(122-01-22) Offending Targaryens
Offending Targaryens
Summary: …seems to be an art a certain Tully heir seems to be pretty versed in. Tempers flare, and one word leads to another, when any sense of reason is dimmed due to post-festive hangover.
Date: 22/01/2015
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Crescent Beach, Blackcrown Road

This is a little sandy-pebbly stretch of the Whispering Sound's shoreline, crescent-shaped and somewhat sheltered by the more precipitous coastline to either side of it. Terns and gannets and kittiwakes nest on the sheerest portions to the North and South, but it's much gentler here and the tiny inlet even offers good anchorage for small boats of shallow draft. The city of Oldtown, marked by the great bright spire of the Hightower, can be seen across the water to the Northwest.

There's a steep switchbacking track leading up to the Blackcrown Road.

Well, and aside from that, the only people left after a certain hour were people that knew, anyway. Andy sways with the nudge, and grimaces. "I feel like my head's going to —I don't know, do something terrible," he complains. "But yes, I do." A pause, and he adds in a grumble, "I'm never drinking again."

"If I had a copper for every time I have heard that…", Loryn grins, "I'd be… uh, even richer than I am." It's the morning after the party and there are still several people spread around the beach, sleeping off their hangovers, while others have arrived to actually start cleaning up. Loryn and Andolin are close to the dying fire, trying to gather enough energy to return to the city.

One of those using the opportunity to 'rest' on the beach is one Ser Thadeus Tully, and a hangover he has, having indulged in too much wine, and wait! Is that some wench curled up against him? For now the Tully heir shifts a little uneasily in his sleep, his handsome features with a clean shave twisting into an almost frown of 'almost awakening'.

Visenya has just arrived. She is accompanied by no less than six Targaryen guards, and her tiny little dragons ride on her cloak-covered shoulders. The guards do not leave her side as they often would when she comes to socialize, and instead protect her flanks as she walks over the beach. She stops near Loryn and Andolin to ask, "Have you seen my brother?"

Daevon's up bright and early, none the worse for wear, it would seem. He may not have even slept on the beach from the look of it. He's given instructions to a number of smallfolk, who're being paid to clear up the mess, returning the beach to how it previously was before someone had the bright idea to throw a party here. "Visenya, what are you doing here? What a pleasant surprise. I'm afraid that you missed the party."

Andolin just gives Loryn a tired, weary grin, and then starts to say — something, but then he shuts up as people start drifting in, just taking a drink of his water. "Yes, well, I mean it this time," he grumbles, but, well. He's a liar. Then Visenya approaches, and he looks a little hesitant. "Er, morning, Princess. He was here earlier. I don't —" And lo, there he is! He gives a smile to Daevon, too.

Loryn blinks a little at Visenya's arrival and nudges Andy again. "Man, those beasties really do look like convincing dragons.", he admits, "Cool stuff… Er, morning, Princess. Prince.", he greets when the Targaryens make their appearances. He hasn't really noticed the Tully yet, but then he doesn't have anything as cool as a dragon on his shoulder.

"Looking for you." Visenya says to Daevon as he approaches. She surveys the remains of the party with a hand placed over her brow to shelter her eyes from the bright morning light. And then she lets out a little snort. "Is that Thadeus Tully? I wonder if he knows Cerys is back in town?" She then spots the girl sleeping next to him and adds, "Or if he even cares."

"They are real dragons," Daevon says to Loryn. He tosses a flask down to them. "Drink some water." And then his eyes settle on Thaddeus too. "Thaddeus Tully. Bullfish." He calls over. "I hope Cerys hasn't seen him like that. It'll break her heart again."

Just as Loryn mentions the dragons looking real, one of the dragonets lets out a little shriek.

