(122-02-11) Miscreant Miscreation
Miscreant Miscreation
Summary: Lord Ormund has called for volunteers — warriors and whalers — to hunt the sea-snake that's been seen in the Sound, before the dolphins arrive and it starts eating them. The plan is to slay the creature, but Gromm has other ideas…
Date: 11/02/2015)
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Docks (#190RnF) Oldtown

Wed Feb 11, 122 ((Wed Feb 11 18:01:12 2015))

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and overcast.

The docks are lined with a vast array of wood-and-stone piers, cranes, and winches dedicated to the unloading and loading of cargo and passengers alike. Here, Oldtown's life-blood of food, medicine, and other necessary goods are brought into the city in large quantities, from every kind of ship imaginable.

Day and night, the docks are abuzz with activity, packed with throngs of stevedores, sailors, passengers, rivermen, fishermen, peddlers, and the veritable fleet of ships arriving and departing. There is a distinct smell of salt, rotting timbers, and fish here.

Oldtown's mighty fleet of warships sit at anchor here, some leaving, or arriving, from patrol duties. They announce their presence with the clamor of sailors' voices, and the deep throb of the drum beating time for the oarsmen aboard.

Lord Ormund had sent a call for seamen willing to hunt the Sound for the sea-snake — fishermen still report the creature's presence, and there's alarm. It might harm the dolphins, and that would be, at best, bad luck. So the Hightowers have provided a few smaller, swifter and more maneuverable ships from the fleet, and even crews to man them, but asked for warriors and whalers to come here to take command of the hunt, and see to the particulars of attacking a large marine creature.

Three small ships stand waiting at the docks, the Grey Gull, the Dolphinsong, and the Little Otter.

Killian's ship, the "Seal Prince," is docked next to the hunting ships, his crew mostly recovered from the celebration of Captain Killian's wedding last weekend. The oddly dressed Far Islander looks rather keen to hunt and is fair glowing with the vibrancy of a new and enthusiastic bridegroom.

A representative from House Targaryen has shown up to oversee the action. The unnamed Prince wears a leather helmet over his head, obscuring his pale hair and most of his features. The Prince's build would suggest the Maiden's Knight, but everyone knows he wears white armor and not black. Prince Maelys and Rhaegor or even Prince Dhraegon are ruled out; far too short and slight of frame. Others whisper that it may not be a Prince at all, but the warrior Princess Faelyn. Still, the red sigil of House Targaryen on the leather marks him as a Prince of Westeros.

The unknown Prince strides towards the ships, and hesitates a moment before walking towards the Little Otter.

Gromm rolls his shoulders, stepping down from the Harbourfront as he tilts his neck to the left and the right with little cracks. He is being followed by a fair grouping of people, who don't seem all too 'fair' in appearance. There's man roughly a few inches short of the pretty large Gromm himself. There are also three other men of small stature that are sluggishly drawing themselves along, all holding a bundle of three harpoons in their arms. And there's a hairy rounded man. Oh, and there's also Kai.

There isn't any muttering of who he is or what he's doing, because no one honestly cares. They just see him as some big guy with big and small guys around him. Gromm, from amongst the group glances to the left and the right for a bit, letting out a slow sigh before he shifts his weight off to the side and idly begins to strolling towards the Grey Gull.

They're small ships, the sort used to deliver messages rapidly, really. They don't need large crews, and the men who work them are standing by, watching to see what sort of warriors and whalers come aboard, and how they might be armed.

Yes, there is a Kai. A drunk Kai, actually. The dark-haired sellsword stumbles off in the opposite direction of Gromm and his men for a moment, before coming to a slow pause and looking over his shoulder, like a nervous squirrel if not for the fact that his expression remains entirely blank. He relases a slow 'hmm', before he throws his arms out in either direction, his journal and sword jumping at his side a little as he'd spin around, and then slide a foot forward to follow after Gromm, clicking his fingers a little and then jumping forward -.. Wait, is he dancing? Kai rocks his head back and forth as he lazily dances after Gromm towards the Grey Gull, expression blank but body moving in a rather interesting style, hands clapping together as he performs another lazy spin, and then stumbles.

The Prince stops, looks over the huge man and his drunk companion a moment before shaking his helmed head softly, and backing away from the gangplank leading to the ship. The other ships fill up leaving only the 'Seal Prince' with room. And so the Targaryen Prince attempts to board the Seal Prince. "You've need of another man?" The Prince asks in a voice that is high and pretty. Those Dragon Lords are a strange lot.

Killian's ship is not large like a galley or caravel, but it's fast, maneuverable, and sturdy and his people would not have survived so far out if they were not good whalers. He bows to the Prince and says in his archaic mishmash of Northern and Ironborn accents, "Thou hast permission to come aboard, your Grace. More strong arms are welcome."

Speaking of strong arms, Gromm glances back, eying one of the smaller men with the Harpoons before he nudges his head over towards the plank, letting him and his group begin to mount up onto the ship. His eyes drift over to Kai, blinking once before he grunts a but, looking back over before he begins to walk up and onto the ship again. "I'm commandeering this ship." he quietly says as he begins to head over towards the bow of the ship, "Get me a chair."

The master of the Grey Gull bows to Gromm, just a faint bit. He doesn't seem concerned, after all, Gromm isn't /really/ commandering the ship. He's got the Lord's permission to command it. Within reason. Or something. In any case, the man, a lean wirely-muscled redheaded fellow of about forty, sends a sailor to find Gromm a chair.

Kai strolls up onto the ship that Gromm seemingly takes control of, hands spread out wide as he carefully balances along the gangplank, and then jumps, landing atop the boat and glancing around, before he suddenly spots a bird flying through the sky and immediately squats down. He grasps for his journal, flicking it open and then retrieving a coal pencil from one of his pouches, humming idly to himself as he'd begin to draw its outline, nodding his head back and forth as he rolls on his heels.

Lord Ormund had sent a call for seamen willing to hunt the Sound for the sea-snake — fishermen still report the creature's presence, and there's alarm. It might harm the dolphins, and that would be, at best, bad luck. So the Hightowers have provided a few smaller, swifter and more maneuverable ships from the fleet, and even crews to man them, but asked for warriors and whalers to come here to take command of the hunt, and see to the particulars of attacking a large marine creature.

Three small ships stand waiting at the docks, the Grey Gull, the Little Otter, and Killian's own Seal Prince. The volunteers have just begun to board.

