rolls his eyes, "I _knew_ that! what have you been reading anyway?" A third boy, the blusher, leans forward and asks, "Tell us about Assai?"

Bryn nods quickly to Siyu and says, "I was with Lord Stark's men when they went to find one of his missing bannermen. The warlocks thought the bannerman had something they wanted, so they cursed his party, and then us for looking to catch whoever did it. Everybody who got caught in the mist got sick, the /exact/ same symptoms as the plague when it came later." He looks to Theron and smiles brightly, "Just want to help." And to make a new friend, obviously.

Siyu nods his head a little bit, "Assai…Assai is the land of eternal night…it is slick, s if looking through a clouded mirror…" he mummers, "IT's….itis a land where even the candles are snuffed out by the darkness…it is a place you do not go unless you are sure. A wrong turn, a mistake…and you will find things worse then death…" he mummers. "It is dangerous, exciting and…you can find. Find…anything. If you have talent. They will draw it from you." he looks at Bryn and nods, "THey used magic they did not understand. They cursed him, and probably doomed themselves as well…" He shakes his head, "I do not think they were from Assai then. Their masters would have drawn their souls long since for such…lack of foresight…"

Theron listens to Bryn's story with wide eyes and obvious belief, "Were you frightened?" The older boys look between Siyu and Bryn, clearly more skeptical of Siyu, then Bryn, "You saw this with your own eyes?" "Have you told them in the infirmary?" "you ought to write an account for the Chronicles!"

Bryn shakes his head to Siyu, "No, they were from Qarth. Qarthian warlocks killed Prince Rhaegor's dragon, I don't think they're good at foresight. Either that or they don't care that he's killing every one he can find." He nods quickly to Theron and says, "Very. It was the scariest thing I ever saw." To the other boys he nods again, "I saw it happen. I told Archmaester Luckin and Archmaester Thane. Never thought to write about it." Now that it's mentioned, though, the idea of writing about it seems to have taken hold.

Siyu takes a deep breath and he will shake his head some. "Magic is…do not underestimate it. Those that are flashy with it…are either fools, or hiding something subtle. Magic is much like the traveling shows you see…distraction, and slight of hand…yet…yet the power hidden in that sleight is…" he motions, "Do not under estimate it…" he looks at Bryan, "Ah, Harpies…they were always reckless…" eh shakes his head, "The magicians of Quarth are different…more sure of themselves." He looks over at Bryn and smiles, tries to lean over and ruffle his hair, "You are a brave boy, strong blood."

Theron shies away from the touch as if expecting to be hit. The other keep asking questions.

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