(122-01-23) Targaryen vs Tully
Targaryen vs Tully
Summary: The Bull Fish turns up for the duel he's been challenged to by the Maiden Knight, still he will end up fighting another Targaryen than he had expected.
Date: 23/01/2015 (Date of Play)
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Tourney Grounds, The Reach

The Tourney Grounds stand just outside of the walls of Oldtown. There is a raised platform of several levels for noble viewers, with space for comfortable chairs and little tables to be set in place, and tall posts for canopies to be hung to keep the sun off. Not far stands the great board where the lists are kept. On the far side of the grounds rough tiered benches are available for the smallfolk, and past them there's a flat field for the knights to erect their pavilions in the grass.

The long log rail for the jousts stands right before the Lords' and Ladies' platform, with the space for the melee just beyond it. The archery butts are mounded at the Southwest edge of the grounds, where a great meadow of purple-red fireweed spreads off into the distance. The rough little narrow road to Blackcrown cuts through it.

Daevon's in his exquisitely made plate armour that gleams silver and gold. For all that it's plate, it's lightweight, and he moves with an ease in it. His shield's emblazoned with his emblem, a silver and gold maiden upon a purple field. He's been silent, absolutely no theatrics from him.

There's a crowd gathered, of course, watching in the stands, bets placed upon both participants from those willing to make quick coin out of this deadly duel.

Malcolm rides up on Motley, equipped to squire for Ser Daevon, with spare weapons and the like.

The day is coming to an end, as announced by the dimming daylight that will finally turn into dusk. The time when people would return to their homes and loved ones, or - as here in the city of Oldtown - would filter in the local taverns, to greet the evening with a first mug of ale - or a third or fourth even. Such would be usually the case for the Tully heir as well. Ser Thadeus is known do be fond of drink - and other vices. But not today. All afternoon he has been seen training with some of his Tully retainers, on the tourney grounds, knowing that he will have to face a great challenge before the day is done. While the Bull Fish had worn lighter armor of training leathers during the afternoon, he has meanwhile changed into a heavier armor, certainly not as flashy as that of the Maiden Knight, but impressive nonetheless. On his shield is the Leaping Trout, on red and blue, the sigil of House Tully.

The arrival of the Targaryen had of course caught Thadeus's attention, but no courtesy had been given apart from a mere nod in the man's direction. A grim look is cast over to the Maiden Knight as Ser Thadeus Tully finalizes his preparations for the duel, Ser Daevon had challenged him to.

It was a sleepless night and an even more difficult day. The young Targaryen princess has been nothing short of an emotional wreck all day, and it it quite clear on her face when she arrives alone that she has been crying. Eyes all red, the young woman simply avoids heading for the viewing area and carefully and slowly makes her way past her brother, not even casting him a glance. Her head is lowered, but between her breasts hangs a certain amulet; perhaps one Thadeus might recognize. In her hand is a small hand bag of sorts, velvet purple with a hint of silver embroidery. Careful step after careful step and the Princess finds herself before Thadeus. Her voice is soft and defeated as she utters her words, "Thadeus. May I speak with you a moment?" She lifts her head to allow her tired gaze to fall upon his.

Prince Rhaegor Targaryen, a recent arrival to the social scene in Oldtown by way of the royal court in King's Landing, rode in with the Maiden Knight's entourage. He dismounts, handing the reins to a younger man who looks to be a Valyrian cousin, a Velaryon if not a Targaryen proper. Rhaegor glances up to the stands, scanning them briefly.

The arrival of another, more frail Targaryen is enough to distract Thadeus momentarily from glaring daggers at Daevon. Grey-blue eyes widen when he notices Cerys, and he even takes a step backwards, lowering the sword that is already in his hand, as well as his gaze. Avoiding to look Cerys in the eyes it would seem, as her presence does seem to unsettle him a little. To her question he inclines his head. "Of course," comes the reply in a low tone. "Even though I'm not sure what you and I should speak about…" Focusing his gaze on his hand that rests on the pommel of his sword as he leans on it.