The Prince boards the Seal Prince. He lacks the wide stance of an experienced sailor, and scurries across the deck propelled by a slight wave that causes the little ship to bob slightly.

Reaching his left hand back as a young sailor saunters over and sets down a chair, Gromm grips onto it lightly before tucking it a bit over towards the back of his legs and then sitting down a bit, a groan from the wood of his seat. The man lets out a light grunt, and crosses his right leg over his left and then resting his hands upon a knee. "How many are on the ship?" he quietly asks, his left hand coming over briefly to wave his hand around a bit, flexing his fingers towards himself before one of the small dudes hand him a harpoon, which he takes hold of. "Also, I plan to move out as soon as possible.", adds the man, eyes drifting back and forth along the horizon, casually shifting his weight with the wave and bob, still just sitting there.

Lord knows Hawke likes to stick his nose into everything that looks remotely interesting, and thus it comes that the Greyjoy shows up, sword belt hanging low off his right hip, and the bastard's sauntering, cheeky, grinning, somehow amused at the world, and just generally looking like trouble. "Sea snakes, eh?" he hollers at Killian.

"Five," says the Grey Gull's master, "Not counting your own men. Shall we make way, then?"

Killian eyes the Prince and his lack of sea legs, "Wouldst thou like a chair, My Prince?" And then he's leaning over the side and grinning at Hawke, "Come about and hunt this great big snake with us!"

Gromm takes that into consideration, glancing back at the Grey Gull's master with a silent stare for a second or two before he nods. "That will do." says Gromm, looking forward as he leans forward a bit, resting his right elbow against his knee a bit as he leans in, "Forward." he says, his eyes shifting off to the hairy man at his side. "Go make sure Kai doesn't fall off." he says with a nudge of his head, and thus the practical yeti nods and heads off over to Kai, "Ye' all'roight?"

Kai slowly stands up after finishing his sketch of the seagull he saw flying overhead, glancing either way before he drops his journal to his side, where it hangs from a string. He'd look towards the master of the Grey Gull for a moment, before he'd turn off to stumble over towards the side of the ship, squinting a little as he'd lean over the ledge, appearing to be a bit unstable, perhaps more so because of the several tankards of rum he downed earlier rather than the rocking of the ship. As Gromm addresses him, he'd slowly look over towards him, "Don't tell me how to live my life." He would reply, before going back to looking at the ocean.

The Gull's master gives Gromm a roll-eyed look, just briefly and mostly hidden. Forward just won't do, they need to push away from the docks. Even so, the man knows what's meant. More or less. He starts to shout orders, and the sailors hurry to push the ship back and out, so that she can set sail and move out onto the sound. They are efficient, and the Grey Gull is underway quickly.

"No. Thank you." The Prince says in his pretty voice as he gazes across the harbor towards the open sea a moment. As he regains his balance his grip on the railing relaxes, and he turns his helm-covered head to survey the two Ironborn with bright violet colored eyes.

Hawke snorts at Killian, amused, but that seems to be all the invitation he needs; he's missed being aboard a ship, and it doesn't take him much to unstick himself and hitch himself aboard, a handful of rope levered to heave himself aboard with the familiarity of someone more comfortable at sea than on land. "Just tie th'damn thing in knots," he says, wry.

Killian bows politely again to the Prince. He gives his friend hawke a welcoming thump on the back, then starts ordering his men to pull up the plank and cast off. his crew, like his boat are a bit larger than Gromm's, as she must double for a raider as well as a whaler and brave the rough oceans of the North. His men definitely know what they are about and they are soon under way. For all the unworldly air, Captain Killian rules his crew with a firm hand.

It's still weather, calm, and the Sound is a kindly place to sail. Which makes for somewhat slow going, but it's easy. It also makes for a long view — one can scan the waters for a great distance.

Gromm didn't notice. Or, at least doesn't appear to. But the former is probably the case anyways. When he feels the ship beginning to move, designated by the slight brushing of air that rests against him, he smirks a bit in silent contemplation as he glances back towards the master, "Where in the sound were the snaked generally said to be around, if in anyway particular? Also, if you have raw meat on board, I want two sailors at the bow and the poop deck hanging them along by hooks held with rope. My men will watch." he says, quietly looking out towards the waters as they begin on outwards. "Kai, keep an eye out. And someone, keep an eye on Kai."

Those who are scanning the water can see it. A ripple. A little puff of mist.

The Targaryen gains his sea legs slowly as they sail out into the harbor, and begins pacing up and down the length of the deck near the front of the ship. He pauses in his pointless steps to hold his hand over his eyes before pointing, "There. Did you see them?"

Kai appears to have found himself over amongst the sailors of the Grey Gull, helping to tie off the sails after they've pushed off, despite his apparent drunkness. He doesn't really pay attention to Gromm, but keeps an idle eye out regardless, spotting a little ripple. He'd lean back a little, half-way up the rope which he now appears to be climbing, and idly gestures in the direction of the puff of mist, "Gromm, there." He'd say, gesturing over towards it as he goes to climb a bit higher.

Gromm nods, "I saw it at as well." says the mountainous man before he brings himself to stand, grabbing his chair and sliding it around before he sits on it backwards with a slight sigh, "We're going to head directly for it." he says with a nudge of his head forwards somewhat, "Before them." he says, casting a glance off towards the other ship(s) before looking back. One of the young guys comes over, offering Kai a harpoon, seemingly.

The Grey Gull's sailing master shouts a few orders to change course, making directly for the ripple.

Hawke, cheerfully not having to boss around a crew, just makes himself useful - meaning, of course, that he plants a boot on a locker and hangs out near the rail, the easy, calm waters causing no real concern for upheaval. Thus, he has no real trouble spotting the puff(s?) of mist, and he just calls over, "Movement over'n broadside, Killian," in a casual sort've way; he's probably not terribly convinced of the thing being a 'monster' yet.

Killian stands at the prow, his sea coloured eyes gazing far out ahead, a crewman look out watching from above as well. There is a patience about him as he does so. He trusts the Prince and the other captain to stay out of the way of the sailors and not let a swinging boom bonk them on the head. He starts calling out orders to angle the ship towards the snake, and soon harpoons are being offered to the guests and put ready to hand for captain and crew. The Seal Prince's design is old fashioned, but she is yar. Soon they headed that way.

Kai frowns slightly as the harpoon is offered, and then nods, flicking his index and middle finger a little so that the goon chucks him the harpoon, which he manages to catch a little haphazardly, rocking back and forth amongst the ropes for a moment before he speaks up, "Depending on its length and speed, it may already have repositioned." He'd say, keeping a steady eye on his surroundings, mind clearing up a little as potential danger and death grows ever nearer.

