(121-12-10) Tea Party With a Doll, a Prince, and a Banker
Tea Party With a Doll, a Prince, and a Banker
Summary: Prince Dhraegon and Sable discuss a trade deal.
Date: Date of play (10/12/121)
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It is late afternoon. Dhraegon is in a very fashionable doublet, with roses braided into his long fine hair which is going to grey. He is having tea in the garden with… Is that one of those cloth dolls made to look like Princess Visenya? The doll is wearing a pale lavender dress, the colour of Dhraegon's eyes. He is holding a tiny cup up to the doll's mouth and pretending to have her drink. There is real tea in his cup. There are savory and sweet pastries. There are extra cups in case other people. Apparently Sable's name was on the list he has left with the guards as being welcome to come to tea, as they let her through. A servant will show her to the garden.

Dhraegon is well known for being embarrassing in public and has just spent a month+ hiding in a pillow fort. However, he's also meant to be betrothed to a Hightower, and is rumored to be one of those behind a complicated trade deal involving trade to Dorne, tarth, Kingslanding, and bits of South West essos, and at least five Westeroi houses including the Lannisters. He's weird, but he knows people.

At long last, agreements are made so that Mistress Sable Derossi of the Iron Bank may make the acquaintance of Prince Dhraegon in all his glory. And such glory as that will be, Sable cannot say. She dresses quite fine today, as fine as any noblewoman in a gown of Southern style - slate blue silk, with a deep v-neck that is trimmed in a thick ribbon of silver. The gown is cut to leave some skin bare along the side of her torso, and the skirt matches perfectly - trimmed along the skin with the same silver ribbon and made of the same slate blue silk that rustles as she moves. The dark-skinned woman has her wiry, curly hair pulled up and held back with a few strips of silk, only to be let loose from the back of her head. A few strands bear silver beads. Finally, around her throat, she wears a long silver chain with a rough-cut sapphire.

"Your Highness," Sable says, curtsying low as a noblewoman might - though perhaps not as much with a flourish. She has a warm, even pleased smile upon her face. She waits to be acknowledged before rising.

Dhraegon gives a delighted giggle to see a new person in the garden. The big man gives her a big goofy smile. He's got a deep bass voice that contrasts with his childlike manner, "You can call me Uncle Dhraegon and this is White Lotus! she is a pretty Princess. Would you like to have tea? what's your name? I don't think you were here for my engagement party, or at least the part of it I can remember." He waves her to a seat.

Ah. So this is how it is going to be. No matter! Sable places upon her features the loveliest and warmest of smiles, bordering on childish only a little to match his. "Uncle Dhraegon, it is a great honor and a pleasure," Sable says as she rises. "And a pleasure to be met by White Lotus as well. I am Sable Derossi, of the Iron Bank." She is Braavosi - her accent denotes that. Though her skin makes her look almost a Summer Islander. "I must admit, with such a lovely dress as the Princess' I feel under dressed. I do hope you do not find my attire too plain, Uncle Dhraegon." She moves to sit at his offer, nodding to the prospect of tea. "I am very fond of tea, one of my favorite refreshments."

White lotus has thick soft legs, so her curtsy is rather make shift, though Dhraegon does make her head bob low. He makes a squeaky voice, "A pleasure to meet you!" He sets her back in her spot and turns to focus on his guess with a big friendly smile, "White Lotus only joined us over the weekend and is still learning her way around the Manse. Your dress is lovely and I am not very formal! You have a nice voice! What was your name again?" he pours her tea and set the plate between them, "There is salt here. Do you think a mushroom pastry counts as bread? you don't sound Dornish. I miss the Dornish, but they all seemed to have sailed or rode away. The Lady Yeal let me touch her snake and played boats with me." The Prince is unarmed to the point of not even having an eating knife. Luckily all the foods are finger foods.

Sable nods her head to White Lotus, turning her eyes then to the Prince as he rambles on. "You are too kind, Uncle Dhraegon." She says, reaching for her tea first. She drinks it black, it seems. As the questions fire at her, she lets them come, instead taking a quiet moment for her drink … and to consider her responses. "Sable," She says first. "My name is Sable. I am from Braavos, across the sea. I came on a ship with many things - fabric and wine, spices … many spices. I smelled of spice for a week when I arrived," She confesses with a small chuckle. "Not quite the same as Dornish spice - their spices are too spicy for me. I met a Dornishman here in Old Town, he let me try some of their spices wrapped in a bread - much like these, pastries." She gestures to the spread before them.

Dhraegon stares at her with his mouth slightly open, his nearly colorless eyes as blank as a cloudless sky while she speaks after he says, "Like the fur. Did they name you for your pretty hair?" He giggles and takes a pastry, "My friend Edwyn has a ship that brings spices. Do you have many ships? I would like to make more ships, I think. Did yopur ship stop in Tarth? Or Sunspear? I came here in a cart. It was very queasy making. A think ships are nicer."

