(122-03-10) The Wild, Wild Life
The Wild, Wild Life
Summary: Princess Visenya and Lady Marsei Hightower throw a wild party.
Date: Date of play (10/03/122)
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The large Walled Garden of the Dragon's Door Manse has been transformed into a land of whimsy. Globes of blown-glass of various sizes and colors hang from the trees and illuminate the space. A dance floor of wood has been constructed in the space near the Pavilion. Deeper within the gardens there are impromptu seating areas where rugs have been put out and adorned with lush pillows. The perfect place to hide away for scheming or a lover's rendezvous.

There is a statue of a nude woman painted gold that is strikingly lifelike. She holds a tray of exotic pink liqueur that tastes unusual to the average Westerosi's palate, and produces happiness that is slightly stronger than what is associated with drink by itself. On occasion she shifts position.

In the Pavilion there are contortionists and fire breathers. The contortionists twist themselves into boxes while the fire breathers breathe fire over their heads. It is quite the spectacle.

There is no table laden with food, but masked servants circulate with trays of hand-sized delicacies and delicate crystal glasses filled with expensive drink.

A huge man dressed as a phoenix emerges from the depths of the garden. He goes looking for a drink, spots the "statue" and turns away in surprise and alarm, clearly considering turning back around and hiding in the bushes again.

A fairly skinny pirate captain with a fake peg-leg has arrived not long ago, accompanied by what seems a rather oversized parrot in gloriously glittery plumage. At least the parrot isn't sitting on the pirate's shoulder, but walks beside him.

The phoenix is not the only bird in attendance this evening. Not long after that shy fowl's entrance, an elegantly appointed rooster strides into the room. Slim but strong in his movements, the man's average height is augmented by the crest of feathers on his head. He pauses just inside to survey the scene.

Free food? Free booze? Costumes and spectacle and lots and lots of rich people? It's bound to attract a wide range of people, particularly when the invitation list includes 'anyone wearing a costume'. One particular man arrives looking rather plain compared to the rest of the colorfully garbed guests. He is wearing the sort of dingy, roughspun outfit that one might see on the average commoner, and his dark hair is cropped short and uncombed, causing it to stand up in rough clumps in various directions. Half his face (and thus most of his identifying features) are covered by a simple mask painted with whimsical geometric patterns. The only clue to his true identity is a many-pointed star pin clipped to one side of the mask, helping to hold it in place.

While the others enjoy the spectacle, the 'commoner' seems curiously disinterested. Instead, he drinks some of that lovely pink liqueur and watches the gold statue (and people's reactions to her) with a certain amusement. As someone passes by with a tray of food, he reaches deftly to snag a handful of whatever looks tasty, and goes back to people-watching.

The Sun in all its radiant glory, strides in. Dressed in the dornish fashion, in a lavish outfit of golds and yellows, the front of which is open to show off what might be a scandalous amount of skin, if there weren't already naked people wandering about. He glitters, he sparkles, his golden sun-mask is polished to a shine.

The Phoenix's mood brightens on seeing the rooster. He delightedly booms, "I came as a Giant Cock last time!" He strides over to thump the cock on the back in a friendly fashion, despite having no clue who he is looking at. Beak carefully averted from the alarming "statue" he is looking about for strong drink with a rather desperate air. The arrival of the Sun startles him and he turns to the Cock, and nudges it, "Crow!"

Since birds apparently like to flock together, the parrot abandons his pirate captain to a couple of other guests and wanders over to the Phoenix and the Rooster. "what's this talk of giant cocks?", he inquired curiously, sipping on a glass of that pink stuff.

The rooster is startled by the pound, perhaps especially because masks reduce vision. He stumbles most ignobly and turns his head rapidly. There is a long, awkward pause, perhaps while he gathers wits.

"I almost came as a crow," The Sun declares, his voice richly accented. "That would have been embarrassing, would it not. Or more embarrassing not to, and thus be the odd one out?"

The commoner wanders apparently aimlessly toward the gathering of feathered fellows, munching thoughtlessly on the snacks provided by the gracious host of this shindig. His drink is still half full, but he ignores it for now as he detours around the avian assembly, discretely admiring their costumes.

The Phoenix gives a characteristic vaguely unhinged sounding giggle. He asks the Parrot, "Would you… would you get me a drink? from…" He waves a wing in the statue's general direction without looking that way. "I do not think I can do this sober." He grins at the crow, mouth visible beneath the drink, "That is very clever!" He waves at the Commoner, clearly under the assumption that only someone very important would dress like that.

The door to the Manse that leads out to the garden is opened by masked servants with some fanfare. Two visions appear in the doorway. The two women clearly chose their costumes with the other in mind as their masks are similar in design. The redhead is the radiant Sun while the pale haired maiden arrives as the moon. They hold hands as they step out into the party, and heads turn at their entrance.

An oversized half-mask obscures most of the lady sun's face, replacing it with a depiction of the sun itself, muted gold painted theatrically in a neutral yet whimsical expression, curlicue "sun beams" extending every which way but down.

Her gown is the real piece of art. The exquisite details begin at the collar and shoulders, which are crafted into a slightly raised mantle; upon a red background, it is all ornate metallic patterns and beadwork, all either gold or made to resemble such. The fabric then descends over her chest in pure, gleaming red, darted slenderly at the waist where a delicate chain belt rests; in the center, a large, round, gleaming amber-coloured stone is encased in a metallic sunburst fitting. Sunbursts follow onto her skirt, embroidered with yellow and coppery thread around a single gem each. Tall peaked openings have been made in the skirt all around, revealing not skin but deeper layers of fine fabric in the colours of yellow and burnished gold. Her arms are bare, small wrists carrying rich jewelry that seems too heavy for them.

Upon her head of red hair, braided back into a complicated, high heap while red curls fall atop her mask, she wears a fine hair net boasting stunning fire opals that sparkle and change like magic tricks, casting tiny fragments of coloured light into her hair every time they catch the light.

The Parrot looks down at his own glass, then emits a strange cackle underneath his beak. "I think the view is much nicer up close", he tells the Phoenix, "I don't mind having another look…" He wanders off, back to the statue to claim another pink drink for his new feathered friend.

An oversized half-mask of a silver crescent moon obscures the face of the Sun's companion.

Her gown is an unadorned pale gray satin that seems to glow dimly in the light as if it were infused with moon beams. The front has a modest draping neckline, and a simple chained belt of silver stars adorns her waist. Her sleeves are long and form fitting. They end in a v point at the middle of her fingers.

It is the back of moon's dress that holds all of the scandal and drama. Simply said, Moon's back is bare save for an interlacing of delicate silver chains, and the dress does not pick up until the swell of her rump.

Moon's pale hair is contained in a stunning silver hairnet that is adorned with moonstone. Her hair is in an elegant and understated twist within the hairnet while the top is left sleek.

The 'Commoner' smiles broadly at the Phoenix, then gives a rather elaborate bow, accompanied with a graceful sweep of his arm. It would probably be more impressive if he didn't manage to slosh part of his drink on the ground in the process. When he notices, he gives a bit of a laugh, and waves after the parrot. Operating on the assumption that he must, indeed be very important, he calls, "Sir Parrot! Do be a nice fellow and bring me another as well, eh?" He doesn't wait to see if the Parrot obliges, but instead moves closer to the Phoenix. "I must thank you for your kind compliment. And you are /quite/ spectacular, yourself."

The parrot might grumble quietly underneath his break, but he does bring another fresh drink for the Rooster as well. "Next time say please or you'll be roast chicken before the evening is out.", he warns, though he doesn't seem really annoyed. Instead he watches the appearance of the sun and the moon together. "Someone spent a lot of money on THAT", he comments to his fellow birds.

The Phoenix smiles affably at the "Commoner." "It is an unusual choice. Then, everything else forgotten, the Phoenix stares at the entrance of the two familiar celestial bodies. Giggling nervously, he steps forward to bow solemnly to the women, tails feathers bobbing and waving and says softly to the Sun, "May I kiss your hand?"

The rooster rallies as he becomes clear on who is hitting him. "And I did much admire it then," he tells Phoenix, "But I wonder who truly is the bigger cock?" His voice is soft and supple, somehow imbued with some Hightower mannerisms. A pause and then the rooster throws back its masked head to let out a boisterous crow!

Lord Sun's attention flicks over, admiring to the two women who've just entered. He studies them, face concealed behind his mask. "Is it truly the size of the Cock that matters?" he comments idly.

The more fiery of the celestial hosts extends the hand not holding the Moon to the Phoenix, elegantly turned down at the wrist. A mythic pair, the Sun and the Phoenix. She remains slightly aloof, her costume easily compelling her to something out of this world, and so keeps her face as neutral her mask, little more than lips and a dimpled chin visible. The crowing noise, however, startles her somewhat out of her perfect poise, particularly when she deigns to look upon the flock of birds and only partially suppresses a less than regal, but pleasant, laugh.

The Commoner smiles broadly and nods affably, reaching over to give the Phoenix a hearty pat on the shoulder. Then, of course, the women wander in and provide a proper distraction, which he takes advantage of to continue his rounds. Though not before sending an appreciative glance toward the Sun and the Moon. Particularly the Moon. Poor Phoenix. Hopefully he didn't have anything /too/ valuable in his pockets. If he even has pockets in that getup.