There's another puff, twin blasts of mist, as whatever it is breathes again, and then a sinuous shape lifts out of the water. A flash of colour — bright blue, bright yellow. Then it's gone. Another ripple, this time a very long one, as the creature dives.

Gromm leans off t the right a bit, frowning a bit as his right hand comes over to scratch his chin, staring forwards a bit as he see's this. "This isn't just some sea snake." he says, still with a bit of a puzzled look before he stands up from the chair, sliding it off to the side, "Get as close as possible to it. /Before/ the others." he says, looking back over and down toward the master of the ship, shooting his gaze upwards, "Kai. We're taking it alive." he says, before heading over towards bow of the ship, to stand at its end, harpoon down at his side.

The Prince leans forward at the fore, and gazes out into where that bright flash of color passed by. "It could be a dragon." He says, "And if it's a dragon? It's property of the Crown. Hold you spears until we know what it is for sure."

Kai glances down at Gromm for a moment, before glancing back towards the other ships, "You'll have to get close. I'll go first to try and make an opening." He simply says, taking a slow breath in and then exhaling, closing his eyes momentarily.

"Alive?" says the Grey Gull's master. "Who said anything about alive?!"

Killian breathes, "It's a pretty one," the 'r' rolled on his tongue like he savours it. "T'would be a shame to kill it either way. How might we… encourage it to move on to other waters, Prince? Thou hast the kenning of Dragons better than I.

There's another set of mist-puffs, and the thing's head rises from the water again. It's gotten a lot closer. It's fast. It doesn't look like a dragon, there are no horns. It looks like a snake, blue on top and striped yellow and black on it's underside? Hard to tell. It's gone under the water an instant later.

That bright color still has Hawke dubious, and the Prince's comment has him biting his tongue. For once, though, he keeps his smart-ass comments to himself, simply moving about the ship to keep an eye on the thing. He's curious, wat.

Gromm takes a half step back before looking over towards the master, "We're going to take it alive." he says, stepping back a bit before nudging his head over towards the front, yelling out, "And if any of you have a problem with that, you're bait!" he says, with a slight growl before sliding his foot back and facing forward towards the creature. "Prepare harpoons!"

And at that, the Grey Gull's master goes a bit grey himself. His eyes widen. He says, "Fuck."

"If it is a dragon?" The Prince's smile can be heard under his helm. "There isn't a damned thing we can do to encourage it to do anything. Dragons cannot be commanded unless they want to be." He stares at the creature another moment before pulling off his helm. His face is feminine. Beautiful, even. Still, with his figure obscured under leathers it's hard to determine what his gender is. With his helm off he stares into the distance, "That's no dragon."

Killian nods acknowledgement to the Prince, not commenting on the beauty and/or possible gender of the Prince. "Have we permission to do what makes best sense then, Prince?" He gives orders that to an experienced sailor or captain suggest he is trying to angle the ship so they might meet the snake's head coming in an acute angle along the length of the snake's body, the better to turn it towards the open sea or alternately to get as many harpoons lined up along the broad side to attack it with.

It is, quite suddenly, there. The snake rears up over the Grey Gull's bow. It's big. Thick as Gromm's waist, even at the narrow spot where its head meets its body. The little ship leaps on the water with a rough thud as the creature twists about to whack the Gull across her beam, under the water.

Gromm grunts a bit, sliding his right foot back as he nudges his head over to his men as they distribute harpoons to themselves with a quiet muttering as they all get themselves ready. Clearly they were in on the gig the entire time, as they seem come and collected, as if they've been practicing for this for a while. T'was all a ruse! "I want the majority of harpoons on the snake, we're aiming not to kill but to annoy. I want some harpoons aimed towards the other ships as well, I don't want a fucking—" he begins to say before he looks over towards the water, seeing a bit of a dark spot slick its way under the ship and then the ship begins the rise, prompting him to lurch around a bit with a slight growl, "It's here." he says, before he looks over to Kai, as if waiting for him to do something.

"Do what you need." The Prince says. He puts his helm back on, and draws his sword from his waist. His eyes widen slightly as the sea serpent surfaces, and knocks the Grey Gull's bow. He stands behind the line of harpooners, far enough to be out of the way while close enough to add in the tip of his sword if needed.

The snake, arching over the Grey Gull, opens its mouth and hisses. It's got fangs, like any viper. Curved. Translucent. Dripping.

"Now that's a big fuckin' snake," comments Hawke, staring. Perhaps, even, a little surprised. Impressed. He can't really do much, where he is, but.

Kai's already flying, sailing through the air as the snake's head lifts over the ship, harpoon held in hand. The ropes he was holding onto swing back and forth from where he jumped, and he lifts the harpoon over onto his shoulder as he attempts to slam the harpoon into the snake's eye socket, roaring loudly at the top of his lungs, hair and journal flowing behind him as body twists with his movements.

Killian's ship comes around the other side, and being in position, Killian lifts his harpoon and shouts, "Fire at will!" Suiting action to word and aiming to do real damage, although harpoon work is not his strongest skill as a Captain, while trusting his men to know what to do.

Possibly yelling at the snake wasn't such a great idea. It snaps about to face Kai just as he leaps for it, and his harpoon skips over its skin to the edge of its jaw, where it sinks into its neck, if a snake could be said to have one.

Gromm quietly takes a step forward, taking in a deep breath before he lets out a quiet sigh, making his way over towards the massive snake that looms overhead, his breathing shaking slightly before his left hand comes over and grabs onto his helmet, slipping it off as a wide smile is seen, his eyes wide as he stares forward at it before they begin to slip back into his head. His left foot slips back somewhat and he falls to his knees as he hits the bed of the bow, seemingly unconscious as he now goes into a intense battle to control the beast with a big ol' massive mind battle. Fun!

"What in the Seven Hells are they doing over there?" The Prince mutters under his helm after he watches the drunk fellow jump off of the ship in a manner that would impress most tumblers, and stab the big beast in the throat. Simultaneously, the huge bald man passes out for some unknown reason.

Killian is too busy trying to fight a poisonous giant sea snake to notice the silliness the folks on the other boat are engaging in. Instead the harpoon twacks into the monster's neck, close to the base of it's head. His crew is also quite sensibly trying to kill the thing, those not needed to steer the ship and the like.

