(121-12-19) Maiden vs Rose Pt. 1
Maiden vs Rose
Summary: The Maiden Knight vs the Rose Knight. Who will win?
Date: Date of play (19/12/2014)
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The grounds have been set up with a variety of obstacles and false terrain. Three judges have been appointed: The infamous Prince Dhraegon to represent the Targaryen's, the helpful judge from the last Toyrney, and the same elderly jousting enthusiast that was so controversial at the recent tourney to represent the Tyrells. The Tyrell elder is glaring in disapproval at the brightly dressed Prince in red, orange, and black, who has set a small cloth doll in a red Princess dress on his lap and is murmuring quietly to her about the crowds and proceedings. The doll is of the type intended to look like Princess Visenya. The Helpful judge is already looking put upon. Given what he has to deal with from the other two. A small, nondescript middle aged man stands quietly in the back of the judging booth, with an expression very similar to the helpful judges.

Loryn Tyrell arrives with a rather impressive squire in tow - having badgered Andolin Stark into coming along and helping with things. The young Tyrell is in his splendid new armor, more for show than anything, as he rides into the tourney ground, waving to the enthusiastic crowd that is greeting the contestants with cheers and roars. It may not be a big tourney, but Oldtown so loves a show.

From the stands the actors and musicians from the Whimsy are heard cheering the loudest for Lord Loryn! Stomping! Calling out his name! There's more than a few wolf-whistles too.

Norah is quiet, settled with some other westerland ladies, her hands in her lap, the ladies seem to all be enjoying the shade, and a pitcher of (nonalcoholic) sweetened lemon water to refresh them on the hot day. Norah is polite with her cheering, never beyond what is appropriate.

Enter Ser Daevon Targaryen! The Maiden's Knight! The crowd, or at least his supporters, go wild. He's only lightly armoured, in exquisitely styled leathers, all shades of silver, gold, and amethyst shades. No helmet today. His horse is as stunning as he is, her mane and tail matching the same shades as Daevon's, her eyes seeming as amethyst as his. She prances, bells jingling as she does so.

Loryn's somewhat tense features ease a bit when he hears the Whimsy players' chant for him and he waves to them specifically, before blowing a few general kisses to the audience. Then he heads for the Tyrell tent pitched on one side of the grounds by two Tyrell men, where he can take off the shiny armor and replace it with easy-to-wear light leather armor in anticipation of the duel. Only then does he return, hoping that Daevon has ended his own showy entrance by then as well.

The helpful judge stands, "Welcome all! Today's events will start with the equestrian event. This event will combine precision riding and horse archery. As you can see, an obstacle course has been set up for the horses around the edge of the ring, with jumps, water traps, and the like. You will note that there are various moving targets on pullies to shoot at and flower garlands to grasp. Five points go to the man who finishes the course first. One point will be assigned for each garland captured, and Three points for each target hit. When the knights are ready, they should assemble at the starting line."

Andolin's helping out Loryn, indeed, exchanging quiet words with him now and then. He gives his friend a squeeze on the shoulder, too, as he starts heading out toward the field, and he can't help a bit of a wry smile at the first event.

Ser Daevon's showy entrance does take it's time. Flowers are thrown into the field and his horse continues to show off, soaking in all of the attention. She's a high-spirited creature, with lots of energy, who virtually dances her way over to the Targaryen tent. Already dressed for the race, he unclips the bells there to spare everyone the constant jangling and then circles around to where the race starts.

Loryn steers his hore to whee the starting line is indicated and offers Daevon a wide grin. "Ser Daevon. Are you ready? This looks like it will be immense fun." He points at the obstacle course, then listens to the judge's explanations as how this is supposed to go. His own horse quite calm, shaking his head a little with a soft neigh.

Daevon's horse, Sunshine, whickers a greeting to Loryn and horse. Daevon himself flashes a bright smile. "As I'll ever be! May the best man win!"

Dhraegon is carefully explaining the rules to the doll, who he talks to much as one would a precocious child.

A Squire lowers the pennant to signal race's start. the first obsstacle is a simple jump over a water trap. There is a chance to shoot a rabbit target on a string or to crab a garland as one lands.

Ser Daevon's horses are almost notorious for not doing what he asks. First there was that instance at the jousting where he almost got trampled by his own mount. And now, Sunshine stoops to munch on a flower even as Loryn and mount race off. It takes some cajoling from Daevon to get her even attempt a trot and by then Loryn easily has a head-start. Bow in hand, he notches an arrow, he's already of a mind that he'll be shooting his way through the course.

Loryn's horse is more focused apparently and gets out of the gate at a good pace, galloping ahead lightly to elegantly sail over the first water trap, allowing Loryn to easily grab the first flower garland to wave around triumphantly. Then, not sure what to do with it, he places it around his neck like a lei and looks over his shoulder to see what Daevon is doing.

