(121-12-31) How to Write a Play
How to Write a Play
Summary: A muse helps a lordly playwright with some brainstorming for the play he has been commissioned to write.
Date: 31/12/2014 (Date of RP)
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Eastern Suite - 3 - Garden Isle Manse, Sphinx Street

This is the largest of the manse's suites. A large window on the eastern wall overlooks the Honeywine river, and beyond that, Lower Hightower Street. The window has a wide padded sill large enough for one to sit comfortably and take in the scenery. The room is decorated in greens and gold, with a frequently reappearing motif of a purple pansy in the paintings and needlepoint tapestries. Another pansy is woven into the green carpet that covers the floor. Vases of flowers sit on all the tables and are kept fresh with blooms and greenery. In the large sitting room are velvet-cushioned chairs and couches.

In the sleeping chamber a large four poster wooden bed rests in one corner, with a green and gold coverlet and lavish purple pillows. There are two wardrobes to match the bed, and a nightstand with an oil lamp painted with gilt-edged purple pansies. There is also a large vanity table with a big mirror of real silvered glass. The surface is strewn with silver and gold and ivory handled brushes and combs, as well as dozens of pots of fragrances and emollients. The wall that between the bedroom and the sitting room is equipped with a hearth that heats both rooms should it be needed.

The north walls of both the sitting room and the bedroom hold doors leading to the balcony, which looks out over the river toward the Citadel in the distance.

Through a smaller arched doorway in the bedroom is a side room with a large, sunken marble bath, heated from below. Low benches hold various oils and perfumes, as well as fluffy towels and large natural sponges. The walls have frescoes of frolicking dolphins.

The Maestro called, the Diva came. Or something like that. With the tourney and the ludicrous contest out of the way, Loryn has finally time to focus on his play again and sent Iris a message, asking her to come and see him. The morning finds him in a state of semi-dress - baggy shirt and pants, nothing else - on his favorite window seat, where he can look out across the river and chew a quill to pieces without writing much at all.

The Maestro called, and Iris thought of a quick lie to excuse herself from her duties at the Quill and Tankard, offering to go to the market and buy some… vegetables needed for the evening's stew. Anyway, when she arrives, she does so in the less than flashy barmaid attire, off-white chemise below a brown comely commoner's dress. She will be shown in by a chamber maid, shooting her a slightly impertinent glance along with a wink. The girl probably knows her at least from sight. The actress. Of the Whimsy Theatre. And the muse of the Impressario, also known as Ser Loryn Tyrell. "Hey there," she greets, strolling over to where Loryn sits, leaning over to offer him a kiss in greeting, once they are alone.

"Ah you came." Loryn does have a flair for stating the obvious. He also likes a good kiss and happily returns it, before getting off the window sill. "It's a tragedy.", he sighs dramatically and points at the comfortable arrangement of couches and chairs nearby. "Please sit. Or shall we sit on the balcony? I do enjoy the morning breeze. Yes, let's go out.", he decides and picks up the bottle of wine as well as two glasses from the table. "Are you hungry? Shall I send for some refreshments? The cook has done something mysterious with oranges and it tastes rather amazingly well.", he explains as he steps out onto the small balcony where two people can sit side by side.

"A tragedy?", Iris echoes, raising a brow before she shakes her head. "What are you talking about, Loryn?" The kiss will be likewise enthusiastically pursued by the barmaid turned actress. Her mentor's undedicedness as to where to go and sit, has her cross her arms before her. "Whatever you say, ser," she finally says, as she follows Loryn out onto the balcony. "Some wine is fine with me, certainly, and to food I will not say nay to either." The admission comes with a light grumble of her stomach, as she has so far not found the time for a little breakfast. "Even if it includes mystery and oranges…"

"Oh, don't call me Ser, it reminds me of that airheaded little dragon.", Loryn mutters, waving his hand dismissively. He sets wine and glasses down, then heads indoors once more to transmit the request for refreshments to the servant waiting within earshot. Finally he comes outside again, still restless, but he does sit down at last. "Yes, a tragedy. Writers' Block! I have plenty of ingredients, but no story. I need your help! Wait!" And he's up again, this time to retrieve an ink-spattered sheet from indoors on which he has apparently taken notes. Many notes.

Iris raises a brow when Loryn asks her to drop his knightly title. After all she had added in a bit of mocking tone. "Um, sure, Loryn," she agrees though, her blue eyes darting after him as he vanishes briefly inside of his room again. "Aww," she purrs when he addresses his current problem of writer's block, and reaches to pat his cheek. "I'll help where I can, but I ain't a writer." Her forehead wrinkles when she takes in the scribbled notes, maybe a touch intimidated by the chaos on the sheet.