"I think so. I am pleased you like it - I look a bit different from many Westerosi," She admits with a little smile. "I have some ships, yes. I can always get more, though, if there is a reason for them. The ones I have do stop in Sunspear, but have not been to Tarth. Have you been to Tarth on a ship? I found them to be very queasy. You must be much stronger than I am, for ships not to make you ill as they did me." The dark-skinned woman smiles, drinking only her tea for just now. She keeps the cup, well, cupped between her hands while her attention remains, fully, on the Prince.

Dhraegon shakes his head, "when they move me from place to place they put me in a cart. I like ships though and it was fun picking things out to help my friend Edwyn. What If Edwyn and I wanted to make more trade routes from here to Dorne and Tarth, and maybe further up the Essoi cost? My friends from Tarth have this wood that my young Mallister and Redwyne friends are using to make fun new flavours of wine and ale. Do you think there would be a market in Braavos?" he shakes his head and giggles, "When they put me on a boat to go on a river I drank lots and lots of wine, so the swaying all matched up." He wrinkles his nose and giggles, "Mostly I put my ships in the fountains and we have races, but Before all the Dornish rand away I was going to fund a whole fleet of big ones to sail from Plaxy Town to Sunspear, Stormsend, Tarth, and Kingslanding." he pouts, "Viserys even said he'd give me the money to pay them to sail."

Interesting. So very interesting. Sable sets down the cup and continues that warm, playful smile to the older man. "I can promise it," Sable says. "Braavos is very interested in such wood. There is so little to be found on many parties of the continent. It would be a wonderful thing for Braavos," She lets her fingers slide around the rim of the cup in thought. "Will you still move your fleet now that the Dornish have all left?" the woman asks, glancing from her tea and back to the man. "You'll have to have a lot of wine for all the people on those ships, so that they sway with the water like you like to do."

Dhraegon sighs, "It was a joint venture with the Dornish. They were going to bring the ships and I would buy the cargo and we would split profits. I would like to buy more ships but they take months to build, and two isn't enough." he sips his tea pensively, then makes the little doll stand up and squeak out, "If we did have a fleet, what sort of things might Braavos want to trade for Stormland wood? Are there interesting things to buy in Pentos and Myr and what would they like to buy? I need to see if the Lady I was talking to is still alive, or if not talk to what Dornish are here."

"Ships may be brought from Braavos," Sable says, matter of factly. "The Iron Bank has many investments, in many ships. Ships we may load with items that you may find worthy of such trade. Cheese is much in demand in this realm, as is Myrish lace and other fine commodities. Furnishings, fine bolts of fabric - are those the sorts of things you like?" Sable asks, smiling. "The weather there is cold. Many of the spices of Dorne cannot be grown there. They are much in demand." She lets her fingers play over the cup still.

Dhraegon makes the Princess doll cock her head to listen. He squeaks for her, "That sounds like a very fine trade route. It could stop on Dragon Stone." He makes her do a clumsy curtsy and sit again. Dhraegon sits staring vacantly for a few moments and says, "Okay, I will talk to Edwyn. If we do this it will be good to have funds that can be deposited and taken out in all those ports. Does that make sense? What would your bank take out to hold the money?

"I think so too, Your Highness," Sable says, turning her eyes and her attention to the doll long enough to address the thing. She lifts her eyes toward Dhraegon again. "We can move a deposit made with me to any location, through notes." She assures. "The funds may even be used to purchase some ships from Braavos, which may begin moving quite soon." She smiles a bit wider. "May I say, Uncle Dhraegon - you understand trade and banking very well. You are exceptionally intelligent."

Dhraegon beams at his doll, "She is very wise! I never had a doll before. Keli helped me pick her out! We went together so she wouldn't get lost of stepped on by horses!" he giggles and shakes his head, "I just like to help people sable. Ships make people happy and having places to buy and sell things make people happy and I really really like tasting new things to eat and drink! Should I have Flox send over money and papers?"

"Please do," Sable says, shifting a bit in her chair. She remains professional, but Dhraegon's excitement - crazy though it is - is infectious. Her own is now hard to contain! "You have made me very happy today too, Your Highness. I should like very much to have tea with you again soon, Uncle Dhraegon. And Edwyn. Perhaps next time you may come to visit me, or we may visit you here again. Would that be alright?"

Dhraegon nods enthusiastically and stands, opening his arms wide and coming at her around the table for a hug, "I would like that! I will introduce you to Edwyn and Del and my other friends and you will buy ships for me and we will make llots of people happy!"

"Oh," Even Sable can't quite cover that as there's suddenly hands and body right there. But she goes with it, setting her own palms on the flat of his back and giving him a few pats. There there. Or something. "Very happy, Uncle. Very happy indeed. Thank you so very much for speaking with me today." She waits for him to pull back before she does. "We will do wonderful work together, I am sure."

Dhraegon he hugs the way a child does, despite being a literal giant of a grown man. he is unreserved and enthusiastic, but his hands are appropriately placed and there is no attempt at all to make it other than friendly. he lets her go, "I think you are nice." He solemnly adds, "Don't worry about slugs."

"I shall try not to," Sable promises. She nods once more. "Do take care, Uncle Dhraegon." She lowers herself into the appropriate curtsy for a Westerosi Prince and takes a few steps back before she moves toward the exit, her mind spinning with such an interesting encounter.

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