The giant snake thrashes, bleeding now. It dives, taking Kai with it. The thing must be near seventy feet long. The end of its tail smacks the surface of the water as it disappears. It's not like a land-snake's tail, it's flat. It's got a pretty pattern of blue and yellow chevrons on it.

Kai exhales sharply as he slides down the snake a bit after his harpoon slams into it, grunting. He'd look down to see Gromm hit the deck, and then glances off in the direction of the other boats as the harpoons fly towards him and the snake. He'd grit his teeth a little as one of the harpoons slams a bit of a way above him, and he'd go to pull himself up on his harpoon to reach for the higher one, trying to make his way back up towards the snakes head whilst screaming, "Gromm, take it under!"

Visenya is totally busy. Guarding the harpooners with a sword in case that big ass snake swoops down totally counts as busy!

The water is suddenly quiet, just the streak of blood the snake left behind. Some little fishes come to the smell.

Gromm is still quietly laying up against the ships bed, his men coming over to shift him slightly as he lays there, making sure that when he wakes up he isn't completely pissed off at a confusing position. Setting him down a bit more centralized with the ship, his eyes are still rolled into the back of his head as he's off in dreamland, so everyone else may think. Well everyone else except his crew, who simply seem to be waiting eagerly.

The Grey Gull's master is simply shouting, "Where did the damn thing go!?"

Killian and his men simply snatch up more harpoons and wait, scanning the water. Killian asks the Prince, "What were you saying about the crew of the Gull?

Killian and his men simply snatch up more harpoons and wait, scanning the water. Killian asks the Prince, "What were ye saying about the crew of the Gull?" The more formal speech abandoned in the heat of battle.

"The big man." The Prince says as his sword arm relaxes slightly. "He just passed out." He relaxes his arm more before letting the tip of his sword point to the floor. "And that funny little one? He rode the damned serpent down into the waves."

Gromm pages Gashlycrumb and Kai: Here I go for another roll of destiny

The snake appears at the surface again, some distance back the way it had come from. But now it turns, heading back towards the boats. Not directly towards them; if it keeps with the new course it sets, swimming along the surface, it will pass to the south of them on its way deeper into the sound and closer to Oldtown.

As the snake surfaces once more, Kai can, for the keen of eye, be seen rearing his head back and taking in a massive breath of hair, spluttering a little afterwards. His left arm, it can be seen, appears to have been thrusted half-way into the wound that the harpoon he is hanging onto had created, a last-ditch effort to keep himself attached before he passed out. He'd shake his head violently, blinking haphazardly as well as all he can do for the moment is continue to try and hold on.

Kai pages Gashlycrumb and Gromm: Was going to do the arm-in-wound part before it resurfaced, but ran out of le time.

Killian looks sharply at the Prince, really looking at him for the first time, eyebrows raised, "Did he now? The little one, I saw. Battle madness perhaps?" Then the men are calling and pointing spears at the snake, and he is yelling, "Bring her around! She's a danger to shipping!" He looks about for Hawke, before glaring with real fury at the Gull.

Gromm is just laying like he's having the time of his damn life, his crew members snickering to one another as they set him up in sexy poses for the hell of it, his mouth agape slightly for a bit as he lies, waiting to be drawn like one of his french girls. Whose french girls? WHo knows. Also, what's a french? Anyways.

The sea snake doesn't seem very keen to have Kai riding it. It twists in the water as it swims, to submerge the man.

Usually, Kai would have gotten out before he could have been taken under again, but with his arm half-way inside the beast, and pinned in by the harpoon, that is not a choice. As they go to submerge, Kai inhales sharply, drawing his blade swiftly and then flicking it around, going to slam the blade into the snakes neck, and then they are under again. Kai lifts his blade and attempts to slam it into the thing's flesh again and again, trying to work his arm out of the wound and out from under the harpoon.

Hawke's been watching with interest, but there's not a terrible lot for him to be actually doing aside from keep out of the way, but when Killian approaches him his brows climb high. He sucks his teeth, considering as he watches the snake, and, without answering, says, "Who?"

"That thing could overturn smaller vessels." The Prince observes in a strangely detached, almost academic voice. And then he launches into action. He cups his hands around his mouth and shouts out in a loud, commanding voice, "By will of the Crown and House Targaryen you are to follow your commands from the Captain of -THIS SHIP-." He points a gloved finger at the master of the Gray Gull, and jabs it to indicate that the order is directed at him. The captain of the other vessel is given that same finger jab. That said, he turns a head to Killian, "If you got someone with those flag signal thingamabobs get them up there."

The snake writhes in the water, blood streaming from its wounds. Fortunately, it's far enough not to hit any of the ships. The waves it creates just lap against them, softly.

Gromm grunts lightly, his brows furrowing before his eyes slowly open. He plants a hand down onto the ground as he finds himself with his ass literately in the air from some of his men, hearing there snickers and growling a bit, prompting them to back off and hush up, though struggling to not continue to laugh. Gromm picks himself up to his feet, taking in a deep breath before letting out a quiet sigh, looking over towards the captain, "It's as good as dead." he says simply, before looking back over to the other ship and letting out a yell, "Suck my dick!"

The snake is at the surface, thrashing about, trying to wipe Kai off of itself with its big heavy scaled coils.

Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab-… His arm stuck, the serpent flailing, rolling. Kai couldn't get away if he tried, so he does not try to. As they come up once more, Kai takes in a sharp breath of air, and then stabs again, except this time his falchion snaps against the snake's scales. He glances down at the blade for a moment, before throwing it aside. He'd look down at the harpoon and his arm, before his fingers slowly wrap around the harpoon, and his feet push against the snakes flesh.

Killian obediently sends a man up the rigging to try to semaphore the warning, though not with much hope. Hethen bellows in a carrying voice so both crews might hear, "Dying or no, best we get between snake and shore and try to hasten it's passing and no more nonsense!" he says something in a low voice to Hawke, then gives quiet order to the sailing Master of his own ship. The sailing master in the seal Prince starts giving specific orders to the men to make it happen, while also keeping the Gull in shouting distance in case more yelling is needed.

Hawke's gaze cuts to Killian, studying, but he only gives a low 'mn' in his throat, eyes looking back to the writhing, dying sea-snake with narrowed eyes. He says nothing in reply, but he looks thoughtful.

The Grey Gull's master looks away from the tormented snake-vs-Kai battle on the water, to meet the gaze, or rather, the pointed finger of the Targaryen Prince. He nods sharply and scans the Seal Prince's decks for further orders.

