(122-03-11) A Conspiracy of Academics
A Conspiracy of Academics
Summary: Maester Leandro talks to Siyu and Novice Bryn about research at the Citadel.
Date: Date of play (11/03/122)
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Leandro has messages sent to both Bryn and to Siyu, surreptitiously, inviting them here to the Acacia Hall to meet with him. Of course, Siyu's message likely has a whole lot of mystery to it, seeing as he's likely no idea who this Maester Leandro is that requests his presence.

Bryn arrives, and makes his way inside while those manning the doors are distracted by some others trying to enter. Once inside, he looks around for Leandro, trying to find him quickly before he's caught and thrown out. The idea of just telling them he was invited by the Maester — except, perhaps, as a last resort — doesn't even seem to occur to him.

Siyu walks into the hall, he is a non Dornish so he might actually be stopped. He is very non-Dornish, with his huang tone, and almond eyes he just waits at the entrance. He shows up his letter though. He is dressed in fresh flaxen linen. Good merchant's clothing. Waiting to be allowed in.

Leandro's waiting for his guests, keeping an eye out on the door. When Siyu arrives at the door he's shown in, and pointed in Leandro's direction. The area's relatively private, so their conversation should not be overheard. Leandro's not wearing maester's robes, dressed instead in vibrant fabrics, Dornish-style, comfortable for lounging in. "Thank you for coming, do be seated. Do you want drinks?"

Bryn grins as he spots Leandro's private area as Siyu is shown in. Only then does he make his way over. He's wearing casual clothes too… clothes that are, perhaps, kind of small on him. He still has a leather string around his neck, of course, though the single link on it hidden under his tunic.

Siyu ahems a small bit, the young man, with his long flowing black hair and wide hips squeezes int o the private area. "Ah…hello. If you have the local cider I will take the cider…as long as it is not pink…" he tosses his head, "I admit I do not…know why you called me here. I have heard of the Dornish, they are desert peoples, good culture." he nods slowly. "Still, it is nice to meet you." he speaks in a heavy accent, as if his common is being filtered through several languages.

Madrighal has been playing lute quietly, sitting behind them so that his playing is apt to cover their conversation. He is way too thin, but seems to be very skilled, despite his spall hands and obvious sickly look. He is doing a medley of folk dances from the various regions of Dorne just now, with the air of a man simply enjoying the act of playing.

"Nothing local here, thankfully," Leandro says. "There's alot of Dorne that's not desert, you know. We've a fair amount of coast. I'm not asking you here because of that though." His accent's faint. "Three pomegranate juices." He orders. "I'm Maester Leandro, and your reputation precedes you. I've the need of the skills of a man who can be discrete, who is new enough to the city that he has no previous loyalties, and who might be capable of looking into some records. Are you capable of such?"

Bryn slips into a seat without saying anything, just looking to Siyu and to Leandro. He does smile as he spots Madrighal healthy and playing music, but he's still quiet, the boy just listening for the moment.

Madrighal's hair is rather different than it was before his illness. These days he has microbraids tight up against his skin drawing the hair up to fall in long braids down the center of his scalp like a horse's mane. his clothes are different too, the subtly shaded dot is exchanged for brightly batiked loose fitting caftans. It is hard to see his form accurately as a result. His cheekbones are very prominent and his large dark eyes now look huge in his too thin face, but he has no cane visible and is playing well enough, complex variations on simple themes. After he has played the set through straight, he begins to weave the melodies together, letting them play with each other, his rich counter tenor sliding between Dornish accented common and Rhoynish to make counterpoint with the lute, voice and music chasing each other through the various songs and bridges. The effect is charming and apt to make a Dornishman home sick.

Siyu leans back, and he lets out a soft tiny sigh, "It is because of that damned party isn't it, ah, I knew I was too loose of tongue." he shakes his head, "Still I cannot deny if there is business a foot, please tell me good man, what need have you of me, a man from Yi Ti." he listens, "Records/ Of what sort and shape? And how secure?" he seems confused by the whole matter. He looks at the boy and smiles, "hello little one." he offers, the strange man from Yi Ti is quite the sight. HE looks over to the player, giving a slight nod. He is…awkward. He has to be, but he appreciates the touches here.

"It is no bad thing," Leandro says. "The research would take place in the Citadel library. I can easily arrange for you to have access there. Do you know much of linguistics perchance? There's some work I'd like looked over, checked for errors, plagiarism, or any other signs of academic dishonesty or inaccuracies."

Bryn smiles back to Siyu and answers, "Hello." He blinks at the mention of academic dishonesty, looking back to Leandro in surprise at that.