Daevon pays Thaddeus no heed, save for that one nod of acknowledgement. He's not actually much of one for entourages, which isn't to say that there's not a great deal of the Targaryen household here, for there is. There's also paid sellswords that Daevon's said to have hired, who're idling about in the stands. For what purpose is anyone's guess.

Cerys tries her best to stand as proper as possible, biting her lower lip a moment and nodding once, "Fair enough. I deserve such treatment. I just need to tell you..just in case, the real reason I went to Dragonstone. It was because Daevon..my brother, forbid me to marry you. He was the reason I was sent away. It was him, in order to insure that you Thadeus, you would not become my husband." She exhales slowly and reaches out to lightly touch his hand, "It was only when we receieved word that the wedding was called off, that I was allowed to return." She glances over to her brother and narrows her eyes, staring at him before looking back to Thadeus, "I want him to suffer. I want him to suffer for what he did to me. What he did to you…and what he did to /us/."

She reaches into the small handbag she is carrying and pulls out a small silver scarf, "Thadeus my Knight…would you wear my favor and fight to restore what my vrother took from me?" She slowly extends the scarf, her hand trembling.

Rhaegor watches the interlude between Cerys and Thadeus from a distance, then strides toward Daevon, idly, and murmurs something to him. "What is your sister about? Did you know she intended to address him?"

Daevon shakes his head at Rhaegor, frowning. His own words, in response, are equally as quiet. ""Last I knew she hated him and wished for me to kill him. She was extremely blood thirsty yesterday, quite unlike her self. I do not know why she is speaking to him. Perhaps, on seeing him in danger she has rediscovered her love for him?" to Rhaegor." He's not been paying any attention, he's not heard any of the conversation, not even the body language between them.

Malcolm sets up the spare weapons in a weapons rack, watching the Targaryen and Tully biplay with a bland expression.

Rhaegor whispers to Daevon. "And you let her do it unescorted?"

Daevon's speaking quietly with Rhaegor, his irritation a little obvious in the way he scowls. "I do not let my sisters do anything. They do as they please. I am not their keeper. She has her guards."

Here he stood, thinking he was done with all those complicated Targaryen intrigues, and all it took was Cerys Targaryen to walk up to him, say those words, and Thadeus's carefully restored simplicity of life was threatened once again. At least this speech of his former betrothed will reward her with his full attention, as he finally raises his gaze to look at her, lifting his brows as he stares at her in the attempt to comprehend her meaning. "It was… Daevon's doing?", Thadeus echoes, shooting a brief glance towards the culprit, before his eyes are drawn back towards Cerys. "And I thought…" His voice trails off, as thoughts race inside his mind. His brows furrowing, before air leaves his nose in a low snort. Her remark about wanting to see her brother suffer is met with a nod. "Suffer he will, when I defeat him." That favor being offered has his gaze jump from the scarf to her face though, and another glance is shot towards Daevon and the other Targaryen who has showed up. Before his lips curve into a grim smile and he offers his arm for her to attach the favor to it. "What would that make us, Should I win…?", he murmurs into her ear, uncertainty about her motives clearly visible in his features.

Rhaegor departs from Daevon's side, offering a glance that unequivocally implies he takes issue with whatever the Maidens Knight has just told him. He moves, instead, to cut across the field to the Tully, and the Targaryen princess making him her offering. He puts a light, guiding hand on the girl's arm, offering Thadeus only the briefest of nods of acknowledgment before steering Cerys a step or two aside, favor and all, to do some murmuring of his own to her, one eye kept on Thadeus all the while.

Daevon watches Rhaegor walk off. He frowns and steps towards Malcolm, only he doesn't say anything more. He just waits for Thaddeus to be ready.

Malcolm gives Ser Daevon a look of grim amusement, but the Bastard Knight says nothing as he checks theTargaryen's buckles and weapons a last time, before stepping back out the way.

