(122-03-07) Keli learns to fly

The Whimsy has been abuzz with rumor for the last few days. Could it be that the new show is finally coming together? Plenty of people have been in and out to work on stage sets and - as some say - truly amazing special effects. This day is no different with the impresario himself standing in the middle of the stage to oversee what looks like an intricate tangle of ropes.

Kelinyx happily stalks among the high beams over the main stage, occasionally giving a whistle as one o the mummers or stage hands passes beneath. Some look up and smile to her, receiving as reward a dropped dropping a date into waiting hands, her little contribution to amusement and good attitudes while the work of preparation has all present in a state of excited focus. She slips down, hanging by hands with feet dangling, and begins moving along a high beam toward a large trunk, going for a nice acrobatic drop on to the surface and nearer the playmaker himself.

Apparently Loryn has been aware of Keli's presence in the theatre or actually expected her to be there. So he watches her progress through the theatre with a big grin on his face and waits until she has joined him down on the main stage. "So…. ready to fly, Little Dragon?", he asks with a wink.

"Dyin' for it," she eagerly replies, clapping and stuffing the last few pitted fruits into her cheek. "So will you paint me black and roll me in gold flake and red flower petals, and then turn my arms into wings?" She's been throwing out creative ways to achieve the most majestic look for a number of months now, and even this close to play day, she is still pushing for more ideas to be tried.

It's hard to tell just why Camillo would be here, when there is no audience now and Camillo certainly doesn't work here. But perhaps he calls upon one who does, since someone lets him in at the back where a number of stagehands work. Camillo finds one of them in particular and begins to speak to him, very quietly. The import of a conversation can rarely be guessed by Camillo's expression, since he has that same stray-dog look about him as always. His conversational partner looks just mildly uneasy.

"I hope you won't be dying for your theatrical dream.", Loryn deadpans with a chuckle and leads her towards the ropes. "I do have some costume ideas already, though I'm thinking less gold flake and more black and rope… gold doesn't come cheap you know. Here -" He nods towards one of the burly guys who have been managing the ropes and looks like a sailor stuffed into landlubber's clothes, "This is Jem, who'll be working the dragon. So… be nice to him.", he suggests while Jem just grunts a greeting, his eyes already taking the girl in, weight, body shape and all.

"Gotta die for somethin' or you didn't live for nothin'," Keli readily quips, approaching the man and lifting her arms high, doing a dancer's twirl and curtsey, so he can next gauge how she controls her body in motion - the answer seems to be expertly.

Camillo says something else to the fellow, and as he listens to the reply, he looks out toward where Kelinyx and Loryn have come into view. "Good," Camillo tells the stagehand. "You'll inform me of further developments." That said, the hand hurries off, but Camillo stays where he is for now.

Jem ponders a bit longer then nods. "She'll do.", he declares confidently and starts disentangling the ropes before tying Keli up in them. Loryn offers her a rather wan smile at her joke - if she crashes from fifty feet, he'll never forgive himself - and seems relieved to spot Camillo, a distraction from the present tension, especially since he has to let Jem do the work. "Hey Cam, come to see rehearsals?", he calls out to the man.

Sometimes Keli hates attention, hates even being noticed, but in this moment she looks rather delighted. A pair of soft dancers' tights in pale pink complement her normal attire for modesty's sake, and given that she's going to be up over everyone's heads she's also (reluctantly) agreed to let Jem watch over her knives. She looks like she's leaving her kids behind for the first time, giving the weapons a longing look. Finally she relents, extending this arm or that leg for the burly man to harness her up. Her smile is brilliant, quite ready to be hoisted up and make her first pass at flying.
Off to a side of the stage, Loryn approaches Camillo in a friendly manner.

"If I may be allowed," Camillo says, making Loryn an abbreviated bow. He looks up at Keli. "What is being done to her?" he asks.

"Nothing's being done TO her", Loryn beams cheerfully, watching as Jem is putting the finishing touches to the harness and hoists her about one foot off the ground to see if the ropes will hold. "She's going to fly! Are you ready to fly?", he calls out to Keli, looking just as excited as his dragon.

Siyu stretches, and tosses his head a bit. His long flowing hair feels so much better now that it's not crusted with salt. Two months on a ship was too much. A bath, scrubbing away dead skin, salt, and bringing the color back to his skin. He is an odd looking teenager, his facial features, the tone of skin, he'd make quite an interesting sight. Even more so now that he's fresh and bathed. A hint of perfume, jasmine and vanilla, clings to him. He is walking to meet someone, but he pauses a bit to watch the…interesting show.

The girl's wiggling and testing the bindings, already trying to crawl up that rope before the tension is being drawn out.

Camillo frowns mildly at Loryn's explanation but nods, turning his gaze upward to watch.

