(121-06-11) Of Flowers and Dancing Bears
Of Flowers and Dancing Bears
Summary: Two juvenile, aspiring actors face the hard work of becoming a pirate.
Date: Date of play (11/06/2014)
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Rehearsal time at the Whimsy! Having spent a few days practising the big opening number and the pirates' company numbers, it is time to turn to the more romantic part of the show. For this Loryn has asked Ulyka and Madrighal, the troubador, to come in, as well as the girls who form the chorus and a few other minor characters. The director-producer is presently sitting cross-legged on the stage, talking to the musicians as he explains the melodies by humming and they pick up the tune on their instruments.

The summer heat has put a constant lobster-blush on the Northern girl's cheeks, her jewelry is made of nothing but glistening pearls of sweat, she often dabs from her forehead. Nevertheless there is a gleem about Lady Ulyka Mormont that seems to bring her a bit closer to the fair and beauty maid, she ever dreamed to be. Her strong fingers are grasped gently around her loyal lute, her feet still walk in the heavy boots that ever marks her blood as bear's blood.

When she enters the room an approving expression lingers on her face and even a smile as she greets ever so courtly with a curtsy. "Mylord of Tyrell."

"Ah, the wolf cub.", Loryn grins when he spots her, "Come join us. I trust you received the full script, I sent to you a few days ago? I would like to rehearse act one with you today… the meeting of Maybel and Frodric as well as the their duet… Lord Arion will join us in a little while to play your father, the Knight Errant of Pentos, then we can rehearse the grand finale of the first act as well…" He claps his hands together to get the musicians' attention. "Please, gentlemen, the song of the girls - "Climbing over rocky mountains…"

The Mormont girl's fierce, dark eyes sparkle with enthusiasm "But of course, I read it. Reread it. I could taste the salt from the sea, already hear Carey's mischievous laughter and "Feeble Youth" is a song so tragic, yet so funny - a masterpiece. I can't wait to sing it"

Looking at the other musicians and losing herself for a little moment in the colourful fabrics of their skirts, their giggling and their humming even a little sigh slips through her lips, a sound that not has been heard very often from her. But Mormonts are not known for a dreamy demeanor, even art has to be tackled hard, when it is grapped by a bear's claw. "How often have those girls have sung this song before?"

"Claribel, her name is Claribel now.", Loryn corrects and leaps to his feet to show the girls - including Ulyka - how to make their entrance, a bunch of dainty young girls wandering in with a swinging gait while they sing and dance a little, whirling around, while Frodric the pirate watches from a hidden spot. "Your costumes are being made by a capable seamstress.", he informs them, "Of course it will be some innocent maidenly white for you all. Now… if you could all do your moves and sing… And Ulyka, make sure that by the end of the song, you are far left of the group, so Frodric will appear directly in front of you when he reveals himself."

<FS3> Ulyka rolls Dancing: Good Success.
<FS3> Ulyka rolls Singing: Success.

Ulyka nods. Then nods again, swallowing down the last bit of fright that usually tends to grow on the edges of the stage. Within the third nod she begins to move.

Her steps are well trained. Trained like the moves of a capable fighter who knows that his choreography could decide whether he lives or dies - and Ulyka Mormont will, by all means, live! More at ease than with a bland sword in her hand, more at ease than whilst walking her pleasure walks with any Southron lady, she dances a light, yet enegetic dance. Her voice on the other hand is a bit startled by the fact its source is daintily dancing and refuses to work within the range of its usual perfection, but at any rate she sings just as good as the others.

On the left edge of the stage she comes to a halt, to let expectations (and a healthy amount of self complacency) raise with a look at the Tyrell.