"Yea, but you have fantasy and creativity.", Loryn winks at her and he's probably not alluding to her writing. He pours the wine and takes a deep gulp of it to fortify himself before tackling the problem at hand. "So, see… The Princess wants the story of a heroine of the people, right? I've been thinking about her being a foolish headstrong girl at first, who rejects the good-hearted young man who tries to court her because she's bedazzled by a rich jerk. Telling the nice young man he needs to find diamonds first to make her happy. The guy knows about a dragon hoarding riches in a cave somewhere and goes out to slay the dragon. Of course that goes badly wrong, the dragon captures him for dinner and threatens to set fire to the whole town. The girl gets screwed over by the rich jerk, goes after her true love and frees him from the dragon cave. But the dragon has flown off to destroy the town, so she has to go back to stop and slay him… which she does. And thus she becomes a heroine. And gets the guy…" Loryn heaves a sigh and chugs some more wine. And then he's up once more when the servant arrives, taking a tray from him to bring outside. On a big plate are small chocolate-covered cakes filled with orange jam, the chocolate cover sprinkled with orangey bits.

Iris listens, her hand reaching for the goblet of wine offered to her, before she takes a sip. She will not comment on any of Loryn's idea before he is finished with his brief presentation. One brow moves up as she considers, taking another sip. Her gaze flitting curiously to those interesting orange chocolate cakes. She will even try one. "Ooh, this is delicious." A delighted sparkle entering her gaze as she devours the first of the cakes. Untl she notices his eyes that are lingering on her, as he obviously awaits some sort of comment from her. "Well. This sounds less like a story about a heroine and a dragon, but more like a twisted love story with some dragon addendum shoved into it.", Iris remarks. "First of all… what kind of heroine is this? A slut that wants diamonds? The crowd won't like her at all. She rejects the good guy and falls for the pompous type? Gets screwed over by him? I mean, this is more a victim, a girl who doesn't know what's good for her. Heroism… I mean… that's more about… defeating one's fears… to face the dragon despite the danger. So we need something that would make this heroine a heroine. A person she'll protect - not a man. A child rather. A child that was abducted by the dragon…"

"Well… I figure she goes through a learning process", Loryn points out, "She starts out being wrong and stupid, but she learns and grows and TURNS into a heroine along the way. That's the fundamental story… her growth and development. She realizes what's good for her, namely the nice boy next door. But!", he sighs once again, "Maybe you are right, the dragon should matter more. But we don't have the money for a lot of special effects. The final battle will be all. Besides, I can't expect Keli to remember more than a handful of lines. She's… well, I don't think she can.", he says vaguely, then adds quickly: "Besides we need the guy, because I need a role and the audience loves a hero." And he obviously loves being a hero. "Well, I know it stinks, which is why I'm stuck.", he finally sulks and begins stuffing his face with one of the cakes.

Iris takes another good sip from the wine when Loryn explains where he wants to go with his story. "A learning process… aye, that is a good idea. But to learn from falling for the wrong one? That doesn't explain why she'll dare to fight a dragon in the end…" She reaches for a second of those delicious orange cakes. "And okay, the dragon… maybe there are other challenges awaiting before she faces the dragon. Let's say… a group of villains…. bandits… they've abducted the guy. While she was distracted with this rich nobleman that only toyed with her feelings. The bandits have gathered some of the dragon's treasure - angered the dragon. The bandits have this little child with them. A girl, yep, just about the age of Kelinyx. The girl and the guy become friends. He laments about the heroine not giving a damn about him, and Keli listens. Little children are like that. Little children also lack sense sometimes. So when the dragon attacks the bandits, that little girl hides - the good guy has been saved by our heroine just prior to this, where she killed three or four of those bastards - the dragon recovers the treasure, apart from one very dear piece, and the girl jumps onto its back and is taken to the dragon's lair. A simple dragon prop might suffice here. The girl falls from the dragon when it touches the ground, and she sprains her ankle. The dragon gets impatient. The guy notices the girl is missing, maybe they even spotted the girl on the dragon from afar. And together the heroine and her good guy go all the way up. They have some swords from the bandits with them. The guy attacks the dragon first but is defeated, um, wounded severely. So now it's on the heroine to save them all. Which she does." Iris glances towards Loryn expectantly, curious what he thinks about her reworked plot idea.

Loryn listens to her ideas and smirks. "Don't people usually fall for the wrong one first and learn from their mistakes?", he muses, before falling silent again. "I quite like the addition of bandits, but we can't have a little girl in it… there's one rule and one rule for stagecraft only: Never work with children and animals.", he points out, then adds: "Besides, Keli is the dragon. I really don't need any more kids around the stage. So we can do without the kid. Any other idea?", he wonders, then adds almost as an afterthought: "The nice guy can fight the bandit. Actually the bandit can be the creep his girl fell for in the first place. Gives them some proper beef to fight out. Then the epic final battle is between the girl and the dragon, before the dragon destroys their home. What do you think?", he asks hopefully, getting excited as the creative juices start flowing.

