(121-12-02) Battle of the Silk Plotters
Battle of the Silk Plotters
Summary: Attack on the Silk Plotter's hide out
Date: Date of play (02/12/121)
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Word has come to the City Watch that House Stark has discovered the lair of the poisoners. Both the Mastermind and his key minion were spotted there mere hours ago, along with many guards. Ser Malcolm Storm has led a large contingent to an old crumbling manse surrounded by tenements in the Undercity. All the ground floor windows and the front door are boarded up, but the narrow windows up above likely have archers. The kitchen door and stable both can be reached through back alleys and both need to be taken.

The guard contingent has gathered more irregular elements, as many have suffered at the hands of the Silk plotters. The mob is quiet just yet, but there are an awful lot of knives and dangerous looking implements amoung them.

Camillo is a back alley sort of man. Which means he is taking a couple of lads round toward the kitchen. He doesn't have any particular rank, but he's got a little age and experience, so he's in the front for the moment. "Let's go in quietly," he murmurs. "And let's try not to make it a bloodbath. Having some alive for questioning might be ideal, eh?"

Edwyn is there armed with his sword and shield and armored in a set of rather fancy chainmail with the crest of House Lannister of Lannisport on it. His muscled form is rather intimidating to behold even if he is rather young still. He isn't a knight and he doesn't even have one to teach him at the moment but that isn't stopping the Lannisport heir from mustering the guards in service to his family to help out on this raid. The blonde has on a helmet obscuring his golden locks and part of his face. He is currently leading his group towards the stables in an attempt to take them.

Andolin looks moody, tired, and a little cranky, and he has the leadership skills of a kumquat, so he's mostly along for the ride. He's got a shortbow slung over his shoulder, and he's mostly hanging near Malcolm, eyeing those windows a little. And, quiet: "The minute that this starts it's going to be raining arrows. You want me anywhere?"

The stable is rather ricketty and has an odd herbal/chemical smell to it. The kitchen door and shutters look rather sturdy for such an unloved looking building on a dim alley surrounded by makeshift tenements.

Ser Malcolm's field armour is plain and old fashioned looking, but well cared for and carefully patched. He has brought a heavy campaigning sword instead of his usual light Braavosi blade. Oddly enough, none of the Stark guards are here. Ser Malcolm has a strong Storm Coast lilt which he tries to make more Old townish today for clarity. "Aer Andolin, why not see if you can get archers up on the roofs of those tenements. You can shoot at any archers dare to poke there noses out. Looks like Squire Edwyn and his men will be doing the frontal assault on the stables. A see a group of irregulars flanking. I'll take the guard and the rest with the battering ram against the manse. If anyone sees a tall blonde man or a dark haired man of middle height and arrogant bearing it's crucial we take them for questioning, but I wouldn't mind a few holes in them if you catch my drift." He holds back his men so Andy and the archers can get into position.

"If we enter quietly, we might be able to drive the ones we can't capture immediately out to the front and into the arms of the force there," Camillo murmurs. "Watch one another's backs." That's his final piece of advice before he kneels down and, pulling a few picks from a pocket and getting to work on that kitchen door.

There are rather a lot of rough looking loafer types in the courtyard facing the kitchen door and main stable entrance, but Camillo and his friends look enough like locals that they aren't out of place. A small group of Camillo's followers pretend to be drunks going into one of the tenements to divert attention from his activities at the door.

"Will do," Andolin murmurs toward Mal, and, with a nod to the group of archers, starts heading up to where Mal directed.

That back door to the stable is sturdier than it looks. Maybe they have some thing piled up on the other side. The horse boxes have shuttered windows though.

There are archers in several of the third floor windows watching for movement.

Camillo snicks the kitchen lock open at last, pocketing his picks. He's an unobtrusive enough sort, so he takes the risk of just walking right into the kitchen first, leaving a couple of the more inconspicuous lads to follow in his wake if he doesn't get his head chopped off.

There are two men in the kitchen, cleaning up after the mid day meal. They look up in surprise, "Oy! Who are you?" The reach for knives, just in case.

Edwyn leads his group through the alley and they approach the stables rather stealthily for a group of such heavily armored men. They reach a door and Edwyn gives it a good solid kick but it doesn't even budge. He sighs and glances around looking for a way to get past the door. He can't seem to think of one though and his men exchange a look as he backs up and then charges forward shoving his whole weight into the stubborn door using his body as a battering ram.

Crack. The back door of the stable's lock gives way, and Edwyn's men help him shove it open despite the pile of old tack and the like piled in front. Inside are three skinny, pale, twitchy looking men pouring wine out of bottles into other bottles under the direction of a dark haired man of middle height who is snapping orders at them in a Lordly Reacher accent.