She was about to reply to Thad, when Rhaegor pulls her aside for a word. She listens intently and softly nods, murmuring back to him and then raising her voice with a slight shake of her head, "I'll get off the field when I am ready. And I am not ready. " She simply turns her back and then looks back to Thad, "I am sorry Thadeus. Men.Thr bigger their swords, the bigger their egos." She sighs softly and steps back to him, a bit closer, "If you are to win dear Thadeus..what could my brother say then against us? Fight for us Thadeus. Fight to silence my brother and his controlling ways." She reaches into the handbag once more and pulls out a small wineskin. She uncorks it and takes a long drawn sip, swallowing it and then speaking, to prove that she did so, " To your victory my beloved." She offers him the wineskin, licking the wine from her lips.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rhaegor=intimidation Vs Cerys=presence
< Rhaegor: Good Success Cerys: Failure
< Net Result: Rhaegor wins - Solid Victory

Rhaegor glances at Cerys dubiously, and when she produces the vessel with the wine, making offering of it to the Tully knight, he intervenes once more, moving to stand between she and Thadeus. In a level voice, betraying the concern written in his expression, he intones, "Princess, I must insist that you join your sister in the stands. The course you pursue is not an honorable one. Let justice be done with the Seven as its arbiter, upon the field of battle."

Daevon's oblivious to everything. He's standing on the field, wanting to get started with the stabbing of things. Preferably Tullys.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cerys=deception Vs Thadeus=empathy
< Cerys: Success Thadeus: Good Success
< Net Result: Thadeus wins - Marginal Victory

Malcolm nudges Daevon and points to the drama in the Tully camp with his chin without looking that way.

Daevon would shrug in response to Malcolm if he could. He does his best attempt to do so. "I don't know." He's trying to pay it no heed.

Thadeus raises a brow when Rhaegor appears beside Cerys and draws her over with him to the side before she can attach the favor about his arm. A bit of a frown building there as he watches Rhaegor speak in hushed tones to the princess. He notes a certain tension between the two of them, before Cerys turns to offer him … some wine? He watches her as she takes a sip, his hand already extending to accept the drink. When something strikes him a little odd, and he hesitates, his eyes narrowing slightly. When Rhaegor once again intervenes and says those words, it's the last thing Thadeus needs to lose his patience, with the both of them. "Enough!", he bellows. "Step away from me, Princess Cerys Targaryen. There is a brother of yours that's in need of a lesson of humility." Shaking his head as he once again focuses on Cerys. "I have no more dealings with you. And now leave me in peace!"

Thadeus rolls his shoulders, dons a light helmet that will not hamper his view overly much, and steps forward, sword and shield with the Tully sigil at the ready.

"Humility," Daevon replies. "I'm surprised you even know the meaning of the word." It's hardly the wittiest of comebacks but Daevon's not known for his witty banter.

Rhaegor's words are heard and not immediatly heeded. Who would have known if the little ploy would have worked if her cousin had not gotten his sword all worked up and soeaked his chin with the testosterone that is dripping from his mouth. When Thadeus calls her out she simple smiles, it is more of a smirk and her worda are delivered coldly and direct, "I shall elave you with these last moments of peace dear Thadeus. Fore they will be the last you will know. The curtain is closing Thadeus and soon all will be dark. Take your bow now…the final act await you." She then turns to Rhaegor and nods once, "I am leaving now. Happy?" She starts to walk away and then pauses, looking back at Thadeus, " I know you kissed Visenya Thadeus she told me." She then looks to Rhaegor and smiles sweetly, " You knew that right?" With that she steps off the field, all her dignity somewhat intact.

Rhaegor watches, dispassionately, as the Targaryen princess at last quits the field. Her icy proclamations have no visible effect on him, other than to motion to the Velaryon that stands as his squire across the field. He turns to the Tully knight, and says to him, "I am Rhaegor Targaryen. Though it was the Maiden's Knight as laid challenge to you, ser, I invoke my right to face you in his stead and answer for the insult paid to my betrothed, Princess Visenya Targaryen."