The Parrot eyes the crowing rooster. "You haven't even had your drink yet.", he points out with a smirk, before offering vague bows to the sun and the moon which unfortunately ends with two red feathers coming loose from his headdress, falling down to the ground. He might be a very plucked parrot by the end of the night.

"Small cocks often ask that," Rooster says to Lord Sun. He steps forward to avail himself of the pink libation. He turns his head a little as the lady sun and moon enter, then pushes his mask back just far enough to drink. The cleanshaven chin gives no clue to identity. "But some say cock crows best when it hasn't drunk."

Oddly enough, all the talk of cock size seems to go over the Phoenix's head, for all that he started it. He does give the rooster an approving smile, before taking up the Ladies hand, brushing his lips most delicately over her knuckles, with a sort of reverence to all appearances. He has nothing to steal but feathers and no pockets or pouches at all, being far to important to handle money himself.

"Is it the smallest cock that crows the loudest, or the largest?" Lord Sun asks. "I forget."

Moon also seems content as content to play at aloof as her companion is. Her eyes, distinctly violet in contrast with the silver of her mask, search the crowd in an idle manner. Her gaze lingers on Lord Sun for a moment, and her pretty lips curve upwards a hair as if she likes what she sees, before they spy Rooster and the smile increases with amusement. "My companion has a suitor for the night, it seems." She calls out, "But who will keep me company?"

The Commoner procures another handful of snacks and a glass of pink awesomeness from somewhere as he slips through the crowd, but he must be paying at least some attention to the goings on, because he responds to the Moon's request for a suitor with a raised glass and a wordless, cheerful sort of shout. It's hard to tell whether he's volunteering or just…cheering the general idea that she needs a suitor, but either way he seems to be having a good time.

Rooster smiles at Lord Sun before pulling his mask down. "That we cannot know till we hear others crow." He throws an arm up, "But why talk we of lowly fowl when celestial maidens descend?" He turns toward lady sun and moon.

The parrot looks at the moom for a long moment as if trying to figure out who it is before potentially offering his companionship. But nothing can be done except to approach the lady and offer her a bow. "It's a delightful party, Mylady."

The lady sun bows her head graciously to the Phoenix. "You make a majestic creature," she commends, then lifts her head, casting another look around the garden. "Many birds in the garden indeed," she says with a hint of amusement in her tone; a different sort of amusement than that which captures the Moon. She smiles benevolently at the Rooster, the Parrot, and the Lord Sun, whom she tips her chin up to. "What will we do with two suns? The realm will surely burn."

"Why, I do believe I hear a Lady calling my name," Lord Sun declares and all thoughts of cocks and such are forgotten. "Shall we strut, show off our feathers for the Lady's regard so she might choose the brightest and boldest amongst us? Will you try and crow the loudest so that she will choose the rooster's song? Does the Rooster cry a lament for lack of the moon at dawn, or is it instead a welcoming of the Sun?" Such words are all left behind though as he strides towards the Celestial Ladies. "What a glorious sight that shall be though, the heat of two Suns, their light so bright that none might look at them, save for they to each other, and the moon of course."

The Phoenix puffs up his chest a little, "What can a Phoenix do, but worship the flame, though it burn…." This gallant phrase is followed by a high pitched utterly unhinged giggle in sharp contrast with his bass voice. There is something of alarm in the expression of his mouth and the tilt of his shoulders as the second sun approaches. He glances quickly from Sun to sun, his beak flashing back and forth.

The Rooster spreads his arms, faux feathers spanning with them. "And why not both?" he asks rhetorically. "May he not fare moon well and welcome sun in one breath?" He watches Lord Sun make his approach. "The Sun as bold as one might expect. But should sun pair with sun? Some desire opposites. Though the allure of sameness too is understandable. How fine they both look in gold." Perhaps that pink drink disposes him warmly to others. He pushes madk back slightly and indulges again in it.

Moon turns her head to say aside to Lady Sun, "Look at how they quarrel for you. Moon's gentle light is certainly outshined by Sun tonight. I am equal parts jealous and happy for you."

The lady sun's smile is agreeable to the lord sun, going easily along with this flight of fancy. "Perhaps treacherous, sun and sun, as the Rooster says. Yet a world on fire is the perfect setting for a Phoenix," she says, then looks to her pale companion. "The moon shall bathe the land in her silver light as respite from our all our fire."

A small crowd of elegantly costumed women follow the Sun and Moon pair belatedly out of the manse, garbed in identical black dresses with fur trim and pretty, if slightly ominous, fox masks in shadowy hues. The light of the sun or moon does not touch them; they are separate from them. The dark holes of their masks create the illusion of the figures staring slyly and suspiciously at the others.

Lord Sun's lips quirk into something of a smirk at the Phoenix. It's the Rooster he replies to, first though. "Indeed, that's an almost Dornish sentiment. Why choose between the Sun and the Moon, when you can enjoy both, and the Rooster too?" His dark gaze lingers, burning with all the intensity of the Sun. "Something about cakes," or did he say cocks?, the way his accent plays with that word makes it hard to tell, "and eating it too?" And then he turns his attention to the Moon. "Ah, no, the Moon is no pale reflection of the Sun, she is beautiful in her own right. Is she who shines the brightest the most beautiful, do you think? I think not. There's beauty in both."

Better late than never, right? That's what Sable thinks as she walks into the party. She's more likely to be heard rather than seen. As she moves, there is a sound of … tinkling bells? Silver brushing silver? Something like that - the true greedy ones of the room will recognize the sound of two coins rubbed together. Sable is wearing her black wiry hair piled high and fine, with a heavy metallic blue sleeveless dress adorning her form. Running in a straight line from the neck to the hem at the front are coins, silver coins. The dress must cost a fortune merely by what is hanging on it. A smaller coin of a different value hangs from her forehead in a circlet. She pauses, looking around, trying to make out someone or something.

"The Dornish spirit is most appropriate for celebration," says the Rooster, smiling as he pushes the mask up again to drink. He moves aside somewhat and replaces his mask, perhaps in search of a dance partner for himself.

"How typical of a Dornishman." Moon says, but there is laughter in her voice instead of malice. "To think he can have everything he wants." And then she lightly brushes her hand down Lady Sun's arm in an almost sensual manner, "But what if Sun and I only desire to do the dance that we've done together for centuries? What if all we require from you is to watch?"

The huge Phoenix looks around positively frantic for a drink now, in desperation stealing a cup of the strange liquid from the negligent hand of another guest and downing it in one gulp before edging away like a man clearly in search of another, still not looking anywhere near the alarming "Statue." He says softly, but with hysteria creeping into his voice, "A mere phoenix can't compete with the Sun. Or the Moon."

It is becoming apparent how difficult costume parties are. Sable, adorned as she is, takes a cup from a nearby passing servant, nodding her head graciously before she takes a small sip. She can't recognize anyone! Which makes the whole act of finding people to discuss business with rather difficult. Lost, she wanders through.

The Commoner appears rather mysteriously near Sable a few moments after she enters. Under his colorful mask and deliberately mussed hairstyle, he's looking rather flushed and happy, no doubt from the wine. He laughs jovially when he sees Sable, and waves an arm. "My friends!" he announces to the random partygoers nearest (none of whom are really paying him any attention), "Look! How clever is she, to skip the formalities and skip to the heart of the matter. She has come dressed as her fortune!" He follows that up with another laugh and another sip of his drink. He clearly thinks he is far more clever than he really is.

The lord sun is bolder than the lady sun as far as words are concerned, as she is simply left slightly agape in silence; the silence extends for the moon, but she gains her regal poise back by simply remaining very still and by default of the mask, mysterious. Her eyes are partly in shadow, but track the Phoenix with subtle concern, distracted only by the attention shone on the woman dressed stunningly in coins.

The parrot notices the un-costumed Braavosi lady and though he knows he isn't exactly Mr Popular with her, he hopes she won't recognize hime. Still two pink drinks in hand, since the other birds ignored him for the shinies on display, he heads over, offering her one. Oh, she already has one. Squawk.

Sable turns as someone speaks loudly regarding her costume, such as it is. But she smiles, amused by the common man's antics. "You mistake me sir, though you are very clever. I come only as myself - as the Iron Bank," she explains. But oh, she's not done. "Cleverer still would be for him to be a true commoner, here under the guise of a nobleman as a commoner." She teases, speaking good-naturedly. When the cup is brought by the parrot she turns, blinking in surprise. "Oh, thank you." She says, switching out her cup with one he brought. It's only polite, right?

What is that? Lord Sun's favourite sound, that of money? He tilts his head, gaze sweeping towards Sable, appreciatively. Still, the Sun and Moon recapture his attention, his gaze oh so noticably following the Moon's hand in that caress. "Watching is a pleasure of it's own, is it not?" His voice remains a purr. "To touch is to risk being burned. To watch, is to anticipate, to desire, are they not sweet pleasures of their own? For most, watching is all they can hope for, all they dream of."