Camillo looks equally surprised as they go for their knives. "Ain't you havin' the chimneys done?" he asks, lifting an eyebrow. "Leave 'em dirty and they'll start making the food taste like ash, and then it's not gonna be on /my/ head…I've got a work order here. Either of you read?" He pats his pockets if they haven't leapt on him already.

Andolin and his small group of archers get into position where Mal directed them, and they all start knocking arrows to get ready and whatnot.

A cry goes up from the third floor archers and the fighting starts. The men in the kitchen aren't fooled. They advance like they know what they are doing. The jig being up, Ser Malcolm has the guard take a battering ram to the front door, them being armoured.

The three skinny guys scarper for the front door of the stable and unbar it in preparation for flight. The Courtyard loafers run for the stable front door drawing swords. The dark haired man draws his blade, "How dare you invade my privacy! The stable has lots of cauldrons, herrbs, alchemical supplies and the like and the chemical tang is stronger in here.

Given the noise of fighting at the front of the house, Camillo gives up on the ruse entirely and flashes out his dagger, dropping into a low stance. Since they're slow, he leaps in toward the front one, looking to give him a quick stab to take him out. Despite his previous words, he isn't worried about killing grunts like this. He sticks the blade right between the front man's ribs.

Andolin clearly wasn't expecting shots to come quite so soon - he has just enough time to get out of the way of getting soundly stuck with an arrow, but it still draws blood on a more glancing blow. Cursing, he ducks behind whatever cover he can find and looses a shot toward the one that shot at him, looking satisfied when it clearly hits.

Edwyn faces down the dark haired man with a blank stare and a calm mask. His men move to attack the other while the Lannisport heir charges forward and shoves his shield into the leaders gut bringing his blade forward with considerable skill. The man is obiviously skilled but Edwyn is better by a margin.

Camillo's opponent isn't armoured and simply collapses, bleeding copiously. The loud boots of armoured men can be heard coming fast from inside the house. The other kitchen guy takes a stab at Camillo.

The archer shrieks in surprise and drops out of sight, theough others keep shooting at Andy's archers, who are also shooting back.

The dark haired man has what feels like leather armour under his doublet. He curses Edwyn for an upstart and slashes wildly back.

The skinny men fling wide the stable doors and flee. The Loafers swarm in to face off against Edwyn's men. The archers let fly against Ser Andolin and his archers.

A tall blond leads a contingent of armoured guards into the kitchen.

The other guy gets in a hit, but Camillo manages to get out of the way of most of it so that he only takes a superficial cut along his side. While it costs him some blood, Camillo's evasion puts him in a good position to get this one out of the way, too. He follows his momentum while the other is thrown off-balance and is just sticking the knife in the kitchen-guy's back when the guards arrive in the kitchen.

The dark haired man tries to get in a stab around Edwyn's blade, but his defense is weak as a result and leather aromour is not as strong as good iron.

The Archers on both sides seem to be making good use of cover.

Edwyn easily dodges that swing a faint grin spreading across his lips as he fights the dark haired man with bullheaded focus and determination. He swings his blade in a graceful arc towards the mans chest and leaves himself open for just a moment, the man lands a hit on his shield arm and Edwyn's eyes narrow his determination growing. Meanwhile he guards fight the Loafers that have moved to challenge them.

An arrow hisses past Andolin, disturbingly close, and he grits his teeth and looses another. This one barely chips off the archer's cover, spinning off and leaving the opponent untouched.

The Hideout Guards aren't that much better than Camillo's friends, but they are better equipped. The blond moves in on Camillo and stabs.

That blade comes much too close for comfort. Camillo just barely gets out of the way in time, the blade ripping the front of his tunic to reveal the scant cloth armor he wears underneath. In the meantime, he drops down and gets in a slash on the blond's leg. It isn't much, but it's the first real blood between them.

The dark haired man takes a furious swing at Edwyn's head, while his men continue clashing with the Lannister guard. He is wild eyed, with large pupils.

The Blond growls as Camillo draws first blood and swings for the lightly armored man's shoulder just as Camillo makes his move.

Andolin, eyeing where the archer disappeared, manages to wing off another shot at the opposing archer before he gets another shot. He hits, but it's not a very sound hit, alas.

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That takes a good chunk out of Camillo and he winces, but even so, he doesn't fail to go in for another strike, though blood runs down his left arm. He curls his lip. "I've got more lads coming. If you surrender, we'll let you live."

You invite Faelyn to meet you for RP.

House stark has discovered where the Poisoner's lair is in the Undercity. It is a crumbling old Manse in the Undercity, surrounded by tenements. Ser Malcolm is leading a frontal assault with a battering ram and a contingent of guards. Camillo and some of the locals are fighting a losing battle in the kitchen against the silk Plotter's guards. Ser Andolin is leading archers in a battle against the poisoner's archers, tying them up. Squire Edwyn and the Lannister guard are fighting well in the stable. Camillo could really use reinforcements.

