(122-02-02) One For The History Books
One For The History Books
Summary: Plans are made to uncover more mysterious history beneath the Hightower.
Date: 02/02/2015
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Library - The Hightower Battle Island

This expansive room serves as the library for House Hightower and their guests. While its book collection does not compare to what the Citadel might offer, the space is entirely admirable, and well suited so socialization as well as study.

Tall shelves line the walls. The ends of the wooden bookcases are carved with the Hightower sigil, an image of the very tower that holds this room. They are painted, and the flames of the beacon-fire covered with bright gold leaf. While the carvings are largely the same, the paint-jobs are each different, some showing the tower at night, some at dawn, some in rain, and so forth.

The shelves nearest the door hold, not books, but games of various sorts, most in wooden boxes. There are several large round tables to facilitate play, surrounded by chairs plushly padded with silk, some in silver and some in red.

Further back, the bookshelves are not pressed against the walls but arranged in stacks that divide up the space into small, semi-private areas. Hidden there are more tables, these ones small, as well as single chairs and plush couches.

The room is windowless, but kept well-lit by many lamps.

Leandro's looking every bit the Maester. He's even bothered to shave. He also seems to have moved into the Hightower for the time being and made himself at home in the library. He's asked to speak with Camillo, and Marsei too.

Camillo shows up when summoned, as soon as he can delegate his duties to others. He slips in with a slightly bowed head. "Maester Leandro. You summoned me."

Marsei arrives quietly but a moment later with a smile and a compliment. "You look well today Maester Leandro. Camillo." She moves no worse for the wear since her endeavours beneath the Hightower; in fact, she boasts a kind of glow of subdued excitement, blossoming just under the surface when adventure and conspiracy are afoot. However, the Hightower lady is not without a serious look of concern as she regards the men.

"I know," Leandro smirks in response to Marsei. "Please, sit. "I've spoken with Lord Ormund and I'm going to need your assistance on a few matters. I believe you've spoken with him too?" he says to Marsei. "He wants the labyrinth beneath the Hightower mapped, but he also wants to keep this as quiet as possible. I feel it would be wise to have a Hightower there with us, so that none can claim we're stealing secrets and such-like. Besides this is your adventure, is it not?"

Camillo does not sit, assuming Leandro is talking to Marsei only. He keeps quiet and listens, folding his hands in front of him.

Marsei takes her seat with a faint whisper of satiny fabrics and barely a creak of the chair. "Of course," she replies to the maester buoyantly, her soft voice then levelling out to serious, "We will undertake it all in quiet, away from prying eyes and ears. You will come as well, Camillo?" Her head tips toward the servant; her words only bear the mildest tone of question, and may in fact be a statement.

"Our first task will be to discover an alternative entrance," Leandro says. "I've replaced the stone slab, and I do wish to repair it but that will take time. We simply can't be using pulleys to move the floor of the hall every single time we want to enter. I do believe there are other ways, a labyrinth that large will not have divulged all of its secrets yet. And it would simply make sense for it to serve as an escape route for those who know how to navigate it."

"Yes, if that is what Lord Ormund wishes," Camillo replies, nodding. "Although I have no experience with…cartography." It took him a moment to find that word. He looks to Leandro. "How can we help you find them?"

"Do you have any suspicions about where such a door might be?" Marsei inquires, curious. "I shall forever look at the walls and corners of the Hightower differently now that I know there are secrets built within them."

"I do not know the Hightower well," Leandro admits. "We will need maps of it and the area, but even then I wouldn't wish to hazard a guess." He then says to Camillo. "Well I am a master cartographer." Of course he is. "As well as an expert in surveying techniques. There will be other things you can do."

Camillo nods at what Leandro says. "Then I shall be by to perform them whenever I am needed."

"I thought I knew the Hightower well, but after the other evening, I'm not sure I can claim such a close knowledge any longer," Marsei admits. "Nevertheless, I'll do what I can. We're fortunate to have a master cartographer among us." She smiles as she gives Leandro this accolate. "Surely we have maps." She's confident enough in that, glancing about the shelves— maybe they're even tucked in this very library. That makes perfect sense as far as she's aware.

"Then we've everything we need," Leandro says. "This is such an incredible opportunity. To venture where no one else has in such a long time. To uncover hidden secrets, to find more treasure and most importantly to leave our mark, forever." He's grinning now. "And we beat those maesters to it who would have claimed all the credit to themselves. Your name, Lady Marsei, will go down in history. A history in books that I'm going to write." Poor Camillo.

Camillo doesn't look upset to be left out. He stands by attentively, chin tipped down slightly, though his eyes watch Leandro's face.

"I am less concerned with leaving a mark upon history; I would rather tread carefully through the past." Marsei may wear jewels and a proud name, but she speaks humbly. She gives the maester a gentle smile of encouragement, however. "I seek only the truth and to aid the good name of my house and family." Her lips part, pausing mid-expression before she allows a more playful smile, allowing, "And adventure."

"The future, the past, it's all connected," Leandro says. "Why what we've done has already become history, and what we do will be a legacy for future generations. There is little point in discovery unless it is written of, taught to others, remembered." He smiles. "And adventure. I'd drink to that if I had a drink."

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