(121-07-11) A Gathering Beneath the Apple Tree
A Gathering Beneath the Apple Tree
Summary: Madrighal serenades some Nobles who discuss politics and flirt.
Date: Date of play (07/11/121)
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Madrighal is sitting under the apple tree singing an apple tree themed love song. The fingering is intricate, his voice is a stunningly expressive tenor. At his elbow is a bunch of red grapes and a cup of dry white wine.

Lorayne sits near Madrighal listening as he plays. The Florent lady has a guard and a maid near her and she has a mug of recently aquired cider in one hand sipping it slowly as she listens to the song with a soft smile on her lips.

Loryn Tyrell has spent another long day squiring and rehearsing and yet he finds time in the evening to take a pretty young lady out to the Quill. He has his arm around her waist and leads her out onto the terrace. "Here we are! It's time you get out out of the door!", he tells the lady with a smile and hugs her a bit before letting her go to sit down. His face lights up when he sees Lorayne and Madrighal. "Ah, two people I like seeing. Let's sit there!" he says eagerly and walks over to them.

Loryn Tyrell has spent another long day squiring and rehearsing and yet he finds time in the evening to take a pretty young lady out to the Quill. He has his arm around her waist and leads her out onto the terrace. "Here we are! It's time you get out of the door!", he tells the lady with a smile and hugs her a bit before letting her go to sit down. His face lights up when he sees Lorayne and Madrighal. "Ah, two people I like seeing. Let's sit there!", he says eagerly and walks over to them.

"I get out plenty, brother," Lisette counters to her pushy and overly exuberant sibling. She is lead through the pub and takes a seat as offered. Her manner, however, is less enthusiastic than Loryn. More prim, more proper, less fun. She does not know all the people that he does. She does not get out, as he said. Nor does she seem to care, a stiff-backed lady who spends her days reading poetry and walking in gardens. She is afraid to touch the table top - it could be dirty of course.

Norah is quiet, entering the terrace in her own world, a sewing basket on her arm. At the crowd she sort of gets a slight smile, her weight shifting "Hello." she calls, looking at the assembled people, likely trying to calculate if they hate Toran or not and if she is welcome to join or not.

Madrighal flashes the new arrivals a welcoming smile and as his song finishes, gives them a friendly wave, "Ah, Lord Loryn! Have you met Lady Lorayne? I see you have brought friends. There has been no more trouble since I wrote you." His accent is as Dornish as his clothing, and his speaking voice is as lovely as his singing one. He stands and bows to the new arrivals, " Madrighal Sand at your service."

As she hears a familiar voice Lorayne turns her head spotting Loryn and his companion. Her smile is somewhat shy but still quite warm as the Tyrell and his sister approach where she sits. "Lord Loryn its a pleasure to see you again." She looks to the woman curiously and inclines her head politely. Bright green eyes glance to Norah then and she gives the woman a reassuring smile. "Hello to you as well." Her tone is a bit shy but still friendly she shifts in her seat a little looking a bit nervous as the crowd grows.

"Lady Lorayne, what a pleasure.", Loryn smiles and bows to her, "I couldn't find my cousins, so I'm bringing you my sister Lisette instead." He turns to his sister: "Sister, this is Lady Lorayne. She has newly arrived in Oldtown and is hoping to make some friends." It's like pushing two kids together for a play date. He then turns to Madrighal, smile widening. "I was hoping to see you. Could you do me a favour, my friend?"

"Lady Lorayne, what a pleasure.", Loryn smiles and bows to her, "I couldn't find my cousins, so I'm bringing you my sister Lisette instead." He turns to his sister: "Sister, this is Lady Lorayne. She has newly arrived in Oldtown and is hoping to make some friends." It's like pushing two kids together for a play date. He then turns to Madrighal, smile widening. "I was hoping to see you. Could you do me a favour, my friend?"