Loryn doesn't speak anymore, watching what's happening with his dragon. At first the rope seem to stall and not get Keli off the ground to any significant height, but one of Jem'S helpers climbs to fix the problem and up she goes, all the way to the rafters of the wooden theatre. The first "flight" across even goes well and Loryn claps his hands in delight, but then something goes wrong, the ropes stall and the poor girl almost somersaults in the air before dropping several feet. There's even a scream from somewhere in the theatre. But Jem works feverishly and the dragon comes to a halt four feet above the ground after a neat trick of ropes. "Seven Hells!", Loryn gasps, his face drained.

Siyu watches the performers in the ampitheter. Ropes and flying rigs? Interesting, some manner of stage so. He stops on the outskirts and watches the first attempt. He blinks as the flight goes through the air, and then near tragedy and he winces. "Oh dear…that seems like a rather elaborite way of breaking your neck…" he speaks in his accented common.

Camillo is watching closely, and when things start to go poorly, he darts over toward the ropes, just in case someone is needed to haul. Or at least stop one from flying loose through the pully. But then Jem seems to have the matter well in hand.

How does Keli react to almost dying? The ride is too fun for anything but surprised squeals and amused yelps of laughter, the girl clinging tightly to the ropes until that descent begins. She twists away, body working a corkscrew motion with her forepaws outstretched ready to drop her into a graceful tuck that will dissipate the energy of hte fall without much harm. Well, that would have been a good plan, but the ropes and rigger pull off clever tensions to keep her safe, resulting in a bit of a jerk to one side. "GLKH!" she huffs, swinging awkwardly as she dangles, flopping ragdoll limp, then cracking up as she spins, facing the ceiling, laughter sweet, rich and a little bit mad.

Loryn is wide-eyed with fear until he notices that Keli is actually laughing. "That was…. not how we planned this!", he complains to Jem, who shrugs a bit. "We practised with dolls, boss, hard to get the weight right. Anyway, don't think it went bad…" The burly ex-sailor wanders over to Keli to check on her, though it seems he is less interested in her well-being than in the rope suit. "Gotta make a couple of adjustments…", he grumbles more to himself.

Loryn looks around at the gawkers, most of them theatre staff and a few who somehow made their way inside from the street. Qurking a brow at the sight of a perfect stranger.

Siyu tilts his head, watching Keli react, and at least se is laughing, so no harm appears to be done, at least nothing permanent. He is a perfect straneg, only in Old Town one day. Dressed relativly well, and clean, but obviously not from around here. "An interesting display…"

"Faraway!" Keli squeaks after her revolutions and orbits are halted, quickly worming out of the harness to dash over to the man with the excitement of a young animal, eyes bright, full of attention, curiosity, questions. Then again, a former street child might not be blamed for being interested in one as uncommon as Siyu in this land. "You are done with your doings?" she asks, looking over his appearance appraisingly.

Loryn frowns a bit when Keli leaves her harness, though on the other side he gets an explanation as to the curious stranger. "Friend of yours?", he asks casually as he ambles over, looking Siyu over curiously. "You must have travelled far…"

Siyu nods, "Indeed Kelinyx, at least for now. So this was the buisness you had to attend to, being hurled thorugh the air? Hm, it is an interesting show I imagine it will make a number of spectators quite happy to see." He looks at Loryn, "New friends yes, and I have traveled far, though this last leg was only from Braavos."

"You washed your hair and you do not look nearly drunk enough. We should have put more cider in your belly last night," she teases, explaining to Loryn, "Da and I met him on the docks last night. Had a bite and ad rink. This one is nice. Very book-read."

Camillo only backs off when Keli's out of her harness. He eyes the stranger but makes no greeting to him.

"Ah, well it's a pleasure to meet you… Mr … Da?", Loryn takes a wild guess at the name, "I'm Ser Loryn Tyrell, manager of the Whimsy theatre." He turns back to Jem, who's fiddling with the harness again and walks to him for a quick small conference. Finally Loryn returns to Keli and her new friend. "He says he'll need an hour or two to fix the problem… so why don't you take your friend to lunch or something?"

Siyu laughs some, "I admit your ciders are very interesting. I may come to enjoy them, much different from the wines but I enjoy them." the young man continues to smile, full lips perked up. His slanted almond shaped eyes bright, showing the mismatch of color. "Nice to meet you. Oh, I am Siyu. Gang Xi Siyu." he bows politely, "Ah Ser…Tyrell." he speaks the name, letting it form over his lips and he bows politely. "Of course, it is nice to meet you Ser."

"Ser Loryn makes plays and could do other things just as well," she says with friendly respect for the knight, inching closer to Siyu to prod and poke at his arm. "Are you hungry? We could get food? I could fetch food and bring it to us all, too. I am supposed to guard you, so you cannot be out of my sight now that your sneaky business is done. I have to take you to that one place, remember?"

"Ah, Mr Siyu then.", Loryn corrects himself and adds with a friendly smile "And it's just Ser Loryn. Or…. Loryn. I don't stand on ceremony. Anyway, I have more things to do here, so I can't join you now but I trust our paths shall cross again. Keli please do come back this afternoon for another trial, yes?", he asks the girl, then heads to another area of the theatre where the impresario is needed.

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