"Bring us about!" Shouts the Gull's sailing-master, and her crew scramble to turn the little ship and pursue the snake, on the beasts' landward side.

Gromm rolls his shoulders a bit, taking in a slow breath before letting out a quiet sigh, "Oi, Gully." he says, looking towards the Grey Gull's master. "Head over to the beast. We're gonna finish it off, or simply just reel it in if it's dead by the time we get there." he says, moving over to pick up his helmet and fit it on with a quiet sigh. Looking over to one of his men he nudges his head over, "Boris, get a harpoon and get ready."

Killian offers Hawke a harpoon again as the ships maneuver closer to the serpent, then turns to a sailor, "Best to get a rope ready for the man who's overboard." His own harpoon is ready as he watches snake and Gull for sudden movements.

With a great roar, Kai tears the harpoon, and his arm out of the snake's flesh, the harpoon cutting into his arm, some blood flicking off to the side as he flails the harpoon off to his side. He'd go to step forward, but the snake twists and he finds himself flailing forward. Still, the dark-haired sellsword grits his teeth, hissing through them as he'd twist, and go to slam his harpoon into the snake's throat, under its head from where he falls.

The Grey Gull's master appears to ignore Gromm, and the ship begins to pick up speed once its turn is complete, staying landward of the great sea snake.

The sea snake's head comes above water again, its fanged mouth open as it gasps, blood streaming from the harpoon wounds at the base of its blue-and-yellow head. It's thrashing has slowed, but it suddenly breaches even further out of the water when Kai's harpoon strikes home. Sparkling spray comes up about it, diamonds of pure sea-water and rubies of the same, but bloodied, liquid.

The Prince sheathes his sword, and turns to grab for a length of rope from wherever-the-hell-rope-is-kept-on-a-ship. He secures the rope before leaning close to the side to throw it out to Kai. As they gain on the serpent and the man he hurls the rope out for the man to grab.

Hawke takes the harpoon Killian offers, hitching it up and watching as they near; it looks like the sea-snake is near-death, he waits for now, looking more intrigued than anything.

When the snakes breaches he calls out, harpoons away and aim away from that man out there. he throws another spear, trying to hasten the beast's demise, as the longer it thrashes, the more apt it is to do some random damage to boat or person.

Gromm takes in another breath before sighing, his left hand coming over to motion the men over, "Get the nets." he says as he quietly walks along the ship before he brings his harpoon over and quietly tosses it over towards the head of the snake for good measure as his men move to, without any permission at all, get some nets as Gromm quietly takes off the majority of his armor until he's just in simple clothes and drops down into the water, moving to swim over to his homie dog G and grab onto him.

Kai grits his teeth as he hangs loosely from the beasts neck, harpoon still in its neck. His left arm hangs loosely, dripping blood into the ocean below. He glances as ropes are thrown in his direction, and grits his teeth as he realizes he has no real way of reaching for them without releasing the harpoon, which, considering the beast is still alive, he has no desire to do. With a grunt, Kai kicks back and tears the harpoon out of the serpents flesh, and falls down into the ocean with harpoon in hand. Swimming with a useless arm, a harpoon in hand and just his two feet is difficult, and he is no veteran swimmer, but he tries to make his way closer to the serpent, knowing that if it flicks its body around when he's at a distance, he'd probably die instantly. Plus, he wants to finish the job.

The snake's thrashing is weaker — it is, after all, now bleeding from four harpoons. It snaps its jaws at Kai.

Gromm coils himself slightly, taking a deep breath as he allows himself to sink down, kicking over towards Kai as his arms come around and back along his sides as he makes his way over towards the man. Moving to wrap an arm around his waist, he looks much like a big muscular toad trying to kidnap an injured person and save them from downing, except with a lack of spots and more webbed feet. And less muscular. And more Gromm looking. Gromm, however, goes downwards for a moment with Kai, furrowing his brows a bit as he eyes the snake as he moves to let Kai get a good angle, before getting ready to bolt right back up.

Killian's harpoon falls short, alas, and though he swims like a dolphin, he's in command here and can not bet helping with any rescuing. "Aim for the head! That thing could still bite that Berserker!"

Killian pages Gashlycrumb and Hawke: Alas, Gromm is too close to Kai to chance a stabbing right now.

Kai takes a breath as Gromm moves to drag him under, waiting for a moment before he'd twist forward, planting his feet against his muscular friend's chest, and then kicking forward as hard as he can, going to come up from under it's mouth and slam his harpoon up into it's mouth with as much power as he can muster in his tired state, teeth gritted.

The snake's jaws are wide, but its strike is slow and weak. Killian's harpoon enters its palate, and is quickly followed by Hawke's, hitting where its ear ought to be. It writhes in the water, weakly now, unable to close its jaws. When it starts to sink, bubbles escape its open maw.

Hawke hefts the harpoon, and, with more glee than should strictly be necessary, takes aim and flings it; he almost looks surprised he hits it. "Take that, y'fucker," he says, smug, and fails to look terribly worried about the people floundering in the water with the snake; this Greyjoy certainly ain't jumping in to rescue.

The Prince watches this all transpire with a dispassionate look on his face. As the snake begins to sink he turns towards Killian to say, "If they are brought on board I want them taken into custody." He glances into the bloodied water before shrugging, "And if they aren't? Well, I suppose drowning is worse than anything I could do to them."

Gromm kicks his feet upward as he Sees Kai move over to slam the harpoon into its mouth, when he sees it having entered the snakes maw, as well as the two others that come in, he grunts a bit, a few bubbles escaping his mouth as he kicks up and over towards the Grey Gull, rising with a cough as he takes in a breath and hefts him up for the hairy man to grab onto Kai and begin to pull him up. Gromm's a bit too big to be pulled up himself, and so he pushes himself back and moves to grab a hold of the rope dropped by the pretty prince, "Lift me." he simply says, staring up at them blankly.

Killian gives the Prince a look of charmed delight, "You heard him men. Bring those two aboard and restrain them!" Then he bellows to the Gull, "Sail back to the peir! We'll handle it from here!"

The Gull's crew run to help bring Kai back aboard. Except the ship's master, who merely looks disgusted and then shouts, in response to Killian's order, "Bind him to the mainmast!"

The snake is not bouyant, it seems. It sinks, gently.

Before Gromm comes, Kai slowly shoves his harpoon deeper and deeper into the serpents flesh as he sinks underneath it, pushing it so deep up into it's head that he can't even touch the harpoon. His vision fails him as he finishes, and he can barely kick off to the side before everything goes black, his blood rising from his cut left arm. And then he's grabbed by Gromm, and hefted up onto the boat, spluttering a little, but still unconscious.

