(122-01-07) Rare Plants and Dreams
Rare Plants and Dreams
Summary: Maester Leandro and Bryn Flowers compare notes with some helpful herb lore from Mistress Peri.
Date: Date of play (07/01/122)
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Once everything is drawn out Leandro works on figuring out what it means.

It's complicated, whatever it is. Clearly there is some connection between the odd windows, the seven variants, and the placement of the "mistakes," but the key to it is missing. It looks very much like language, but what language? What order ought the architectural passages me read in?'

Leandro's been puzzling over his papers, trying to decode things but it's just not clicking. He stands up, he paces, he looks around for someone to help.

Bryn comes into the healer's hall with a fresh load of sheets for the beds, which he leaves in the usual spot for those assigned to that particular duty today. Spotting Leandro, he steps over closer, "Maester. Is there anything I can help with?"

There are a lot of Maesters in the Library adjacent to the healer's hall today and a surprising amount of squabbling over research materials, to the point the Librarians are mostly serving as referees.

Leandro's not squabbling but he does look to the door as Bryn walks by. "Come here." He says. "And don't speak too loud least the rest of them hear us. I found this piece of paper." He gestures to the paper. "And some sort of code." He gestures to drawings of various motifs that appear on buildings, each of them different from the last but there is a pattern there.

The notes are in an excellent hand and relate to theories that either merrows or settlers from old Valaria were involved in building the Hightower and perhaps some of the Hightower tunnel stone was used in building the Citadel and Starry Sept buildings. There are sketches of some architectural motifs the buildings have in common.

Bryn steps over closer, looking at the paper with obvious curiosity. Speaking softly now, he says, sounding interested, "Brilliant. It makes sense. They're the three biggest buildings in the city."

"Merrows indeed," Leandro scoffs. "If it were the Valyrians then the code would be in high Valyrian. I'm still trying to puzzle it out, it's not one of the ciphers we're used to though."

Voices are raised again in the library as some very rude words are exchanged over a folio history of the Conquest.

Bryn looks towards the library a moment, and then looks back to Leandro. "If it's code meant to be hidden, they might have chosen something other than High Valyrian, which they'd think everybody knows?"

Leandro takes a moment to shift closer to the group and calls out, just to stir up trouble. "The Conquest is a lie! There's no proof of it. It's all a great conspiracy to cover up the truth." He's not looking their way, in fact there he is back at his studies paying them no attention as if that's what he was doing all along. "Ah. If not High Valyrian then what?"

A fist fight erupts in the high Valyrian language section.

Bryn has to struggle not to burst into giggles at this, turning away from the library so his face isn't visible if anybody looks. Then he asks, "What about Ghiscari? It's even older than High Valyrian, isn't it? And a lot rarer."

"Do you speak Ghiscari?" Leandro asks. "Come on, let's get out of here and go find the language books on it."

Bryn shakes his head, "I don't even speak High Valyrian, even if I'm dreaming in it. I might learn it after I learn that." Then nods quickly as he follows after Leandro, saying softly to himself, "It definitely isn't the Season of Whispers in here."

"Dreaming in it?" Leandro asks, that's a prompt for more information.

Ghiscari texts are in the rare books section along with anything saved from the Valarian Freehold, and some other older texts in Rhoynish and in the Old tongue of the North., where they can be kept cool and dry.

Bryn nods, glancing around to make sure none of the other novices or young acolytesthose prone to teasingare nearby, and then says, "I had a dream about dragons, flying around the Sept and Citadel. And one dropped a book on the Citadel. I saw one of the pages, there was a phrase in High Valyrian, had to get it translated when I woke up. 'In the season of whispers, the dragon root blooms.'" He looks up hopefully to Leandro, "Any idea what that might mean? I think Season of Whispers is from an old song, but I haven't found it in any books yet. Haven't had time to look much yet either."

Leandro's fluent in Rhoynish, more so than most maesters since he picked it up on the greenblood itself and from those who still keep the language alive. There's undoubtedly scrolls written by him on the subject. And while he's dabbled in the other languages, save for High Valyrian, there's nothing else he's as fluent in. Still there's plenty of time to learn. He strides straight over to a shelf and removes a scroll, after checking it he places both the scroll, and the two translations down in front of Bryn, carefully. One's a literal translation, the other's poetic, the scroll itself is in high valyrian, everything's copied out in the same hand-writing, new, neat and precise. It's very old, from the Valarian Freehold. It references the Season of Whispers, Season of Scampering, Season of Wandering, Season of Flames, and Season of Ashes. The Season of Whispers is the first verse about Dreams and whispered Councils, the soft sound of an egg cracking, lovers kisses. It was a weird poem, all inflection and alliteration instead of rhymes and really hard to turn into sensible common.

