(122-03-16) Social Calendars
Social Calendars
Summary: Brother and sister catch up, sort of.
Date: 16/03/122
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Grand Dining Hall - The Hightower Battle Island

This enormous dining hall is made to feast hundreds. There are wide double doors in the back which lead to the kitchens and the servants quarters beyond.

The walls here are decorated with huge tapestries depicting the Hightower, the acts of famous members of the Hightower family, the house sigil, famous parts of Oldtown, and the wildlife and flora of The Reach. Large oil lamps light the room, some from wall sconces and others from several massive chandeliers.

There are five long tables, each long enough to serve any ordinary grand feast. Their legs are carved in the shape of the Hightower itself, with the flame at the top leafed in gold. While they are narrow enough to allow people to pass things across them, they are so long that fifty might sit at each side. The great Head Table where the Lord and his family sit near the head is a little wider and a little taller, and is inlaid with blue and white and grey stone along its top. Carved chairs to match surround the tables.

The grand dining hall is clearing out after a meal, involving a small gathering of visitors hosted by the Hightowers, as is so often the case. As lords and ladies wander off to their leisure or business and servants tidy the tables, Lady Marsei stands off to the side without purpose, her hands folded at the soft pink skirts of her gown. She'd been as utterly genuine and kind as ever earlier in the day, but in-between her many politenesses, she'd been a touch quieter than usual; a bit subdued, at least to those who know her well enough to notice that she's not quite shining as brightly as she's capable.

Gwayne was not present but is striding in as folks leave. Adorned in the colors of his house and the shining black cuirass of the watch it is clear he is on duty, or should be. But he is here for whatever reason. Appropriate head nods and such are given to each lord and lady as he passes them and when he sees his sister his smile widens. Approaching he says, "Sweet sister. How fare you?" There may be a bit of curiousity in his voice as he can tell she is a bit off. "I've not seen you in weeks." Even concern lingers in his tone and he will move to plant a little kiss on herr cheek if she allows.

Marsei brightens to see Gwayne, smiling out of whatever daze she'd slipped into. As he nears, she gives his forearm a squeeze, subconsciously bracing her onto the tips of her toes to greet the brotherly kiss. "Has it been so long?" she queries in mild distress, inadvertently — or not — side-stepping his question. "You work so hard, brother."

His smile remains and he says, "Or so I would have our lord commander believe." He winks and continues. "But yes..I think it has been a bit, since before the wedding. Twas' crowded and I do not even recall seeing your shining face. But no matter." He offers his arm and will escort them to a place to sit if she likes. "Shall we have a seat?" Continuing he adds, "I'd heard you had quite a time at the princess' little gathering. Was it half as musch fun as folks say?"

Marsei travels easily upon her brother's arm until she sits down, neatly smoothing her gown. "Have people been saying so?" she asks hopefully. "The whole thing was a joint endeavour between her and I. It was quite a spectacle, Gwayne, you should have seen the costumes!" She lights up to think on it, but glances away looking slightly more thoughtful as she adds, "It did… rather get away from me, at the end. Visenya has a flair for the dramatic."

Pulling out her chair he pushes it back in as she sits and then takes a seat himself, smoothing out his own garments as he does with grace and finesse. "They have. It sounds as if it was quite extravagant. Despite the nasty rumors folks would try to circulate. I personally met a nice young LAdy name Norah of the house Plum. She told me she sang and that it was a joyous thing to be a part of. She seems sweet, though our cousins seem to think badly of her….But you know how snippy they can be. But she did praise your efforts and had naught but good things to say." He lets her last comment float away. Surely he could pry or has but it seems he does not wish to. "Don't try and tame a dragon. Simply let them breathe their fire and spill others blood." He chuckles a bit at that, leaving it here.

"Oh— oh, that party," Marsei realizes, smiling with amusement toward Gwayne. "Do you speak of the ladies' gathering I held here at the Hightower? It was lovely… an entirely different sort of event than that held at the Targaryen manse. Your social calender is rusting with disuse, Gwayne," she explains, teasing good-naturedly. "Lady Norah brought the most wonderful embroidery to our contest. She invited me out to shop with her, but I have been so…" She trails off upon the faintest knit of her brow. "I will take her up on it soon." For now, she chooses to leap back a step in the conversation and ask, voice lowered, with vested interest, "What have people been saying about the masked ball?"

"Oh…" He says, obviously not as much in the know as he prefers to be, a rare mistake to be so poorly informed. He shrugs at her teasing efforts though and smiles. "I must admit that I am not up to date on ladies tea parties," His smile grows, "you should. She is a sweet girl. I enjoy her company. I would like to see some of our kin be kind to her." He listens now as she dials it back. "I am not sure. I've been busy with other things. What can one truly say of such anonymity?"

Although Marsei's expression is still inquisitive after Gwayne's answer, worried he may be holding back on her behalf, she soon smiles, relieved instead of suspicious. "Tell me of Lady Norah," she decides on, leaving rumours of the ball behind. Her smile turns expectant, just shy of more good-natured teasing toward her brother. "Beyond her sweetness."

His grin is mischievous and sly. "What makes you think I know of her beyond her sweetness…As mucsh as I would like to." He laughs and continues. "She seems a Lady out of her comfort zone. As if she does not wish to be here but must. Her sense of duty to her family is strong and she wants to please her father. She worries on the repute of her house." He squints his eyes. "I can understand that, they are not highly revered, but noble nonetheless."

"See, you know more than I," Marsei counters blithely after she's listened. "The only rumours I have heard of Lady Norah is that she had been seen in the company of one Gwayne Hightower," she adds — true, but her tone is in jest.

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