(122-02-11) Plotting a Play

Apparently, Madrighal has left Ser Loryn's name at the door. there is a delay as they check to see if Madrighal wants guests, and then the Tyrell is escorted into the Club. Madrighal is…barely recognizable. He has his lute case and a cane easy to hand and there is a platter of flat bread and olives and various things to dip it in. he is drinking honeyed lemon water and watching women play the knife gave as he picks listlessly at his food.

Loryn Tyrell has been dressing rather leisurely recently and feels ever so slightly out of place now in plain brown pants, brown boots and a white shirt. "Madrighal, my friend.", he greets the man with a little smile as he approaches, "I was happy to hear from you and to hear that you are well.? You ARE well again, yes?", he asks, just to make sure.

Madrighal struggles to his feet and does a careful bow. He smiles sadly, "I am not dangerous to you. Do not worry. That time is long past. I am as you see me, I fear. Are you hungry? Thirsty? The food here is very good. Have you been well? I fear most of the news I get these days is from the Citadel or home."

"I would have come earlier if I had known you were able to receive visitors.", Loryn replies, gesturing to stop the man from getting up. "Please, we're friends - don't bother with bows, just sit down and rest. I wouldn't mind some Dornish food - as long as it's not too spicy.", he smiles and finds a seat for himself. "I have been rather well… preparing a new play…"

Madrighal settles, "You might share with me then. I am still delicate of stomach. this is a lentil dish, this chickpea, this eggplant, this a different sort of eggplant, this is cucumber with mint and yoghurt, and these are two ways of preparing spinach. These are three varieties of olive for pallet cleansers…. Would you like wine? Lemon water?" he smiles gently, "It is nothing, my friend." he looks away, embarrassed, "In truth, I do not much enjoy being looked at these days…." He perks up, "A new play? Will it be the one about the mad knight?"

"Lemon water will be fine.", Loryn decides and looks at the food on offer. Settling for the chickpea at first. Because hummus. "Well, no, this is the play Princess Visenya has commissioned about a heroine of the people who saves her village and befriends a dragon. Will you help me write the music for it?", he asks hopefully.

Madrighal orders the lord lemon water. Everything is savory with spices, but gentle on the stomach, designed for richness of flavour to tempt a weak appetite, but unlikely to cause stomach upset. Smiles brightly, "I have been working on another commission, but there is no urgency to it… I could give it a try." He looks down, blushing. "I am…not as I was, performance wise." His fingertips are bandaged. "I have been practicing, trying to get myself back up to where I can perform for people, but I lost much in my long illness. How soon… how soon do you need the music to be ready?"

Loryn's eyes wander to the fingertips, noticing the bandages for the first time. "Oh, how terrible.", he comments softly, "I'm so sorry… but surely you will make a full recovery? Do not worry, there is still plenty of time anyway. I have a few song ideas, but I'm not a capable composer…" He hums a few bars of a rather uninspired tune, adding a few bits of lyrics here and there, something to do with saving the world.

You say, "I am doing as the Maesters tell me. I am trying to eat, to move about as much as I can manage. There is talk of riding and perhaps some other things." He listens carefully to Loryn, nibbling at bread and Baba ganush. He hums back at Loryn, his voice as rich and lovely as ever. He makes a few changes here and there to the tune, minor improvements. "I could work on it. I have nothing but time. Why don't you send me copies of your notes on what you have so far? There is some talk of moving me to the Hightower, but there are a great deal of stairs there and I am comfortable here, so I do not know if anything will come of it. Either way, they will know how to reach me here."

Loryn listens, a little fretfully at first, relieved to hear that rich voice again. "I can't even write notes.", he admits bluntly, "But I can play the lute a little, so I can try to play the melody and you can work it out in notes and stuff?", he asks hopefully, "Or you could just discard it, because I'm sure you can do so much better than me." He moves on from the hummus to one of the spinach dishes and ponders for a moment. "If you wish for a change of scenery, there's plenty of room at Garden Isle, too", he offers, "Not many stairs either and servants to help you if necessary…"

Madrighal looks reluctant to hand over his instrument case. He opens it and gets out some papers he has been writing notation on, calling for quill and ink. he sharpens the pen with a small knife and then, caressing the instrument first, like one might a nervous horse, hands it to his patron to play. The strings are dark with dried blood. He sets about writing down the melody and lyric fragments for the song Loryn has already hummed him, "You may need to tune her…. I admit I am not sure I want to be away from here at all. The food is familiar and it is good to here voices from home. Please forget I said anything about a possible move… They… tried new herbs on me last night and there was an error of dosage. My head is still fuzzy and I fear I said what I ought not."