Siyu eyes Leandro, "You have…access to the Citadel Library…" he is suddenly very interested. He takes a deep breath, "I am very interesting in…the library. Can you, perhaps, if I do this for you, allow a more permanent access to the books of the Maester…" he appears to eye Lea some, "And yes…I know several languages. I am a scholar, and a trader, I speak…several." he says in a slow, rolling tongue, going more for Bravvosi. "I sense you know much more about me then I know you. That makes me hesitate sir. When a miner smells gas, he knows to back off. Please explain."

"I'm not the gatekeeper to the Citadel," Leandro says. "I would love to lead you to believe that if you do what I ask it's the only way you can get permanent access to the books, but that simply would not be true. Regardless of whether you agree or not, I'll help you apply to study at the Citadel, if that's your wish. You're likely better having Bryn bring you to ArchMaester Luckin though." He looks at Siyu, thoughtfully. "You're unusual, you're from Yi Ti, so you stand out. Even in a city as large as this word gets around. You told me a few things at the party, I heard a few others there. I would rather you do not mention that I was at that party. I'm entrusting you with that secret. It could cause a lot of problems for me."

Bryn speaks up, finally, "Even with Archmaester Luckin, you'd have to be convincing. But Archmaester Luckin might say yes, though. Some of the other Archmaesters aren't so nice and probably wouldn't even listen."

Siyu sighs a bit, "Well then, perhaps you can tell me the obligations of the maesters, to study under them. I am…a student. I am a learned man but I am still a student, that is why I came here. But it appears as if the maesters are a cloistered organization. If you…perhaps enlighten me upon them I would accept your offer yes?" he narrows his eyes, "So you were at that party…" he furrows and considers, "It does not matter I do not recognize you at any rate. You do not have any fear from me…" he takes a deep breath. He finds his drink and sips it. "Still you appear to be willing to trade knowledge for knowledge. This I can do." He looks back at Bryn and nods, "I have not met you small one…I am Gang Xi Siyu…Siyu is fine…and you give fuel to my doubt."

Madrighal makes a soft cough that may be hiding a laugh. Or it could be just a cough given his physical state. Anyway, it coincides with Siyu's question about what is involved in becoming a Maester. He continues weaving his lovely music, now adding a lullaby from the reach or a different one in the Summer Tongue.

"I'll let Bryn field that question," Leandro says. "Some go to the citadel, forge a few links, and then leave. Others make a life of it, becoming Maesters, setting aside all other allegiances in favour of the Citadel itself. All we have in common is a thirst for knowledge." His gaze drifts to Madrighal as the man coughs, and he casts a rare smile that way before looking back at his companions.

Bryn shakes his head quickly, "It's not that. But the library has some of the oldest books in the world. They're… treasures and can be wrecked with the wrong touch. So, most strangers aren't allowed in without a maester to help them. Even Novices and Acolytes are watched in there when we go in. Being allowed in whenever you want, that's tricky. But anybody can study at the Citadel." Then he adds, smiling again, "Sorry. I'm Bryn."

Siyu nods, very slowly, "So forging links, studying, learning, is not the same as becoming a maester. If I approached. Seeking knowledge, they would accept that, and allow me access as just a scholar alone?" He smiles, "I would love to see the oldest books in the world…" He looks around and leans in to whisper to Bryn, "One time…a Prince showed us his collection. He had a book over 2000 years old, written by the scholars of the Sea-Green Emperors…"

"It wasn't the old books I was requiring you to look at," Leandro admits. "Just some newer research. To get access to the older books, well you'll certainly need someone to vouch for you."

Madrighal flashes the Measter a sparkling smile without missing a note. On he plays, eyes closing. He plays like a man who's real pleasure is in challenging himself. To the ear of another musician, this series of variations is full of teasing and little musical jokes. To an untrained ear, it is a lovely exercise in making the simple ornate and in the weaving of disparate things into a pleasing whole.

Bryn's eyes pop open wide at Siyu's words, "Wow, really? I wish I could see that!" He wrinkles his nose, "Not that I could read it. I don't know any of those old languages yet. I'm still learning High Valyrian before I learn anything else."

Siyu laughs some at the boy, "I only saw it of course. I was not allowed to touch it…" he nods, "And other copies have been made…ut…still. To see the tangible connection, between our past…and now…ah…it gives you a chill." he looks back at Lean, "Still you have not said…what it is you want. Tell me plain now. What is it you wish me to research?" he asks.