The Phoenix has started to panic, the drugged wine not having had time to work it's magic. Wings flapping in an obvious flail, he manages to back into the Braavosi banker, giving an alarmed squawk and whirling around, all feathers and distress.

The rooster goes to the Phoenix and grasps his arm, leaning in to murmur something to him.

The Parrot looks like's about to open the conversation - with something witty perhaps? But the world wil never know, for the Phoenix chooses that moment to bump into the lady. "Take care, Ma'am -!", he can only begin to warn and offer a wing to fall into if neessary.

Kygoxi gives another laugh at Sable's comeback. "Ach! Someone call the guards, we have an interloper! I am told a costume is a requirement at this affair!" He grins broadly and salutes her with his glass, then brings a finger to his lips. "Ah, shh. You will give away all my secrets, my lad-" He stops as he notices too late that the Phoenix is about to run into her, and starts to shout, "Look out!" Whoops.

And thus the Iron Bank topples - at least for now. Sable takes the hit from behind, not prepared for it at all. Perhaps there simply wasn't enough time to translate the warnings in her head. But down she goes, pink drink spilling across the floor just before she does. She hits hard, the sound of hard coins spilling across the floor. And spill they do, some of the threads on the dress breaking and allowing the decorative - and real - coins to roll and skitter across the floor.

The lady sun is a silent figure even still. But ss the Rooster mumurs, so do does she, from her spot; tilting her head back and away from the gathering slightly, the she beckons one of the foxes close, whispering in her ear.

The fox, dark of hair and faintly tan of skin, slinks away, only to appear near the Phoenix and Rooster. She lifts a hopefully calming hand and says quietly, "My lady says not to worry, for it is all play, and that you may wait under the quince tree."

Back amongst the celestial bodies, the sun gives the moon's arm a squeeze and they threaten to drift apart, the redheaded host eager to see to Sable in concern.

Lord Sun's words cause Moon's pretty lips to curve up into a smile. She opens her mouth to say something in response, and then the Phoenix collides with the Iron Bank, and there is a shower of coins on the edge of the dance floor. "Oh dear!" Replaces whatever witty retort was going to come out of Moon's mouth, and instead of separating from Sun in that squeeze she moves towards the scene of the collision with her.

"Are you alright?", the Parrot inquires of the toppled bank, kneeling down to try and collect some of the coins before the quick-fingered rabble can steal them all. He offers what little he could clumsily collect in his wings to the woman.

The Phoenix gives an utterly mad sounding titter at the Cock's whisperings, beak whipping between Fortune, Cock, and Parrot. he says very quickly, probably to the banker. "Sorry. This is is rather more excitement than I am used to. I think we should start building a few boats." he does offer her a hand up before noticing the Parrot. "Oh Good! you brought my drink!" and an attempt to grab the remaining drink from the parrot, "I am not good at parties sober. I need to be not sober right now….." Then the Fox is speaking and he makes a panicked run towards the quince tree, this garden being better known to him than the sight of his own hands.

Lord Sun doesn't rush closer, not wishing to crowd everyone else. He instead watches all.

Rooster follows Phoenix to the tree at a slower pace, perhaps on some errand of business, if he knows the mythical bird's identity. "I would speak with you, while you rest from festivities."

The Commoner is one of those quick-fingered rabble, making a quick stoop to pick up a coin that rolls to his feet. He considers it, turning it over between his fingers once, then palms it so he can drink a bit more of the intoxicating pink beverage. Whatever it is. He considers the Parrot and the Bank, perhaps thinking to offer his aid, but for now he stands back to watch how that all plays out.

Hands begin to haul Sable to her feet before she herself can do so - no doubt assisted by wings. As she rises, the rest of her coins slide off her gown, leaving her in a very simple but very fine shealth, as though she were going to bed on some very special occasion. She begins to sputter apologies and gratitude, but then there's the Phoenix. And his voice, his way of talking - "Prince Rhaegor?" Sable asks, incredulously before the man is rushing off. "Your highness!" She begins to call, but he is gone and she sighs, starting to look around herself at the mess she's made. She mutters in Braavosi.

The Parrot hands the drink to Phoenix upon his attempt with a chuckle. "Do you think your coordination will improve and you'll stop bumping into pretty woman?", he teases, allowing himself a good look at the Braavosi banker in what seems to be her underwear. But since she's ignoring him, he goes back to enjoying his drink in silence.

"Oh— " the lady sun, upon nearing, realizes what has become of Sable's dress. "Are you injured? All that coin," she worries, her words kind and utterly sincere while her mask looks on with neutrality. "I expect the Iron Bank will stand strong now for another hundred years," she deigns optimistically throughout a more down-to-earth concern for the woman representing it. She outstretches a hand as if meaning to steady Sable, though it is now unneeded, and only lingers in the air.

Lord Sun gets distracted, watching the Rooster approach the Phoenix. Any pilfered coins escape his notice. The sound of money, once more catches his attention though, so much coins falling, such a pretty lady in such little clothing, who can tell what his interest is.

Sable watches the Prince run off, turning to the Parrot and then to the Sun. "Thank you," she says to both of them, a light flush upon her cheeks. "Forgive me. I suppose Westerosi parties may be a bit too much for a simple Braavosi like myself. But perhaps this is a lesson," she says, looking over what remains of the spilled coins. "Even in times of financial loss, the Iron Bank shall remain." Her smile is a little sheepish, but there. "I hope the hosts may consider it some small donation ot the cost of the trobule I have caused," she says, noting the coin.

"I apologize." Moon says as she approaches with Lady Sun. "Oh, your splendid costume! We must fix it." She turns her head to give one of the passing servants a look, and the servant stops what he's doing to help collect the coins. "You have caused no trouble, Mistress. Please, come inside and we shall see about fixing your costume, and then we can continue with the festivities."

Kygoxi slips through now to Sable's side, all sympathetic smiles behind his mask, though a laugh still dances on his lips (no doubt due to the effects of the drink). "My lady," he chuckles, glancing around at the various partygoers, "Do you need some help with…ah…" he glances toward the Moon who approaches and blinks heavily, then smiles sheepishly. "Ah, yes, the Moon shall attend you. My apologies."

The Phoenix huddles under his tree with the relinquished drink. He is likely drinking it way too fast especially on top of the previous one. What is visible of his pale Targaryen skin suggests he is blushing with mortification. Drink finished, he tucks his legs up, wrapping his wings around them and starts rocking himself.

"Or a dress can be lent in the meantime," the lady sun suggests jovially, eager to take Sable under her wing, though she is not one of the many birds. She reaches to touch her on the shoulder as if to guide her, saying more quietly, "I think the other sun is shining brightly upon you," she glances at the other would-be helpful man in the mask as well and leans in toward the moon and Sable to say yet more quietly, "And illuminating a few other eyes as well."

"Oh," Sable says softly, as suddenly there are women in masks around her. "You ladies are far too kind, all of you. I do not think, though, that it would be fixed in time for this event or thte next," she says with a little laugh. "I think I ought to simply get a coat, or something to wera over it, that will suffice to return me home." She says, speaking mostly to the ladies that are around her. She seems to realize how little she's wearing, and her arms come across her front a little embaressedly. She looks at the Lady Sun beside her. "I am sure I do not know what you could mean, My Lady. Illuminating? Were the coins too bright?" Ah, language barriers.

"I have some ideas." Moon says as she breaks from Sun to stand on the other side of Sable to help provide some more coverage. "Oh, don't be silly. I have a whole wardrobe full of things I don't wear, and I am certain we will find something for you. You can be a Westerosi noblewoman tonight instead of a stunning Braavosi." That said, she begins guiding Sable towards the manse.

"Oh! I just mean that they look at you," the sun-masked woman replies gently, "and you are wearing so little." Arguably, the moon's backless dress is more scandalous. She carries on ushering Sable toward the manse past all manner of costumed party-goers. "Yes!" she agrees with her companion, "And you will be just as stunning in any and every garment," she insists with a sincerity so kind that it can't possibly be as contrived as her costume. When they reach the manse, she pauses rather than heading inside. "I will check on Dhraegon," she says quietly.

The Phoenix is still rocking, head now tucked under his wings, big silly bird feet sticking out.

Siyu walks up to the garden. He is a bit late, but he realized he had to get a mask. Fortunatly he was introduced to a wood carver not long ago. Short young man is wearing a mask most exotic. Traditional Kitsune mask for him really, but the shape and form he managed to get the woodcarver to make would be exotic. Long flowing black hair cascades down past his wide hips and across his rump. He is dressed in clean, crisp, flax linen. For the most part his mask is the most interesting thing about his costume. He walks in without fanfare, looking around and seeing what the other partygoers are wearing.

Lord Sun does the gentlemanly thing and shrugs out of his ornately embroidered, golden coat. While it does leave him shirtless, and dressed solely in trousers that closely hug his legs, and his shining golden mask he seems not to care. He prowls over to where Sable is. "Lady Iron Bank," he offers her the garment over, the spiced scents he's wearing clinging to the fabric. "You shouldn't let a small upset spoil your enjoyment. Listen to the Sun and the Moon, for they are wise, and surely their light will simply help you shine all the more." Whether she wants the coat to preserve her modesty or not, and caring nothing for his own, he's free of now and sauntering off to find a drink.