Cleaning up is an occupation that manages to spread an air of unrest. How incosiderate to have all these servants running around, heading here and there, picking up goblets, flagons of wine, pitchers of ale, all empty by now from last night's hard work of drinking. Grey-blue eyes open a tad, a hand coming up to shield his gaze against the rays of the morning sun, when the Tully blinks a little before he brings himself up into a sitting position. A moan escapes the Tully's lips when he frowns, this time for real, as a headache makes itself known, and a hand goes to his head. "Seven Hells…" he mutters, shaking his head just a little.

His gaze drifts at first to the comely lass that is in the process of awakening as well now, and a smirk tries to conquer those pained features, despite his discomfort. A good-natured slap against the girl's behind is given - an acknowledgement of her curvy physique, before Thadeus attempts to rise, slowly and carefully and glances about him. His eyes narrowing briefly when he sees little dragons, and one of his favorite Targaryen princesses, Visenya. Should she look his way, he'll offer a wave of the hand. But with the Maiden Knight so close by, he will probably hesitate to approach. That is until he is /called/ over. Imagine that! "Maiden Knight," Thadeus greets with a grumble, a nod in greeting offered to the knight who had almost become his good-brother. "Cerys? She's at Dragonstone," the Bull Fish mutters, having caught Daevon's remark, obviously.

Andolin eyes the dragons as well, and when one shrieks he starts a little. "I think they are real," he mutters to Loryn, low, and then wrinkles his brows at Thadeus; he's clearly having a bit of a time keeping up with conversation, but, hey. Such as it is with hangovers.

The shrieking sound makes Loryn wince a little. "You mean, them's real dragons?", he muses, catching the flask from Daevon, although his eyes are still mostly on the beasties. "Cool, that." Yea, eloquence is not an option this early. He is relieved when the attention shifts to the approaching Bullfish and he smirks a bit. "Someone's in trouble.", he comments to Andy.

"Do you remember the promises you made?" Daevon asks Thadeus. "Do you remember all the pretty words you spoke about my sister, Cerys?" He stalks over that way. "She's been here, on this very beach, at this very party. What do you think would have happened if she were the one to find you like this, not even discreet in your dalliances? Did she mean that little to you?"

They are totally real dragons. The loud one lets out another squawk, and the other one bites the chin-length tips of Visenya's hair in a playful manner.

Visenya lifts a hand to pet the snake-like head of the one who is squawking, and turns her head to lightly nuzzle the other. She trails behind Daevon as he stalks over to Thadeus, a vaguely amused little smile on her face as her twin berates the other man. "Ser Thadeus." She greets, her voice calmer than Daevon's, "Princess Cerys arrived from Dragonstone…two days ago, I believe?"

Thadeus stares at Daevon, and it is obvious the words of the Maiden Knight take a moment to penetrate through his still slightly inebriated mind. "Promises? Pretty words?", he counters, chuckling for no apparent reason. "They are of no importance, as the betrothal has been broken, and she has no reason to be offended at all, by anything I do. But wait. She's been here?" The question leads to more laughter, as if this were some kind of jest. "Why didn't I notice her then, Maiden Knight? When your comely sisters usually outshine all company there is to have." And not by coincidence, the Bull Fish glances back towards the woman who had kept him company. "Ah, Visenya…" His attention is drawn towards the princess when she addresses him, and a charming smile appears on his Bull Fish features. "A pleasure to see you, and your…um… little friends." This added in regard to the tiny dragons. "Two days ago, you say?" This news has that smile fade a little.

Daevon's looking irritated, especially as Thadeus chuckles. More laughter leads to more irritation. "Perhaps you were distracted by other matters."

Andolin is totally not getting involved in this dispute, and he just rakes fingers back through his hair and mutters something low to Loryn, who's sitting next to him.

Loryn is also staying out of the dispute, though he does watch it with interest. After all, it will provide juicy gossip. When Andolin whispers to him, he grins, nods and whispers back.

