(122-01-30) Enchanting Twin Encounter
Enchanting Twin Encounter
Summary: Thadeus Tully meets Lynette Hightower
Date: 30/01/2015
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Library - The Hightower, Battle Island

This expansive room serves as the library for House Hightower and their guests. While its book collection does not compare to what the Citadel might offer, the space is entirely admirable, and well suited so socialization as well as study.

Tall shelves line the walls. The ends of the wooden bookcases are carved with the Hightower sigil, an image of the very tower that holds this room. They are painted, and the flames of the beacon-fire covered with bright gold leaf. While the carvings are largely the same, the paint-jobs are each different, some showing the tower at night, some at dawn, some in rain, and so forth.

The shelves nearest the door hold, not books, but games of various sorts, most in wooden boxes. There are several large round tables to facilitate play, surrounded by chairs plushly padded with silk, some in silver and some in red.

Further back, the bookshelves are not pressed against the walls but arranged in stacks that divide up the space into small, semi-private areas. Hidden there are more tables, these ones small, as well as single chairs and plush couches.

The room is windowless, but kept well-lit by many lamps.

The Hightower always seems to be a hive of activity, and this morning is no exception. Servants rush about doing various tasks. Nobles and middle-class bureaucrats and businessmen bustle about to attend to business. The library, however, is calmer than the main hall in the huge tower.

Lynette is alone at one of the tables. She has a cyvasse board out, and is moving the pieces in an experimental fashion. She is dressed in a simply cut gown of icy blue silk that has a wide neckline that shows off her long graceful neck, and her long coppery tresses are loosely curled, and unbound save for a gold wire encircling her head. Her nose scrunches slightly as she stares down at the board in a confounded manner.

It is early in the day, for Bull Fish standards. Still, he has found his way into the library of the Hightowers, attired in proper doublet and breeches in Tully red and blue, a servant hovering close by, while Thadeus sits in a chair in a corner, before him a smaller book which seems nonetheless captivating. His posture may suggest a casual albeit relaxed delight, as he leans back, one leg crossed over the other, his head tilted to the side while a faint smirk adorns his features. Too occupied with reading he had been obviously to make note of one of the Hightower twins. It is right now, that a soft laugh escapes him, his eyes for once drawn up and away from the book in his hands, when he accidentally glimpses the young woman by the cyvasse board. Which will draw an immediate reaction from the Tully heir. That chuckle will subside, his eyes narrowing just a tad as he tries to remember where to place this fair beauty. But as this is Hightower territory, the Bull Fish will at first remain where he is, while studying this fair specimen with the hair of impressive colour from afar.

<FS3> Lynette rolls Alertness: Good Success.

It is the absence of chuckles that causes Lynette to realize she is being watched. Her sea blue eyes flick upwards briefly to examine the man she had paid so little attention to previously, her eyes meeting his briefly before they flick away. The attention has caused her to be somewhat fidgety, and she toys with the H pendant that hangs from her pretty neck. As one hand's thumbs rub against the pendant she picks up and elephant on the cyvasse board with her other hand, and moves it. Her eyes turn upwards ever so briefly to see if the man in the red and blue tunic still watches, and she twists a long loosely curled copper tress about her finger. She will remain where she is now. She may be a Hightower, but he is a man.

Thadeus for now seems to be content to watch. That blue-eyed gaze is met with confidence and maybe a hint of curiosity, the book in his hands is lowered onto his lap. The manner in which he does not avert his eyes but keeps staring at her may appear a bit impertinent. A light smile curls his lips when he observes her fidgeting with her pendant, and the way she reaches for an elephant. That smile broadens when he twists that strand of hair about her finger. It is only then that he will lower his gaze with another soft chuckle. "Good morn to you, fair lady.", Thadeus finally greets, from where he is, still seated, in the casual lazy way that is so typical for him. "Playing cyvasse with yourself? Who is winning?"

"I am told practicing against oneself makes one a better player, but I am afraid both sides are in utter and complete shambles." Lynette smiles, and her cheeks dimple ever so slightly. If his intentional watching has left her discomforted she shows no signs of it. "Good morning to you, Ser." She moves another piece before settling her gaze on Thadeus. "I do not think we've met." She lifts a hand to sweep her loose curls back, and lightly rests her curled fingers on her chest, "I am Lynette Hightower."

