(121-12-06) Consequences of a Kiss
Consequences of a Kiss
Summary: …are among the topics the Scary Dragon and the Bull Fish discuss on a chance encounter - in a library!
Date: 06/12/2014 (Date of RP)
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Even a Bull Fish needs food for thought now and then. He is after all an educated noble, literate - although it has been some time since last he picked up a book. After causing some scandal at an inn on the previous day, Thadeus has decided to seek out the soothing company of books, in a public place in Oldtown that is destined to provide such lettered acquaintance - the library, a place usually more frequented by studious folk that aim to become maesters one day. The Tully has found himself a thinner tome, on the history of Oldtown which he is reading in at the moment, seated comfortably in a chair in the corner, with one of his guards standing somewhere close by, holding an unobtrusive vigil over the heir to Riverrun.

"No, you're pronouncing it wrong." A pretty, high voice echoes through the stone chamber, the echo made more pronounced by the bare floors. "Say it after me, Maester." That pretty voice says a Valyrian word, and an unsure masculine voice follows. Rounding the corner would bring one in the line of sight with Princess Visenya and a gray-clad middle-aged maester. "You mustn't feel embarrassed." She says in a gentle voice, "I have been speaking High Valyrian since I could speak." A pause, "Either way, I hope that clarifies things for you." She rises from the table, and steps out of the small alcove to spot the Bullfish reading. "You here?" She asks in a playfully incredulous tone, "Don't you have a maiden to soil or a man to hit with your sword?"

With his current occupation, brows knitted above a pair of grey-blue eyes that try hard to focus on the page of the book he had been reading, it does not take really much to have the Bull Fish lift his gaze - prone to distractions as he usually is. And so, when Visenya leaves that hidden alcove and spots him she will find him staring back at her in surprise. "I am," is the brief reply to her first question, whereas the second is left unanswered at first, when the expression on his face twists into a smirk and Thadeus lowers his gaze with a light shake of the head. "You have a poor opinion of me, princess.", he replies, with a hint of amused reproach in his tone.

"I only repeat what the gossips say." Visenya responds coyly. Lifting her skirts ever so slightly to keep the hem from being ruined by the rushes on the floor she crosses it wordlessly, and settles down into the chair next to Thadeus'. "Some people have a poor opinion of me." She says, pausing reflectively before adding, "Some people think very highly of me. I've learned that public opinion is a balancing act. Someone will always hate you. You must simply ensure that more people love you than hate you."

"Indeed you do," Thadeus replies with a sigh in regards to Visenya repeatig what the gossips say, rolling his eyes ever-so-slightly in mock desparation. "In that regard, my reputation, if I ever had one, seems to be quite ruined." His brows lift when the Targaryen sits down beside him, as he looks maybe a touch surprised. "My enemies are few, I believe," he says after a moment, "and I have friends. The question would be, among which of the two groups you see yourself, and your family." Grey-blue eyes settle on Visenya, that faint amused smile maybe not that genuine as he studies her attentively.

"You're a man." Visenya observes, "Your reputation isn't ruined. Not by /that/ at least." She rests her hands in her lap casually as she turns her head to watch the Tully back. "Why do you care?" She asks in a sincere voice, "I don't think you plan on making amends to my family for what you've done, now do you?" She shrugs, "The King is likely not to say anything regarding it. My father is one of his favorite cousins, and a childhood playmate, but he likes his peace. So, he will not forget what you've done, but he won't act on it because a solid relationship with House Tully is more important." A pause, "So, it is my father you have to concern yourself with."

"Your father, and mine own.", the Tully sighs in reply to Visenya's assessment of the situation. "Although," and here his gaze flits up to meet that of the Targaryen, "I am still not sure where you fit in the picture. As I am sure your father may take your advice into consideration." He pauses, the following silence clearly indicating there may be more to be addressed. "I hope I haven't offended you," is added finally, words uttered in quite a different context, when Thadeus closes the book and puts it on the table.

"I don't fit anywhere into the picture." Visenya clarifies, "Beyond you insulting my sister's sensibilities to the point that she jilted you." Her hands clasp together, and she studies Thadeus' features. "If you show signs of contrition my father will probably forgive you. He is a proud man, and undoubtably his pride is wounded by the whole situation. You may have to grovel a bit, even."

"Would that be what you'd like me to do, fair princess?", the Tully replies, a bit of mischief sparkling in his eyes. "To beg your father for forgiveness? To seek reconcilement? What good would it serve, when he must see me as the villain who jeopardized his daughter's delicate sensibilities?" He shrugs, when that mirth fades a little, and he shoots Visenya a probing glance. "I still have not heard a word from you regarding what passed between the both of us, last night at the Fist and Falcon. Do you aim to be something else than a Dragon, a Sphinx maybe? Confusing me with the riddles of your own wishes and intentions?"

"It doesn't matter what I want. Besides, I don't think you'll do it. Your fatal flaw is the same as my father's. Pride. An overabundance of pride makes for a bad politician, Ser. The difference between my father and you is my father has guile. He wields it better than a member of the Kingsguard wields his sword. I would be wary." Visenya lets out an amused puff of air at his next question, "You think I want to marry you. How typical."

"Would it matter to you, if your father were plotting against me?", Thadeus inquires, his hand moving to his chin to scratch it thoughtfully. "I am the heir to a Greater Lordly House, and yes, I am aware of that. Still, I would assume your father would think very little of me if I let go of my pride and self-esteem to crawl before him in the mud, begging forgiveness for a matter that happened, but, as I pointed out earlier, could not be prevented? Yes, I am not the Clever Fish, nor am I the Sly Fish," - possibly referring to other members of his House there, by their nicknames - "I am the Bull Fish." He cannot help but chuckle at her reaction to his question about her motives, and shakes his head in amusement. "Oh… yes, maybe you do. But I fear that road is no longer open, Princess Visenya."