"Oh, don't apologize.", Loryn smiles, "I am sure you are happy here among your own and your familiar food. Offer stands though…. if you ever feel like a break. We could spend the evening making music together." He is a little surprised to be offered Madrighal's own lute and takes it very gingerly. "I… I didn't mean right now… another time, when I have my own…. but oh, this is a lovely instrument indeed.", he smiles, plucking the strings gingerly. "Is that…" He inspects his fingers with a frown then, as he realizes the supposed dust has a rather red tinge.

Madrighal nods, "I think I might like that when I am more fit for company." The instrument is old and well polished, it's sound rich and nuanced, much like Madrighal's voice. Like every lute ever strung, it falls out of tune at the drop of a feather, but it is clear it is well loved and cared for. He blushes again, "I was ill a long time and have only recently been well enough to play. It is safe, I promise. I was in no condition to touch the strings while I was apt to infect anyone." On inspection, the lute case is new, likely made since the turning of the year.

Loryn still looks a bit worried, but he tries to hide it and begins playing the melody he had earlier hummed. And then another more upbeat one, tapping the rhythm out with his food. "I also have a love duet in mind, but I can't really play it.", he admits, so he resorts to humming again. "And that's all I have…", he sighs and smiles sheepishly. "So you see why I really need you."

Madrighal scribbles on the paper with a practiced hand, making notes as he goes in script as elegant as his singing. His hand is fairly steady despite it's alarming thinness." He chuckles, voice warm as toffee, "It seems to me the story will need a lot of fleshing… Besides Princess Visenya's character, what are the principle parts to be filled? What are we calling the Princess in this? I will need to know for the rhyme scheme. What will her suitor be like? The Prince Rhaegor perhaps?"

"No no, there won't be any Targaryens in this.", Loryn explains quickly, "The Princess asked for a play for the people, with a heroine of the people. So it's the story of a girl who, among other young people is appointed guardian of a very ancient treasure in a small village. But she neglects her duty to meet her boyfriend in secret. The treasure gets stolen. The girl swears to make up for it, goes to find the treasure, save the village from doom and gets help from a dragon along the way…."

Madrighal chuckles warmly again, "Right….so the character will not be in a pale wing. we are being more subtle than that." He takes more notes as Loryn talks. In this focus on the work, he does seem himself despite the alteration to his looks. At the theater he was always strictly professional and completely dedicated to making his performance and the play the best it could be. His eyes are a touch too dilated for the light level here in the main room though, and there are hints that the dosing accident has left him not as controlled or discreet as he normally is. "How are we playing the boyfriend? Classically romantic? Timid? Brashly comedic? Roguish? Is he in league with the villain? Naive? A lady's man? Will the dragon be talking or more realistic?" Dots of ink spatter the bandages as the quill scratches across paper. "how is Mistress Iris, by the way? Before my illness I was… helping her with some things. Please tell me you have not harmed her prospects now she hasn't someone to buy her tea. She hadn't coin for it, you see…."

"Well, I was going to play the boyfriend, so he should not be too … negative or wimpy. But he shouldn't steal the limelight from the girl, since Princess Visenya expressly wished a female heroine. So… perhaps more the soft romantic?", he suggests, "I am not yet sure of the plot, but I wondered about him getting kidnapped by the baddies at one point and her having to free him. It's… not really a comedy, but not a drama either. More… light-hearted action drama?", he tries to come up with a term, since Indiana Jones was not yet invented. At the mention of Iris and tea, Loryn blushes a rather deep shade of red. "I… uh…. I haven't seen Iris that much anymore recently… But she helped me come up with this plot."

Madrighal nods and writes 'soft romantic' next to 'boyfriend.' He sounds approving enough, "It is very Dornish sounding, your dangerous woman and her romantic lover…. Light hearted action drama. you will be wanting a bit of comedic relief somewhere though. A sidekick? Amusing helpers bet along the way?" He looks up sharply, his expression an acknowledgement of wry inevitability, "You have tired of your dalliance with a girl of common birth, yes? I knew there would be tears. I only hoped to give her more control over what happened to her next. You are rich and noble. Rich and noble men can be thoughtless without meaning to, and don't always think of what becomes of a woman after. I saw how things were between you during Pentos and did what I could to be a friend do her as she hasn't a Mother to see to her interests. You were gentle about it, I hope? The parting?"