The Lady Lisette cants her head to the side when Madrighal speaks, then offers him a nod. Loryn is charged with introducing her, because that is what manfolk do when around their ladies. But since he is having trouble in that arena, Lisette lifts her chin and smiles politely, though not quite warmly. "It is lovely to meet you, Madrighal Sand. I am Lady Lisette of House Tyrell. This handsome boy's sister. Older, but just barely. Mother was hardly over her absolute happiness to have a daughter when he arrived," she states flatly. Always important to call her a lady, you see. Then her attention turns to Lorayne and her gaze passes from the shy blonde to her brother then back again. "Oh, well, hello. What's this, brother? Someone whose name I should learn quite quickly? Lovely to meet you, Lady Lorayne," Lisette says with a sly grin.

There is the sound of merry laughter as Arion stalks onto the terrace blushing and looking flustered. Behind him is the source of the laughter two guards in Florent colors who are currently trying to calm thier laughter into snickering. Arion's cheeks are pink all the way to his ears and he takes a gulp of wine from the goblet in his hand. He scowls half-heartedly at his guards. "I don't see why its so funny. I swear you two take my misfortune and laugh about it. Just because that woman was obviously mad doesn't mean there is anything funny about me not wanting to around her. Her perfume was overpowering in itself and she was clinging to my new shirt getting it all smelly!" The guards burst into laughter again and Arion huffs and stalks in the direction of the crowd muttering under his breath about useless henchmen.

Madrighal's gaze flickers between the various arrivals. "Anything, My Lord." he turns his welcoming smile on Lisette, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Lisette. I am sure she was incandescent with joy to have such a lovely daughter." He takes a sip of his wine. "The Lady Lorayne graced us with her beautiful singing voice before you all arrived. It is a shame you all missed it." He raises his eyebrows at the laughing Florent guards, and bows to Lord Arion, "We meet again. Let us hope the circumstances are better."

Norah covers her mouth, chuckling. She settles at her table, gesturing at the wench "Some fruit wine - whatever is fresh and flavorful." she asks, she pauses, "Hello Lord Arion." she calls, standing back up almost immediately to greet Arion. Her expression is cheerful and bright, blonde curls swaying behind her, a few peacock feathers - not black, dressed in her hair. "What has you so flushed?" she asks towards Arion, almost moving like a hummingbird around the Florent, as if a friend.

Lorayne blushes a rosy pink at Lisette's words. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Lisette." She glances to Loryn a moment and offers him a soft little smile but Madrighal's words have her blushing and lowering her eyes. "It was not that good…Madrighal was singing as well and he is much more talented than I." She looks up as she hears the laughing and raises a brow. "Cousin Arion? Are…are you alright?" She notes the young lord flushed cheeks and watches curiously as Norah approaches him.

The job of introducing people done (sort of), Loryn smirks at his sister, understanding the hint clearly enough. "The Lady Lorayne is a dear friend. A dear friend who voiced a wish only yesterday and which I would like to see fulfilled", he adds, turning back to Madrighal: "Could you play a tune to dance to, my friend?" He casts a brief glance at Arion, seeing the man's flustered entrance, but since he's already being cooed over, decides to leave that alone and focus on his own business.

Ooh, a charmer. Lisette warms to Madrighal right then and there, smiling brightly. "Oh, you flatter me, Madrighal. Don't stop there," she murmurs, glancing to Lorayne and lofting her brows. "Singing? Oh, what a shame. I would love to hear you sing, my Lady. As would everyone else, I am sure. Together no less, hmm. Pity we missed it, yes." She turns to Loryn and grins. "Have you heard her sing, brother? She seems awfully shy." She nudges her sibling beneath the table then looks about the room for someone to serve her wine. Lisette would never be caught pouring it herself. "Is there, wine about? Nothing cheap, I beg you," she murmurs quietly.

Arion looks up spotting the group and smiles faintly. Madrighal gets a warm smile. "They are somewhat better yes. Getting mobbed by an overly enthusiastic woman is much better than getting backhanded by a rude knight. Thankfully the bruise has faded. I'm sorry I could not get him to leave you alone…it really was not right the way he treated you. I'm very sorry." He looks to Norah a smiles softly. "Oh just a woman who wears to much perfume and thinks overpowering my senses is a suitable way to win my favor…it does not work that way for your information." Lorayne gets a look and Arion blinks. "Your are Ser Abram's little sister yes…Lorayne wasn't it?" The mention of a dancing tune has him perking up. "Yes a dancing tune sounds lovely! That is if I can get one of these beautiful ladies to dance with me?" He winks and smiles a charming and playful little smile.