The introduction seems to be enough encouragement for Thadeus to leave his spot in the corner, and so he rises from his seat, depositing the book there and moves over to where Lynette sits in a casual stroll. A bow is offered, and his hand extended to grasp one of her hands, whether it may hold a cyvasse piece or not, and have his lips brush over her knuckles in what may be intended as a gallant kiss of her hand. "No we have not," he replies to her observation of them not having met before. "Well met, my lady of Hightower. I am Ser Thadeus Tully." A charming smile is sent her way as he straightens and lets go of her hand, in a slow and almost reluctant manner. His gaze drifts to the cyvasse board, taking in the situation there and he chuckles. "I'm quite horrible at playing cyvasse," he admits, a bit of Bull Fish mischief glinting in his eyes as they come to settle on her once again. "So you are Lady Lynette? The one who has a twin by the name of Lynesse?" He may have picked up some gossip about the two, and even if this gossip may not have been of the scandalous kind, it had been enough to cling to the Tully heir's mind. Twins. Two almost identical looking maidens were something that had a fascination to them. At least for a Bull Fish, who had yet to make their acquaintance.

Lynette extends a hand in a delicate fashion when Thadeus reaches for it. Her face brightens, and she smiles that dimple-showing smile again when he kisses her knuckles. Her perfume can be detected on her wrists at such a proximity; freesia and clean linen warmed in the sun. She glances down at the board, and lets out an embarrassed but giddy little laugh. "Ah, I'm no good at it either, I'm afraid." She nods at his question, "Lynesse is my twin, yes. We look so much alike that our father cannot tell us apart at times." She twines her finger in her hair again before asking in a low tone, "Thadeus Tully. I cannot say what I've heard of you, Ser." She giggles again, "At least, not in polite company."

That dimple-showing smile seems to fascinate Thadeus even more, at least he seems to stare at her for another moment, before a belated smile appears on his features, in reaction to her remark about the game of cyvasse. "Can I be sure it is you then?", he inquires with amusement dancing in his grey-blue eyes, as he lowers himself into a near seat without asking permission to do so. "And not the Lady Lynesse who intends to play me a prank?" The possibilities there seem to intrigue him, until that remark in a low tone will have his brows shoot upwards. "Indeed? Then consider this company not as too polite to prevent you from repeating it here right in front of me." His eyes sparkle despite the look of feigned innocence, as he leans a bit to the side, a finger scratching his well-groomed chin.

Lynette leans in ever so slightly. Not enough to be considered improper. Just enough so he may catch another whiff of her perfume. "You can never be sure, Ser." She teases as she takes a hold of the strand of black pearls her H pendant is attached to, and shows it to him. "My sister wears white pearls. I wear black." She rolls her thumbs over the glossy pearls a moment before dropping the pendant. She waves one of her delicate long-fingered hands. "I'm sure it is all just rumors, Ser. You are, after all, an anointed Knight." She cants her head ever so slightly, and her coppery tresses fall over one side of her face. She sweeps them back, "But I do think I've seen you before. Just not in Oldtown, but when I was a little girl."

The nostrils of the Bull Fish flare ever-so-slightly when he catches that agreeable scent of the lady, and his smile intensifies just a tad. His gaze flits to the pendant, an incline of his head coming in response to Lynette's explanation. "I will keep this informtion in mind," he assures with a wink. A bit of air leaves his nose then, when she reminds him of his knightly status, a low noise that builds into a faint chuckle. "I am," he says, looking a bit perplexed perhaps at her assumption to take this fact as a reason to doubt the rumors - most of which had indeed very much truth to them, and were in fact more understatement than exaggeration. It is however her next statement that baffles Thadeus, his brows lift over grey-blue eyes that regard the Hightower twin when she mentions having seen him before. "Oh? Where would that have been…?"

"The Twins." Lynette says, her pretty lips curving upwards as if it's a jest. She then clarifies, "My grandfather is Lord Frey. We visited there when I was a girl. I swear I think I saw you there. Maybe you were visiting from Riverrun?" Any further rumor regarding Thadeus' reputation is easily forgotten. It is one thing to tease a man regarding rumors of Tom Cattery, but she is certainly not his mother or wife. "Or maybe I just wish I'd seen you somewhere before, and my poor addled little mind is placing you into a memory you don't belong in."