After the excitement of toppling the Iron Bank, the Parrot now looks bored and returns to his pirate captain like a fluffy little bird, flopping against him. At least until he sees the furriner walk in and perks a little. "Mr Siyu!", he calls out cheerfully, "Is that you?"

The name Dhraegon causes Sable to turn as the Sun begins to move away. "Oh! Do send my regards, My Lady. If it please you. I had meant to speak to him tonight, were it possible." She doesn't seem angry in the least - if anything, a little apologetic and concerned. But she doesn't fight the direction the Moon moves her in, though stops when the Sun arrives. The coat she finds around her shoulders easily, looking up into the mask as though she might discern the kind gentleman behind it. "Thank you, sir," She says, in her thick Braavosi accent. She even manages a little smile of appreciation. "You are too kind." She lowers her head, respectfully as one would do to a noble. She makes a good point of keeping her eyes where his would be. Yes, eyes up here. With that, she turns toward the Moon again. "Have I been terribly inappropriate?" Sable asks, whispering softly. "I should despair to think I had caused an embarrassment. Even if I have caused a good man to lose his own attire." She glances back once at the Sun.

Siyu is suddenly called out! Wait who at a fancy party like this would know his name and…ah. He looks over towards the pirate captain, and inclines his head. Walking over with a light sway and a rock, "Why yes…it is Siyu, though it is bad luck to call the name of one behind a kitsune mask. They are shapeshifters and tricksters." he inclines his head again "Quite the party…" he starts to soak it all in.

Lord Sun catches some of that whispering, by sheer chance, and now with glass in hand his lips curl into a self-satisfied smirk, and he comments to Sable. "Oh, but I'm not a good man, I'm a very bad man indeed." He delivers it, like everything, in an exotic purr.

The Commoner has lost the bank to the sun and the moon. Isn't that always the way? But at least there is still plenty of free booze and food, so he can't be /too/ upset by the loss. Bemused by the effects of the drink, he clumsily slips through the crowd, pursuing a servant carrying a tray of something that looks delicious, and winds up on the edge of the crowd, where he notices the Phoenix. His feet slow and then stop, and he watches for a moment with a puzzled look behind the concealing half mask. Another servant passes, and he plucks the tray out of their hand, plucks another drink from whoever remains nearby, and heads over to plop himself down next to the Phoenix. "You look hungry, birdie," he announces, leaving the tray at the fellow's feet. He keeps the drink for himself, smirking cheerfully as he takes another sip.

"Well, you still owe me several tales of your far-away home over a dinner.", the Parrot reminds Siyu with a grin, "You can start by telling me about your so-called kitsunes. But for now… I know you wished to inquire after a job with the Iron Bank and as it so happens, the woman I mentioned to you is here at the party. Do you wish me to introduce you to her?", he asks helpfully.

Nodding with an acknowledging smile, the lady sun departs from the moon and the Braavosi, whisking away from the manse. She bypasses the shirtless sun, her steps quick; every one shifts and shimmers her gown, the yellow layers beneath the red flickering like flames, a feat of fashion someone worked very hard on. She gravitates toward the quince tree, but there are many a costumed curiosity between here and there, as well as the gold-painted woman. She visibly startles to come face-to-face with the naked moving statue, as if forgetting about that particular feature of the ball until this moment.

The moon gives Lord Sun an appreciate up and down when he removes his coat. She purrs out, "How chivalrous of you." Once Sable has his jacket on she continues to lead the other woman into the manse. Lord Sun's parting words cause her to laugh in an airy manner, "Seven do I miss the Dornish." She says as they step inside the Manse. "You inappropriate? Oh, absolutely not. Your costume was stunning. Prince Dhraegon just has some…problems with his nerves." Her voice trails off as they enter the manse.

Siyu nods his head, "Yes I suppose I do owe you a few. I have been working my memory and getting my stories straight." he coughs some in the mask. "But I have seen the Iron Bank holdings here. I have not met any of the representatives…oh, wait you mean she is here?" he tisks, "And me without my letter of introduction…" he considers, "I…is it rude to talk business at a party in Westeros?" he inquires, "I know depending upon the Lord, to bring business up during rivalry will get you thrown out."

The Parrot cackles under his beak. "Well, yes… in Westeros it's not good style to talk business at a party, but it seems otherwise in Braavos. And either way, you don't need to talk business with her straightaway… you can just do some small talk and arrange for a formal job interview at the bank later. Then you can take your letter of introduction along as well." The Parrot straightens and looks around but the women have disappeared inside the manse - out of sight. "No idea where she's now"

Sable seems about to speak again to Lord Sun but she overhears the Moon and decides against it. "Perhaps the coat is meant for you, My Lady," she observes, turning her eyes no more to the man as she is whisked away.

The Phoenix peeks out over his wings and gives the drink a longing look. Sighing he eyes the food and snakes a hand out to snatch whatever looks most like cake to stuff into his mouth. "Thank you. I am… This is not the sort of party I was expecting….." The Phoenix never looks in the direction of the living statue if he can help it, so misses the approaching Sun.

Lord Sun, alone with his glass, takes a sip from it and searches around for someone else to be entertained by. Foreign and exotic seems to be the name of the day, for it's the kitsune who catches his attention and he stalks over to. "Yes, terribly rude. Pleasure before business is the way it should be, especially at such revelries. Save for when both are the same."

A trio of women in dark-faced fox masks scurry past Siyu, looking at him with seemingly black eyes. They regroup around the lady sun, who is in the midst of very gingerly plucking one of the unusual drinks from the tray.

Siyu ohs a bit, "Well I think I shall, at the very least, find a drink and some food, it appears to be a party for that, but if you wish to make introductions for me…I would appreciate it, ahem…" He looks over as he sees, the Westrosi foxes and tilts his head. While his mask is of a fox, the white painted mask is quite different, "Ah ha. It appears as if I guessed wrong on my mask. Was there a pecking order of animals here?" he inquires of the Parrot.

The Commoner catches the look at his drink, hesitates, then gives a rather dramatic sigh and offers over his drink to the Phoenix. "Ah, well. Then you should have more to drink, and then perhaps it will be more to your liking," he suggests, not unkindly. "What happened to your…ah…other feathered friends? It's bad form to abandon ones fellows in a time of need. Or so I am told." He has a sweet from the tray, himself, taking a bite with obvious enjoyment.

"A pecking order among the birds, hah!", the thought seems to delight the Parrot greatly, "Perhaps so, I don't know. I'm sure the rooster thinks of himself as cock of the walk. But it's an evening for fun and drinks, not to dig out ancient rivalries. So, do enjoy yourself, my friend, at your first Westerosi party. Try the pink drinks, they are… rather amazing - " He points Siyu towards the golden statue.

The Rooster hasn't actually abandoned the phoenix, but the presence of the Commoner seems to be impeding any business plans he might've had with the other bird. He cuts his eyes at that commoner again. "They enjoy the delights of the moment, surely."

It is some time before Sable and the Moon returns. Though it is likely only by the Moon and by Sables dark skin that the pair are recognized. The Summer-Island looking woman no longer has black hair, but bright red and curly, pinned up with bits of gold. Its long too. Her dress is quite revealing, a style from the Reach. Bright green piped with gold, cut in a deep V halfway down her navel with piped cutaways revealing her lower back on each side. The skirt is whispy green and gold chiffon. Around her throat she wears a gold and green enamel leaf and a rose adorns the dress and the depth of the V. She wears a delicate gold and pink mask over her eyes, hammered in a revealing vine pattern. It all pops marvelously against her dark skin. She is a High Garden Rose if ever there was one.

Siyu nods and walks over to teh statue as was recommended. He is feeling somewhat happy, walking with a faint sway in his wide hips. He'll go to try one of the recommended pink drinks, "Ahem, hm, so what are they?" he lifts the mask every so slightly to sniff at the concoction. He is now of course near the golden statue. He gives it a bit of a look over…that is an interesting gold pattern…

Lord Sun takes a sip of his drink, as his comments are not heard, or ignored, whatever the case might be. He takes another sip, searching around for something to amuse him.

I am not sure.", The Parrot admits to Siyu, "But I feel they are rather intense in their effect and - well, fuck me sideways.", he interrupts himself when the Highgarden Rose makes her appearance, "She looks like she raided my sister's cabinet. Come, now I'll introduce you -" He starts pulling Siyu away from the booze and the golden statue.

It is the Moon that is carrying Lord Sun's golden cloak over one arm when she and the Highgarden Rose depart the manse. She offers the bare chested man another appreciative look before saying in a sweet little voice, "I have your coat." She nods her head towards the cloth on her arm, "But, I don't know if I like you better with it on or off." She lifts a finger to her chin consideringly.

The Phoenix hesitates, "It is not good form to steal a guest's drink. I… I'll be alright. I have… had a very complicated couple of days." He giggles then and rubs the exposed bit his cheek against his feathers, "This is very nice wine. I should ask where they got it. And drink lots and lots of it." he snakes a wing out to snag another treat, watching the common over his wing, "You aren't young Loryn or Edwin, are you?" From the angle of his beak, he may be watching Lord Sun or the Moon, or the high garden Rose.

