(121-11-07) A Stark Returns
A Stark Returns
Summary: Andolin returns and visits his friend Loryn
Date: 07/11/2014
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The times they are a-changin' in Oldtown. After the Summer of Quests, many men left the city to seek new adventures, while girls went to get married. There was a great shift among the Tyrells as well with Laurent and his dear wife Angharad departing for shores unknown and the girls marrying or stowing away on a ship to follow a dashing sailor. So it is left to young Loryn Tyrell to represent the rulers of the Reach in Old Town and he wasted no time in securing one of the nicest rooms in Garden Isle for himself. There totally is not a dollhouse in this room. His sister Lisette is still moping around somewhere, undecided whether Old Town or Highgarden is better suited to husband hunting. Though right now the theatre is closed and the Tyrells are holed up in their fine mansion, hoping that the plague will pass them by.

Not terribly long after the beast hunt, Andolin made a trip up north. He was kind of unclear about exactly what he was doing, but he at least let people know he was leaving. Either way, his big grey horse was back in the Stark house stables last night, and now he's making the rounds - it takes awhile to get to the Garden Isles, considering he took a longer route to skirt around the worst parts of town that are the most affected by the plague, but eventually he makes it by. Presuming he's let in by the staff, he's off to go seek out his friend that he hasn't seen in a bit.

Andolin would definitely be let in as the staff knows he's one of the young Lord's good friends. Loryn is occupying a large writing desk by the window, piled high with scrolls and scraps of paper. He does not look very lordly, being dressed only in long white underpants and a wide white shirt flecked with ink here and there. The end of a quill is being nibbled as he stares thoughtfully into the distance, carefully trying to live up to the image of a young poet. However when Andolin appears, the quill drops from his hand and his eyes widen. "Andy, is that you?" Well, it could be some Dornish beauty slinking in to ravish him. Or something.

To be fair, the young Stark doesn't particularly look 'lordly' either, just in riding leathers. He's probably been out on the horse some this morning. "Who else?" he says with a grin, still favoring that leg as always. "I Just got back in town last night, thought I would come by to make sure you're still doing well."

"You were lucky you got in then, before they closed the city gates to all newcomers. Orders were just given last night.", Loryn replies and gets to his feet to move around his desk and open his arms for a hug. "It's good to see you, man.", he grins, "Have you come to be a knight? I'm sure now that you're, you and I can go through things together. It's quite exciting, isn't it? But sit down!", he almost orders, "I'll call for drinks and you tell me what you've been up to."

"I thought the gates were busy when I came through. Some of the guards warned me away, but I'm stubborn." He accepts the offered hug, returns it fierce and brief, and then gives a bit of a grin. "Malcolm sent a raven about all of that, we got it a day or two ago. I guess I have? Just seems— sudden." But he's not complaining? At any rate, he steps over to the chair he's directed toward, plopping himself into it. "How have you been?"

"Yea, well, it was talked about immediately after we brought the beast home, but then it got a bit forgotten and I didn't want to be a nuisance about it.", Loryn admits with uncharacteristic humility, though he is quick to grin again. "Since Laurent left and I didn't want to wait forever and I really don't want to have to go through other ridiculous quests to earn my spurs, I mentioned it all to Ser Malcolm and he set the wheels in motion. I know he's only a Storm and all that, but honestly it'll do for me. Perhaps Ser Brynden will do the actual knighting for me. I don't know. Ser Malcolm is pestering me for a conversation on what it means to be a knight. As if I didn't know!" Loryn rolls his eyes in annoyance, then steps out briefly to order some servant to bring food and drinks. "You missed my first play, didn't you?", he frowns and sits down as well, grinning proudly. "It was rather glorious!"

"Well, that's good. It's about time, really, for you." He eases back in the seat a little, glancing over as the servant goes to get the food and drinks. "I thought the place seemed a little quieter than it was when I left," Andy says of the mention that Laurent's gone. "And it wouldn't hurt to just talk to him about it? It won't hurt you, anyway." And, he grins. "Yeah, I'm sorry I missed it. I'm glad it went well. Are you still working with the theatre?"