He's already suited in light plate, not unlike Daevon's, but melted a darker hue that approaches black. The Velaryon comes toting the rest of his gear across the field, and assists him in donning it.

Daevon's not looking happy at this new development, nor is he moving from where he is. There's still hope he'll get to fight, isn't there? Still he doesn't argue with Rhaegor.

For a moment it appears Thadeus will give some heated retort to Cerys remark about knowing about that kiss, but in a rare moment of wisdom he decides to swallow down whatever words had been about to spring from his lips. An incline of his head is given to her as she walks off, all the courtesy he can muster at the moment. Then Rhaegor approaches and introduces himself. "Ser Rhaegor," the Tully greets stiffly, a quick glance given in Daevon's direction when this Targ seems to claim to fight in the Maiden Knight's stead. "Congratulations on your betrothal.", he mutters flatly. Although, can anyone be happy to marry into such a family? The trick is to be of the same spawn perhaps. These are the thoughts that drift in the Tully heir's mind at the moment. "You agree to hide like a coward behind that mighty betrothed of your sister, Ser Maiden Knight?" the Bull Fish inquires casually in Daevon's direction as he readies himself, his grey-blue eyes now staying on the newly proclaimed opponent. "If so. I'm ready when you are, ser."

"Do not think I am happy with this," Daevon replies to Thadeus. "If you knew anything about honour, you would know why things are this way. I see nothing before me to be afraid of. I would far rather be the one to be facing you here. But he is Visenya's betrothed and he has claimed precedence for the insult laid upon her. Still, I'd fight you for the one you just issued to me, for all the lies you've told, for all the women you've hurt."

Malcolm looks at his friend with silent approval.

Visenya arrives accompanied by a maid. She takes her place in the stands, and turns her gaze down at the field. "Why is Prince Daevon on the side, Princess?" Her maid asks, and Visenya stands up to lean against the rail and stare down at the field. When she realizes, from the position that the men are in, that Daevon has been replaced she lets out an astonish, bereaved little sound. "Rhaegor? Why is Rhaegor down there?"

<COMBAT> Rhaegor has changed armor to Full Plate.
<COMBAT> Rhaegor has changed weapons to Greatsword.
<COMBAT> Rhaegor has changed stance to normal.
<COMBAT> Thadeus has changed weapons to Broadsword.
<COMBAT> Thadeus has changed armor to Full Plate & Shield.
<COMBAT> Thadeus has changed stance to Normal.

Prince Rhaegor allows the Tully knight and the Maiden's Knight to exchange what words they will, making one final glance toward the stands before he dons his helm and accepts his greatsword from his Velaryon squire. He regards Thadeus cautiously, striding away from him to put a bit of distance between them, ensuring the feel of his armor is just so before nodding to the Velaryon. "Before the eyes of the Seven and their subjects," he says, as much to himself as to Thadeus, with a brief but reverent glance at the sky overhead.

"And before the eyes of your Targaryen brethren.", the Tully adds coldly, rolling his shoulders ever so slightly before his grip tightens about his sword and shield. Grey-blue eyes focusing on his opponent. "Forgive me, Visenya." This muttered more to himself.

<COMBAT> Rhaegor will attack Thadeus this turn. Options: called=abdomen
<COMBAT> Thadeus will attack Rhaegor this turn. Options: called=chest
<COMBAT> Visenya has started the combat! Pose and pick your first action.
<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Rhaegor with Broadsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Rhaegor attacks Thadeus with Greatsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Visenya has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Rhaegor will attack Thadeus this turn. Options: called=head
<COMBAT> Rhaegor has changed stance to banzai.
<COMBAT> Thadeus has changed stance to banzai.
<COMBAT> Thadeus will attack Rhaegor this turn. Options: called=abdomen
<COMBAT> Rhaegor attacks Thadeus with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Rhaegor with Broadsword - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Visenya has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Thadeus has changed stance to normal.
<COMBAT> Rhaegor will attack Thadeus this turn. Options: called=chest
<COMBAT> Thadeus will attack Rhaegor this turn. Options: called=chest
<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Rhaegor with Broadsword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rhaegor attacks Thadeus with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Visenya has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Rhaegor has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Rhaegor spends a luck point to keep fighting!