Siyu looks over at the Lord Sun, sipping his drink, "Oh, well, yes that is what I thought…I mean. I'm still rather new, it would be bad to set the wrong foot forward when you are new. First impressions are quite impor…" he is grabbed by the Parrot and almost squeeks, "Ack! Oh what?" he looks the bird over. "Wait. Do…what…side…wait how would you do such a thing? And I hope not in public either." he bows his head to Sun as he's dragged off.

The Rose follows along with the Moon to Lord Son, nodding her head to him respectfully. "I thank you for your kindness, Good Man." She says in her foreign tongue. "And yours, My Lady." Politeness completed, still seeming a bit unsure in her attire, The Rose turns to move off, to leave the Sun and the Moon together.

Since the Phoenix and Commoner are at conversation, the Rooster at last seems to give up and wander off on his own once more, on a trajectory that takes him near the path of one sun, which may soon be the path of both suns.

The Commoner glances toward the Rooster with a lopsided grin. "Ah, yes. That must be it." He seems to be considering leaving the question of the drink at that, but after a moment's hesitation, he presses the drink into the Phoenix's hand, a bit more insistently. "I should have noticed if you were /stealing/ it. But where I come from, a gift refused is bad luck."

The Parrot stares at Siyu for a moment, trying to process the questions. "What? Oh seven hells, do you take everything literally back home?", he muses with a wry snort, "It was a figure of speech. There won't be any sideways fucking, either in public or private. Now come on!" The parrot moves through the throng until he stands in front of the Rose (again). "May I say, our Highgarden fashion suits you, Mistress.", he says politely and thus also sort of unmasking himself.

"Fair Moon, you have returned to me, and not a moment too soon," Lord Sun replies, gaze settled on the Moon now as if she were the only light in the world. "I'm far too hot for such attire, so perhaps we could lose it, for a little longer?"

The Rose meets with the parrott and his guest just as she turns away, but she still overhears and it causes her eyebrows to lift a bit, but at least she has her back to them. She focuses on the Parrott. "You are too kind My Lord," she says, nodding respectfully. "It is a bit …. fancy for my usual tastes. Braavosi women are simpler creatures I believe."

The sun and her small gathering of foxes are stopped a few times; the radiant noble co-host is too kind and generous to disallow the delays, offering words to all who want them. She's further delayed when she notices Sable's stunning return as the Rose, looking back to smile at what must have been her moon's fashionable handiwork, but she is nearing the quince tree, bit by bit. She catches sight of a certain plume in the crowd and sets upon his path. "Rooster!"

Rooster raises a hand high into the air when called, turning to face the beautiful sun and make her a sweeping courtier's bow. "Most times the rooster calls to the sun," he observes. "How fortunate I am to see the reverse!"

"A little longer." Moon says with a mischievous little smile playing on her lips. "Or perhaps you can play a game with me to earn it back?" She holds out one of her hands for him to take so they may walk together.

Siyu ohs, "Well, Common is not my first language, in fact it was the last language I have learned so sometimes it is hard to understand the jokes. My Braavosi is better…" his own accent is one of those odd things to hear. His common sounds as if it has been filtered through a half dozen other languages, not just the tounge of Braavos. Common just being the newest, and he hasn't quite gotten all of its pieces right. He clears his throat and adjusts the white kitsune masks, and politely bows to the Rose. "Well met my Lady."

"Well, it seems you two will be made for each other then.", the Parrot smiles at Siyu as they catch up with the banker. "Mistress DeRossi, this is Mr Siyu from the far away lands of Yi Ti.", he introduces the chap at his side, "He told me he was looking for occupation with the Iron Bank, so I thought you two might want to chat."

"A game, how marvellous," Lord Sun offers his arm, or his hand, or, well there's lot of exposed skin, it's going to be inappropriate regardless. "So, what did you have in mind then? What games does the Moon play with this Sun?"

"Occupation?" The Rose asks, eyes lifting in curiosity. "I see." She says after a moment. "Have you been to Braavos before, Mr. Siyu? If not I must inform you I am no lady - we have no such titles in my home." She explains. As discussion turns to business her timidity fades almost immediatly and she becomes sturdier, confident, a bit Iron in her own right.

The sun steps in beside the Rooster, near in the crowd and to safely speak quietly, though the make and extravagance of her attire does enforce a safe distance. "I would not recognize you!" she confesses merrily, "Even without the illusion of the costume. You do surprise."

The Phoenix nods slowly, the previous drinks having started to work their magic, "You are very kind…" He takes a long drink. "I…I've never seen Ladies wear so little before." He seems to brighten, whether it is the drink or the Sun and rooster whom he seems to be gazing at, it is hard to tell, "I like the part when it feels like your head might fly away, don't you?"

"I would not disappoint," the Rooster says, loudly enough to be overheard. Because who ever heard of a quiet rooster? "It is an honor to be among such fantastic company." Which he means both in the sense of 'great' and 'full of fantasy.' "You, on the other hand, are easily recognized, as you need no costume to be sunny and bright."

"It would be too easy for you to guess who I am." The Moon says to Lord Sun. "And I honestly have no idea who you are. So, shall we guess who the others are? We'll have to decide amongst ourselves who is right, of course. If you win you get your coat back, and perhaps another token from me. If I win I get to see your face."

Siyu clears his throat towards the Parrot as he goes right for it, "Good friend I would not bring buisness up so soon. This is a party as the Sun said. I just…ahem, forgive me my Lady, at some point I would wish to speak with you, but it does not of course have to be now. After all, you do not even know my face. So I simply am here to socially greet you and hope to chat." he clicks his heels together and bows at the waist with some formality. His long flowing hair rolls past his shoulders and when he comes back up it's a bit like a mane. Framing his white Kitsune mask. "Yes, I have worked several months at the main counting house in Braavos. I have a letter of introduction for you at a later date of course, ahem. I…" he pauses, "As for Lady, I do not actually know if it's polite to call you by your name while you wear a mask…" he is of course, trying very hard not to be offensive in a very dangerous place.

"Nothing of the sort," the Commoner replies to the Pheonix, with a little grin. "It is easy to be generous with other people's money. Drinks. …Er, drinks bought with other people's money." He laughs a little at his own conversational fumble, then leans back a little, propping himself up with his arms. "Have you not? You know, I could help you fix that. I know this little tavern… The ladies there are the most beautiful. I'm sure they'd be happy to help you become accustomed to the sight."

"Mistress Derossi will suite," Sable says easily. "And as for your letter I am happy to take it. Come to the bank tomorrow and if you like we may discuss it there." She gives a small apologetic smile from neath her mask. "I am sure it will all be in order. But there is a small bit of other business I must discuss, if you will excuse me."

The lady sun laughs, high and merry, delighted — indeed, easily the picture of warmth and life. It is only the boldness of fire and power in her attire that is out of sync with the woman underneath. "I must see to another feathered friend. I do seem to be collecting them!" She whirls about, parting the Rooster's side to make her way to that quince tree just out of her reach for what seems an age.

The parrot looks content with what has been achieved here. "See, told you, she'S all business.", he tells Siyu quietly and offers the departing banker a little bow. Then he pats Siyu's shoulder cheerfully. "Well, enjoy the party, mate, I feel like dancing now…" And off he goes to rock the dance floor in his brightly coloured plumage.

Lord Sun muses on the Moon's offer. "There is a problem there. You see, I do not care who any of these masked figures are. I would say the mystery is far more intriguing than the revelation, and that the masks surely shine brighter than the faces beneath them. Save for yours, perhaps, where it serves to conceal, like the clouds themselves that pass over the face of the moon, obscuring its true light. Still, if the game would entertain you, we can play it."

The Phoenix gives the commoner a slow smile, sipping more of his drink. He lets his legs down and st=ops rocking, the drink clearly relaxing him. He doesn't seem to follow the Commoner's suggestion at first, then starts with real alarm, "Oh no! I am saving all that for my future bride. He begins to edge away from the masked man and looks on the verge of Flight, wings at ready. Indeed, seeing the approaching sun, he flutters towards her as if she represents safety.

Moon's head turns slightly to look at the profile of Lord Sun's half-masked face. "Perhaps you can think up some other amusement for me?"

Siyu ahs to Sable, "Mistress Derossi then, I shall call upon you tomorrow, well met, and good evening." he inclines his head again. He glances back at the Parrot as the Rose leaves "Yes, and she in no way came close to biting me. It is a very odd thing to say about a person." he nods to the Parrot. "Dance well and happily friend. It does seem like a night to party…" he stands there, and he takes a deep breath and goes to find a drink, now mostly alone.

The Commoner blinks owlishly at the Pheonix. He seems to be slowly trying to puzzle through it, brain slowed by the drink, and the eventual question that comes to his lips is, "However are you going to know what to do with her? That's a terrible plan." He glances belatedly to the approaching Sun, recognizes there's a lady present, and then smiles with some embarrassment. "Ah, er. Well, yes, that's lovely, sir. A wonderful idea. Truly. Perhaps you should have another drink?" he suggests, half-rising to his feet already.