"Maester Praeton," Leandro says. "He's a Maester of linguistics, and he's being something of a nuisance to me. I have something, he wants. I want him to stop bothering me for it. So I would like someone with no biases, who he has not taught, to research all of his academic papers, and ensure that everything is correct, accurate, and his own work. I want the truth. Even if that truth is everything is above board."

Madrighal juggles his tunes, adding in what appears to be a thousand year old high Valyrian poem set to a modern style tune of his old devising. His smiles mischievously before he begins to sing it. From his tone, it must be a love poem, sweet and full of longing.

Bryn nods quickly with a smile as Siyu talks about the connection to the past. He certainly seems to understand. Then he looks back quickly to Madrighal as he hears the High Valyrian so soon after mentioning it, grinning.

Siyu stares at Leandro. "That sounds…as if I am stepping…right in front of a sword thrust…" he stares at Leandro. "Who is he. If I do this, am I a target. Is he a danger to me…" he lets out a soft sigh, "Make it worth it. I want access…." he slaps his hand on the table. "This is a favor, to you, because I know nothing. I know nothing, and because I know nothing, I am vulnerable. I am a stranger here. A stranger…easily disposed of. Is he of house and title, who would be embarrassed by this. These are all very, important questions Man of Dorne." he glances at Mad and he shakes his head, "I understand the slant rhyme but that is not how the word is pronounced…" he appears to be…scared. His cheeks are flush, and attempts to maintain control.

There's a fleeting smile on Leandro's lips as Madrighal starts singing in high Valyrian poem. And then he laughs, suddenly, as an idea hits him. Not that he'll interrupt, but he does look to Madrighal again, and this time it's clear he wants to say something. Leandro then sets his gaze on Siyu. "Flatter him. Tell him you admire his work. He will believe that. I'm not asking for you to lie. I'm certainly not wanting you to make yourself a target, or for you to make enemies of anyone. He's a man of many flaws, I don't expect his academics to be one of those. Maesters have no house, not title, we put all of that aside when we join the citadel. None of us are nobility." He shakes his head at Siyu. "You're wrong. It's not how the word is pronounced now, but it was how it was once spoken."

Madrighal does not appear to be paying attention to the conversation. He keeps playing as if for his own amusement. His fingers carry the melody now as he sings a different High Valyrian poem with a similar feel and age as a descant, smiling gently to himself in the pauses in the singing. This is not his performance smile, but one he saves for friends. It it one can see the ghost of the physical beauty that was his six month ago.

Siyu remains nervous, "Yet you have politics, you must, otherwise you would not be bringing in and OUTSIDER…to your dispute. He wants something, you do not want to give it, you want him gone. You think I am the best way to do that. What friends does this man have…" his Braavosi accent getting thicker as he bites the words in common. "I am a tool, I can accept that if it gives me access, of which you have promised NONE. If I dethrone a maester, and then ask for a scholarship in the library, will I be rejected?" he looks at the boy, "what say you small one. If I throw this man out, will I be viewed on with favor?" he turns back to Lean, "Man of Dorne. I am losing patience."

Bryn blinks at the question, "Um.. you wouldn't be throwing him out, I don't think. You're just an imp.. impartial witness. Maester Leandro would have to make the accusations. And only if you find a real mistake, he doesn't want to make you lie. And it wouldn't keep you from studying there. If he has been cheating, they take that very seriously, they'd be glad of it. You just might not be able to study under that maester's friends. But there's lots of others."

Leandro stares at Siyu, his gaze intense. When he speaks it's quiet, measured. "Really, you have a very vivid imagination. I said nothing about removing him. I have already agreed to assist you in gaining access to the Citadel, regardless of whether you wish to help me. We hadn't even gotten to discussing terms of payment. I asked for your assistance, you said no, we can leave it at that. I'd thank you to forget that I asked." He nods at what Bryn says. "Precisely. Although I'd never intended to even accuse him, unless something truly terrible is uncovered. I rather doubt it will be."

Siyu furrows his brow, "I have heard of…politics. In Kings Landing…that they are similar to the politics in the Imperial City." he furrows his brow, "You can be not of the blood. And simply disposed of for a rude bodily function in the Imperial City. I am…hesitant to involve myself in anything approaching politics. This is…politics. You wish something from me that is not tangible. You wish a goal that I could provide." he lets out a breath, "Yet I am new here, without a good toehold." he twitches his brow. He runs a hand through his hair, "Perhaps I am too paranoid of Westrosi. I have heard you breath intrigue like air, and spill likes like water from a brook…" he takes a deep breath. Finds his focus. "Very well let us begin again. You wish me to read the works of a Maester. To find if there is anything…scandalous within them academically. It does not matter if I find any, or not. You will help me gain access to the libraries and the knowledge contained within." he lays it out. "Is there anything I have missed?"

