(122-02-22) The Dolphin Horse Archery Contest

The tourney grounds are set up for conventional archery and horse racing contests, as well as the new fangled horse archery event that Ser Daevon and Ser Loryn have made the new fashion. Prince Dhraegon and a grumpy elderly Tyrell are eying each other over the head of the long suffering Helpful Judge who has his head in his hands. The Prince is giving the Elder Tyrell a blank eyed, open mouthed stare, so characteristic of him. The Elder Tyrell looks as if he is seriously considering stabbing the Prince. Trumpets sound and all three judges straighten up and try to look placid. The helpful Judge stands, "Welcome to the Dolphin Festival Horse and Archery Event, held in honor of the Mother!" The crowd cheers. He signals and the trumpets blow. "All contestants for the archery event, please take your places at the line!"

If Janei's father were here, she'd likely be in the audience like she was yesterday. At the very least, she'd be dressed more the proper young lady. Today, though, except for her hair, she could likely pass for a boy in her riding gear and with her bow.

Lady Marsei sits raised above the proceedings with the other nobles; one pretty face among many, but she is easy to spot, her red hair trailing over the shoulders of a snow white, blue-embroidered gown. More, her enthusiasm shines, full of cheer and the spirit of the Dolphin Festival. She's been keeping a close eye on the preparations — namely, Prince Dhraegon and the judges — but now that the trumpets have sounded, she waits at the ready.

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Wylliam enters the tourney his bow slung across his chest the quiver over his back, with perhaps 20 arrows sticking out from it. He is dressed not unlike Janei, leather tunic and boots which most likely double as hunting and riding gear. "I wish father could be here." He murmurs to hisself, thinking this is the sort of thing the two should have taken part in together as father and son. He knows why his father can't be here, though it doesn't keep the young noble from missing him. He'll go up north again, but not yet. "Good day all." He says smiling at those already gathered.

There is a ribbon beyond which archers may not step. A row of targets is lined up for the shooting, a motley mix of folk have their bows at ready. The cloth drops and people shoot their first arrows.

Janei smiles to Wylliam, at the greeting, and returns it, "Hello." Then, though, her attention turns to the target. She knocks her arrow, pulling back and then loosing as the cloth drops. Her shoulders slump a little as she only just hits the target.

Wylliam gives the boy, no girl a quick smile. "Hello, there." He tells her, watching her knotch the first arrow. "Easy there, Lady." He uses Lady a lose term. "Don't want to hurt yourself." He continues before going to notch his own arrow. He takes in a deep breath, lines up his shot, holds the breath shoots then waits a few second before letting his breath return to normal.

The crowd applauds. Those who missed entirely are quietly sent off with dolphin bread as a consolation. Some pages move the targets back for the next round.

Wylliam pages Dhraegon and Malcolm: Should I take some out, don't wanna be accused of being a twink.

Marsei watches the contest with overall good spirits, quiet until it's time to applaud, which she does with aplomb. Not looking too closely, she doesn't seem to recognize Janei in her leathers — quite a different sight than yesterday aboard the barge.

Janei frowns a little, "I won't. I do this every day." And she is, indeed, good with a bow for a thirteen-year-old girl. But, she's not as good as Wylliam, and on this third shot she misses completely. She looks disappointed, but not overly so.

Wylliam gives her a simple nod, before he turns to his own target and yet again gets a good shot in. "I suspect I've also been doing this a little longer then you have." He tells her, turning back to address the leather glad noblewoman.

Again, those missing the targets are gently sent off, this time with dolphin bread and little iced cakes in dolphin shapes. Most of the seriously hung over looking contestants are gone at this point. The last few look serious enough, though none of them are professionals by the look of them. The targets are moved very far back indeed.

Janei nods in agreement, and then grins to Wylliam, "You'd be in big trouble if my sister were competing." She turns then, though, accepting one of the condolence cakes as she settles in to watch the rest.

Wylliam looks around briefly his eyes going left and right, noticing that he and Janei are the only two left. "Well, seems you've made it as far as I." He comments, allowing her to take her final shot before he yet again steps up to the target. After seeing her miss, he gives her a sympathetic smile and positions himself to take his own last shot. He pulls out an arrow from the quiver slowly, almost dramatically slow, notches it on the bow string, then pulls it back. With a quick line up of the bulleyes he lets it go. The arrow simply sails through the air, spinning as it nears the target, the shiny metal tip shooting straight into the red bulleyes perfectly. "Then I am glad you sister isn't here, even if I think you were a good enough challenge for me. I'm certain not one of the best, I would consider myself a novice."