Lorayne shifts a bit nervously and nods. "I sing and play the harp yes Lady Lisette. I don't think I'm that good but I don't seem to offend people when I play so that is something. Still if you wished to hear it…I could probably sing something for you?" She looks to Loryn and smiles softly her cheeks flushed and her expression soft and warm. "You are too kind to me Lord Loryn. You are always so quick to fulfill your promises." She glances to Arion and nods. "Yes Ser Abram is my brother." She glances back to Madrighal and Loryn looking between the two of them waiting eagerly for the music to start.

Norah blinks a bit "Poor thing. Do you want some of my mint balm to soothe your poor face?" she asks, she blushes at Arion "Not I." she pats Arion on the shoulders. She backs up, her weight shifting back as she takes out something from her basket, moving to offer an embroidered hankerchief to Arion. This one has little blue flowers and an A for him "I made this for you. I hope you can find use for it." she admits, shifting to stand straight, her smile forming across her lips. Loryn gets a quick curtsy as well.

"The song can wait a little, sister.", Loryn winks at Lisette. He, too, waits for Madrighal to start playing a new tune before he bows deeply to Lorayne, extending a hand to her. "May I have this dance, Mylady?" The others are ignored as he leads her to some free space beyond the seating, the earth trampled as if dancing had taken place here before. Then he leads her into the dance with a little charming smile.

Madrighal bows again to Lisette. he nods to Lord Arion, "That Lord was no gentleman, it was clear. I will not let him spoil my impression of the people of Oldtown. I am glad you are recovered…. I have not met Ser Abram, but his reputation is excellent." He takes up his lute and starts to play a figure dance. The style is Sand Dornish, but the measure is a popular one for a variety of Kingdoms figure dances.

Oh, brother, she is a modest little mouse, isn't she?" Lisette marvels over Lorayne a moment then grins at Loryn. "With the beautiful white hair of a Targaryen." It is now that the brunette Tyrell girl pauses and looks over to all the fuss happening around Arion. It is a short-lived interest because wine arrives, somewhere, poured by some hand that is not her own. Good enough. "Ooh, wine." The prim little Tyrell flower takes up her delicate goblet and sips the red liquid. "Mmm, passable. A bit sweet at the end." As her brother and the lady leave to dance, Lisette goes quiet and looks to the table, suddenly uncomfortable without the safety of her sibling close.

Lorayne rises gracefully and offers Loryn a polite curtsy and then accepting the offered hand with a bright and happy smile. "I would be honored to dance with you my lord." She allows him to lead her into the dance. She lets Loryn lead for the most part and she follows the steps easy enough with a look that is both slight bashful and positively delighted on her face.

Loryn wisely ignores his sister's comment, leaving Lisette to stew a bit on her own, while he dances with Lorayne. He's certainly not at his best today and instead of effortlessly gliding over the ground he only just manages to lead the girl without stepping onto her toes. But it seems good enough for him, if his warm smile is anything to go by. Dancing with a Florent to a Dornish tune - some purist Tyrells might faint over this, but he's clearly enjoying himself.

Arion smiles softly at Norah. "Oh its fine now…its already healed but thank you for the offer." He seems grateful and he looks at the handkerchief and smile. "Its lovely. Thank you Lady Norah I always carry a handkerchief just in case and I will be proud to carry this one. You are very sweet. Lord Toran is a lucky man" He tucks the hankerchief into the pocket of his doublet and glances to Loryn and Lorayne and raises a brow at them. He says quietly to Norah "If Ser Abram saw this he would have a fit…he got mad when I befriended a Tyrell I'm almost scared to see his reaction to his sister looking so…fond of one. It almost looks like Lorayne fancies him…"

Norah blushes "I keep hearing stories about his luck. I'm a bit lost in the politics. the music is lovely. Do you think they have any tarts made or should I call my guard and fuss at him until he runs to gather a fresh one from the kitchen of Toran's manse?" she asks towards Arion, glancing at the strangers, her smile showing as she rubs her elbow a little bit.