The lady sun lets the Phoenix bask safely in her rays. She extends a hand, holding on to some feathery portion of the costume in a calming, welcoming fashion. For all the power her costume seems to wield, her gentleness shines brighter; and for all the height of her hair, she is still tiny beside him. "Gentlemen," she includes the Commoner, evidently having missed his prior conversation topic. "Are we all well?" she asks, though her head is tipped ever-so-slightly to the phoenix.

Rooster makes another bow to the departing sun, but again it is a coutier's bow, more decorative than servile. He pauses to say something into the ear of one of those fox maidens running about. She laughs and scurries away.

"Oh, there's the usual," Lord Sun replies. "Does dancing, amuse you? Is that not the usual entertainment at such gatherings? Although it's hardly a game, unless you seek to make it one. Games usually have a winner and loser, do they not, whereas dancing is much like love itself."

"I could dance." The Moon says to Lord Sun, "But I think love is more like a game than it is like dancing." There is a slight sadness to her voice as she says this, "Perhaps there are no winners in love, but there are certainly plenty of losers."

The Phoenix takes the Lady sun's hand gratefully and clings to it rather, though not enough to crush. He has the look of a man seriously considering hiding behind her, but what he says is, "Would you like to dance, O radiant one? Or perhaps more drinks? Or a walk through the paths?""

Siyu looks over to one of the Fox Masked girls and he inclines his head politely, "Greetings and Salutations." he says in his odd accent. Picking one about his height around 5 foot 4. He has a drink in hand and seeing about saying hello to another fox mask. Even if his is a different style.

"You may be right, Lady Moon," Lord Sun replies after giving it some thought. "So, do we say that dancing is preferable then? All of the pleasure and none of the pain."

The Commoner has clearly, clearly had far too much to drink. He watches the Pheonix with an odd, puzzled expression. His gaze wonders back to the Lady Sun and his smile broadens. "Our friend here seems to be unsettled by the…entertainment," he explains, with a wave toward the gold statue. "I wonder if he imagines we're not /all/ naked underneath our clothes." Yep, definitely too much to drink.

"Dancing is preferable, I think." Moon smiles lightly, and hands off the golden coat to one of the Fox-Faced Maids as she and Lord Sun step onto the dance floor. "I thought I knew most of the Dornish Noblemen." Moon says as she takes her dancing stance, "But I cannot place you."

The lady sun has her mouth poised to reply to the phoenix, but she's stopped entirely in her tracks by the Commoner. "W— umm. Well," she begins carefully, wavering in her words but not in her merry politeness, "I am glad we are all wearing clothes. Paint is a poor substitute, I think." She lifts the small pink drink in her hand. It's still full. "I have a drink," she answers, then. "Should I drink it? That's rather the question." She peers at it warily. She smiles, posing a question of her own to the Phoenix, perhaps to answer his. "Would you like to watch the fire-eaters and contortionists at the pavilion?"

The Phoenix makes an alarmed squeak, and ducks his head so as not to even accidentally glimpse the nude statues server. Instead he really does step clumsily behind the Lady Sun and crouch down in an attempt to hide. Clearly the drink must be affecting him for him to think there is any chance of that working, him being a man mountain and her being a fairly dainty lady. He squeaks, "The… the drinks are very nice. All warm and floaty and cuddly….." Or he is, more like. "I… would like to stay with you, Lady Sun. There are a lot of people. And Things….."

Kygoxi burbles out a laugh at the sight of the Pheonix trying to hide behind the sun. "I believe there's a proverb about flying too close to the sun, my friend…" he offers, jovially, before his attention returns to the lady. "It's quite lovely. You should absolutely have some."

The fox women have scattered throughout the party, only one lingering near their sun. Siyu's choice of masked fox has the quiet manners of a servant.

Siyu continues to drink his pink drink, and he nods to the servant, simply trying to find out. "So there are many with fancy customs, do you happen to know who is who? Prehaps it is not polite but I would not wish to risk offending anyone…" he says softly to the servant, asking for some clues or hints.

Camillo slips into another group to converse with a few he does not appear to know. It seems to be a merry conversation, which proceeds in a mounting display of bon mots until the tension dissolves into a group peal of laughter.

"Should I be jealous," Lord Sun teases, "of all these other Dornish Noblemen who're known by the light of the moon and now find themselves in her shadow? Although jealousies are much like choices, I think." He takes his position opposite her, listening to the music. Dornish dancing is likely so very different.

"Oh— " Marsei utters softly, turning her head to try to glimpse the hiding Phoenix. She can scarcely see over her shoulder due to the sculptural shape of the top of her dress. "Are you certain you want to stay?" she inqures with concern. She cautiously lifts her glass and takes a sip, although her wariness has not actually abated after the men's descriptions of it. "I would not mind if you went inside."

The fox with Siyu ducks her flaxen head. "Well, it is thrown by the Lady Marsei, and the Princess Visenya," she utters quietly, "but it is the tradition to remain mysterious, like. It is hard to go wrong."

"My betrothed is not a Dornishman." The Moon tells the Sun as they fall into step for the repetitive foot movements of the reel they do in line with others. As she crosses arms with the Sun she tilts her head back, "Although I loved one once. He was radiant. Like the Sun. It is an appropriate costume for most men of your country."

Indeed, the Phoenix is tipsy enough that he has trouble maintaining his natural level of fear in this sort of situation. Giggling his vaguely unhinged sounding giggle, he rests his chin on the Lady Sun's shoulder and attempts to slide his arms around her waist from behind while openly sniffing her hair. he himself smells of vanilla and Lavender mostly. "I like the sun. She makes flowers grow."

Someone brings Rooster's group a tray of drinks and they all partake. One of the women invites the Rooster to dance by tugging on his hand, but he seems to decline, instead putting his arm round her waist. Rather familiar move amongst strangers, but all are drinking happily, and the woman in question does not seem to object.

Siyu nods a little bit to the Fox Servant and finishes his drink, "I thank you then. At the very least I have more of a clue." all right so. Take a guess, pick the wrong person. If everyone is supposed to be anonymous can you get into trouble for talking to the wrong person? Westorsi… He takes a deep breath and goes back to the middle, by the Suns and Moons, and gets another pink drink. It was tastey after all. Standing nearby, dressed rather mutely but with the odd white mask.

Kygoxi bursts into laughter again at the abrupt change of attitude from the Pheonix. "One must wonder at a fellow who is /more/ attracted to a lady with her clothing on," he observes, watching with a broad grin.

Lord Sun can actually dance, easily keeping up with the movements of the dance. All smoke, and spice and glittering gold, maybe sometimes he's a little close, but rarely for long. "Ah, a betrothed, I would ask if he were here, but clearly not. Now that adds an element of danger, and perhaps it is not the one who dances with the Dornish, or the Sun, who is apt to be burned."

"Oh— goodness," the lady sun exclaims, a soft and quiet and altogether innocent phrase, surprised by her feathered friend. Freezing a little, she appears somewhat caught, though she has no true cause to be — he seems a gentle giant. "Do men have no appreciation for the beauty and art of our dresses?" she counters the Commoner, although it's with a smile. A faintly discomfited, half-paralyzed smile, attributed to her awareness of the Phoenix. She takes his hand and draws it off her and steps forward, meaning to guide him along as she suggests brightly, "Let us see the contortionists!"

Siyu hears the discussion of women and clothing. He considers, prehaps a good way to break into things. "Well what is wrong with being attracted to a woman in beautiful clothing. A rose…is most beautiful when it is flush and full with all the petals. It has no beauty when you have plucked them all away and are left with a bare naked stem…" he counters.

The Moon dances this particular dance like a poetess writes poetry. She is as graceful and as lovely as a moonbeam. As she dances a step in front of Lord Sun her bare back on display for his enjoyment, she turns her head slightly to ask coyly, "Do you think I would burn you?"

The phoenix giggles some more, "She has very bright petals, very pretty, and what might be underneath is hers and hers alone….." Siyu's comment attracts his attention and what cvan be seen of his face looks a little confused as if perhaps he is too addled to quite follow something so complicated. We should have drinks! Lots of drinks!" He is easily enough drawn wherever she leads, taking her hand trustingly. Addressing her wonderingly, he says, "Did you know that you smell like everything good in the whole world?"

The Commoner still looks kind of amused and dazed-ish at the Phoenix and the Lady Sun. "Mmm. Well, I suppose there is plenty of fun to be had with….clothes on…?" He watches them wander off to go watch the contortionists, and just shakes his head a little. His attention wanders, and he remembers that there was food on a tray over here. So he retakes his seat under the tree, pulls the tray into his lap and starts to nibble drowsily while watching the other partiers wander past.

"That is one way of looking at it!" Marsei replies to Siyu's contribution — a bit hurried, rather wishing the conversation was about the dresses themselves and not what is or isn't under them. She leads on toward the pavilion, her gaze caught by glimpses here and there through the crowd; the Rooster's merrymaking, the elegant movements and pale back of the Moon with the other Sun. "Everything in the whole world?" She asks amusement and a gentle manner of fascination with the Phoenix's way of thinking, jesting good-naturedly, "All the Seven Kingdoms, the realm itself? Do I smell rather a lot, then?"