While Bryn's reading that Leandro goes to pick up another group of poems and translations. "Dragon root I discovered in another poem, one that was likely used as a memory aid for healers during the war with Ghis. Dragon root was primarily used as an anti-coagulant, but other parts of the plant had other properties. The berries were poison. The leaves could help a person having a heart attack and a tea of the distinctive flowers could give visions, though if you had too much you would die. Finding the equivalent plants and if they still exist now is on my list of future projects. I've not had time for it though."

Bryn reads the scroll… well, the translations, really, leaning over and paying close attention. "Well, Dreams fits. And eggs cracking, Lady Visenya's dragons hatched. They're really beautiful," he adds, off-hand. Wrinkling his nose he adds, "Lovers are always kissing… wait, the dream was about the Sept and the Citadel, there was a dragon for each one. And they danced together. Maybe it means there's someone here at the Citadel in love with someone from the Sept? Or… is that too obvious?" Then he looks to the new poems and asks, "Is there a picture of what Dragon Root looks like?"

"We'll need to dig through the scrolls to find out," Leandro says of the dragon root. "This," he points at the Season of Whispers poem, "is either prophecy or it's code. Translating is difficult, the words are not always the exact same so we must choose which seems to fit best. Feel free to make a copy of both poems." He looks thoughtful. "I think more likely it's some sort of other relationship. Such things should not always be taken literally. Neither the sept nor the citadel are allowed to kiss after all."

Bryn and Leandro are in the Rare Books room at the citadel, where are housed Ghiscari texts, anything saved from the Valarian Freehold, and some other older texts in Rhoynish and in the Old tongue of the North. It is cool and dry in here.

Leandro sent some poor acolyte off to fetch 'the curvy bathhouse lady who knows healing things' as Peri is currently known to Maesters who don't have an eidetic memory. So a summons to the citadel it is, without actually much explanation of what it's about, only that she should arrive promptly and be shown to wherever Leandro is. Leandro and Bryn are currently in one of the many libraries. The air's cool and dry, and there's quite a few scrolls laid out before them.

Peri is quiet, summoned quickly enough. As it is an odd hour, her hair is wrapped in a white length of silk, a few rags tied in it to set curls hidden under the silk of course. She's wearing a white gown and a robe over it, carrying herself with pride and wearing her silk slippers. She has a tired look on her face as if it has been a long day. Her hands rest in front of her as she waits to be addressed - looking unsure of if she is allowed in the room - Thane after all hadn't ever let her visit this room.

Bryn, of course, would have provided Peri's name quickly to the acolyte before they could get too lost. By the time Peri arrives, the novice is buried back in the text in front of him again, though he looks up often enough that he sees her and waves with a bright smile.

Leandro's not Thane. In fact he's not like any other Maester at all. Likely he never considered what it would look like having strange women summoned to the very innermost sanctum of the Citadel. Quite likely Peri is not allowed inside, and equally likely Leandro doesn't care. "Ah. Peri is it," Leandro says. "You know of healing and herbs." That's an assumption there. "Have you heard of a plant named dragon root? Its primary purpose is an anticoagulant, however the leaves can help one having a heart-attack. The flowers are said to be distinctive in appearance, and provide visions to those who consume them, although consume too much and they die." He's been busy looking for an appropriate book to help with matters.

Peri looks lost a little bit "Dragon.. root?" her face is absolutely blank for a moment as she moves to sit down, closing her eyes, very clearly thinking. "It is a red flower and very dangerous. It was so small, it would be small in a child's hands. Beautiful and red. I remember the slaver grabbing my hands and shaking me and making me wash my hands with wine for picking it and its berries. He collected the plant and bought me a skewer of meat later." she offers, honestly eyes opening as she attempts to recall more "It grows near where I was sold as a slave - I think I saw some in Yunkai and maybe Astapor. They rarely use it in Essos except for the obscenely rich. Even slaves try to forget it - if you weigh the wrong doseage for a grown man by even a few grains death happens and if you are responsible you join them. They say it only grows a few pounds the whole world over every few years." she offers. She takes a pin from the back of her head, it has a small red lily on it. "Like this. This sort of flower." she offers, offering the jewelry to Leandro "with little golden specks towards the center if I remember correctly. I believe when I saw it growing wild it was a long spring and the sun was oppressive in the summer sky but there was plenty of rain."