The judges put their heads together briefly. This time there is no risk of a fight and The Elder Tyrell stands to announce, "The Winner, is Lord Wylliam Tyrell!" All the last round competitors get dolphin bread, dolphin cake, and fish pasties pressed in dolphin shapes. The second and third prize winners get small purses. The Elder Tyrell presents Lord Wylliam Stark a large purse and a very nice bow, with strong draw and dolphins carved to it.

Wylliam takes the purse of money and the bow, he thanks the judges and then moves over towards Janei. "Here." He tells her, tossing the bow to her. "I like the one I have and its the least I can do for you." He tells her. "Though I do beg your name, Lady." He says with a bow of respect to her.

Janei blinks in surprise as she catches the bow, but then smiles, "Thank you." Then she nods and says, smiling still, giving the best curtsey she can in her current clothes, "My name is Janei Tyrell."

Wylliam smiles at the Lady. "Well meet Lady Janei, it was a pleasure competing with you. I'm off to the stands. I can manage a horse, but not well enough to race it. Will you be racing?"

Pages clear away the targets. The archery competition was heavily populated by smallfolk. Horse races, by their nature are a game for people rich enough to afford fast horses. Fancier folk line up, but once again, the winners of the last set of horse races are missing.

Janei smiles and says, "It was fun. And thank you again, this bow is beautiful." Then she nods, and says, "Yes, I love racing, can't miss it." She grins, and turns as a Tyrell servant brings a horse over. She hands him the bow, "Please be careful with this." Then she mounts, moving over to the starting line.

Wylliam smiles warmly at the small Lady, he strokes the horses neck and steps back. "I'll make a point of cheering for you Lady." He then watches her leave making a mental note to ask his mother more about her family. She is a sweet girl, maybe she has brothers his age he can get to know.

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The signal is given and the horses are off. Janei is quite a skilled rider, though far from the best in Oldtown, having an expensive, fast horse really helps as well. Still, it's a very close race, and for most of it, Janei is in second. But, she knows her horse well. As they come around for the final lap she kicks her horse into a burst of speed, and just barely manages to overtake the leader at the finish line.

Camillo has already missed the shooting entirely, and doesn't even get to the race until it's already underway, finding himself near the back of a tightly-packed crowd of smallfolk. He looks rather dragged-out, to those who know him well enough to separate his usual weather-beaten hangdog look from an extra helping of fatigue. Perhaps he indulged to much in revels the night before. He doesn't seem quite as keen on the outcome of today's spectacle as he was on yesterday's.

The crowd is for the most part in tipsy good humor. There is much cheering and some teasing after as a slip of a girl has followed in the Lady Deanna's hoof prints to beat the men. The helpful judge announces, "The winner is Lady Janei Tyrell!" All participants get the dolphin bread, cake, and fish pasties. The second and third place winners get small purses. The kindly faced judge hands the Lady Janei a large purse and squires bring out a fancy set of equipage to show the crowd and present to the winner of the races. The leather is buttery to the took, supply, yet strong. The Saddle is subtly embossed with dolphins and the pointing are burnished silver dolphins as well.

As Janei's name is announced, Marsei bobs slightly in her seat, surprise turning to a longer span of bewildering realization before cheer takes over. She applauds the Tyrell girl, leaning to one side to murmur commentary to the noblelady next to her.

Wylliam cheers for the noblewoman, impressed that one so young is so talented. "Well done, Lady Janei." He calls, moving down towards the young woman. "May I help you down Lady?" He offers.

Pages and Squires flood the field to double check the horse jumps and set the pendulums swinging. There is a definite sea theme here, the jumps are all dolphins. The targets other sea creatures. They have left off the ring grab as no one ever bothers and this being a new sport, the rules are still evolving. The Prince stands and manages to announce without giggling, "And now the horse archery event! Racers, to your mark!"

Janei grins happily as she's presented with the prizes, taking the purse and letting her groom take the other gear. She looks to Wylliam and says, "Yes, thank you!" Accepting the help, she dismounts, laughing, "I really didn't expect that! I never win at Highgarden." Then she's distracted, looking towards Dhraegon. "Oh, I forgot about that event… I've never tried shooting while riding." She sounds interested, and after a moment's hesitation passes off her purse to a maid as she turns to remount her horse. Grinning to Wylliam she says, "I just /have/ to give it a try."

