(122-01-23) A Delicate Diversion
A Delicate Diversion
Summary: Norah stops by at the Leaping Trout Manse to bring a slightly duel-battered Thadeus some lemon cake, and is offered some wine and conversation in turn.
Date: 23-24/01/2015 (Date of RP)
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Leaping Trout Manse, Hightower Street

This smaller grey stone manse has a leaping trout painted on its door. Like most Oldtown Manses, the streetside wall has no windows on the first floor, leaving the small foyer dark. The light of a pair of flickering torches at the walls reveals a stairway to the right, leading up.

Ahead is the living area, to one side a table made of cherry wood with chairs of the same material, with carvings depicting the Tully trout at their backs. Cushions in red and blue pad the the chairs. Opposite the table is is a hearth of white marble, with the likenesses of two trouts facing each other worked into the mantelpiece. The walls are hung with tapestries showing the sigil of House Tully, and a warm woollen carpet in red and blue covers the dark grey stone floor.

A pair of windows offers the view of a well kept garden with apple and cherry trees and a fountain in its center. A small wooden door gives access to it.

It is evening, and the Tully Manse is surprisingly tranquil - despite - the Tully heir being at home, because he had a duel and survived it a few hours ago. There is a light wound to his chest that had been treated, but still, this would not be the state to squander through inns and taverns, drinking and pursuing another vice of his. So it happens that Thadeus sits in his seat by the hearth, clad in the casual attire of tunic and breeches, his feet propped up on a stool. Just relaxing with a goblet of wine, while his thoughts seems still to be engaged with the fight ad he is too worked up to retire early.

Norah is carrying a cake, waiting to be announced by one of the servants. She is quiet until she is announced as Lady Norah Plumm, clearing her throat and absently knocking a bit of dust from her skirt. She looks around though, curious and tranquil with that happy little smile on her face. Her blonde hair is piled up on the back of her head, a little red on her shoulders and decolletage from the hot reach sun. "Ah an admirer sent a cake for you, Lordship, I came to deliver it as it was on my way for an errand. If you aren't in the mood for company I can get on my way." she offers softly.

The arrival manages to have Thadeus lifts his brows, as he certainly did not expect any visitors of such… admittedly innocent air. When she is introduced, he'll move to stand, a slight wince there when the sudden movement causes him discomfort. But he will manage to stand, and offer Norah a bow. "Lady Norah Plumm…", the Tully murmurs. "I don't believe we've had the honour before?" His grey-blue eyes skim her looks with the routine of someone already quite sure about his preferences in physical appearance. And he does not exactly send Norah away. Quite on the contrary. "An admirer?", he continues, taking a stroll over to the lady to even get a closer look. "And cake… ?" Given his slightly chubby stature, he may not be averse to sweet desserts. "Oh pray, stay a while, if you like. I would certainly not mind a bit of company."

Norah smiles a bit "I heard you had a duel." She looks embarassed "Yes. I was sent to deliver it on my way home." she admits. She's thin, but has tell tale marks of actually baking things in an oven herself - small burns on her hands from handling the trays. She smiles "Are you injured?" she asks, curiously, setting the cake on a table to undo the box, revealing a lovely lemon cake with a frosting on it. A candied yellow rose is on the top of the cake, candied lemon peel decorating the top. "I hope you enjoy it my lord." she offers, tone warm. She does admittedly look over him, but it is a little timid.

"Hmm, yes," Thadeus admits with a faint smirk. "I had one. The first and hopefully the last in a long while… And yes…", he gestures towards the side of his chest. "Some minor… um… scratch." His grey-blue eyes follow her with his gaze as she walks over to the table and places the cake there. "You… deliver cakes?", this he asks with a slightly bewildered look to his features. "But you are of noble birth? House… Plumm you say?" Norah may easily deduce from the clueless expression he does not know of what region she is, nor does he seem to have heard of the Plumms before. His gaze drifts towards the cake, and he smiles. "Ah, lemon cake… Perhaps you'd like to have some with me, along with a goblet of wine…?"

Norah is embarassed. "It is… complicated my lord. Please don't embarass me? I have had a rough week." she looks down for a moment, frowning slightly "I disappointed my father quite seriously, My betrothal to Edwyn Lannister of Lannisport has ah.. fallen through." she offers, voice gentle. "Oh. uhm. Westerlands, South of Casterly Rock nort of Red Lake." she offers, drawing a map in the air with her hand. She pauses a bit "I would love a slice. Oh wine? But I'm unescorted and I don't have much expirience with drinking wine and might embarass myself, so if it won't offend I'd prefer to pass, my lord." her cheeks are furiously pink but she is smiling.