His opponent's words inspire Rhaegor to adopt a rather aggressive approach to their duel right out of the gate, once they begin, wielding his greatsword and pressing immediately into Thadeus for the attack. His first effort glances harmlessly off Thadeus's breastplate, but the swing he strikes in riposte grants him a little better satisfaction. Enough so that he leaves himself, in his effort to press the opening to his own advantage, exposed to a staggering blow from the Tully knight, prompting him to change tack and adopt a more conservative stance when he's recovered from the impact.

And with those words leaving his lips the duel starts. Swords clashing against the steel of the plate, through their first exchange of slashes. The Tully becoming a bit bolder after that, and his more agressive attack leaves his defense open, where Rhaegor's sword manages to penetrate through the armor, whereas the Bull Fish's blade glances off the others armor of the left arm. A curse leaves Thadeus's lips. "Seven Hells…" It cautions him, as he takes a step backwards, his eyes on the Targaryen as they come at each other again, and aiming for the Targaryen's chest, the momentum of the Bull Fish's physique enhances the impact of his broadsword, and a loud CLANG can be head all over the tourney field, when a Bull Fish hits a Dragon as hard as he can. "There you have it, ser," Thadeus chuckles, relieved and even a little surprised at his successful blow. "Yield…?"

The duel has been going on a little bit now. And the longer it goes, the more /funny/ Cerys starts to feel. When Thaddeus swings and strikes Rhaegor, sending her future brother-in-law to the ground, she calls out from the crowd as she hangs on to the railing a bit unsteadily, "Fuck me! Get up, I ez not gunna marry dat swimmy bull guy." She turns to another person in the crowd and takes their bread from their hand and takes a bite of it, "I wuz not offerin' really." She then stumbles herself backwards to her seat, settling in after seeing Rhaegor rise to his feet once more. Yes, the innocent little princess just dropped the f-bomb in front of the entire Tourney Grounds.

Daevon's watching the fight, utterly fixated by the combatants moves. He should be there. He wants to be there, and he is still dressed to fight, making absolutely no attempt to become more comfortable. And then Cerys is… swearing? He looks around, searching for his other sister to see if she's close enough to stop those antics. Daevon is a distance away and if he moves he'll definitely be noticed.

Rhaegor paces a slow, skirting circle, greatsword raised, while he continues to recover from the resounding clang of the mighty blow dealt him. But when Thadeus asks, "Yield?" Rhaegor gives a wordless, resolute shake of his head.

<COMBAT> Thadeus will attack Rhaegor this turn. Options: called=Right_Leg
<COMBAT> Rhaegor will attack Thadeus this turn. Options: called=neck
<COMBAT> Rhaegor has changed stance to cautious.

Malcolm watches like a man who knows his swords and might one day have to fight one or both of these men in tourney or elsewhere. His eyes don't leave the combatants until the Princess' peculiar yell gets his attention. he eyes her with raised eyebrows and murmurs something to Ser Daevon. "Sounds like your sister has had a rather strong tipple. Ought I look for your twin and her guards?"

Daevon whispers to Malcolm. "She's drunk? If I move the entire crowd will be looking at me. We need to be discrete? Look for Cerys' guards. The two men next to her. They should escort her home. I can't see her leaving though. I don't know. Is there somewhere quiet she can retreat to?"

Malcolm whispers to Daevon. "I'll work something out."