Visenya lets out a light airy little laugh at Thadeus' response. She places her hand on her chest as she laughs as if it's all too much for her. "My god. You and Cerys /do/ belong together. You both think you're the hero or heroine, and everyone else is just props for you to work around." Still amused, she looks down at the Bullfish. "Princess Visenya." She corrects. "I understand you only see women as potential conquests and not people, but do try to keep up courtesys."

Andolin, hungover peanut gallery, nearly laughs at Loryn's comment, but he manages to stuff it down and takes a drink instead. "Probably," he muses, quiet, and then turns his attention to the interplay between the three.

Loryn falls silent as well, though not for long. This time though, he doesn't bother much to keep his voice down. "If the Bullfish doesn't watch his next words carefully now, the Targatwins turn him into fish fingers…"

Daevon really wants to hit something, that something being Thadeus. His amethyst eyes are filled with fire and he's glaring. Still, there is no hitting, no punches thrown, no attempts to smack any smiles off of faces for Daevon is a civilised dragon. Mostly.

"Princess Visenya, then," the Bull Fish quips, inclining his head in mock reverence. "You are certainly more than a prop, an almost conquest of mine, are you not? Considering you've had more of me than that lovely sister of yours…?" And there, Thadeus enters dangerous grounds, referencing a kiss he had given Visenya some time ago, in public, for all to see. And he smirks even at the memory. His gaze flickers briefly towards those dangerously flickering amethyst eyes of the Maiden Knight, registering the anger there with amusement. Whereas he seems to be oblivious to the delightful exchange between Andolin and Loryn - at least he does not acknowledge the warning to watch his tongue.

<FS3> Daevon rolls Reaction: Success.

"I pity you, Ser Thadeus." Visenya says lightly, and as if his words mean nothing to her. "That you think forcing a kiss on a woman is the same as making her a conquest. You ought to be careful with bragging about how you touched me without my blessing or permission. I don't control what my brother or my betrothed might due, and both are quite famous for the prowess in battle. You?" She smiles prettily, "You are only famous for being a lech."

Daevon goes icy still as he hears what Visenya has to say. He looks at her. "You never told me that he forced a kiss on you. How dare he." He glares at Bull Fish. "You, I challenge. Name the time and the place that we will fight but I will have blood for what you have done to my sister. And if Prince Rhaegor wishes to challenge you as well, so be it."

"I didn't." Visenya admits with a glance to Daevon, "Because I didn't want you to do exactly this."

Andolin mms to Loryn, agreeing, but he's paying attention and keeping quiet. No attention to him, thanks.

Loryn winces a bit theatrically at the development, but he keeps quiet now as well, riveted. This is getting better than the Whimsy.

"I am going to gut him like a fish," Daevon says. "I am going to cut that smirk from his face." He's angry, but that anger's ice, even his voice sharp, cold. Visenya's words though. "Why not? He deserves it. Laying a hand upon you in such a way. How many other women has he forced his attentions upon? How many who've been forced into silence."

Thadeus raises his brows, looking a little stunned at the effect his bold words have had. "It wasn't forced," he contradicts Visenya after a moment, that smirk returning in a slightly fainter version, "you've challenged me to do it." He turns to Daevon. "I didn't force her… but if you like, I've bested you before, remember?" He may not be a Targaryen, but he is a Tully, the heir, and so he holds his ground, shooting the Maiden Knight a proud glare. When Daevon speaks about cutting that smirk from his face, that smirk deepens and he chuckles. "I don't believe you will manage," he snorts.

Loryn inhales noisily.

"I said that I wanted to punish you for hurting Cerys by making you desire me, and then never wanting anything to do with you, but decided against it because I felt sorry for you." Visenya shakes her head lightly, "I never challenged you to kiss me. You twist my words for your own perverted gain, ser because you have no respect for anyone. I didn't want to make a spectacle of myself or draw attention to myself so I didn't fight with you." Her eyes turn hard, "And yet you use your violation of my person as an excuse to basically call me a whore in public. How dare you!"