Thadeus studies Norah, when he notices her embarrassment his eyebrows lift briefly, before they are lowered again. "I would not want to embarrass you," he states, words that his Bull Fish lips are not quite used to. Still, her mention of being temporarily betrothed to Ser Edwyn catches his interest. "A Lannister? Sounds like a good match, your family would have been proud of you." He frowns, being reminded of his own family and broken betrothal. "Ah, you're of the Westerlands." A quick nod given as he manages to place her geographically. Before he walks over to the table and helps himself to cut the lemon cake in slices, placing one on a plate to hand it to Lady Norah. Her refusal of wine has him shoot her glance, the expression somewhere between amused and offended. "No wine for you then? I can have a bit of water be brought for you. I am aware, I'm a man with a… certain reputation." He smirks. "We are not alone though," he says, indicating a manservant standing at the ready in a corner of the room. He'll help himself to a slice as well, before he returns to his place by the hearth, lowering himself carefully into the comfortable seat and gesturing to another, inviting Norah to be seated as well.

Norah is quiet, pausing "Oh I'm sorry my lord. Reputation? I'm sorry, I haven't had time to catch up on gossips in a month." she pauses. She takes the piece "One glass. I am not worried about you, I'm worried about offending you because wine makes me a bit of a fool very quickly." she admits, cheeks bright red. She moves to follow, sitting down "I didn't mean to offend you. Please forgive me, I .. I was afraid I would be foreward or mouthy my lord." she admits, looking at the cake and stuffing a bite in her mouth. "When I was last drinking, I fell asleep in the Lannister's sitting room and it was terribly embarassing." she admits, smiling brightly.

Thadeus lifts his brows. "In a month? I fear my reputation has a longer history than that!" He smirks. "You know my byname of course? People call me the Bull Fish, and I earned that name pretty early on, when I was still a squire." Which would be long ago probably, given the Tully is in his early thirties. Still. Norah's sudden audacity in requesting a goblet of wine despite the hesitation she had showed and the explanation she had given has him shoot her a curious glance. And well, the explanation in itself is in a way intriguing enough. "Forward and mouthy?", he says with a chuckle. "That's what people tend to say about me, when I'm far into the cups." Which happens occasionally. "Is this true? You fell asleep? In your betrothed's sitting room? Was this before or after the announcement of the betrothal? If you don't mind my curiosity." The Bull Fish's question is impertinent nonetheless, once again implying impropriety - albeit with an innocent look to his face; the same conduct has led to a duel very recently.

Norah blushes a bit. "Far before he even came to town." She seems flustered with herself but is smiling all the same. "I'm quite disappointed he decided to break it off. He was very handsome and treated me kindly." she isn't even twenty! She's comparably very young. "I expect my father will send me a scathing letter and be cross but he'll forgive me as I've done nothing wrong." she watches him "Do you like the lemon cake?" she asks, looking at him very seriously. "It is my recipe." she admits, warmly. She doesn't seem offended at the question!

"What were his reasons?", Thadeus inquires thoughtfully. "It's rather unusual to have a betrothal broken… It happens, true." This admitted with a flicker in his eyes and a light twitch to the corners of his lips. "Did he… give you the blame for breaking it?" This indeed a touchy topic. "The lemon cake is delicious," is admitted next, along with a smile. "You made it? Who…" and here he shoots her a curious glance, "who would want to send me a lemon cake, after I bested a Targaryen prince in a duel?"

Norah is quiet "No. He gave me no reasons. He went back to Lannisport without a word and sent a letter. I forewarded the letter to my father." she admits. "Yes, father will give me blame." she shrugs "Someone who fancies you? a friend?" she offers "I didn't take the order, it is improper enough that I work there a few hours a day decorating the cakes to make them look posh" she admits, smiling. She offers an honest shrug "If I knew you better, I do on ocassion just send cakes to people because they make people feel good." she admits, taking another bite of her cake. She pauses, a little wide eyed "I did nothing to hurt his feelings, his reputation, or my reputation I promise. I have no idea what I could have done. Lord Toran ran off with a tart." her tone isn't angry at mentioning Toran "If I get sent to the sept my heart will break." she admits with a giggle.