Sunshine soars over the water trap, landing and then charging onwards. Daevon eyes that stationary rabbit target, takes aim, and unleashes an arrow which lands with a solid thud. The gap between he and Loryn increases as the Tyrell knight gallops ahead.

Eonn arrives on his big white mare that does what he asks, albeit slowly.

Next is a picket designed to look like a castle gate. This garland is slightly fancier and the swinging target is a fox. Prince Dhraegon holds up the doll to give her a better view.

Norah seems to get called off, something about a letter coming in. She's careful to leave without much fuss though!.

Norah enters the city through the Tourney Gate.

Daevon's still behind Loryn. He notches an arrow to his bow, and fires at the swinging fox, only to miss by miles. On seeing Loryn's arrow skewer it solidly, he goes for the garland instead, standing up on his horse so he can snatch it from the air, pulling it off its tether.

Dainel leaves Oldtown proper through the Tourney Gate in the city walls.

Eonn grimaces a bit. The brown-tabby-and-white kitten climbs out of his saddlebags and starts to scale his leather surcoat.

Loryn's horse is slowing down briefly before speeding up again to jump over the next target. He sees Daevon miss the fox and decides to have a try at archery as well, even if it's not his forte. And 'lo, his arrow hits the target. Grinning to himself, he rides on.

Arriving late Lorayne makes her way onto the tourney grounds and looks around for a place to settle and watch. Her eyes immediately seek out Loryn and she smiles softly and then goes about trying to find a good place to watch the competition.

Andolin, having been roped into being Loryn's 'squire', is lingering by the Tyrell tents for now. He's absently feeding his own horse, tied nearby, bits of carrot to keep him sated, and watches thoughtfully, largely quiet for now.

The next obstacle is a sand trap with a very low picket with wee Dothraki painted on it. The swinging target is a horse

Dainel arrives late, with his fashionable asses tugging his cart. He seems calm - or perhaps a bit buzzed as he finds a quiet place that has a bit of shade for his beautiful donkeys. Eonn is spotted, and given a wave as he tilts to watch the Tyrell and the Targaryen with mild curiousity

The Princess Visenya wears white today in a show of support for her twin. One might suggest that arriving on time for the tourney would also be a proper show of support, but those people probably look much less fabulous than Visenya. She doesn't go to the stands. Instead, she stands next to the fence to watch.

Sunshine is a sand-steed! She loves Sand! The sand trap is her favourite thing in all of the world. Rather than leaping over it she decides to leap into it, and prances merrily, then rears up. Daevon himself loses grip on the arrow he was holding, dropping it, barely keeps hold of his bow, and tries his best to get her to behave.

Lorayne finally gives up on finding a good place in the stands. Instead she moves closer to the fence so she has better view even if she has to stand. The Florent Lady wears a gown of a rich dark Tyrell green with a thin sash of golden coth about her slim waist, its obvious who she is cheering for. She stands a ways away from Visenya giving the Princess a respectful distance but she does offer the woman a small smile and a polie dip of her head before turning to watch once more.

Loryn's horse (okay, it needs a name… it shall be called Whiskey) has lost his early enthusiasm and doesn't move much faster as is necessary. Or perhaps because he does want to watch Sunshine's antics. Trying to prove that he's the well-behaved horse, he does an elegant leap across the sand, allowing Loryn to fire an arrow at the horse (not the real ones, the puppet) and score another point.

The next obstacle is a medium high picket, designed to look a bit like a ship and the target is a large sword fish swinging like a pendulum. The garland is yellow roses.

Eonn moves his big mare to Visenya's side. He keeps a respectful distance himself, but it's also rather clear that he'd take exception to anybody else not doing so. The kitten, however, just tangles itself in his hair. The man attempts to ignore it. Ahh, dignity.

Daevon somehow manages to get his horse under control, to cajole her away from the trap, to grab the garland as they pass by. She's slower, or at least distracted, as they trot along to the next obstacle. It's like shooting fish in a barrel this time as he manages to land a solid hid on the fish and continue onwards without too much incident. "Grump's been teaching you bad habits," he tells his horse as if she could understand.

Whiskey keeps up its steady pace and frowns a little as Daevon keeps being ahead and thus getting first pick of the targets. He does grab another garland for himself, which he puts around his neck, then kicks Whiskey's sides a little to try and persuade him to move faster.

The final obstacle is a high picket made to look like a dragon and the garland is a massive thing made of assorted roses.

The target is a bird on a pendulum.