Thadeus rolls his shoulders, grey-blue eyes locking on those amethyst ones of the Maiden Knight. "I'll be," he assures coldly, not backing away from the staring contest. His gaze only drifting towards Loryn and Andolin when Visenya speaks, and he mutters as an aside to them: "Punish me, see? She wanted to lure me into a trap, and I'm to blame? What sickening sense of justice is this?" He turns back to Visenya, raising a brow at her rebuke. "A whore? Never did I call you such a thing!"

"At dusk then? Here? Or on the tourney grounds?" This the Bull Fish adds to the Maiden Knight.

Daevon's done with the whole talking thing. "The tourney grounds." He states.

"Isn't dawn the appropriate time for duels?", Loryn wonders loudly, unimpressed by Thadeus' comments, "What if it gets dark before you're done?"

"How keen an observation, Ser Loryn." Visenya says, "Perhaps he hopes to make a cowardly escape in the dark?"

"Trust me, this will be swiftly done with," Thadeus replies to Loryn, ignoring Visenya's remark. "But dawn should work as well."

"Alright…" Loryn gives Andy a nudge and scrambles happily to his feet. "I'll see you all tomorrow at dawn then. Should be fun.", he grins and starts looking around. "Where's my horse?"

Daevon's not looking like anything will be fun at all. He glares at Loryn's words. He glares at Thadeus. There's glaring all around.

Visenya turns to walk away from the Bullfish. She says to Daevon, "Because when he first did it I felt pity for him, and I didn't mind it. I /do/ mind him going around in public and acting as if he wooed me like I were some basic whore." A dark look crosses over her face as she says this, "I am a Princess of Westeros, and that fool would do well to respect me."

"I do not think he respects anyone," Daevon says. "I hate him. I just wanted to punch him." Still angry as he walks with Visenya. "And beat that smirk off his face and make him shut up. How dare he speak to you like that? How dare he act that way. He has an heir." The last is a statement not a question.

"Oh, don't get me wrong. I'd love it if you killed him." Visenya says rather bluntly to her brother's vague suggestion, "But he was betrothed to Cerys, and she did profess to love him once. I imagine you killing him would lead to genuine not fake Cerys tears. While I do enjoy her theatrics I don't want to see her in actual pain."

Grey-blue eyes follow the Targaryens as they walk off, narrowing then slightly, when the headache returns, and air leaves the Tully's lungs in a sigh. "Seven Hells," he mutters more to himself. "I doubt father will be… happy about this development…" A realization that comes a tad too late…

"I will make him beg for forgiveness, then" Daevon says. "I will make him repent for all he has done. I'll cut off his balls and feed them to your dragons. And then I'll make sure he never, ever forces himself upon another woman. I will cut out his lying tongue. I will make him get down on his hands and knees and apologise to you. I will cut that smile from his face. I will stab him a lot. Lots of stabbing."

"You can't give diseased meat to the dragons!" Visenya says in a surprisingly chipper tone. She than sighs softly, "I ought have kept my mouth shut. What if you are injured, and those /things/ come back?"

"You did perfectly well without me," Daevon says. "We will need to have a lot of guards present though. Or you could just stay home during the duel. It shouldn't take long."

If he is listening to the exchnage between the departing Targaryens, it does not show in the Bull Fish's mien. "Anyway," he shrugs. "I need to rest, right? To be in good shape to give this charming Maiden Knight a beating. You there!" He gestures for the lass who has finally awakened, to follow along. "Come, pretty one… I believe there is more drink to be had at my manse."

"I'm not staying home." Visenya says in disbelief. "But, the next time they come they will be stronger. That wasn't an actual Warlock. Rhaegor says they've blue lips. Even when the lad's…false face" she pauses when she says this and frowns slightly, "..Well, even that didn't have blue lips."

"We'll be prepared, and stronger too," Daevon says.

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