"Hmm, I see." Thadeus nods, taking in the information offered by Norah. "So you have little coin, working at the bakery? It seems you have been less than fortunate, in regards to your betrothals… But I am sure you won't end up in a Sept, Lady Norah. As that would be a damned shame…" The Bull Fish takes a sip from his goblet, eyeing his guest with some would perceive as a slightly predatory gaze.

Norah is far too innocent minded to notice it "Or shipped to Dorne, I hear. But that may have been my elder brother trying to spook me." she admits. She smiles "So I didn't offend you, right my lord?" she offers softly "If I get a third, I intend to do as my father bids." she offers with a genuine smile. "I do, please don't mock me too much for it, I beg." she offers with a hand raised humbly before she laughs "If you mock me I'll have to cut you off from the finest bakery in town!" she teases.

"Offend me? Nah." The Bull Fish shakes his head, shooting her a slightly bewildered glance. "You didn't offend me, but you should perhaps be careful and know better, than to pay my manse a visit and stay for a goblet of wine… There may be some tongue wagging because of it. Which could indeed hamper your efforts to find a match, my lady of Plumm." Her threat, if it is really one, manages to bring about a faintly amused flicker to his eyes. "I won't then," he agrees to her tease. "As I could not stand to live without… delicacies as these." His gaze flits from Norah to the slice of lemon cake in his hand.

Norah blushes and laughs. "No, no one thinks I'm unsavory even when I'm with womanizers, I confess. I'm so boring in that way." she admits "The only gossip about me tends to be regarding my hands and their callouses." she offers, "I will try. I didn't think of it, but so far you are treating me politely and quite kindly. Well it could work the other way too, the sudden burst of gossip could provoke interest." she admits, smiling "I'm glad you like the cake. Really. Hm Do you have a favorite?" she asks, curiously, self conciously adjusting her dress "These reach styles. I get sunburned in places I didn't know the sun could even hit." she admits.

Thadeus nods, with amusement flickering in his gaze as it flits from Norah's face to her hands. "Is that so?", he comments on her musing about attracting more interest through gossip. "In that case…" He shrugs and has another sip from his goblet of wine. He glances over to Norah's goblet, as if he wanted to check how much wine she has left in it. "Lemoncake is my favorite," the Tully replies then with a smile. "As for… other delicacies… I tend to prefer diversity and seldom settle for one particular kind." He smirks, before he continues on another subject altogether. "Your family is a minor House of the Westerlands? Well connected, in any way?"

Norah laughs "Well I'll have apple cake towards weeks' end as a treat with a butter and sugar caramel over top." she offers She considers the questions "Yes and no. We have very rich orchards and some of the finest fruit in the westerlands. We also export a lot of butter. We've a good standing amount of knights for our liege. I think when my brother takes over the house, it will prosper immensely." she considers "If you meant bloodline wise, we have ties to families far outside of our section of the countryside. My grandmother, for instance, was born in the riverlands, in Harrenhall." she offers, pausing to look at his face "Why the curiousity about me?" she asks with a soft laugh.

Thadeus listens, considering the reply she gives when more wine is had from his goblet. The mention of Harrenhall makes him raise his brows. "Indeed?" It is her question though that will make him lower his gaze momentarily. "Maybe I'm curious why a Lannister would consider you as a candidate for betrothal. When the purpose of marriage usually is to make new bonds, and to further the influence of the families involved…" Although there may be an impish gleam to his eyes when he looks up again, indicating there are some ideas forming in the Bull Fish's mind.

Norah smiles "Because I have a reputation back home to be a very good hostess for guests, sweet tempered, and bright." she admits, blushing. "and all of my brothers are relatively good knights. I'm the only one not married off." she admits. "I've also publically never lost my temper." she offers. "I suppose I'm also very pretty for a Westerland woman?" she suggests, smiling sheepishly "Well, making sure the future heirs will be balanced in mind and body is also important." she offers tactfully. "The deal was very beneficial to my family's lands - a trade deal that reduced importation of goods from the Reachlands to Lannisport, and increased exportation from Plumm orchards and our farmlands. It was mutually beneficial." she admits, tone giving away she may have thought up the particulars.