The defending archers have grown wary of Andolin's skill and are barely looking before they shoot.

The Wild eyed man in the stables screams, "You'll rue the day, Lannister!" He slashes at Edwyn's arm.

The sound of armored boots can be heard heading for the kitchen entrance. At the head of a group of guards, soldiers and swornswords is non other than Princess Faelyn Targaryen. The Warrior Princess certainly looks the part this day, clad in her glittering half-plate and carrying her blade raised to fight with a shield bearing the crest of Targaryen on her other arm she is quite a sight in all her platinum haired glory. She wears no helm and as she charges into the kitchen she snarls quickly moving to the aid of the locals and Camillo. She steps in front of Camillo lifting her shield to protect him from further blows as she aims her own blows at his attacker.

The blond guard captain slashes hard at Camillo's side. "Best run, little man!"

Andolin ducks away as an arrow bounces harmlessly off stone beside him, and he turns around his cover and fires off another shot, again hitting something but nothing vital.

Edwyn snarls at the man. "We shall see who regrets this day!" He luges forward swinging his blade at the mans head while shoving his shield forward trying to batter the man. He doesn't seem to feel the hits he is getting. He just seems to get irritated and work harder to win this fight.

Camillo isn't in terribly good shape to run, in fact. When the blond man chops at his midsection, he doesn't have enough room to escape and he takes another hard hit. This one has him stumbling back, so it is extremely well that the Targaryen princess arrives when he does. "Take him alive…" he says to fill in Faelyn, as he grabs onto a table to keep from passing out on the floor entirely.

The blond winces as the Princess scrapes his armour with her sword. He turns on her, furious and swings at her sword arm. Meanwhile, the irregulars fall back as the better armed Targaryen guard take up the fight.

The Dark haired man doesn't seem to feel his wounds either, though his is bleeding from a number of wounds now. He begins to laugh, an unhinged sort of laugh and swings at the Lannister's head again.

Faelyn nods not looking at Camillo as she is focused on the fight but she does keep herself between him and the blonde man shielding him as much as she can. Her men take over for the locals in fighting the blondes own guards as the Princess faces down the leader. Faelyn's expression is one of thinly veiled anger but it is a controlled anger and her movements are fluid and graceful rather than angry or impulsive. The Princesses first strike is blocked and she lifts her shield to block the return slash. Her sword arm is struck solidly, her armor protects her for the most part and she doesn't even wince, she just narrows her eyes and aims another swing at the mans head.

Camillo is really not feeling very well, and he doesn't want to impede Faelyn, so he goes ahead and drops down, moving round the blond's side where he's easy to miss while Faelyn is pressing his advantage. His blade snakes out again and bites into the tendon at the back of the blond man's leg, seeking to drop him.

The blond man drops, though whether it is the second slash to that leg or the brand new dent in his helmet it isn't Clear. One of the guards bellows, "Run!" The kitchen guards start beating a fighting retreat and all the archers disappear from their windows. The front door barricade crashes down and the city guard pours in to stop the house defenders using the tunnel in the common room to escape into the still half flooded sewers. The kitchen guards are soon caught between opposing forces and all in the crumbling manse will surrender.

Andolin fires off another shot; it's another glancing blow, and the Stark sets his jaw in frustration. Damn cover.

Edwyn's helmet is dented and his armor has been struck multiple times now but still he seems unable to slow down. There is a wicked almost hysterical grin on his face as he fights his opponent trading blows back and forth. He seems to be giving as good as he gets. His men also continue thier fight.

The fight in the stable is getting flat out alarming. Men are fighting on despite serious wounds that ought to have stopped them. If an arm or leg can't seem to work anymore, they fight on as best they can with the limbs that still function.

Camillo lies down on the floor once the blond man is down. "Bind him," he mutters, as he is fully concentrated on getting his dagger to go in its sheath. He's not looking great, blood from his shoulder and midsection dyeing his boring brownish-green tunic a more interesting color. He seems to be losing consciousness.

Faelyn's stands over the fallen blonde and glares down at him holding her blade leveled and his downed form. "Fetch some ropes and bind him." She says to her men who quickly have the requested item and try to tie the leader up. Faelyn glances to her guards snapping orders for half of them to aid the city guard while the rest follow her to secure the rest of the house. She heads for the stable with quick steps her men following her.

A guard with healer training starts trying to stop Camillo's bleeding while barking orders for people to help him with the wounds.

Guards snap to with securing the Blond and other prisoners.

A wild eyed man with leather armour under his clothes and a number of wounds comes barreling towards Faelyn yelling, "Die!"

Edwyn seems to have forgotten himself. The Lannisport heir grins wickedly and aims a kick in between the dark haired man's legs. Without thinking he brings his blade down slicing brutally across the mans chest. The man goes down and Edwyn keeps attacking him kicking and slashing as if lost in some kind of madness.