"You think all men are like you? No. Some of them enjoy a good grovel. Especially Targaryens." Visenya tilts her head curiously, "Could not be prevented? How could it not be prevented? All you had to do was rent a manse out for your little tart and see her there. Instead, you appeared in public with her." She shakes her head in an amused fashion, "Not prevent it? Ah, I don't think you're that stupid." She snorts then. "Most women have a choice between the Septry and the Marriage Bed. Some choose the Septry because they can stomach the Seven more than they can a man, and others choose the marriage bed because they can stomach the man better than the Seven. I am a Princess of Westeros, and I have potential as a dragon rider. I need not make either of those choices. So, why would I?"

The Bull Fish furrows his brows at Visenya's comment about how that betrothal could have been prevented from being broken. Maybe wondering which 'tart' in particular the Targaryen is referring to. Then making his choice of the most plausible answer. "Rent a manse, for a whore? Whom I did not show myself with in public, at any point - except for that unfortunate day at the tourney field, where we happened to be there, by pure coincidence. I ended any professional relation I may have entertained with the woman shortly afterwards." Weeks later.

Thadeus falls silent then, smiling faintly at the choice most women need to make. "You are not forced to make any choice. But if you see something you like, I daresay you will go for it.", he remarks, the tone friendly and not at all offensive, although the glance he shoots her looks a touch impertinent. "You have stressed my betrothal was to the wrong princess. How am I supposed to understand your words otherwise than that you had wished to be my betrothed in the first place. Also there was that kiss, and I could tell you enjoyed it." The confident Tully smirk reappears. "So, to answer your question, because a certain Tully heir has caught your fancy, and you find my charms to be quite unique."

"That is not the story I heard." Visenya says in a lazy tone regarding the tart. "Wasn't there a noblewoman, too? Now, that would sting far more than a common whore. But, who knows? I heard it from Cerys, and she isn't exactly a reliable narrator, is she?" She laughs then, "I said that when I was trying to punish you, remember? I wanted to seduce you, and then embarrass you. Of course I said it was to the wrong Princess." His next words cause her laughter to increase, "Your charms unique? Tell me, do you think of marrying every single woman you dally with?"

Thadeus' forehead wrinkles slightly at the mention of a noblewoman. "Aye," he then admits with a sigh. "There were some… misled rumors about a cousin of mine - who has admittedly a bad reputation." There is a flicker in his gaze though, and his lips curl a little when he speaks of Lady Joyeuse Hastwyck. "I remember your words quite well," he says next when Visenya continues about the kiss. "You seduced me, but did you embarrass me? I don't think so. And this is not about my motives but yours, fair princess. The answer to your question is no. Only the fewest would even be considered, as I am not that fond of the idea of marriage myself." Blunt words, put forward with an apologetic smile.

"So, why is it so hard for you to understand that I feel the same way? A kiss is a kiss. I enjoyed it because I enjoy kissing men much in the same way you enjoy doing what you do with women of less status and scruples. And I didn't embarrass you because I felt bad for you." She presses her lips together to tamp down a little smirk, "And if I did have to marry? I wouldn't choose you, my Lord. You're handsome, and you're a good kisser, but you are not what makes a good husband."

"It is not hard to understand at all," the Bull Fish replies, her admission of feeling bad for him has him lower his gaze for a moment, his brows furrowing a touch as he digests this. The smile has returned hoewever, when he looks up again, his grey-blue eyes meeting hers. "If I hurt anyone it was certainly not by design. I am sorry, I could not be the betrothed Cerys wanted. And yes. You would probably be well advised not to marry me." He smirks as he extends his hand to brush against some of that silvery hair of the Targaryen, the fascination evident in the expression on his face. "But what does that make us, I wonder? Friends? Or a man and woman who share an occasional kiss, with the potential of more to evolve from this? I could certainly pursue my business with more discretion than I have before, if that would tempt you."

Visenya turns her head to look at Thadeus as he brushes her short hair, "We could be friends." She smiles thinly before admitting, "You are very good at kissing, but when I think of kissing you I think of Cerys. And then I think of how I've always had her leftovers. I am the elder sister, and she's always come first. So, I feel bitter because I think of her, and then I feel guilty because she is still my sister. Besides, "She considers him, "It would prove her right. About me stealing her men."

"Fair enough," Thadeus says after a moment, smiling when she compliments him on his kissing ability, before that smile fades when he is compared to a leftover. "And of course. I understand." A bit of regret flashing there in his gaze. "I should refrain from causing more scandals with you in public places then." A light jest following the rejection. "If we are to be friends. It would suit you ill to have me stain your reputation, Princess Visenya."

"You need not worry about my reputation, Ser." Visenya says before rising from the chair. A pause, "I heard from my maid that apparently we didn't kiss at all. I just tried ripping off your face, at least according to the gossip mill. We can spin this as my retribution for Cerys, I suppose." She pauses, "I wish you luck, Ser Thadeus. I can't imagine that you'll ever need it, but it's offered all the same."

Even if he had failed to rise to his feet earlier to give the Targaryen a proper greeting when she arrived, the Tully heir will do so now, moving to stand when Visenya rises from her seat. A faint smirk appears on the Bullfish's face when he is confronted with the faked rumor and he nods. "Indeed, that is what happened. And I am sure, all of Oldtown will be glad to know." Regardless of the other people present at the Fist and Falcon who might have witnessed otherwise. "May the Seven watch over you, Princess Visenya," Thadeus adds in a surprisingly pious farewell, before he offers a courteous bow to the departing Targaryen.

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