"Hmm." Thadeus leans back in his seat, studying Norah, as he scratches his chin in some pensive manner that suggests he is considering /something/. His mien lights up when she addresses what her house would have to offer, although frowning a bit at the mention of a 'bright mind', which may have a threatening sound to it, at least for a Bull Fish. "I was betrothed to a Targaryen. It would have been a prestigious match for both of our families. Still. It did not come about," he admits then, watching Norah with attentive curiosity. "I believe you've heard about the matter?"

Norah smiles "Yes, a bit, I'm sorry for the trouble." she admits, reaching to touch his hand. She offers a calm stroke over his knuckles "I assure you, the rumors about two of my brothers plowing any and every feild from Casterly rock to Highgarden are greatly exaggerated." two of her elder brothers are womanizers "Well, I wouldn't say this to her face, but her loss, you are handsome, and quite good as a knight if you won a duel against a Targaryen prince." she offrs, voice soft and warm.

Thadeus eyes flit towards the fingers brushing his knuckles in that comforting manner, a gesture that somehow manages to amuse him. It will be her admission about her two brothers that will draw a chuckle from him. "Of course.", he smirks. "I've been… misjudged in the same manner." The laughter subsides when his eyes linger on her as he leans forward, in a mock hint of a bow, to her compliment. "As you are pretty indeed for a maid of the Westerlands," he counters, the flattery coming effortlessly albeit belated over his lips. It is clear she has caught his interest from the glint in his grey-blue eyes.

Norah smiles "Her loss." she offers. She watches him, laughing as well, her smile shows. She pauses to smile "I judge everyone I meet on how they act around me and try not to let rumors sway my opinion. If I followed those rumors, I wouldn't love my elder brothers." she offers with a soft laugh. She squeezes his hand gently before sitting back gently, her hands resting in her lap. Her own grey eyes drift over his face as she smiles. "Are you really alright from your duel?" she asks, voice soft.

Indeed, the Bull Fish may have acted differently around her, had his intentions been less… honorable. But in fact, he seems to take the fair Westerlands maiden into consideration, in ways that would save her honour from being violated thus far, by any action on his part. Eyebrows are raised at the admission about loving her brothers less should the rumors be true. "I thought blood would mean more than… what fate forces us to do now and then," the Tully muses. A shoulder is lifted in a shrug, dismissing any discomfort he may currently go through. "It was a mere scratch, really.", he says. "I bet Ser Rhaegor is in far more pain than I am in, at the moment." A gratifying thought, in a way. "And should you not think about heading out again, on that errand you mentioned…?" the Bull Fish adds softly. "Before rumors start spreading about you and I? Unfounded rumors? But we know how these common folk are… Hardly missing an opportunity to wag their tongues at this and that."

Norah is quiet "It does. I adore them. Some women are very vapid and cruel." she smiles softly "I already finished my errand, but thank you for having me and being so generous my lord." she offers, standing up slowly to give a polite curtsey. "I doubt that people will gossip too much about me, but thank you for the sentiment. She smiles a bit "Are you worried about rumors?" she asks, voice soft, playful. She is curvy, and graceful "I had a nice time, thank you for hosting. Perhaps next time I visit I'll look more presentable." she pauses "If you'll have me, I'd enjoy having a walk in your garden." she offers, her hands smoothing her silk down tidily.

Thadeus moves to stand when Norah rises, a light wince there, as his chest wound brings itself back to his attention. "I am hardly worried about rumors concerning my person, as there are already so many flowing about. It is yours I worry about," he admits with the hint of a bow. "My lady of Plumm. I would be happy to see you again. So yes, please come and visit whenever you like. I'd be glad to show you my garden, next time…" His gaze flickering appreciatively over her form, he can't let go of his habits, being the Bull Fish and all. "Where are you staying, in case I'd want to send you an invitation…?"

Norah smiles "The Wisteria Manse, out on Champion's Way. It has a large wisteria tree but no banners." she offers softly " As it is just me staying there." she smiles, blushing at the look "I will come again, or if you want company." She concernedly touches over his injury with her fingertips "Do you need a healer?" she asks, voice soft as she watches his face, brows showing concern. "You shouldn't strain yourself. Especially not to be polite with me." she offers, delicate tone sneaking through.

Thadeus nods to the information where she is staying. His gaze flits downward to where her fingers brush against his tunic, an odd smile forming on his features as he shakes his head, "No, I'm… um… fine. A maester had a look at it, and he will check on me again on the morrow. As for the strain… There is none. You've been delightful company, I would like to enjoy again…"

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