(122-01-17) Motifs and Maesters
Motifs and Maesters
Summary: Maester Leandro and Camillo compare notes.
Date: Date of play (17/01/122)
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Leandro's still paying Camillo for herbs, quite generously too, if the man's

still willing to deliver them. Word has it that he's searching for something

even rarer as of late.

Camillo appears, as luck would have it, with a large plant in an earthenware

pot. The specimen is small, but it is a relatively uncommon plant for these

parts, and useful for both medicinal and poisonous applications. He is shown

to Leandro's workspace by an acolyte, and enters quietly. "Maester Leandro."

"A gift, for me, how kind," Leandro flashes a smile, but he's already

counting out the money to offer over for it. He's generous as always.

"Where'd you find that, I thought they only grew in the hot dry soils of

Dorne." And then. "Have you heard of a plant named dragonroot?"

"I was lucky enough to come upon it," Camillo says, which means nothing.

"Dragonroot," he repeats. "Perhaps. But then names can vary so much by

region. What does it look like?"

Leandro has pictures of this one, which he goes to fetch. It has tiny red

flowers similar to a lily save for their miniature size. "They grow in


Camillo frowns at the picture he is shown. "I have never been to Essos," he

says, "But not long ago I saw a woman poring over the image of an Essosi

plant at the Quill." He glances at the money Leandro has counted out. "I

thought today I might hand over the plant without charging, if you might

answer some questions for me."

"Ask your questions then," Leandro says. "And we'll see what they're worth.

Was the woman the bathhouse lady, or someone else?"

"It was the bathhouse woman, named Peri," Camillo confirms for Leandro

without hesitation. "The first thing I would like to know is the name of the

Maester who keeps his rooms in the second building, first window on the left

on the second level."

"Hmm, why do you wish to know?" Leandro asks.

"Not for any dangerous purpose," Camillo says. "But perhaps it relates to my

second question. Why are there, of late, so many Maesters at the Sept?"

"There are?" Leandro asks. "I'd heard they'd taken a fancy to the statues but

I can't say I've ever had occassion to visit the sept and find out. I suppose

they're investigating something other. I'll get to the bottom of it though,

if there's something up then they've been rude enough to not bother inviting

me to join them and we can't have that. I'll ask around and get back to you."

Camillo nods faintly. "I would appreciate that. The Maester I mentioned is

certainly among those most interested in the Sept decor." He says this with a

faint note of irony. "I worry that their intense interest is rather

disconcerting the Septons."

"Quite likely," Leandro says. "But then lots of things disconcert the

septons. I can't say I generally pay it much heed."

"That may be so," Camillo acknowledges with a single nod. "But I find it more

difficult to reflect and worship there peacefully while this matter seems to

remain unresolved. I would see things return to normal."

"I'll see what I can do," Leandro says. He seems more annoyed that they

didn't invite him to participate in whatever's going on though. "Is there

anything else?"

"No, that is all," Camillo says. "But…may I ask why you asked about the


"Bryn had a dream about some," Leandro says. "Young acolyte, looks like a

dragon, having dreams. I'd wondered if there was a reason for it."

Camillo makes a faint sound. "I wonder," he says. "If I hear of it, I'll let

you know."

"Do you know if the maesters were looking at anything in particular? Was

there anything in the sept decor?"

Camillo is quiet for a moment, but finally he says, "I believe there is a

pattern at the base of the Crone statue. I believe it may be a code, but I do

not understand it. If you can tell me what the matter is about, I may be able

to help interpret it."

"Marvellous," Leandro says with a flash of smile. "They'll have already

decoded it, mind you, unless they're even more stupid than I think. I'll need

to gather some things together. I've found a few more patterns about in need

of decoding. One on the sept itself, but nothing inside. I wonder if they're

connected somehow."

"I believe…there may be some in the Hightower residence," Camillo mentions

after another hesitation. "I can copy them and bring them to you if you will

share your findings with me."

"Hmm, thanks," Leandro says. "I'd be interested to see if they're the same

motifs I've already noticed, or if it's something different. They may have

found something I didn't and vice versa. I will of course share my findings

with you. I've been busy trying to crack the code however it's rather old and


Camillo bobs his head. "I have only small knowledge on these matters. But

whatever the code holds, I hope it does not result in the Sept being


"Hmm, I wonder if we could send them on a wild goose chase," Leandro muses.

"That would keep the sept clear of trouble." He suddenly grins. "I wonder if

the bathhouse would like some more visitors. I think I could easily make

another of these motifs. Ageing it might be a little more difficult. Or we

could find some filthy corner of the city instead."

Camillo gives a rare smile as Leandro hatches this plan. "That is very

clever, Maester Leandro," he says. "Perhaps that could work."

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