Lorayne too seems to be enjoying herself a great deal. She doesn't even seem to hear Arion's comment about her brother as she is so focused on her partner. She looks up at Loryn with bright joy filled green eyes and smiles softly as he leads her through the dance. She still seems a bit shy but she looks much more comfortable and relaxed now, enjoying the moment and the dance.

Madrighal murmurs, "So much beauty is to be seen this evening, both light and dark, this evening, is that not so? It is a shame there are not more partners here for the Ladies." His fingers dance skillfully over the strings, and he is careful to match time to what looks comfortable for the dancers. "I know little of the politics here. Are not Florents and Tyrrells friends? It is a shame if flower and rose scorn each other's company."

When the song finally ends, Loryn takes a step back to bow to Lorayne. "It's been a pleasure, Mylady and I hope not the last time that I have danced with you.", he says warmly to her, leaning a little closer to say in a lowered voice: "I know it is but a small substitute for a proper nameday party, but at least it is something, yes? May I buy you a drink to whet your throat? I believe my sister - and everyone here - would like to hear your lovely voice in song again."

"It is lovely music…are you sure you do not wish to dance with me?" Arion gives Norah a hopeful look and chuckles softly at the comment about tarts. "Be careful Norah and make sure Lord Toran gets his exercise lest he get fat and lazy like a spoiled house cat. Your cooking is excellent and if Toran didn't already have you as his I would marry you for your cakes alone. They are certainly worth it." He grins playfully and glances to Loryn and Lorayne. His eyebrow arches. "Lord Loryn is it just me or do you seem to be getting cozy with my cousin?" He looks amused by this.

"'Friends' is such a funny word, isn't it. Are alliances beneficial? Then yes, so many good friends. There is very little by way of emotions in these collaborations. You must know that," Lisette murmurs to Madrighal offhandedly as she sips her wine. Soon her glass is empty and she holds it up to be filled by someone, anyone. Magically, it is, just moments later. "My thanks to you." Lisette looks toward her brother and his dancing partner and smiles warmly. "They seem well matched. I wonder what Mother would say? She is pretty, though. That counts for so much. Have you met my other brother? He is not pretty at all," the girl remarks with a heavy sigh, like it is oh so tragic.

Lorayne steps back as the song ends and drops into another curtsey. She smiles warmly at Loryn. "No its not the last time, not if I have a say in the matter Lord Loryn." She smiles happily at Loryn's words and she stands on her tiptoes placing a soft and breif kiss to his cheek before stepping back to a polite distance blushing a pale pink. "Thank you very much and yes I will gladly sing again if I can have a bit of cider afterwards?"

Norah smiles "They look nice together. Ah you should come by the manse tomorrow. I still have name day cake left over and I don't want Toran to be too fat for the doublet I stitched for his nameday so you should come eat some. Ah dancing? I'm terrible at it, honestly." at the words Arion spills she gets red from ear to ear. "You flatter me too much Lord Arion. Toran would be jealous and try to pull me away." she admits. Her pause is accompanied by a smile "T..Toran actually does not much care for cats. I'm quite disappointed. I wanted another forest cat to keep me company." she admits, smile faltering just slightly.

That kiss - even though to the cheek - brings a little colour to Loryn's face as well and he nods, returning to the seating area to order cider for Lorayne and a fresh cold ale for himself. Settling back down and hearing Arion's words, he smirks a little, looking like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "I… I think your cousin is a very charming young lady.", he finally replies, "I just… wanted to give her a warm welcome to Oldtown. And… uh, make sure she knows that whatever animosity -some- Florents and Tyrells harbour against each other, it means little to me, for I bear no ill-will to your family, on the contrary. I am proud to consider some Florents my friends."

A kiss?! Lisette furrows her brow at the very bold and very public display of affection bestowed upon her brother by Lorayne. She looks to her wine glass and hmms softly into it. A woman kissing a man she is not engaged or married to, and in public no less. To Lisette it is unheard of. But as Loryn said, she does not get out much. "Enjoy your dance, brother?" seh asks, still staring down at her wine.