Wylliam grins up at the small girl and pats the horses's ass. "Well, how do you know if you don't try." He tells her. "I will be watching again, my horsemanship leave a lot to be desired. Something I think I best start working on?"

Wylliam considers for a few moments, he might just compete after all what could the harm be. "Is it too take to take part?" He asks, jumping over the benches and railings so he can join Janei and Malcolm where they wait. "I'll need a horse if anyone has one spare." He glances around eyes catching those of nobles he knows.

Malcolm dismounts, bows, and offers Lord William his big flooffy piebald Destrier, "It would be an honor to offer you my mount, My Lord." Then he withdraws.

Pages and Squires flood the field to double check the horse jumps and set the pendulums swinging. There is a definite sea theme here, the jumps are all dolphins. The targets other sea creatures. They have left off the ring grab as no one ever bothers and this being a new sport, the rules are still evolving. The Prince stands and manages to announce without giggling, "And now the horse archery event! Racers, to your mark!" <re>

Wylliam blinks at Malcolm then smiles. "May thanks Sir." He tells his banner man, he then climbs onto the horse with ease, that much at least he can do. "Now, boy its just you and me now. I'm not very good at riding and you aren't use to me. So lets see if we can achieve something at least." He then hears the judges makes the final calls, trotting to the start line he takes his mark. "Goodluck." He tells those to the right and left of him.

Janei looks over to Wylliam as he announces he'll ride, and grins. "Brilliant! Good luck!" As he asks for a spare horse, she starts to wave for one of the Tyrell grooms, but then Malcolm provides one so she lowers her arm again and grins again. She takes her bow and rides to the starting line.

Daena Yronwood appears at some point during the switch to horse jumps and such. One of her attendants finds the herald and advises them that his lady intends to ride - and there she is finding a place to line her horse up - the mount the beast she won at the last event. Both woman and horse are in Yronwood colors - black and sand. When the signal to ride is given, she sets her horse in motion.

Wylliam is trying to get the horse to do as he is told, but the creature has other ideas. He prances around, tossing his head from side to side and naahing for all he is worth. "Gods." He mutters. "Only Malcolm would own a show horse." He sighs, and goes to do the best he can, at least he's a good shot if nothing else.

Janei is a skilled rider, as she proved last event, and as the event begins she kicks her horse into a fast run. She's the first over the hurtle, but her shot isn't quite on the mark, hitting the target but nowhere near the bullseye.

Daena's mount isn't quite as fast as the sandsteed she rode last time, but it's less excitable (and isn't a stallion). So, she doesn't take the lead. Still, horse and rider are with the pack and the beast is steady and so Daena's shot flies true and hits her target just about where she wants it.

Aproaching the second dolphin hurdle, Janei has the lead, with the Dornishwoman picking up speed and Lord Wylliam trailing on a difficult horse, likely too big and heavy for racing.

Camillo glances at the action from time to time, but also gives not a small bit of attention to the crowd, particularly looking to see who's over in the noble area of the stands.

Wylliam is still trying to get his horse to behave, maybe if he can just talk nicely to it he might stop showing off. "Come now boy, I'll give you an apple or two." He tells it, giving up after a few moments he just kicks the poor beast, making it ride forwards in a quick trot. Once near the targets he stills on the back of the horse, thighs tightening on the flanks of the horse, now ready he shoots and scores hitting the arrow on a perfect bulleyes. "Well that's better." He murmurs, grinning around him.

Even though her first shot wasn't perfect, there's a grin on her face as she pulls back on her bow for the next target, enjoying the event without paying much attention to how she's doing overall. Entirely focused on what she's doing, she shoots as she jumps over the second hurtle, a much better shot this time but already looking to the next jump and shot.

Daena urges her horse and it responds, picking up speed and trying to close the gap to the lady in the lead. They make the jump easily and the Dornishwoman looses another shaft, striking the target. Sadly, the man on the warhorse manages a bullseye. "Hells." Daena curses. Still, she could win this yet…

The redheaded Hightower amidst the nobles isn't cheering for anyone in particular, not exactly a competitive observer of this sort of event, but she does lean slightly ahead and focus on young Lady Janei and the Dornishwoman; they're the more unusual, and therefore more interesting, contestants to Marsei.