"Fine then," Thadeus snorts, getting ready to attack, using a new strategy of aiming low, probably for his opponent's legs. If he heard the swearing from the stands it does not show. The Bull Fish is in fighting mode.

Visenya hasn't sat back down since the battle began. Her hands grip the rail, the knuckles turning white. When the Bullfish scores a hit on Rhaegor she lets out a cry of despair, and presses her hands against her mouth in horror and shock. When Rhaegor refuses to yield she shakes her head, and says to herself, quietly so no one else can hear her save for her maid, "No. Yield, my love."

<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Rhaegor with Broadsword - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rhaegor attacks Thadeus with Greatsword but Thadeus DODGES!
<COMBAT> Visenya has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Thadeus will attack Rhaegor this turn. Options: called=Left_Leg
<COMBAT> Rhaegor will attack Thadeus this turn. Options: called=head
<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Rhaegor with Broadsword - ARMOR on Right Foot stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Rhaegor attacks Thadeus with Greatsword but Thadeus DODGES!
<COMBAT> Visenya has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Rhaegor will attack Thadeus this turn. Options: called=chest
<COMBAT> Rhaegor has changed stance to normal.
<COMBAT> Thadeus will attack Rhaegor this turn. Options: called=Right_Arm
<COMBAT> Rhaegor attacks Thadeus with Greatsword but Thadeus DODGES!
<COMBAT> Thadeus attacks Rhaegor with Broadsword - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Visenya has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Rhaegor has been KO'd!

Malcolm is fairly unobtrusive in his leathers, despite his height. He quietly weaves his way towards the noble pavilion, eyes scanning for the Princess Visenya as he goes.

The Bull Fish is indeed in fighting mode… He aims for the legs, one after the other, causing lighter wounds to them, while the Targaryen seems intent to behead him, aiming higher. Through a whim of fate, the Tully manages to duck away at the right time, the blade of the greatsword missing his comely face by mere inches. The Tully's sword swings for one of Rhaegor's arms next, causing another wound there, before he jumps back with the elegance of a slippery fish, thus evading the dangerous blow of the greatsword to his chest. His grey-blue eyes look surprised below that helmet, blinking a little, when he sees the Targaryen once again stumble below his blows. "By the Seven. Yield!", he calls, his gaze flickering over to where Visenya is in the stands.

Daevon's standing there, not happy when Rhaegor yields, scowling in fact. And now Malcolm's gone off as well so The Maiden Knight is alone in his irritation.

When Rhaegor yields, there is a look of quiet shock on Cerys' face. If she was drugged before, it seems that the act of her sister's betrothed yielding is a sobering act. She is silent, standing on the railing, tho she is still a bit wobbly. The man she took the bread from softly says, "With all do respect Your Grace…did I not tell you Ser Thadeus would be the victor?" She may not be actually verbal: but the turning and throwing of the small bread loaf off the man's head most certainly solidifies her still drug-induced frame of mind. She simply stands there, eyes going to her sister.

Prince Rhaegor is a big man to begin with, and in full plate, he is grander still. And now he sags beneath the weight of the heavy plate, still nursing the wound to his chest that he'd narrowly managed to resist capitulating to. But it, coupled with the new blows dealt his extremities, leave him staggering and clumsy in his own attacks, his footing precarious beneath him. Those among his Velaryon and Targaryen kin who'd made careers of fighting alongside him would well enough recognize that in his duel with the scion of house Tully, he had forgone his usual cautious tactics in favor of a harried approach aimed at swift retribution, and in so doing, it has evaded him altogether. His Velaryon squire is already on his way to the Targaryen prince when he announces, "Yield. I yield." This time he does not look to the stands.

Thadeus lowers his blade, straightening a little. "Ser." His eyes will follow Rhaegor with their gaze as he moves off the field. But any comments on fighting honorably and the like seem somehow misplaced, so he leaves it at that. His head turns then, and his eyes come to linger on the Maiden Knight. "Are you content now, ser? The matter has been settled with your relative and future good-brother." He exhales, the exertion now visible in the way his posture slumps a little.