Daevon's lost track, is he ahead, is he behind, he doesn't know, doesn't care and he goes for that huge garland of roses, leaving the bird for Loryn to shoot at. He snatches it up and charges towards the finish line.

Visenya's head turns slightly when Lorayne approaches the fence. She offers the Tyrell-supporting Florent a rather regal nod of her head. "You must be Lady Lorayne." She says with a slow-forming smile, "Lord…ah, it is Ser now, is it not? Ser Loryn spoke highly of you, My Lady." A glance is given to her brother's redheaded man-at-arms, and this is followed with a loft of her pale brow. Her voice has a slight tease to it as she says, "Eonn of the Rills if you are not careful that poor kitten will be fused into that mess you call a beard and hair."

Whiskey doesn't like to be rushed, but he sure likes to jump very elegantly over the obstacles placed in his path. Since the bird is still there, he fires an arrow at it and brings it down, then nudges his horse again to please speed up a bit and make it to the finishing line first. Please?

It's the final stretch to the finish line. The Tyrell elder is cheering his young kinsman on. Dhraegon has the doll iup on his shoulder now, cheering for his young kinsman.

Finally, with no obstacles in sight, Sunshine runs as fast as the wind, charging for that finish line. It's too close to call though as both she and Whiskey cross at the exact same instand. Now it's down to arrows and garlands. Daevon's long since lost count of how many of each he has.

Whiskey does increase his speed a bit now there are no more obstacles in his path, but he seems content to just catch up to the other horse without passing Sunshine. Ah well. Loryn is pleased nonetheless and pats his neck, while offering Daevon a grin. "That was fun!"

The crowd goes wild. The helpful judge has been quietly keeping the point tally. And once the cheering is done at the dramatic finish, he stands to announce, the horses being neck and neck, Ser Loryn wins for his excellent shooting! Ser Loryn had eleven points. Ser Daevon had five when the penalty for the missed jump figures in."

Lorayne offers Visenya another faint nod of her head glacing to the Princess shyly. Her tone is respectful and gentle as she speaks. "Yes I am and you must be the Princess Visenya. Ser Loryn spoke of you. It is a pleasure to meet you." She looks somewhat surprised when the Princess speaks of Loryn talking about her. A faint blush appears on her cheeks and she glances out at Loryn. "Ser Loryn is very kind I have found."

Dainel fiddles about with a barrel, tapping a cask of wine without any fuss and settling to open a crate, sorting thing out and looking as if he intends to hand out free wine…

Daevon's grinning right back at Loryn, nodding. "It was." He's holding garlands of roses as he climbs down off of his horse. "Well done." And then quieter, with a teasing smile he adds. "I thought you said you couldn't shoot." It's all in good jest though. "We should distribute these while they set up the next challenge." He nods to the flowers, and then to the crowds. There's a squire, not his since he has none, that comes to take care of Daevon's horse.

Andolin gives a low whistle to himself at the photo-finish, giving his horse a solid pat on the neck and giving the judge's booth a glance up and over; when the winners are announced, he looks a little relieved.

Daevon's grinning right back at Loryn, nodding. "It was." He's holding garlands of roses as he climbs down off of his horse. "Well done." And then quieter, with a teasing smile he adds. "I thought you said you couldn't shoot." It's all in good jest though. There's a squire, not his since he has none, that comes to take care of Daevon's horse.

"Maybe I lied a bit - Andy gave me some tips.", Loryn admits with a little smile and a wink. Not sure what to do with the garlands for now, he takes them back to his 'squire' for the day, handing Andy the reins of his horse and place the garlands around his neck. Then he returns to the grounds to face the second part of the contest on foot.

Daevon's garlands are given to… well it's Eonn or Visenya, whichever of the two seems most likely to want to hold them. He chuckles at Loryn's wink. "I couldn't get him to give me any tips." He says.

Once the crowd's noise has died down, the helpful judge stands up to explain the next challenge. He gestures to the artificial terrain set up in the center of the tourney grounds. "Next is a display of both swordsmanship and agility. To make things more interesting, we have given them boulders and the like. A touch is worth three points, a garland is worth one. When three touches have been scored the knight with the most points wins. Knights? Take up positions at opposite sides of the course!"

Andolin takes the reins of Loryn's horse and shoots the Tyrell a little grin - which soon turns a little befuddled as he gets be-garlanded and Loryn takes off. Stark to the core, though, he just soberly takes the flowery decor, stoically fabulous in his newly appointed station.

Loryn looks at the new obstacle course with a slight frown, trying to work out how this will work - and what to do. When the judge explains that they have to be at opposite ends, he nods to Daevon and wanders off to the far end, waiting for the signal to begin.

Eonn makes no effort to take any roses that Visenya might take. But he smiles at Daevon. Then he tells the Princess, "I don't know what to do with the little beast, my Princess. Do you want one?"

