(121-11-10) Preparing for Vigil
Preparing for Vigil
Summary: Septa Leire prepares her little brother Loryn for his big day
Date: 10/11/2014
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Loryn's big day is drawing nearer. The kitchen is already abuzz with preparations for the meal that will follow the boy's night-long fast and the guests that will attend. In view of the raging plague outside in Oldtown it will be a small party though, with only family and some choice guests invited. Right now Loryn is hovering by the entrance of the Tyrell chapel, discussing floral arrangements for the big day. He's dressed in casual comfy attire. baggy dark pants in boots and a white shirt. The young man hasn't really left the manse for days. Preparing himself while dodging the disease outside at the same time. He appears a bit nervous though.

Leire is escorted into Loryn's presence by a member of the household staff, and though she herself appears untouched by the sickness that ravages the city, the toll it has taken on her is evident. She is wan with exhaustion from long days and nights holding vigils at bedsides and ministering to the sick and dying. "Hello, Loryn," she says, before he's realized she's arrived.

Loryn almost jumps out of his skin when he hears the sudden voice, then he turns and smiles when he recognizes his sister. "Leire! It's good of you to come and see me.", he says, studying her gaunt appearance, "Are you quite alright? You should rest more and eat. Come to the kitchen, we'll feed you.", he half-orders, "You are… healthy, aren't you?", he asks worriedly, "I hope the stuff we sent to the Sept for your patients have been of use?" Food mostly from the gardens and some cloth for bandages.

"The Mother keeps me well, that I might administer the mercy of her care to those who need it so dearly," Leire answers, and when he insists on feeding her, she doesn't disagree. Likely she rarely takes the time to tend such petty needs of her own, when the needs of others are so much more serious. "You have been very generous. Your donations have been well used. Most especially the linens."

"Well, we do what we can.", Loryn replies as he leads her to the kitchens, "I'm also trying to help the families of my acting friends… most of them are rather poor and can't afford much. Do you think this will be over soon? Or will death and destruction continue to ravage until all of us are gone?" The servants don't seem too surprised to see Loryn turn up in the kitchen - since he's the last Tyrell lordling in the grand mansion things have become fairly laid back. The young septa is greeted with curtsies and smiles though - and promptly sat down to be served thick hearty stew with bits of meat, freshly baked bread and other goodies. Although the cook reveals that Loryn had come for a serving only a short while ago, she doesn't mind him demanding another bowl. "I need to fill myself up.", he explains sheepishly to Leire, "Apparently I'm supposed to be up all night and fasting…"

Leire smiles graciously at each member of the staff, sitting down to the food with an appetite she hadn't realized she had. Before they commence eating, though, she consecrates the bread to the Seven, murmuring a quiet prayer for the health of the household and offering gratitude to the Godhead. That done, she admits, "We lose more to the sick than we see recover from it. It has proven very difficult to mend from, even with prayer and ritual." She pauses for some stew. "I keep you and your brothers and sisters in my mind when I make my offerings," she assures Loryn.

"Thank you.", Loryn says earnestly. Surely his sister has the direct ears of the Seven, if anyone has. He falls silent for a bit, so that they can both enjoy their meal in peace, before he finally looks up again. "Say, Leire… you know… it's my… knighting this week? We can't do it at the Sept for obvious reasons, so it's going to be a really small thing here in our private chapel. Ser Malcolm will do the knighting and Ser Brynden will be there too, the knight for who I squired. And a couple others too… but… will you come too? I'd rather have you than any other holy person in town…"

"Ser Brynden," Leire echoes, her mind wandering to another time and place. "He was one of the champions in the Trial of the Seven, was he not?" She touches the seven-pointed star pendant worn at her throat idly, and then at length she returns her attention to the here and now. "I shall make every effort to attend and pay witness to your oath-swearing."

"Yea he was… he and Laurent are old friends. Which is why Laurent pushed me off on him when I came here.", he explains with a wry smirk. He smiles when she announces her willingness to be present. "Um, do you have … some sort of… prayerbook for this ceremony? I've been trying to prepare but I'm still pretty much at a loss about it all. You know I was never much into religion. And there's no one here I could ask…"

"The best prayer you might offer is the one you find in your heart, not written on a page." Leire pushes back her bowl once she's had her fill, having made quick work of the contents. "If you do not have the Seven in your heart, you must not swear the vows of a knight. Such would be an affront to the Godhead and to those brave men who uphold their sacred oaths every day."

"Such as Laurent you mean.", Loryn comments wryly, wrinkling his nose. Then he sighs. "No, no, don't misunderstand me, sis, I have the Seven in my heart, but I cannot express my thoughts beyond the tired old cliches of the warrior giving me courage and the crone giving me wisdom… I thought you'd knew better how the ceremony goes. What I'm expected to say. I've only seen battlefield knightings myself, everyone knee-deep in mud and blood after a battle…"

"The Father will judge Laurent," Leire answers dispassionately, when his name is invoked. She studies Loryn with an unreadable expression, and then tells him, "I have seen all manner of men knighted, and no two offered the same words. You will have the night to look into your heart and contemplate what you yourself will say, while you hold your vigil."

"Will the Warrior smite me if I fall asleep during the vigil?", Loryn wonders worriedly, "A full night up in the chapel… " He bites his lip before he says something that will earn him a fiery glare of anger. "I really want to do it right…. we already have one terrible knight in the family after all…"

Though Leire's colour is a bit better than when she initially arrived, her manner remains characteristically drawn. "The better question to ask is: Are you deserving of swearing the vows, if you cannot hold vigil? What separates a knight from a petty thief if the only code by which they each govern themselves is the likelihood they will be caught out for their transgressions?"

Loryn blushes. Trust his sister to not only drive the dagger in but twist it as well. "You're right.", he finally acknowledges, "I shall hold vigil all night. And I will not fall asleep, I swear by the Seven. At least I hopefully have Andy with me. Are we allowed to talk?", he wonders.

Leire's expression should be all it takes to convey her disapproval over the notion of small talking during a vigil. She doesn't answer the question, assuming it to be rhetorical, and finishes what's left of the food before her.

Loryn withers a little nonetheless under that gaze. "Alright, alright.", he mumbles, "No talking…" He sighs and goes back to finishing his meal as well. "Well…", he finally tries to steer the conversation to a less rocky shore, "Let me know if there's anything else we can do to help things at the Sept, yes? And do try to come to the knighting, it would mean much to me…"

Leire nods solemnly, rising from the table once she's cleared her plate. These are not days in which one has any business being idle, much less a septa with healing hands, and she seems inclined to depart, lest he have any further business. "Until then," she tells him, reminding him, "It would not be amiss if you attended the morning service at the Sept before you swear your vows."

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