Hawke looks almost disappointed as the thing sinks, leaning over the rail to watch, but is entirely useless on helping pull the two that were in the water on board; he gives them an eyeing, seeming perfectly content to let the rest of the sailors on board haul them up. "Shit. I was sort've hopin' we'd drag it in. Might show up on shore in a day 'r two."

Killian growls pitched to carry to the sailing Master, the Prince, and Hawke, "Best to let it go and stick close to the Gull, that big idiot might be about to foment mutiny and I want to be close enough for harpoons and boarding in need be in case her crew be needing help."

The Gull's crew works fast to bind Kai to the ship's mast before he wakes up. He's not as big as Gromm, but he's surely a frightening lunatic.

Gromm grunts, furrowing his brows a bit as he had surfaced a while longer, blankly staring upwards to hear the words "Restrain them.", furrow his brows, he casts a glance to his own men that are on the Gull, who are looking rather distasteful, but mind themselves seemingly as they all gather their own things, before he looks back up towards the boat he's near. Pulling himself up by the rope, he grunts as he begins to rise and simply looks around for setting his gaze down upon the Targaryen in particular.

The sailing master of the Grey Gull shouts across the water, "Ready to make way, to port?!" at Killian.

Kai's head lolls to the side for a moment after he's tied to the mast, wincing a little as he lazily wakes up, glancing around for a moment, and then grunting… He'd scan the scene quickly, before releasing a short sigh. He'd begin to rub his right wrist up against the mast, looking across at Gromm on the other boat for a moment before he'd close his eyes and go back to being unconscious, or at least, pretend to be.

Killian bellows, "Make way to port," as he advances on the big man himself with any crew not busy obeying that order. His expression is murderous and he has not set aside the harpoon.

The Prince is not a big man. He has a slight figure, and is short for a man. Certainly the massive Gromm towers over him. And yet he strides forward with the sort of cocky assurance that the well-born seem to possess in spades. "Suck your cock?" Placing a hand on his waist in an almost feminine manner he lets out a high little laugh. And then he asks Killian, "Captain, what do your people do with his lot?"

That order received, the Grey Gull tacks and makes way towards the docks, not at full sail — she has no intention of leaving the Seal Prince far behind, not with Gromm's men abord.

Settling himself onto his feet rather quickly, Gromm glances downwards towards his wet clothes a bit before lazily looking up to Killian, and then over to the Prince, "They have a habit of dying." he adds absently, before looking back over to Killian with a quirk of his right brow, simply watching.

Hawke laughs despite himself, looking amused, and he just props himself up against the mast to watch this all play out, apparently deciding that he's not getting terribly involved. Not his ship!

Kai gives his wrist a quick flick under the ropes, and his throwing knife slides out from under his shirt into his hand. He'd exhale slowly, before smoothly cutting his bindings, working quickly as the others are focusing on something else. Once he's free enough, he'd idly step out from the bindings, and smoothly make his way over to the Captain of the Gull, flicking his knife around and bringing it to his throat, "Don't move." He'd simply say, glancing across towards the other boat and shouting, "Attention, please!"

The Grey Gull's master goes stiff in Kai's arms, his eyes widening in alarm at the touch of that knife at his throat. "Gick," he says, very quietly.

Killian says something in the Old tongue of the North, in a coldly furious tone, glaring death at Gromm, then says in the Common tongue of Westeros, "Surrender or die. Yer nonsense could have endangered the whole port. If ye fight oh my ship then it is death. Let us tie ye and you can take thy chances on shore with the Prince's men."

Killian responds to Kai's bellow with, "take this man dowen now. sailing Master, move in to position to board!" To bad about the hostage.

Listens calmly to Killian's words, keeping an eye on his surroundings and glancing towards Gromm's men, hissing towards them, "Leave, now." He would say, before looking back across the way, and shouting once more, keeping a firm hold on the Captain from behind, remaining silent for a moment at Killian's words, and then shouting again, "I would like to negotiate my musclebound friend's release, in exchange for this man's life and my own freedom." He'd reply, despite the man's disregard of the hostage.

Hawke looks like life is just grand; now a fight? He has no idea what he's fighting for, but boarding ships gets an Iron Islander's blood pumping more than sea snakes. His sword's drawn, left-handed, and he just grins, broad. "You people just make th' best decisions."

The Grey Gull's redheaded commander looks distinctly unhappy. Outright miserable. He stares across the water at the other boat with his widened eyes, swallowing.

Gromm's men promptly move into position to take out concealed knives from their pockets if they have no harpoons, or to otherwise get a good angle with it at the nearest sailor of the Gull as Gromm blinks at Killian, "So she didn't tell you?" he asks a bit puzzled before sighing and shaking his head, "No, of course she didn't." he says. He glances back over towards his men, slowly blinking before looking forwards again, "I won't kill you simply to not hear her chew me out." he says, quietly shifting his weight a bit, as he doesn't particularly mention who the 'she' is he's speaking about.

They're not entirely dim, those Gull sailors. At least one of them managed to disappear below, and a second starts to climb the mast the moment he sees those knives come out.

"Do you think the Crown negotiates?" The Prince calls out across the expanse between the two ships. "Let me paint a picture for you. If I release you then you will leave Westeros at once. You will have no quarter here. No shelter. Nothing. House Targaryen does not forget. I will hunt you, and my cousins, and my brothers will hunt you. Do you have any idea what you're dealing with?" His eyes trace over to Gromm briefly before shouting, "So, I offer you an alternative. You release that man, and I'll take you into custody. You may be whipped, but your lives will be yours."

Kai sighs a little, before slowly lifting his throwing knife from the Captain's throat, idly patting him on the shoulder, "Nobility, right?" He'd say, before stepping off to the side and looking to one of Gromm's other men, "Harpoon." He would say simply, promptly catching one as one of the men chucks him one. Soon afterwards, he would inhale slowly, before sliding a foot forward, lifting the harpoon and throwing it up into the sky. It sails upwards, and then curves downwards, before slamming into the deck a few meters away from Gromm.

"The world huntin' you would be right shit, mate," says the peanut gallery, cheerfully. Hawke looks itchy, though, eyeing Gromm and the scattering crew like he's just expecting chaos to boil over at any second - and then, lo, harpoons! "Fuck," he snaps, and then then just grins a dark, dark grin. "I think that's a no to your kind 'n generous offer."