Loryn seems pleased with the effort, but the girls still need to practice being in sync with their movements and on key. So the song and dance is repeated a few times until he's satisfied and he moves on to the next scene that involves him being discovered by Maybel and revealing himself as a pirate. There's dialogue! Dialogue that still has to be read from scrolls, but involves him introducing himself and the girls squealing in fright because pirate! When he reveals he's never seen a maidenly form before and would love for a girl to help him start a new life, the other girls back away but Maybel stands her ground and offers herself. Together, hand in hand, they wander along the stage and sing their dreamy duet. More song! But at least no dance now. Just starry-eyed gazing!

And -oh- how starry-eyedly Ulyka gazes, how she blinks and blushes and blossoms on stage. The lines properly remembered, the notes hit well enough she entangles her singing with that of the young pirate until, yes, until she stumbles over a line.

"Let us be smarties,
Don't call them hearties…

You can't be serious. We can't sing that."

"What's wrong with it?", Loryn bristles, "We can't get too sappy or the audience will run away. Remember that we don't only have to attract the female audience who loves a good play anyway, but also the male audience who has a slightly… saltier humor. Sure, they'll pay good money just to see Claribel dance in little clothing but still… Come on, let's do the song from the top!", he urges, "It's coming along nicely already!" He takes both her hands again as he transforms once more from cranky director to starry-eyed young pirate.

"I know, I know. But you can't premsume their wetnurses dropped them all when they were still babes." Ulyka replies, then twitches her mouth when she her starry-eyed gaze crosses with another line she reads.

"Don't drink grog in the fog,
Drink wine and shine"
Twisting her mouth she asks, "Have /you/ written this line?"

"There's nothing wrong with that line.", Loryn frowns, eyeing her, "Are you going to question each song I have written, Miss Mormont? In this son Frodric explains the live of a pirate to the young girl, who admires her dashing hero and tries to describe a life of simple pleasures to him." He points to the scroll, where Maybel's lines includes such beauties as

"Lay in the hay at night
while stars overheard shine bright.
Happy the dreamer in the moon's bright beam
When life truly seems like a fanciful dream"

"I see, I see - there is some elegance in the song, but… well, I just have to trust in your knowledge on how to make this Southron audience laugh and beam. Maybe even weep, later. They will have to be stunned." Ulyka says, giving in with a shrug and a ponderous lowering of her raised brows.

"But we need to repeat the whole thing a few times today. I still think we can improve a lot. Some of the girls don't get the beat, others sing to high. They should be larks, not sqeaking mice. And the two of us… I can hear it in your voice, you have sung better before. And I can promise you, by my grandmother's furs, I did as well!"
With that she already slips eagerly back to the position of her start, ignoring some of the pouting mutters 'Mice? Mice!' of the girls.

Loryn seems rather baffled by the girl's long speech and his eyes narrow slightly. "Excuse me, Miss Mormont, the last time I checked, -I- was still director of this play.", he huffs, "And of course we need to rehearse more, this is the first rehearsal after all. Everyone is still finding their feet." Some, quite literally. This said, he does agree to going through the the song AGAIN and AGAIN. Until Loryn's voice starts turning into a rather bad croak and he frowns. "There's no use of us singing ourselves hoarse today.", he grumbles, "I believe this is quite enough!"

Ignoring the Reachlad's snappy comment Ulyka dives with all her stubborn enthusiasm into the melodies. The demand of a break, or even calling all the rehearsing a day for now, only brings an annoyed little twitch about the edges of her mouth.

"Don't be silly. It has only been a couple of hours. Have a sip of water and we shall go over the whole thing again. You still need to practice the last few lines of the song and I still don't get as smoothly to the left at the dancing part. I'm not satisfied by my own high note either and one of your girls always mixes up the first and the second refrain," the Northron girl states.

Loryn bristles as the Mormont girl rides roughshod over him. "And I'm telling you, we will take a longer break now!", he finally insists and glares at her, daring her to contradict. "If you are so eager to keep going, you might wish to start practising our big love duet in the second act. Madrighal knows the tune, so you can learn it from him." He himself slinks off to the wine skin to have a proper break, away from the bossy wolf cub.

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