Siyu ohs a bit as the big Phoenix giggles, and he raises his glass, "Yes um…drinks…" he sips his own, and glances between the Sun and Phoenix. He spares a glance towards the Commoner, also confused. Still he is not inserted into the conversation. The young man's hair smells of jasmine and vanilla in fact. Still he'll tag along, prehaps somthing interesting will happen.

"Oh I would very much hope so," Lord Sun replies, meeting that gaze with his own smouldering eyes. "What's life without a little risk?" And then the dance is carrying him away again, with its steps.

Moon twirls in place while Lord Sun's steps carry him away from her. When he nears again she asks, "What are you?" She does another turn before facing him again, "Are you a nobleman or are you some sellsword who earned his fortune in Essos?"

Dhraegon nods solemnly, and speaks slowly so as not to tangle his words. "Most of my favorite things anyway…. I really do like you, Marsei. I never want to make you sad. You are so often sad, like a flower drooping a little. I am sorry about that. It makes me want to hug you and build you a pillow fort to hide in. I like how you smell and the bright colour of your petals…" Here he lightly brushes her hair with his fingertips. He shakes his head in an exaggerated way, His words slowing even more as he tries hard to explain himself, "Not a lot. Delicate. Clean, like cakes and flowers and safety." He doesn't seem to mind the follower, or really grasp there is an audience anymore, the strange drink making him feel all melty and safe.

Rooster's group is fluid in its location and composition, but mainly stable in mood.

"Questions easily answered with a little observation," Lord Sun replies. "A sellsword though? Does this look like the body of a man who fights with a blade for coin?" He's more than willing to flaunt his body, even twirling once more so she can take it all in. He's fit, but with none of the dense muscles of a warrior, or a man used to hard labour, his skin's lacking in any obvious scars.

Siyu pauses, stopping for his drink, Marsei. Lady Marsei, which means the big man is likely some other noble. If simple sounding. He sips his drink, and slides away. Quietly as he can. Right not going to disturb that pair, perhaps the dancing group might be more fun. Wow these drinks are great…

Moon gives Lord Sun's chest an appraising look. "You aren't bulky like a man who wears armor." She says, "But perhaps you are sneaky? Ahh, what are the sneaky ones called? Scouts. Perhaps you infiltrate the enemy with your good looks and temperament, and when everyone is in bed you open up the gates for the rest?"

Marsei, radiant sun, is ever-so-slightly clouded by her loss for words. "I am not sad now," she tries to reroute, smiling over at Dhraegon. "Have you had this before?" she queries her glass, its mysterious pink liquid. Near the pavilion, a few groups have broken out dancing, though none so well as the Moon; their drink-induced vigor pulls more and more into their merriment. There's another loosely grouped crowd watching the entertainment inside the pavilion, and as some catch sight of one of the costumed hosts, the crowd starts to part, but she graciously shakes her braid-burdened head. She prefers to stay back, out of the way, out of the chaos, just outside, with the Phoenix … even though she does not presently seem to know what to do with him. She points at an acrobatic woman who stretches her head to her heels — backwards. "Look," she says with delight, "the one who entertained at the Hightower."

Rooster resists all attempts to get him to the dance floor. Instead, he redirects attention, too, toward the same contortionist Marsei indicates, though from a greater distance.

The Phoenix beams at her, "No! Tonight you are the sun that makes the flowers grow and makes everything warm and bright!" He giggles, shaking his head in response to the question about the drink, "It's really nice though…." And then he is watching the arcobat with open mouthed fascination, "How do they _do_ that?"

Lord Sun laughs at this. "Oh, I must be very sneaky indeed. But surely, if I were sneaky enough then I would be better set to turning enemies into friends, instead? Why open gates to a massacre when all can be just as happily resolved in the comfort of beds, many, many beds?"

Moon blushes under her mask, "I suppose you have a point. So you're not a sellsword at all. Probably a nobleman, but not one who is a Knight. Or, if you are a Knight, it is in name and not in practice." She smiles good-naturedly, "I wish I were so mysterious."

"It is a wonder!" Marsei agrees, adjusting her mask to see clearer. "Certainly they must train, or they would break in half," she reasons, as fascinated by the acrobatics now as she was the last time. She downs her drink, almost absently; she looks at its bottom with a hint of regret — that she drank it, not that it is gone. A sudden spitting of flames by one of the fire-breathers causes her to jump onto her tip-toes, but the startle has no hold on her nerves, melting away into delight. Some distance away, her fox, the dark-haired one who lingered, starts to wander away, but doesn't quite fit in to any of the partying groups. The lady sun watches for a moment before pointing at fire-breather and acrobat working together to create a dangerous marvel.

Siyu lets out a soft little sigh and walks around the edge of the gardens. Drink in hand, mask in place. His hair flowing behind him. Accessible, and finding a place to settle down and people watch.

"You think the Moon, is not a mystery at all?" Lord Sun replies. "You think that all those here do not wonder about you? The only one you're not a mystery to, is yourself. To everyone else, you're the greater enigma than I could ever hope to be. Tomorrow, all this," he gestures to his form, his mask, "will be forgotten, but still they will wonder about you. The Moon is made of mysteries, and her very presence creates even more."

The Moon's smile brightens slightly at Lord Sun's words as their dance comes to an end, and she stands in front of him. "I wonder if we will see each other again, and we will have no idea who the other is." This idea seems to amuse her, and her nose crinkles slightly in merriment under her mask. "I should take my leave of you. I do have a betrothed to think of. Goodnight, whoever you are."

The Phoenix nods yes to the ladies comments, watching with obvious alarmed fascination as if what he is seeing is both beautiful, but also as if he things they really might snap in half. He holds on to Lady Sun's hand as isf he is afraid of getting separated from her by the crowd. he also jumps and gasps at the flames, looking to her after and catching the delight in her face which leads to his own goofily happy expression. He follows the direction of her pointing with his beak, giggling happily, rather like a child might at the display.

One of the girls in Rooster's group leans against the large fowl, who holds her up. Some of the guests are really getting sloshed at this point, and a few in the corners or on the couches are getting just a bit handsy. Rooster for his part makes no move on the expensive-looking rabbit who leans on him.

"Good Night Lady Moon," Lord Sun replies. "It has certainly been a pleasure. Your dancing is almost as exquisite as your conversation."

Marsei simply enjoys watching the entertainment; she's quiet, for the most part, aside from a gasp or comment here and there. Sometimes she watches the performers; sometimes various masked faces in the crowd. Drinks pass by — not served by a naked statue, at this particular juncture — and she takes another of the pink oddities, drinking it rather quickly only to say, "I think I— I think I am done quite with those."

Siyu relaxes back against the bench, spreading his legs and letting off a soft sigh, ye, these pink drinks. Damnit there must be something else in them, booze doesn't make him feel this way, he's practically giddy. Wetting his lips under the mask.

The Phoenix has been watching the performers, but Marsei's comment draws his attention back. He says gently, "Would you like to come inside to rest a bit? Or ought I call you guards to take you home? Or would you perhaps prefer your kinsman?" He gestures with his beak at the Rooster "To escort you, I mean. I… admit, I would very much like to hug you. A lot. But I will be a gentleman and not crowd you that way if you don't want."

With The Moon now having gone, Lord Sun is in search of some more entertainment. He snags another glass of wine, and prowls over to the bench Siyu's on. "So, what did you want with the Iron Bank?"

"No, no, I will stay," Marsei assures, "I am one of the hosts. And it is lovely. It is too lovely." She sways a bit from side to side; she doesn't seem particularly unstable; it's simply a side-effect of the warmed feeling so many of the guests are feeling. "Thank you," she adds, smaller, "I … am not ac— wait a moment," she realizes, smiling and looking the way of the Rooster. "The rooster. How did you know?

The Phoenix starts swaying in time with her, unconsciously, "I was a really big cock for two weeks last October." Apparently this is an answer to her question, or at least he thinks it is. He does try to slide a friendly arm around her waist. He beams at her, "Everything is lovely, isn't it? Perfect…. I spoke to your brother last night. I think… I fell asleep in the middle I was so scared, but I'm not scared now."

Clear expression is hidden behind the sun mask, but suffice to say that Marsei's confusion would be crystal clear if it weren't — and that is before mention of her brother. She turns about to face Dhraegon, looking him straight in the … beak. "You did?" she searches his face, mostly fruitless in these costumes, suddenly urgent, but restrained by a polite urge not to push. "Dhraegon? What did he say?"

Rooster stands quite stilll now, perhaps distracted by the drink from playing his role to the full.

Siyu is leaning back against the bench, and he looks up towards the Moon? THe short man tilts his head, with the curious expresion on the fox mask making it even more of a curious quick, "Oh, I was employed at the main Counting House in Braavos for a time. Before coming here to Westros." he nods slowly, his huge mane of hair framing the white mask. His accent odd, as if many other languages are filtering into the Common. His skin, what can be seen of it, is an odd color, unique for arond here, huang.

"Hmm," Lord Sun replies to this revelation. "Yet you turned your back on all of that money and here you are now, an ocean away, and yet still looking for iron bankers? What did you do for them?"

Siyu laughs a little bit, "I was just an accountant, someone who could do the math and write neatly. It was a job, I counted the money not earned it." he laughs, "And I am not of Braavos. It was a good job I learned much in Braavos, and much in the Iron Bank…but I am not a Banker, I am good at it, but it is not what I am." he tries to explain.