The Dark haired man is clearly bleeding out fast, but can't seem to notice it, arms and legs flailing in an attempt to get at Squire Edwyn right up until his throat rattles and he goes still.

Faelyn's eyes widen at the mans sudden attack but she holds her ground. She takes another light hit to her arm but deals one in return her eyes narrowing with controlled anger and determination.

The stable has a strong chemical smell about it.

As there aren't any arrows falling on them at the moment, Andy edges over to a better vantage - he has a clear shot into the stables, so he draws, aims, and looses an arrow, and this time gets a much more solid hit.

Ser Andolin leads his Archers in taking out what foes the Lannister guards have not finished off. The Lannister guards seem out of control with the stabbing of downed men.

Malcolm organizes the healers to start working on the wounded, pitching in himself as an assistant. The prisoners are hauled off in carts, except the blond who is held back in case any want to question him. Ser Malcolm Says he was second in command and might know things.

Flox turns up and orders that Camillo be taken to Dragon Manse to heal and that he get the best care possible.

Faelyn shakes her head as if trying to clear it. Once the situation in under control and the battle won she heads outside, leaving the stables for fresher air and taking a deep breath of it. She spots Malcolm as she rounds up her men ordering them to help the gaurd and those with healers training to tend the wounded. She directs the men making sure everyone is doing all they can and occasional steals glances at Malcolm.

Andolin comes back from his higher position, and he's still trickling blood from his arm. It's largely superficial, and his features tighten when he spots the severely wounded - otherwise, though, he just limps through the groups, taking stock of this and that, and making sure all the dead are, you know. Staying dead and not faking.

Edwyn keeps hacking at the dead man at least until a gaurdsman hauls him outside. He struggles a bit but once he hits fresh air he takes a deep breath and slowly begins to calm down. He and his men are hauled out and healers look them over making sure no one is hurt. Edwyn slowly seems to regain himself his eyes widening as he realizes what he just did.

Malcolm spots the Princess and kneels before her, "Thank you for coming to our aid, Princess." He keeps his eyes lowered as befits a bastard knight of a minor house.

None of the dead in the barn are faking. A couple in the crumbling manse are.

Faelyn puases her next order dying on her lips as Malcolm kneels before her. She smiles softly and gestures for him to rise. "Rise Ser Malcolm…you need not kneel to me. It was my pleasure to aid you. With the help of another I managed to subdue one of thier leaders. He is bound and I'm certain the watch will be able to handle him from here. Once the man fell they all ran or surrendered." She explains quietly studying the man intently. "Are any of your men injured?"

Edwyn seems rather twitchy as do his men. He keeps glancing around his eyes wide and his pupils large. Its as if he is nervous or seeing things, his eyes dart from side to side as he takes deep slow breaths. The healers look him over taking off his dented helmet in inspect his head. His golden waves are wild and slightly damp with sweat, there is a shallow cut on his brow trickling a slow and thin stream of blood. The healers clean it and he waits for them to finish twitching and glancing from side to side nervously.

Malcolm rises as bid, "you were much missed these past few months, My Princess. I fear they are not my men as the Stark's guard is… busy just now. The Men of the City Guard were not much in the fighting, though it seems the Lannister guards have taken wounds. If we can get them to stand still, they will be tended." Indeed, they are having a hard time getting those Lannister guards to stop kicking and stabbing the corpses and come outside for tending. One of them is trying to bite a city Guard through the armour.

Andolin moodily comes out of the manse after a few minutes, and limps over to find Malcolm. At some point or another he ripped off a strip of cloth and tied off the bleeding cut on his arm, though it doesn't really look like it's affecting him much. A glance is given toward Faelyn, assessing, before he finally gives her a nod and then asides to Malcolm, "The building is clear."

Faelyn inclines her head looking to Malcolm with a gentle smile and a look of concern in her violet eyes. "I wanted to stay but my family demanded my appearance at Kings Landing for a time. I am back though and I intend to remain here as long as I can." She looks to the Lannisters and nods glancing to Andolin, inclining her head to him before looking back to Malcolm. "There was some sort of…strange smell in the air in the stables….that might be the cuase. I feel a bit light headed myself but I was only there a moment compared to those men."

Malcolm clasps one of Andolin's shoulders, (the one not attached to a bleeding arm), "Excellent job, Ser Andolin. You and your men saved lives by keeping those archers from shooting down at us." he eyes Squire Edwyn, "My Lord, are you…needing to be tied up? I ask as you are not looking well and these men have poisons can make a man a danger to himself and others." He says softly to Faelyn, "It is good you missed the plague. We nearly lost my Lord to it. I am glad you were away when it hit." he eyes the stables, "I'd fear to burn them. When they burned the poisoned silks, men were overcome with fumes and a novice died, but leaving them here isn't safe either."

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