"That appears to be an accurate assessment, yes," Leandro says.

Bryn comments, swinging his feet a little, "And after you meet Maester Praeton, you might /want/ to find something. He's mean, except to people who outrank him. But not deadly mean or anything, he just likes making people feel bad."

Siyu blows out a breath. "The man. Who hesitates. Is Lost…" he says in Yi Ti. "I accept." he returns in common. "Though before I do I will have your name, your full name…and promise to haunt you for your life should I die in your endeavor." he bows, most politely. He looks at the little one, "And what is your name too…" he says, much more softly.

"He's not as clever as he thinks he is either," Leandro says. "You've had my full name. Maester Leandro. I have no family save for the Citadel. That is the way things are. And Bryn's already told you his. You know that here in Westeros, it is only the nobility who have family names? The rest of us are lucky to just have the one. Maester Leandro, of the Citadel."

Bryn nods to what Leandro says, "Well, I do have a second name. Flowers. I'm Bryndon Flowers. I don't get to get rid of that name until I take my vows once I've forged my chain."

Siyu he nods, grudgingly accepting it. "All right. Yes…where do I find the…the questionable materials?" he finally asks. He does not appeared sold on the lack of family names. Family…is everything. How do you honor your ancestors without a name? He hides his discomfort, and simply tries to focus on work. He looks at the by "Bryndon…flowers…" he considers, "This is the land of flowers, I understand." he pauses "Young man…let me talk to you later. I am curious if you have a…mudsister?" he tries to pronounce it right.

"Oh we'll go to the citadel later," Leandro says. "I've other matters to attend to first. The materials likely aren't questionable. Maester Praeton's one of the experts in linguistics. Chances are you'll learn much from his work and it will all be perfect."

Bryn nods to Siyu, "It means I'm a bastard with a noble parent, born in the Reach. My father was a Targaryen, but I don't know which one." Then, though, he brightens and then nods quickly, grinning, "Keli. She calls me mudbrother."

Siyu nods to Bryn, "I know her…let me chat…" he smiles and looks over to Leandro, "I am staying at a local inn…you probably know which…" he sighs "I will help as much as I can, though…" he winces, "I still feel as if I am sticking my hand in a basilisk trap. I will help as I can. I have given my word. I shall do my best." he bows his head.

"Firstly, you don't need to tell anyone what you're doing," Leandro says. "Secondly, there's nothing wrong in what you're doing. We're always looking to expand knowledge in certain areas. Maester Praeton is not well liked, he is extremely well versed in his subjects though. If anyone does give you trouble though let me know and I'll deal with it. I do not expect them to, especially if you just tell them the truth, that you've an interest in linguistics. It would be unusual for someone who had such an interest not to study Maester Praetor's work."

Bryn nods and smiles, and quiets then to look back up to Leandro and lets him make the last bit of explanations.

Siyu offers, just a simple silver coin. More then a penny, a little larger to Bryn. "Enjoy it then. I have heard a lot of you. Be well, little one." he looks at the Dornish man. "I accept then. Ah…how do you seal such a deal in Westros?"

"Write a contract, seal it in our blood and then spit on our hands and shake," Leandro jests. "Or something of that sort. Think on it first, then we can set things in stone." He then turns to Madrighal. "Hmm, I've something I need to ask of you. Will you be playing here much longer, do you think? Or can you spare me a few moments of your time?"

Madrighal winds his tune to a stop, hand stilling the strings. His Dornish accented voice is professional and polite. "I await your pleasure Maester. Shall I put away my instrument?"

Bryn smiles as he accepts the coin, "Thank you." He examines it, a moment, if it's not of the Seven Kingdoms currency. Then, smiling, he says, "Nice to meet you." Then, with a glance to Leandro to make sure the Maester doesn't need him anymore, he slips off and makes his way out.

"You may need it," Leandro says. "Or not as the case may be." He looks between Bryn and Siyu. "I'll speak with you both later." He then rises to head off to the more private areas of the hall.

Siyu smiles a little bit at Bryn. It's Braavosi if it matters, but he still does. He takes a deep breath and looks at L. "I think you do not wish me to do that at all. I will accept. When do we start?" he asks, "What do we start at?"

Madrighal shrugs and puts his lute in it's case in preparation to follow the Maester. he stands slowly, with the care of an old man, and nods politely to Siyu and Bryn, "They used to call me the night thrush, but these days I am just Madrighal Sand." Bowing carefully and stiffly he shuffles after the other Dornishman.

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