The tiny flower is rather like a particularly intricate lily in miniature, but is just as clearly not of the same family.

"Thank you," Leandro says. "That's extremely helpful." He shakes his head at the offer of jewelry. "If you'll help me draw it later, when I have all of my equipment." He looks at Bryn. "So why are you dreaming of this plant, do you think? And what sort of connection does it have to everything else."

Bryn grabs a piece of paper and pulls a small piece of chalk from one of his pockets, quickly scribbling notes of what Peri is saying. (A habit it's taken the maesters a long time to get him into, given his memory, but he's doing so now.) When done, he looks back up to Leandro, "I don't know. Thought maybe it was going to bloom to show it's the season of whispers, but doesn't sound like there'd be any around here to see bloom. And think that's too literal anyway."

Peri is quiet she goes into Low Valyrian, her voice somehow more elegant in her mother tongue. " They say in my true homeland that during the war between the old Ghiscari Empire and the Freehold it grew like wild fire from the drops of blood that rained from the sky. The red color comes from the blood and the fire that baked it from the earth." She seems to shake her head, pausing "You understood me yes?" she asks in common, hesitantly.

To his shame, Leandro does not speak low Valyrian. He's never truly had the opportunity to do so. He shakes his head. "That's a variant of low valyrian? There's much changed from High Valyrian. I would be interested in learning it though if you were willing to teach and would like an exchange of knowledge? Is there anything I could teach you in return?"

Bryn, too, shakes his head to the question if she was understood. He stays quiet now, though, for the moment.

Peri is quiet "You two, … are interesting ones. Lets see if I can flow it in common as it is supposed to flow without awkwardness - not everything comes out sounding right to me." she admits, rubbing her hands as she pauses "Teach me proper Valryian to read and write it. I can read low Valyrian and Westerosi." she offers, smiling "And allow me to read a book here every so often and I will share with you rare tomes I've managed to hide away." she whispers, closing her eyes "In the war between the old Ghiscari Empire and the Freehold of Valyria.." she bites her lip - she's an expert speaker sure, but translating is hard for her sometimes, "The blood rained from the sky and Dragon root grew from it and the flames that baked it from Earth." she admits, voice slow to come visible thought in her words. She was choosy with her words. "Westeros and Valryian the problem is, many words do not exist for me and I struggle." she confesses with a smile.

"Deal," Leandro says. "I'll be teaching Bryn as well so you might as well come along to that. And the two of us intend to learn Ghiscari, so if you wish to learn with us, you're welcome. The books here aren't mine to lend out but I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. The ones in here are priceless. Even I'm not supposed to leave the room with any of them." Not that that stops him. He nods. "It is like that between languages." He looks to Bryn. "Maybe we're just to find these books your dreams spoke of. Does the Sept have many books? No wait, what was the dream again and what was dropped where?"

Bryn looks up to Leandro again, and says, "There were two dragons, about the size of horses, one was green and one was black. I could only see that when they breathed fire, it was so dark. They were flying around above the Sept and the Citadel. One of them dropped the book on the Citadel, it had the page in I talked about." For Peri, he adds, "It said, in High Valyrian, 'In the Season of Whispers, the Dragon Root blooms.' I had to get it translated when I woke up." Then looking back to Leandro he says, "The other dropped a chest on the Sept, there was a bundle inside but I couldn't see what. Then they flew really high in the sky, and then dove into the river and disappeared."

Peri pauses "Bryn, what color were the books bound in?" she asks, curiously "The season of whispers?" she is quiet, thinking visibly she changes the language, saying it in different dialects. "Perhaps it is an event we're not yet aware of." She offers, her hand resting in her lap as she tries to think it.

Leandro listens as Peri asks her questions.

If it were a real, physical book or scroll it would be in this collection.

Bryn thinks a moment, and then answers, "It was something dark… but I couldn't see the colour. Everything in the moonlight looked the same colour, just different shades, except when the dragons breathed fire. They didn't do that near the book."

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