Once released, the master of the Grey Gull makes a run for the companionway, to go below.

Kai stands in place for a few moments as the master of the ship runs off, and then leans over slowly towards one of his companions, whispering into their ear briefly before he nods, and runs off to go under deck, taking another fellow with him as they head under. Kai crosses his arm slowly, gazing over the scene before him with a calculated gaze.

"Fuck indeed." The Prince echoes in his pretty voice before he reaches for his sword. His hand briefly closes around the pommel before he changes his mind, and instead reaches for the whip hanging at his belt. Christian Gray has nothing on the typical Dragon Lord. He unfurls the black leather whip with the platinum dragon's head handle, and flicks it back to sound out a nasty crack. His voice is silky and as sweet as a woman's as he says, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

The man in the Grey Gull's crosstrees tries to throw a wooden tackle-block down at Kai's head, grazing the man's shoulder instead.

Kai manages to step inside, but it still grazes his shoulder, and his shoulder jerks downwards. He gasps a little, wincing as he'd go to hold his shoulder. Luckily it was his left one, and his arm is still a little useless, but still, it hurt. "Keep an eye out on them, but don't engage. It won't matter for much longer, just hold out until we're ready." He'd say, exhaling slowly as he now keeps an eye on the sailors as well.

Gromm tilts his head back slightly, his eyes widening slightly as he seemingly registers some of the earlier words of Old Tongue that Killian said. "I won't kill you." he says casually, his right hand inching down towards the grip of the polearm, seamlessly yanking it out from the ship as he takes a half step forward, his left hand coming to push it down a bit as his right wrist twists a bit, pulling it out and inhaling sharply as he spins the weapon a bit a moves for slide forward a bit towards Killian, rising his polearm as he moves in a wide circle, moving to try and snag at the man and parry whatever attack may be incoming from elsewhere with the movement.

Killian is fast, but not quite fast enough that he isn't grazed through his padded tunic. He slashes for a leg, "And I will not give thee my ship while I live!" He snaps, "Get him, men!"

"I thought you would make this hard." The Prince only sounds moderately expensive. He pulls the thick dragon-whip back before lashing at the huge man's back.

Hawke's no stranger to unfair fights; when the fight bursts out, he gleefully steps in to join Killian in the bout.

Gromm would be moving around, but not quite fast enough as he feels the familiar of a particular tool slicing along his back, a large lash left that burns read with a cut, blood beginning to trickle a bit before he stumbles a bit to the side, his eyes wide as saucers as he stares towards Visenya, a mixture of terror and anger on his face to make whatever twisted expression that might be, fumbling back a bit as he breaths a bit heavy, staring at her with a bit of awe before he says, "You had… To have a fucking whip."

The men who followed Gromm back on the Gull begin to move, aiming to rush at as many sailors as they can.

Whilst most everyone on the opposite vessel is focused on Gromm, the two men that went under deck earlier arise, with three lanterns, all three lit and stuffed with extra cloth to get the fire really going. "Leave them with me." He would say, before closing one of the lanterns and flicking it about, before he'd exhale sharply, sharply throwing it at the sails of Killian's ship.

The man in the crosstrees tries again, now hurling a marline-spike down at Kai. His aim with this rather aerodynamic object is considerably improved. It's vicious, it's sharp, and it flies true.

After the lantern leaves Kai's grasp, he grits his teeth as he feels a spike slam into his right shoulder, and stumbles forward a bit, placing his left shoulder against the wheel and gasping a little, "FUCK." He'd yell, sharply inhaling and then whipping his head around to glare at the sailor, but then he falls to a knee in the same motion, thus making the attempt at intimidation quite a failure. He grunts, crawling over to the other two lantern as he bleeds, his vision beginning to go black.

And the glass lantern, burning at its wick and filled with oil, strikes the Seal Prince's mainsail. There's a little pop, and it seems like the thing is just going to bounce away from the canvas. And then it catches.

Killian catches sight of the flame in the corner of his eyes and if he was furious before he is incandescent now. No one messes with a man's ship and it's one of this yahoo's friends who is endangering her. Firing a ship is not funny and he needs this handled before he can afford to turn his back. He stabs hard and angry at Gromm with a wordless bellow that comes from deep in his chest. He yells to the sailing Master, "Solve that now!" trusting the man to know his business.

Hawke's not as invested in the fight as Killian, and so he spots the lantern go aloft; he may not be the captain of this ship, but he's standing aboard this one, dammit. Something snaps in him at that instant, going from happy-carefree to deadly in a flash, and, though he stifles the words that began to come unbidden, abandons the fight to snag one of those damn harpoons. And go look for the person throwin' fire.

Gromm pants lightly, now, looking around carefully but he cant help but keep his eyes on Visenya and her whip with a considerable look of fear. He moves to step back, but feel his leg twist somewhat before he slides back, seemingly going down to stumble before he feels the intense pain of a blade finding itself into his collarbone, inhaling sharply before biting down on his lip and stopping himself from screaming as he hits the ground, and his head against the floor with a thud. Boom, the otherwise rather dangerous guy is down and out. If it wasn't just the impact and stab that put him out, it was definitely that whip.

Fortunately for Kai, the sailor in the Gull's crosstrees has run out of things to throw. Not so fortunately, the ship's seemingly cowardly sailing-master has run up after the guys who've made the Gull's lanterns into fire-bombs, and now he throws himself at one of them, in an attempt to simply push Gromm's man, fire-bomb and all, overboard.

With a slow exhale of breath, Kai slowly moves to stand, holding a lantern in hand. He'd stay still for a moment, before taking in a deep breath, and then exhaling, "One of you, stay here and set the ship alight. The rest of you with me, get Gromm and take him overboard, and out of the area." He would say, before suddenly he's running forward, placing his foot against the railing of the Gull, and then launching himself across to the opposite vessel, one or two of Gromm's men detaching from their scuffles with the sailors to follow whilst the sailing master comes back for vengance. As Kai lands on the opposite vessel, he'd be fairly close to Gromm, he'd throw his lantern down onto the deck, the flames bursting outwards as he'd motion for the two that came with him to go and try to take Gromm to drag him overboard, whilst Kai stands about, trying to distract pretty much everyone else.

The Gull's captain fails to push Gromm's man overboard. In fact, he gets grappled, and a hot lantern shoved in his face. He screams.

The Prince stands between Gromm and Kai. When Kai jumps across the deck he swings his whip back to hit the arsonist in the face. He misses, the steel tip of his whip stopping mere inches from Kai's face. With a snarl he pulls his arm back to strike again.