"The Twins…?" Thadeus looks a bit bewildered for a moment, before he realizes she is referencing a place rather than herself with her sister. "Oh…", he smiles, when it dawns on him, after she mentions Lord Frey. "Of course! I've squired there, for Ser Reynos Frey." That smile turns into a slightly sheepish expression. "I used to be pretty wild back then," is admitted with a light shake of his head, his gaze lingering on Lynette as if to gauge if she may have heard about or even witnessed any improper behaviour of his maybe even herself back then. "So your memory does probably not betray you, fair Lynette." His smile fades a little. "Why would you wish you'd seen me before, anyway…?" Clearly pretending not to catch her shot at flirting with him, there.

"Well, I was only ten." Lynette points out, "So the most I saw of you was when you were out in the yard, I think. Certainly there were no tales told to me of your wildness, Ser. And if Lynesse heard she did not share with me." She smiles, dipping her head and biting her lip lightly. "You just have that sort of face, I suppose." She lifts her chin to look up at him, and smiles, "See? We knew each other all along."

"In the yard." Thadeus lowers his gaze momentarily, his expression growing a bit distant even though the smile stays on his features. "Yes you are probably right. You may not have known back then, but it is in fact there I earned my byname," is admitted then when his eyes lift once again to meet the Hightower lady's gaze. "Maybe," he comments on her assessment of his face. "And apparently so…" Which is a lie, on his part, as he probably would not have paid attention to her when she was that little.

"Yes. The yard. We never got to watch the men in the Hightower drill or practice. But in the Twins all of the women watched. I think they were all horribly bored, and it was a way to pass the time." Lynette's eyes settle on his as he looks into her face. She understands that a squire would have no interest in a little girl. But, perhaps that yard was where she felt her first panging longing for a beautiful man. So, she lets him lie. "You ought to come here more often."

"Oh yes indeed, by the Seven, I remember," Thadeus replies with obvious amusement as he recalls the giggling audience of fair and less fair maidens, some of noble birth, others less so that used to watch the sparring sessions. The comelier ones would be taken in consideration for later… pursuits, which happened. Albeit in places that were less exposed to the public eye, like haylofts, abandoned corridors, small almost forgotten chambers the Twins has aplenty of. "And I have to disagree with you there. I believe we always left them greatly entertained." At least he fancies himself to have done such. The Bull Fish returns the Hightower lady's gaze, looking down into her eyes. "I am sure such a thing can certainly be arranged," he replies with an ease to his tone, an ease his eyes are lacking as they are once again engaged with assessing the comely features and figure of the young Lynette Hightower. The flicker within his gaze suggesting he is very pleased with the sight.

"I imagine you did, Ser." Lynette says, and she tilts her eyes down as a blush creeps across her cheeks. She reaches across the table to snag a piece of scrap paper, and a bottle of ink and quill. Opening up the bottle, and dipping it into the quill she begins scratching down something on the paper in rapid fashion. Once she is finished she picks up the paper, and blows lightly across it to dry the ink, "I've made you a little map so you might find your way up to the gardens." She explains as she passes it over to him, "My sister and I are often there." She pauses in her sliding, and her fingers linger on top of the paper, "Although you must be a busy man. Perhaps you would find it easier to write to me?"

Thadeus watches her as she sketches some sort of map on the paper, raising his brows as she slides it over to him. "That is very considerate of you," he says with a smile as his own hand is extended to accept the parchment, accidentally brushing hers as he draws the map towards him, his gaze flickering down briefly as he studies it for a moment. "Your company is enchanting, and I'd be a fool not to take a break from my duties now and then to seek it out again," he remarks, the flattery coming over his lips in practiced ease. "Still," here his gaze flits up to meet Lynette's. "In case I may be detained, I will write you, fair Lynette. When thoughts of your beauty will offer some welcome distraction of the dull tasks a Tully heir has." He smiles, shifting a bit in his casual posture, his head tilted a little to the side as he studies her with a half-lidded gaze.

"The Hightower is very confusing to those who are not used to it." Lynette blushes again as his fingertips caress over hers, and she carefully slides her hand away to touch the side of her neck. "I would not have you come to visit me only to be frustrated in the attempt." That said, she stands up from her seat. "I would like it if you wrote to me, Ser Thadeus. Would take great joy out of knowing that thoughts of me distract you from the dullness of everyday life." That said, she curtseys in a graceful fashion, and casts him one last look before saying, "Have a lovely day, Ser Thadeus. I will look forward to your letters."

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