There are three obstacles, each with an associated garland. Two obstacles are simple waist high boulders with a garland dangling above each. Two are more elaborate arrangements with stepped boulders and a high bar with garland, and one is a sand trap with a garland on a pendulum. They might go for garlands and possibly the high ground first or each other directly. The seperation gives them enough time to choose.

Daevon's gaze flicks between Loryn and Andolin, distracted somewhat. There's a slight widening of his eyes, then a shake of his head. If his own garlands end up on a fence post instead so be it. He's left them behind and now he's focussed on the next task at hand. Well apart from a final glance shot over at Andolin. Daevon whips his sword out and flashes a smile trying to plan what to do first.

Visenya does not hold things. It's not her niche. The garlands are passed off to her men-at-arms who weather the decoration stoically. "A kitten?" She lets out a light laugh, "Oh goodness no. When my dragon hatches it would eat it." She glances to Lorayne, "Kitten, My Lady?"

Loryn doesn't seem to be bothered by making Andy look like a prize cow on market day. He unsheats his sword and waits for the signal to begin, so he can collect more garlands to drape on some hapless person later.

Lorayne eyes the kitten curiously glancing to Visenya and Eonn both. "I have more experience with falcons then kittens….but lets see. May I?" She reaches out slightly her movements slow to try and tempt the little creature away from Eonn. She glances to Visenya. "You have a dragon egg Princess? That is very impressive. I'm sure you are eager for it to hatch?" She will wait a moment to see if the kitten will allow her to hold it.

The kitten is on Eonn's shoulder, biting his neck. Bite bite. It will bring him down, given enough time. Or not. He puts a big hand over the tiny creature and attempts to extract it from his person.

The Elder Tyrell's squire drops the flag to start the combat.

The moment that flag drops Daevon's running for the closest garland in the opposite direction from Loryn. Away! Not towards so there'll be no competing for their first garlands! He leaps up, using the boulder to spring himself up to a garland and snatch it from the air. From that vantage point he spins around in order to see where Loryn is and then, barely pausing for breath he charges towards the next apparatus.

Loryn apparently doesn't want to fight more than necessary either and goes for another obstacle, which he quickly climbs to snatch the garland from the top. Then he hops down again and starts going for the next one. Looks like they'll only be fighting for the last ones… lame-os.

Perhaps. Or perhaps not. Once he has one garland and a good idea of where Loryn is Daevon goes that way instead. The third one will need fought over.

The Elder Tyrell is screaming, "Pound him Laur…yn! Dhraegon is making the Princess doll cover her eyes.

Eonn sees that the ladies have become distracted before he managed to get the kitten out of his hair. Quite serenely, he stuffs it under his boiled leather brigantine.

Loryn mutters when he sees Daevon turn up in front of "his" next obstacle but grins at him. "If you want that garland, you'll need to fight me for it!", he calls out and starts climbing.

Dainel is settling nicely, handing mugs of light wine out to the small folk who seem delighted at a free treat. He seems to be enjoying watchingthe spectacle, he's only had one mug of his own booze.

Daevon doesn't climb, instead he cattapaults himself off the ground, sommersaulting up to land on the top, sword in hand. It's a ridiculously flash move, one that has the crowds gasping. Sword in hand he recovers his balance just in time for Loryn to reach the top too.

Loryn had not yet got his sword into a position to attack and so Daevon's stunt takes him by surprise. He is forced to dodge, loses balance and has to hop off the boulder completely, surrendering the garland to Daevon.

It's with his hand not his sword that Daevon reaches out to grab Loryn though, to stop his fall. His hand wisping through the air, a moment too late. He makes a sound of frustration, ignores that garland and leaps down again. "Forget these flowers." The garland he first claimed is is removed from his neck and tossed onto the ground. "Fight me." And he waits to see what Loryn will do.

Loryn chuckles at that. "Fight you for both these garlands?", he asks and shakes his head. "Why, there are still two more up for grabs, so come on!", he urges, "You got two, I got one, I can still beat you." And with that he runs off to the next high boulder to try and get at that garland

Andolin's brows raise high at Daevon's challenge, and then he quirks a wry, amused grin at the response.

Daevon lashes out, lightning fast with the flat of his blade as Loryn darts off, tagging him for the first time, although some might dispute the legality of a hit to a fleeing opponent. "Stand and fight!" Flowers are forgotten as he gives chase.

Loryn gets tagged! He turns and grins. "Alright, I'll fight you over the garland.", he responds, unsheating his blade to stand for the duel

Well there's technically two garlands here, one atop the boulder, one on the ground, and Daevon's grinning now that Loryn stops fleeing, eyes glittering with joy.

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