Iris pouts when Loryn speaks up against her idea with the child. "But… where is the heroism then, if there are no weak that are protected? A woman then? A stupid young woman - a halfwit maybe who can't take care of herself..?" It is clear, she does not want to let go of that rescue part of the story. "Also… we need a heroic reason for them to go and fight the dragon. They shouldn't go there just for the treasure. He can fight the big bad guy, yes. Maybe the heroine is even with them. Good guy defeats the bad guy and takes the heroine and walks off with her. Then the dragon appears. The halfwit climbs ontop of the beast and is carried away. And then the story proceeds as you said. He tries to fight the dragon, and she saves him." Now Iris leans back in her chair and munches on her third chocolate orange cake, her gaze sparkling. "Now… How's that?"

Loryn heaves a sigh and presses two fingers against the bridge of his nose, the universal "I'm sooo getting a migraine here!" signal. "No halfwits, no children, no damsels in distress… this is Princess Visenya we're talking about here.", he points out and eyes her stuffing the third cake into her face. "Make sure you still fit your costume.", he mutters under his breath, then sighs once again. "Alright, we do have a good guy, a bad guy, a heroine and a dragon. We do not have a halfwit or a kid. Maybe the dragon CAN steal something from the village? Something that's…. not precious in terms of monetary worth but very dear to the village? Maybe the girl makes a mistake… makes a deal with the dragon… offering him the precious thing which the dragon demands in exchange for whatever can save the girl's dying father. But the dragon betrays her and - oh, Seven, no, we can't have a cheating dragon, what would the princess say? The dragon can't be too nasty…" He tosses the sheet of paper aside. "Ah, this is hopeless! Let's talk about something else!"

"Oh. Yes. No halfwit could ride a dragon…", Iris admits, her eyes widening and her cheeks colouring just a tad when she realizes her misstep. "The dragon shouldn't be that bad either. Maybe… it is a tiny dragon. A baby dragon." The wine certainly helps in enhancing her imagination. "Bandits terrorize a town. The town where the heroine lives. She discovers a dragon's egg deep down in the crypt below the Temple of the Seven. She carries it around with her. There is this cute bandit though, she likes him. But he's a bandit, see? The dragon hatches, the heroine keeps him hidden, even though the bandits try to find the egg. They want to sell it and want to make money off it. And so… here's the chance for the cute bandit to become a hero. When the heroine is caught with the dragon by some lurking bandits that are sneaking up on her, he comes to her aid. She can escape because of him. But he's severely wounded and has to face the wrath of the bandit leader. The dragon so far can be a little doll. So… the girl gets away with the dragon, but she feels sorry for the cute bandit. She starts to cry, and her tears fall on the dragon. The dragon grows through the power of her feelings. And now she can climb onto the dragon and fly back. To fight the bandits together with the dragon, to save the cute bandit - and the town from the villains." A fourth and a fifth cookie find their way into Iris's mouth. No, she will not stop tossing crazy ideas into the room, just because her Tyrell cutie is pouting and on the verge of giving up. "This is a nice story, eh? And one that can't offend the Princess Visenya."

"Ooooh, I like the idea of the baby dragon and the girl protecting her.", Loryn admits, frowning just a little bit at the continued cake-munching. Ah, if the sugar rush keeps her going, so be it. "But we mustn't forget about the Princess's main request - that the girl be a heroine of the people. So, the dragon would have to be significant to the people. Maybe the egg hasn't hatched for many years and has become something of a relic? And she's among the young people who guard the egg, but she doesn't pay attention - maybe because the cute bandit is distracting her? - and the bandits make off with the egg to sell it. The girl feels guilty and goes after them. She gets kidnapped, but manages to talk the cute bandit into freeing her and the egg. He gives his life for her- oh, I would love to die a dramatic stage death some time! - and she goes off with the dragon egg. Which hatches into a cute dragon. The angry bandits want to destroy her village in revenge but the girl and her dragon save them all. Hey, that works?", he wonders quite happily.

Iris smiles and nods, after considering this. "That works, aye. Although I feel bad for the cute bandit…" The latter part is purred, as she leans over to pat Loryn gently on his cheek. That frown has been noticed, and so the actress and co-playwright will abstain for taking more of those cookies, as she pushes her lower lip forward in a pout. She takes a sip from her wine instead.

"I'm sure the cute bandit will find consolation somehow…", Loryn winks, reaching up to take her wrist when she leans in to pat him, "You've consumed so many calories now… it might be time to burn some of them off?", he muses with a sparkle in his eyes. "I'll just… write this down quickly…" He has notably calmed though since they have been brainstorming and rises only slowly to move indoors to write some things down on his scroll.

"Can he?", Iris quips back, as she takes another sip of her wine. "Now who am I to deny him such, hmm?" The wink is returned, although the pout will stay for a moment. "Are my curves becoming too much for you to handle, ser?" There, the knightly address again, offered with affectionate mockery in her tone. She will not object though when he leaves her for a moment, and take her time to empty the goblet as she waits for her Tyrell to return.

The Tyrell doesn't really return outdoors though. Instead he beckons her indoors to burn off some calories in the fun way.

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