Madrighal looks to Lorayne, "Perhaps we could pick a song we both know that people could also dance to?" To Lisette he says, "But are not friends and allies better than just the one or the other? I do not think I have met him, I fear. I hope he is as generous and kind as Lord Loryn." Something dawns on him then, "Lord Arion, was not the…other knight Ser Toran? Or am I misrembering names…. Was it your nameday, Lady Norah? If so, best wishes for the year to come." he pretends not to notice any kisses or blushes that may or may not have been exchanged.

"Toran doesn't like cats? But he has so much in common with them…his attitude and behavior makes me think more of a large cat than anything else." Arion admits with a faint grin. "You still have cake? Well then I would be glad to help finish it off. It would be a shame to waste cake." Loryn's words get a considering look and Arion grins. "Of course…you certainly seem to have charmed her. I have no problem with Tyrell's and I'm quite fond of some of them in fact. Your friendship and whatever else you may pursue has my blessing as long as you don't hurt my cousin." Madrighal gets a look. "Toran is not a knight but he was there that day…he was the one in dark clothing that the knight threatened when he started teasing me…" He looks to Norah looking worried now.

Lorayne hears Arion's comment and turns bright pink. She lowers her head looking embarrassed but Madrighal's words have her perking up and moving over to sit near the Dornish bard with a soft smile. "That sounds like a fine plan Madrighal. What shall we sing?" She glances to Arion and Loryn and watches as they speak blushing furiously before looking away once again focusing on the minstrel to see what song they will perform.

Norah lip wibbles slightly "Lord Toran of house Serrett is my betrothed. I humbly request that if you have any terrible stories you wait to tell them to me after I've said my vows and am unable to back out." her face is soft and her smile returning, a brave face for her. "Toran is… handsome but prone to some behaviors that are troubling." she lets out a soft sigh "I think it will improve with time, don't you, Lord Arion?" she asks, smiling brightly. "They make him ill, actually. Yes my name day was two days ago. Toran's is in four days. I plan to make him a special tart for his birthday with his favorite thing." she admits, smiling.

"Yes I have, very much.", Loryn replies to his sister in a rather tense tone and Arion is only rewarded with a swift nod, but nothing else. However much he enjoyed the dance, the young Tyrell now seems content to sit in silence with his ale, think happy thoughts and listen to the singing.

"Mmm, sometimes handsome is enough," Lisette remarks idly. She looks to Madrighal and nods. The wine is working wonders for her tonight. Perhaps cheap is the way to go, or did the pub slip in some finer stores for their noble guests? The Tyrell flower is pleasantly flush and grinning lazily at the musician. "Friends and allies would be lovely, if one could trust that both are indeed present and genuine. Who can tell, though, when lying is an artform." She looks to Loryn briefly and smiles prettily. "Then let us hope that her song will be as moving as her dancing."

Madrighal looks between Lord Arion and Lady Norah, "Ah. I see. Lord Toran was by far the better behaved of the two on that occasion, and was also the more sensible. I have no terrible stories to tell; of him, Lady Norah, have no fear. Best wishes to you and your fiancé on the fine occasions just past and coming up in the future." He does give Lord Arion a speculative look, but lets the topic drop. He turns to Lady Lorayne, "Why don't you start a song you like and I will see if I can follow it, Milady? I find that while there are sometimes large variations in the versions of things people from different regions know, the tunes are often similar enough to make them work together. Unless Lady Lisette has a song in mind she'd like us to perform?" He looks at the Tyrell Lady from under lowered lashes, "There is not much to me beyond what one sees and hears. I am no politician."

Madrighal is sitting under the apple tree with grapes, dry white wine, and a lute who's tuining he is adjusting while he and Lorayne settle on a song. The other nobles are clustered around with various beverages, talking about various things.

"Then you are a better man than most, Madrighal. Politicians have no hearts, you must know, only rounded bags of coin where a heart should be. This is why they are so very good at what they do. No feelings to get in the way," she whispers. Lisette smiles slyly at Madrighal then cants her head to the right. "Solo or duet, it matters not. Only that I get to hear this voice I am told is so very lovely." She looks to Loryane, the singer in question, a bit expectantly now. The Lady Tyrell is seated before her now third glass of wine, rather near to Madrighal, and looks warmly relaxed, enough to speak so freely as she is now.