The Gull's sailingmaster grabs the hot lamp with both hands, to push it out of his face. And into the neck of Gromm's man. He pushes. Both of them go over the rail and tumble into the slim patch of sea that stands between the two boats. The lamp hisses.

Visenya's whip sails past Kai's face, and he steps over to the side, gasping through the pain,

Visenya's whip sails past Kai's face, and he steps over to the side, gasping through the pain as his left arm hangs loosely and a marlin spike sticks out from his back. He suddenly slams his foot into the ground, teeth gritting as he releases the loudest roar he can, trying to catch the vessel's attention as two of his goons go to pick up Gromm and start to try and haul him overboard.

Killian was about to order a boarding action when Kai leaps onto his ship. There is nothing as apt to drive a captaing to extreme violence than a man setting fire to his ship. While Visenya and hawke distract him with their attacks he bellows in wordless fury again and stabs to the heart.

"Drop sail!" shouts the Seal Prince's master. The iron sailors are rushing to do it before the order comes. The flaming mainsail comes down to the deck in fiery grandure. At least it won't catch the rest of the rigging so easily, and the folds of canvas smother some of the fire even as it falls.

Hawke doesn't slow once they're being boarded - the world has narrowed to the ship, the fight, and the Greyjoy's blood is running hot. He's grinning as he makes a swing at the offending boarding Kai, but the blow is deflected, alas.

Kai grits his teeth as he finishes roaring, just in time to see Killian going for a stab and Hawke coming in for a swing, he exhales sharply and steps to the side, bringing his right hand up and trying to twist out of the way. Instead, the sword pierces through his left bicep, and he gasps, just as his goons roll overboard alongside Gromm, as the dark-haired sellword releases a wordless scream, leaping back as the blade pulls free. He stands still for a moment, stumbling a little to the side and then slowly sliding back a foot, brow furrowing heavily before he stares forward. Seconds mattered now, he needed them. He takes in another breath, before reaching up with his right arm and tearing the marlin spike out from his back, stumbling once more, before he flourishes it out to the side in preparation to defend, not making any moves to attack. His consciousness begins to fade, he blinks violently, but he isn't down yet.

The Prince doesn't hear the men who have gotten around them to take the big unconscious man on deck. His whip cracks rather ineffectually on Kai's armor just in time to hear a big splash. He turns around to realize the big man is gone.

The Prince doesn't hear the men who have gotten around them to take the big unconscious man on deck. His whip cracks rather ineffectually on Kai's armor just in time to hear a big splash. He turns around to realize the big man is gone. "Kill the rest!" He screams out, "Take back the Gray Gull! I don't want them to have anywhere to go but on this ship!"

The sailors of the Seal Prince start stamping on her burning mainsail, and overturning the water-butt onto it, to put the fire out.

The Gull's master, now bobbing in the water, yells out, "Make WAY!" as he orients himself and figures out where most of his foes are now.

Kai glances around slowly, and goes to take a step off towards the prince, before suddenly he finds himself falling to the ground. His head slams into the deck with a bump, and he blacks out. He's lost blood, skin pale, stamina spent. It appears the sellsword simply has no more energy left in his body to spend.

Hawke's blood-nicked sword hovers above Kai, and he just looks up at the splash. "Fuck," he says, in a darker mood, and then looks up toward Killian, expression largely bland as his weight rocks easily with the swell of the ship. "Your ship. What d'you want done with him?"

The Gull starts to pull away from the Seal's side. One of her sailors throws a rope down to her captain.

Killian comes very very close to stabbing a man when he's down, but settles for kicking him in the head a few times to makes sure. His voice is gruff and he is clearly struggling for words through his fury, His tone completely lacking in anything close to sympathy at this moment, "Prince? Dead or captured? I'm leaning towards dead." He orders the sailing master to lower the Jolly boat, "I want those men back. All of them. Especially the big idiot."

The Seal's mainsail is a sooty wet mess on the deck, and they'll need that boat to tow them back to port, but at least the ship herself is sound. Then men hurry to launch the boat.

"We will wait until after we've gathered up the lot." The Prince decides with a sympathetic look to Hawke. "But, this one was tied up before. He should be stripped, and tied up /securely/ this time. If you've irons use them on him." That said, he looks towards the goons floundering in the water with the huge unconscious man before suggesting, "I'd be curious to know why they were so damned stupid about…well, everything."

Killian looks for someone not vital to stamping out the fire and snaps, "Get the irons. All of them for this one and the big Northerner. Pile them on."

Killian adds, "Strip them naked. I want no more escapes.

Hawke looks sorely disappointed, but steps back from the man to let them start clapping irons on. "B'cause idiots have t'show off the fact they're idiots, or else no one'd ever know," he drawls, and then, still tight with the adrenaline, wanders off to go make sure nothing else is on fire - he's not above planting a booted foot on one of the captured men who's sitting up and shoving him over, either, to get out of his way. He could've walked around, but that's Effort.

Killian doesn't step back. He personally stands with the harpoon point to Kai's throat and kicks his head if he twitches.

The Prince averts his gaze as the men are stripped, and instead looks out towards the men bobbing in the water. "Oi!" He calls out to the Gray Gull, "Send someone to collect that lot." Letting out a sigh he mutters, "A fine Dornish sour and a strapping man would be useful about now."

The Gull, not exactly fleeing but too far away to be boarded now, hauls its captain aboard and prepares to launch its boats. Not nearly so snappily as the Seal Prince did. They're not eager for another taste of Gromm.

Kai's quite unconscious at this point, upon being stripped down it could be seen that the man is rather quite injured. His arm is cut along his forearm from pulling his arm and his harpoon out of the snake, a fresh piercing wound through his bicep and a small hole in his back, behind his right shoulder. The bleeding is fairly slow, but he is, indeed, bleeding. Upon being stripped, it would be seen that the man is the lithe type, threaded with fine muscle and covered with scars on top of scars, his flesh pale. He doesn't so much as stir as he is shackled up, and Killian holds his harpoon to his throat- The only hint that he is even still alive is the slight rising and falling of his naked chest.

Later, when the ships that went to hunt the sea serpent have returned, namely by the Gray Gull towing the Seal Prince back to port, the unknown Prince lingers at the railing of the Seal Prince. "How much will the repairs cost?" The gentle-voiced Prince asks Killian, the archaic-speaking Ironborn and Captain of said vessel.

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