The Tyrell girl seems to be maintaining her lead despite Lady Daena's famed skill with the horse and her pulling even further ahead of the Stark on the wayward piebald.

Eonn rides out of the gates on the big white mare he has. The two of them plod up to stand beside the benches where they can watch.

Wylliam really was trying he honestly was, but between his lack of skill and the damned horses love of showing off the two manage to somehow cause Wylliam to fall off while he was trying to catch up. "Urgh!" He cries, watching the ground get closer and closer to his head until a sudden sharp pain laces through his head and arm. He's more then likely broke it with a fall like that. The horse, however free of its unwanted rider goes trotting off to find his daddy.

Despite Marsei's silent cheering for the female competitors, she can't help but keep staring on and off at the horse the Stark has borrowed, rather entranced by its luxurious feet and, truly, who can blame her? It's during one such moment that Wylliam falls, and she gives a little gasp more for being shocked out her gazing at his horse than the poor young man's tumble; still, she immediately lifts her chin to try to ascertain whether or not he's hurt.

Sadly, Daena realizes that the Warrior has not blessed her this day, at least not with her riding. Perhaps if she had been here a bit earlier? In any case, the other lady and rider keep the lead and there's no way to close it. So, she has to concentrate on a perfect shot. She pulls the arrow from her quiver and manages to juggle it a touch on the way to the string, it almost gets away from her and so she's a hoofbeat or two late when she knocks and draws and fires. Still, it's a decent shot, but not the bullseye she needed to win the day. All in all, it wasn't a bad performance. That doesn't seem to mollify her, though. The lady clearly has a head of steam up as her mount takes her over the finish line behind the other woman.

Camillo cranes his neck when the young Stark takes a tumble. But he doesn't move from his spot, not being much of a healer or any relation to the lad.

Janei is completely unaware of Wylliam's awful luck behind her, pulling back her third arrow and lining up the shot while kicking the horse over the third hurtle, hitting the target again. A good shot, though once again not a bullseye.

Norah is late, pausing to stare at the fall, her hands cover her mouth. She's pretty visibly startled by it. She's patient watching the medics. Her maids are carrying baskets of sweet rolls behind her for the children watching the happenings.

Wylliam bounces off the group, like the youth he is, his hands going up in the air and his eyes twinkling with good humor. "All in one piece, folks." He calls, giving everyone a mocking bow. "Just a little tumble I assure you, nothing hurt but my pride." He then turns to cheer on Janei. "Lets give this little lady a cheer though!" He calls. "Real winners those Tyrell girls." He calls jokingly.

Janei leans forward in that final stretch, one hand taking the reins again as she kicks her horse to a faster speed for the final stretch, and soon crosses the finish line, once again in the lead! It's only then that she slows and looks back, looking around to see Wylliam way back on the track on his feet rather than a horse, though quickly relaxes again seeing he's ok. She then turns to give Daena a smile. "Good race!"

Wylliam gives Janei a wink and a wave of his hand. "well raced both of you." He says addressing both women.

Dhraegon, who has been watching with the sort of fascination one might have with a particularly scary campfire tale, a mix of delight and horror, stands up to announce, "The Winner is Lady Janei Tyrell again, with the Lady Daena Yronwood a close second!" Dolphin bread, Dolphin themed honey cakes, and crab pasties pressed in dolphin shapes are passed out as consolation to the losers. The Lady Daena is offered a moderate purse. The Lady Janei is presented with a larger purse and a second dolphin embossed equipage, this time in black leather with gold dolphin pointings.

Daena wheels her horse about, as the beast comes about she has a short coughing fit but recovers quickly and manages a smile. "It was, lady. You lead the beast masterfully. Well done. I suppose I should wake on time once in a while." A glance to the walker. "And you, but if you will have my advice, ser, do not take a destrier to a race for coursers." but the advice is given with a smile.

Norah is quiet, handing out sweet rolls to small roves of children that have excitedly begun to swarm her and her sweet rolls. She and the maids seem happy enough to hand the treats out.

Janei smiles to Daena again and says, "Thank you." She giggles a little at the advice to Wylliam, but then she turns to accept the prizes, smiling happily.

Wylliam grins one last time before he grabs his things and makes his way out.

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