Lisette's brother Loryn has meanwhile slumped into sullen silence, while he watches and listens, cradling a mug of ale. There is absolutely no reason for him to suddenly be broody, except, he's a teenager and they do that. Because emotions. Ewww.

Norah is sort of sliding back to her seat, her weight leaning on the table, her hum escaping as she takes her own glass of fruit wine, calmly sipping her wine. Her guard is off somewhere within view but relaxing. Her small frame is settled in soon enough, embroidery hoop taken out to begin work on a piece of sheer silk. "Yes Madrighal it is lovely to meet you. I am Norah of house Plumm." she offers, brightly

Madrighal laughs a toffee rich laugh at Lisette's comment, "I fear I am all heart and music, Milady. I live to play in one way or another. I let cleverer folk worry about politics; I worry about cord progressions and what song might best suit the occasion." He smiles at Norah, "I fear I am not much familiar with Houses hear, but your house seems named for a most delightful fruit."

OF course. When Riker wanders out with hopes of pissing on the apple tree everyone has to be huddled around it. He shrugs and scowls -his go to move- and heads off over by the collapsing stones of yesteryear. Emptying his bladder now there for a good while he starts to hum his own tune

“And the whore she knew, what she was about

And the whore she left, with salt in her mouth!”

Yes, he is in his cups. He shakes off and turns now headed back. Naturally he stops near the gathered folks. "Well, play us a tune then!" He kinda growls with a cruel smile and no introduction.

Madrighal, noticing indelicate things are occurring, starts playing an instrumental country dance in the Northern style, which he just recently learned. He plays it as loud as he reasonably can on this instrument in the hopes of protecting the ears of the ladies.

The arrival of Riker is both unexpected and enough to cause Lisette to freeze in her seat. That song is completely not meant for her ears, so she is left staring wide-eyed at her brother, waiting for some sort of sign that he is going to save her. She makes a soft 'eep' sound and now looks to Madrighal. Whatever he said before, about musical progressions and songs to fit the mood - gone. Gone like the piss from Riker's righteous man meat. "Um, brother, it is rather late and I think that I should be… not here." It is said prettily enough, no need to insult.

Norah gets a bit surprised too. "I should be going as well, the hour is quite late, Lady Lisette." she admits, cheeks pinkened. "I should be finishing my gifts for my poor bethrothed's name day and our wedding." she offers warmly, her smile showing as she stands up, putting a few coins on the table before lifting her sewing basket, her guard coming a bit closer, the poor man's trousers patched at least three to four times.

Loryn frowns as well when Riker's arrival breaks the so far pleasant atmosphere. "Ah yes, it's getting rather late.", he agrees sulkily. He empties his mug to say some elaborate and rather charming goodbyes to the Lady Lorayne and some shorter goodbyes to the rest of those still assembled around the minstrel. "The hour is late and I believe beyond what ladies should experience around here.", he says, frowning into Riker's general direction. Then he offers his arm to Lisette. "Come sister, I will bring you home to Garden Isle."

Everyone starts gettin' up and such so Riker just scowls some more as the man strums loudly. "Poor bunc o' sorry shits'." He growls at the lot of them. He hears Loryn and a torch helps the iron born catch his frowning. "Ain't no ladies around here. Just green little girls." The words are sharp and he waves them off, turning and wandering off full of angst. Oh, great, stubbly bricks. Riker does not fail to purchase them with his steps and they certainly do send him tripping and falling into the river. The salty man wet again!

Riker goes into the Quill and Tankard's common room.

Madrighal breaks off as he might stand and bow to the others. His accent is as Dornish as his garb. "It is always a pleasure to make new friends and acquaintances. Thank you all for being such delightful company to a poor troubadour…. I am sorry that things were less pleasant than they might have been at the end."

Norah smiles, watching Madrighal, shifting over to touch the man's hand. "Don't worry. We do not judge you on strangers passing through." she offers, weight shifting off as she is escorted towards home.

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