The Phoenix is head is bent as if he were trying to make eye contact through the masks, "He was…. surprised." He giggles nervously, "I am not sure he believed me, that you wanted me to ask him, that I… might be of interest to you." He takes a deep breath, "Still, I have his permission to court you openly." The exposed part of his cheeks blush bright red, "I suppose my name helps…. I do not know if I can make you happy, but I really will try as best I can, if you let me." He hesitates, then takes her hand to lift it to his lips again, that gentle, delicate brushing of skin as light as a butterfly's wing. his voice is sot, not pitched to carry, the tone intense, and the words slow as he wrestles with the drugged wine. Indeed there is a drunken urgency about him as if he's afraid he won't say it if he never says it now. "I would fill your garden with wonders and wings if you let me, and would never cage you. No caged bird can ever sing as sweet as the one that flies free."

"You must have been a terribly bad banker to count the money without earning any," Lord Sun replies, amused. "What are you then?"

Siyu laughs so, "Oh I made money, it's how I'm actually here now, and enjoying myself, I made money, just not enough money to call myself a Banker…" he nods, "So extra work at the Counting House here would not be a bad thing." he is feeling so loose. Wow that pink stuff. "Do you know what they put into the drinks?" he asks as he continues to spread himself upon the bench. "Mmm, personally, my first fortune came in wine silk and saffron. But sadly I spent a few too many years in the Summer Isles after I made that money, and now I am in need of more of it to continue my studies and education."

"The Citadel is it then?" Lord Sun asks. He eyes the glass and looks around then for a servant carrying more, beckoning them over. While he takes the pink drink to study he asks. "What is in this?" And then a glance around. "Perhaps the hostess knows. I'm sure whatever it is it's not poison."

It seems to take a concerted effort for Marsei to look quite as clearly at Dhraegon, through his feathered mask, as she intends, recognizing how intent he is on his words. It is not only the masks making such personable matters difficult; the drink, and what's in it, swims through her senses. Perhaps that's not all, either. She looks about, too aware of the crowd around, her on-edge emotions conflicting with the pink drink. "Sweet Dhraegon," she says up to him, smiling at the corners of her mouth. "I know you would." And she sounds as though she means it. "I will— speak. To Ormund." She shifts from foot to foot with a rustle of expensive fabrics. She squeezes his hand once before hers attempts to slip away, paper-soft and just as elusive. "Perhaps I will have another drink," she hurriedly changes her mind in a total turnaround, whirling, just shy of jogging straight into the crowd.

Siyu mmms a bit, and he stands up, "Still it's affecting my judgment, I should not nearly have been so loose of tounge. I bid you well, good man, whoever you may be. You dance very well…" he laughs some again.

The Phoenix drops her hand and watches her go looking lost. Then he snatches a drink from the nearest tray, downing it quickly. Then another. he sways towards the dance floor and attempts to join the figures.

"I do don't I? I'm a marvellous dancer," Lord Sun grins at this. "You should try it, at least have some fun, rather than just stalking off. It's not like you've spoken any secrets. Hmm?"

Rooster eventually lets the rabbit be taken off by a lion. Is that a form of cruelty? Surely roosters and rabbits go together even less.

Siyu waves some, "I've spoken enough, really it's bad enough there are nobles stalking around, I really should watch my tongue closer around the nobility here. Hm. Good habit to have…" and he's soon gone.

Lord Sun lounges on the bench, now it's all his own. He holds the glass up to the light, studying it. He sniffs at the liquid. He ponders it.

Moon steps out of the Manse again just as Lady Sun dashes into the crowd. She makes a beeline towards the direction she saw the other celestial maiden go, nudging through the rather drunk crowd in an effort to get to her redheaded companion.

The Phoenix is… surprisingly good at this, oddly graceful despite his size, the drink having chased away all his fear, and as it turns out he really knows all the steps. Apparently all those years at court _ taught him something, if only how to figure dance. Given his state of intoxication, he is ridiculously loose and prone to capering, but it works for him. his high pitched antic giggle can be heard rising over the music. He does try to hug the dancers, seemingly at random, though timed with the steps.

Marsei strikes a completely illogical path; she's a blur of fiery colours past the Rooster, bombarding quickly to the Moon. Briefly, it looks as though the celestial bodies will collide, but she the Sun stops short by reaching out for the Moon's arms.

Moon was looking for Lady Sun so she is not surprised when she almost runs into her. "Marsei." She whispers lowly so no one else can hear her. "Goodness, whatever is a matter?" She grips the other woman's arms briefly before leading her towards one of those private alcoves with pillows that have been scattered in the garden for privacy. A few glasses of wine are snagged on the way.

"All of a sudden, I cannot tell if anything is the matter, or if everything is the matter," Marsei confesses urgently — yet without exact distress; more bewilderment — as she hurries after the Moon, an easy beacon to follow. "This drink— it confuses my senses." So she plucks a glass of wine as she sits in the alcove; wine is at least more familiar.

The Rooster cranes his neck. Is he looking for a friend in the crowd? Or trying to see what's become of Marsei?

"You had the pink drink." Moon says as she guides The Sun to a seat on one of the cushions, and sits down next to her. "I can't drink the stuff. I tried it a few nights ago, and I had to stay in my chambers to avoid the men in the manse." She has a little swallow of the wine, "I thought the painted naked lady would indicate it is special but…" She shrugs, "Are you alright?"

"Why would you— oh, I see," Marsei answers her own question before it begins, flustered beneath her mask, smiling. "I suppose I thought it would be polite to have some as well," she explains, "and it's pink." She leans back against the pillows, more relaxed than her usual poise. "I— am fine. I am fine." She gazes out into the crowd, going silent while she watches Dhraegon.

The drink is very much soaking in to the partygoers, a number of whom are pairing off and seeking quieter places to be alone. Part of the Rooster's group returns to him, and there is some more speech, this time more boisterous and slurred. They look like a group making plans to go elsewhere.

Visenya follows Marsei's line of sight to the dance floor and watches a moment before looking back to Marsei, "Something is troubling you." She finally says, "If you don't want to tell me that's fine, but you know I would not reveal your secrets."

The Phoenix twirls and leaps, clearly having a wonderful time, and grabbing and hugging people when ever he is apt to fall from the wine spins. Luckily many of the other dancers are not much better off than he, drink wise, so he doesn't seem to give offense. Oddly enough, despite having drunk at least three of the pink things on top of a number of other drinks, the hugging is very chaste, hands staying in g-rated places and in general seems to be unconcerned as to the gender of the people he is grabbing. As he dances, the last two drinks seem to hit him and he sits down hard in the middle of the dance floor rather abruptly, laughing so hard he can't sit upright.

Lord Sun's here to have fun, and fun shall be had. Posing sexily on a bench, watching the goings on, is fun only for a short time. Abandoning his pink drink on the bench he gets up and asks some plain woman, who's wearing a mouse-mask to dance. There shall be dancing, much, much dancing, and even more compliments and flirting, as one partner's traded off for another, and another.

"Is it?" Marsei asks, not meaning to be contrary. Her head lolls back slightly as she watches the dancers, half weighed by her elaborate hair, half feeling comfortably lazy from the drink. As a slightly imprecise gesture of gratitude, she lets her hand fall on the Moon's to pat it; she forgets what she's doing halfway through. "What do you think of Prince Dhraegon?" she asks as he's sat on the floor, laughing.

"Uncle Dhraegon?" Visenya asks with a curious little tilt of her head. "I don't suppose I've ever thought of what I think of him. He just….well, he's always existed somewhere. I suppose I think he is kind-hearted, but childlike."

Rooster's group seems finally to come to some agreement and, snagging a few more drinks along the way, begins to make its way for the exits, unhurried. There is laughter.

"Yes," Marsei says, no pause between the little s noise and a quick sip of her wine. She watches "Uncle" Dhraegon for another moment, then pulls her gaze away, getting lost here and there. Distantly, she notices the rooster and the group that has collected him. "And what— do other people think of him?" She's back on Dhraegon. "Truly."

The Phoenix Spread eagles on the dance floor, heedless of people likely to step on him and stares up at the stars, still giggling with a simple blissfulness.

Visenya watches Dhraegon a moment before saying quietly to Marsei, "That he is proof that my family's tradition of marrying brother to sister has dire consequences." She sighs softly, "That he is a simpleton. A giant man-child who needs a handler."

Marsei utters a soft, acknowledging "hm" under her breath, harbouring no agreement, harbouring nothing at all, really, certainly not judgment one way or another. Watching Dhraegon sitting there, so blissfully unaware, she can't hang on to any sadness; perhaps, though, it's the pink drink running through her veins. Sun leans into Moon's shoulder.

The Sun will eventually gather his coat, some food for his journey home, and a sample of that pink drink, which he intends to track down and examine for shere curiosity's sake. And then, laden down off he wanders.

The Phoenix rolls off the floor and onto the grass still laughing with simple delight at the way the world spins so fast when he does it. There is no self consciousness about it and seemingly no awareness of anyone laughing or mocking him for his behavior.

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