"Well, we have a fairly amusing dragon.", Loryn points out, "And the villains could toe the line between genuine villains and moustache-twirling baddies. Although they must still be perceived as a genuine threat.", he adds quickly. When Madrighal returns to the subject of Iris, he smirks a little. "We haven't parted or… broken up. We've just been rather busy and not seeing much of each other. She has her jobs, I have my… occupations. And her birth has nothing to do with anything.", he adds, a hint of sharpness creeping into his tone, "You know that my noble birth means nothing to do and that I have many friends of common background at the Whimsy."

Madrighal notes 'comedy Dragon.' "Keli will like being a wise cracking dragon, I think. I should write her a song. She likes to sing…. Will there be a political subtext to the villains?" His tone is soothing, "You are a good man and take care of your people for the most part, but you did not think to get her tea nor asked if she wanted any. I am not saying you are a bad friend or prejudiced, merely that you did not think through what might happen to her if she were to fall pregnant just now. She clearly wanted you; you wanted her. I do not judge this. If it were not for love between Lord and performer, I would not exist, nor would my mother. I just think it is important in these matters that the woman have free choice as to what happens to her body and in her future." He is Dornish, after all, and in this room at the moment, a number of couples are kissing, some male and female, some same sex, some paid and some not. "A child is a serious thing for a woman of limited means. It is also a lot of work to raise a child alone, and a huge commitment. Can you tell me you had thought seriously about what it could mean for her?"

"No political subtext.", Loryn says quickly, "We don't want to risk offending any Targaryen or even Hightower. Perhaps some little speech on the valour and nobility of the dragon may be a good idea towards the end. But that's all…" He really doesn't like that other subject though and pouts a bit. "Yea well, there hasn't been no kid, so no need to get anyone's knickers in a twist, yea?", he says a little flippantly, "And if there HAD been… well, I would have paid, yea? No big deal…"

Madrighal nods, "That is likely wise. People wer still talking about the offense to the North that the Bear play represented and that was from before I arrived in the Reach. Best they not talk about you that way." To the flippancy, Madrighal responds with a Look. He says nothing, but what he thinks of Loryn's lack of empathy toward his Mistress is all over his face, along with his obvious disappointment in his friend.

Loryn actually looks rather embarrassed despite the flippancy and now a little upset at how the topic came up and went. "Look, I know I wasn't her first lover.", he tries to explain, "I was sure she knew how to go about things to not get pregnant. I asked her more than once if I could do anything for her. But she never said yes. Never asked me for moon tea. So I figured she was good… girls know how to take care of themselves, right?"

Madrighal looks at him steadily, with those too large pupils, "Do not we bastards have pride too? What else has she _but_ her pride? And this is westeros, not Dorne. Many girls are left ignorant of even the most basic facts of life. She was not, but might have been. I thought to make sure, though the conversation was an awkward one." Then he looks away, "I am no longer a man, and had no designs on her when I was. To be honest, I was more worried that your co-star might be… taking liberties when I broached the topic. Luckily, he was not. She was realistic about her prospects with you, but very much willing and spoke well of you. All I ask is that who ever you are…occupied with now or next, you think further than six inches ahead. You are a better man than this, I truly believe."

Loryn quirks a brow though it's not quite clear at what part of the speech. Finally he manages a little smirk though. "Well, don't worry, Madrighal. I appreciate your concern, but there's no chance in all seven hells for my new love to fall pregnant." He leaves it at that. Diplomatically. And gets to his feet. "I should be on my way. You probably wish to rest a little." He carefully puts the expensive lute aside. "Send me a message when you have come up with a melody or two and I'll be happy to come back…"

Madrighal laughs warm and bright, "Reach boys and their flirting…. Happy hunting then, Ser Loryn…. Please take no offense. I am.. still not quite myself. I will work on your music for you. I am… not as quick at composing as I was, but I will do my best."

"Of course.", Loryn says gently, "And please, if you ever need something… do not hesitate to call upon me, yes? I look forward to your music." He bows a little and heads out.

You say, "I think I would like the evening of music at your house soon. Perhaps when I have some new songs for us to play together."

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