Visenya leaves the stand to go to Rhaegor once he has yielded, her skirts bunched up in her hands so she can run, and comes to his side. She casts Thadeus a hot look, but her attention and concern is on Rhaegor, and it is not nearly as intense or as long as it could be. She looks to Rhaegor, and her expression softens to one of remorse, "The Prince needs a maester." And then, "I'm sorry. This is my fault."

The Velaryon assists the prince in quitting the field, which he manages to do in a fairly respectable manner, keeping his feet beneath him and his head level, even if his egress is slow and belabored on account of his wounds. He sheds his armor a piece at a time, as more of his entourage comes forward to engulf him and lend their aid. Visenya is among their numbers by now, but he hardly seems to realize; his attention is consumed by his dogged effort to comport himself respectably until the extent of his injuries can be tallied in private at Dragon Door Manse.

Daevon takes a breath. He cannot be a poor loser, even when he did not fight. "You have proven yourself. The matter is settled."

Thadeus inclines his head to Daevon, as he drops the sword and his shield. His hands are then raised to remove his helmet, his gaze flickering warily over the assembled Targaryens, before the helmet is handed to a Tully retainer that appears by his side.

Cerys' eyes find Thadeus. She is still a little unstable, and looks as tho she simply wishes to go to sleep. However, she does manage to shake her head, but seemingly not in a disapproving manner. More so in a "Unbelievable" tone.

Malcolm is used to making Starks barely able to walk through wounds or drink look good. He catches her and gently curls and arm around her waist. The guards form up. He is a strong man, used to long daily exercise. He supports her while trying to make it look as much like the Princess is walking under her own power as possible. he casts Ser daevon a look, then nods at his horse, hoping the Prince is looking that way and catches it.

Even in his plate mail Daevon's fast as he moves through the crowd towards the fainting Cerys, catching Malcolm's look. He goes to fetch the horse, ensuring it's ready for when knight and Princess arrive. He has his own horse on hand as well, which he mounts up, assuming that Malcolm will pass Cerys to him. "Just a little ride home."

She is dazed, fading in and out of consciouness. It might appear she fainted from seeing the fish win. However, as she is being helped along, she looks up at the sky, waving a hand before her face, " I wanna catch the birdies. COme here little birdy." Her hand grasps at nothing but air. She pouts, " I missed the birdy."

Malcolm is very, very careful with his hands, not wanting to loose any of them or his head. He coaxes her along with words pitched too soft to carry, leading her towards the horses. To the 'birdie bit,' he does opine, "There are very pretty birds that sup at the flowers of the Manse. come along and we can look for them there, your Grace. See, your brother is waiting." His tone is calm and respectful, no hint of condescension for what he takes to be extreme public drunkenness. He goes as slow as needed to protect her dignity, and lets the guards clear the way for him. When they Reach Ser Daevon, he hands her up with the same care of hand placement and as much fiction of her being sensible as he can contrive.

Daevon cradles Cerys in his arms, in front of him on the horse. He's used to carrying damsels, it's what Maiden's Knights do, even if most aren't his sister.

When placed on the horse, she extends a hand to lightly pat her brother. The effects of the drug are still in full swing, "You…should have fought him..then Ray-bor would not have fell down." She settles against him, clearly exausted, "Take me home…forget the birdies."

"I wanted to," Daevon says. "I couldn't. Rhaegor was determined. And now Thadeus has proven himself. And we let everything go. He said he'd challenge on your behalf too, but he didn't." He sighs. "Let's go home." He looks to see if Malcolm will be joining them.

Malcolm collects the spare weapons and mounts his Motley quickly. The big fluffy piebald destrier frisks a bit, being at the tourney ground in front of a crowd.

Cerys seems content to let it be, closing her eyes as they start to move, "Don't let me go."

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