"Well, you should have the knighting with me.", Loryn insists, "We did it together. We had never brought the beast down without your archery. I bet your family up at Winterfell was mightly proud when you brought them the claw, weren't they? I got the head mounted in the Great Hall. Gives everyone a fright who enters.", he grins cheerfully, then sighs a little. "Yea, never thought I'd say this, but I kinda miss Laurent. He's a big pain in the ass, but he was good to have around. Even admitted that my play wasn't too bad.", he adds and looks towards the piled-up papers on the desk, "I'm presently writing my second play. I've got almost everything in place but of course the Whimsy's shut down now for the plague… So I'm… uh, kinda fine-tuning it."

Andolin laughs. "I brought it back, and showed it around. My father was proud, but my mother, I think it made her worry. My sister thought it was scary." He glances toward the pile of papers and nods. "I thought it would be. When I came into town, nearly everything was closed down. But the plague will pass." Even with the words, there's a flicker of worry across his features. "Where did Laurent go to?"

"I'm not sure.", Loryn admits, "I know they meant to travel in the hope it would help them fix things. I think Harry wanted to visit her family up north. After that… I don't know. I haven't heard from either of them for a while and I wouldn't know where to reach them. But I also don't want Laurent to think I can't do without him.", he adds very quickly, "I'm fine. Let him fight wars, ride in glorious quests, quarrell with his wife, whatever - I'm quite glad to be Lord of Garden Isle now.", he grins and looks up when the door opens. Two servants enter, one bearing a tray with wine and cups, the other two plates with breakfast goodies - cheese, smoked ham, fresh bread. "Tuck in!", Loryn urges, "I'm sure you missed our good Reach food!

Andolin considers that and nods a little. "It makes sense. Maybe it will be good for them to get out of this town for a little while. I know it did me some good." When the food and drink arrives, he straightens a little and reaches over to snag some wine and some food - and to the last he gives a wry grin. "You have no idea. I've been living on dried meat and things I can hunt for the past month. It's good to be back in town."

"And I'm glad to have you back.", Loryn admits in an earnest tone without looking at him. Instead he busies himself with gathering nuggets of food into the palm of his hand before leaning back again to munch them one by one. "So what's brought you back? And are you staying longer this time? We should have a party…"

Andolin makes a sort've cheese-and-ham mini-sandwich of sorts with the vittles, and leans back as he picks at it. "Mostly, I just needed a bit of a break out of town for a little bit, and I had some things in Winterfell I needed to go see about. It was mostly a useless trip as far as that went, but it did at least make me realize I wanted to be down here right now? So, I'm staying for awhile, probably at least as long as Carolis is down here." He gives a wry smile at the last, though. "I don't know that a party is a good idea with the plague going around, but … it does sound fun."

"Well, I'm going crazy here.", Loryn sulks, "Can't go to the theatre, can't hang out at the pub as usual… don't need to be attending to Ser Brynden's needs anymore since I'm no longer a squire… so yes, I'm pretty much bored. Needn't be a big party. Just a little return party for you at your place. You and Carolis, couple of friends… most assuredly all plague-free.", he adds with a wry smirk, "It seems to affect the commoners mostly."

"Well," Andolin says around picking at the fond, considering, "Let me talk to them, see if they're up for it. I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone last night beyond letting them know I was back since I got in kind of late, so I barely know how things are going here." He grimaces a little at the news, though. "It doesn't surprise me. Are all the people you know still well?"

"I worry for some of my actors.", Loryn admits, "Some of them are commoners and live in the less savoury parts in town. I paid to have maesters look after them and make sure their families are safe, but you never know…" He sighs, ponders a bit, aided by a big gulp of wine, then sighs again. "Otherwise I'm just worried for my sister, the septa. She insists on staying at the sept to help the ill and infected… rather foolhardy, if you ask me.", he grumps, "How's everyone in the Stark household?"

Andolin grimaces and nods. "Things like this, sicknesses, they are brutal. I hope all your actors stay well." He takes a swallow of wine and sighs. "I feel bad for the ones who have a public calling. It's a noble one, to be sure, but gods, being around a sickness like this would be too much for me." And, to the question, he gives a crooked smile. "Doing well enough as far as I've been told. It hasn't touched us yet, and hopefully it'll stay that way."

"I drink to that!", Loryn smiles and lifts his wine glass in a little toast. Then he falls silent for a bit to eat and muse on the vagaries of life in the face of horrible things like the plague, before chatting on about this and that, the way young friends do.

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