(121-10-27) The Dying of the Light

The crowd is in an ugly mood. So far they are gathered, murmuring angrily outside the ring of light cast by the torches the priests have set out. Two sturdy and well armed members of the Faithful flank a Red Priest who stands glaring out into the dark.

Killian, dressed in his old fashioned and rather too warm for this climate style is up on the Widow's Walk of Beakhead House, with several of his crew watching the rukus, bows leaned up against the house wall for now. More of his crew are stationed around the outside of his house with weapons, lounging casually just now. None are in costumes, but all their lights are dowsed.

Peri is quiet, gliding confidently in bare feet with bells tied to her ankle. Her gown for the night is midnight blue with black under layers, black roses pinned in her long locks. Her long hair is tied back in a loose braid. She seems to be headed for somewhere, confident despite the darkness. Perhaps out for a walk, perhaps in need of something medicinal. Regardless, she looks almost angry she had to go out and about.

The steady clip-clop of hooves heralds the arrival of The Dark Knight. He's a monstrous entity in horrific, barbed, black armour, a horned helm atop his head that provides an imposing outline straight from a nightmare. The Dark Horse, or at least what can be glimpsed of the similarly armoured beast, is a fowl-tempered creature, prone to snapping at those that won't move out of its way.

Until now, the Red Temple has, to Bryn, just be another of the strange temples in the area. Tonight, however, in the city plunged into darkness, it's like a beacon to the boy. Dressed in the robes of the Citadel, he secured the edge of the crowd, trying to get in sight of the still lit flames.

It's not the sort of crowd that is gathering at starry Street or even Old town Square. There is a lot of the Undercity element gathered, and drink is flowing freely as it has been all week. Tempers are high, especially since the silk cart was oft seen near the temple and discount silks lead to a lot of silk sickness amoung the women here, and though all but two of the sellers are known to be dead, the ones behind it were never caught. The husbands, brothers, fathers and friends of the sick could use a good target, someoneto take it out on, and here are these stubborn forieners endangering the cioty with their fires.

Eonn sits across the street from the temple, on the boarded up and closed tight shell of a fishmonger's stand. He's watching the Red Temple, and the crowd, his expression distant.

If the crowds weren't willing to move out of the way to let the Dark Knight through, the Dark Destrier - oh yes, it's definitely a creature made for war with heavy iron-shod hooves every bit as much a weapon as any of the others the Dark Knight carries is. It stomps it's hooves, it glares, it snaps. The Dark Knight continues to loom, imposingly, atop the foul-tempered beast as they make their way to the front of the Red Temple, just before that ring of light. "Why are these lights not doused?" A gravelly voice resonates hollowly from the helm.

People edge away from the dangerous war horse, pulling drunkenly oblivious friends away from deadly hooves. The crowd parts, and folds in behind the dark knight, gradually growing silent, in the expectation of imminent blood shed.

The Priest has a voice pitched to carry, "We honor no god but the Lord of Light! Dowsing the holy Flame is Blasphemy!"

Eonn simply sits there, one leg dangling over the roof of the little fish-stand, the other up so he can lean his elbow on his knee. He's got his sword, his armour, but he doesn't seem about to do anything. He says, almost surely too quietly for anyone to hear, "No it isn't."

"If you do not wish to see the mobs descend upon your entire temple, send out your champion." The Dark Knight growls. "Let us settle this through a trial of arms."

Bryn gives a little sigh of relief as he sees the torches, but that relief turns to tension as the Dark Knight approaches the priest and makes the demand. He makes his way a little closer, listening to the response, and says softly, "Holy Flame?" This just seems to catch his curiosity even more, and he continues to make his way closer.

Peri is quiet, moving towards Eonn upon spotting him, moving to stand beside his stall, observing the crowd " Any chance you can help me all the way up there? I'll pay you with a kiss." She calls up softly to Eonn, reaching to poke at his toes with her fingertips. Her expression is calm, and body language lax. " Or a pound of oysters."

The Priest lifts his chin, "Very well then. Combat on foot it is!" He gestures to the more heavily armed of his guards who steps forth menacingly. The large man booms, "Come down off your horse!"

Eonn waggles his soft-soled boot at Peri, and then gestures, "Climb 'round the side." He scoots a little that way so he can offer her his hand to help her scramble up the crates there.

Peri is careful, and quiet, moving to settle beside Eonn, with a little difficulty, her fingers taking the help graciously as she perches. She watches the priest and the knight with curiousity, very gently and daintily leaving her fingers curled around Eonn's "The air was overwhelming tonight." she offers.

The Dark Knight scours the crowd, his gaze settling first on Eonn and Peri, then upon Bryn. "That's likely not wise." He growls at The Priest. "Neither is it wise to have flames lit upon this the darkest of nights." Still he climbs down from the beast, surprisingly agile for a man in plate, and claims his sword, immediately assuming a stance, prepared to fight.

"Overwhelming?" asks Eonn, softly. Then he raises his voice to call, "Bryn! Lad!"

The Priest says, "We honor the Lord of Light with our fire. you honor your false gods however you like. We will trust in R'hllor to bring back the dawn."

The Champion is not as heavily armoured as the Dark Knight, but he has a good two handed sword and the strength to wield it. His stance is good as he waits the knight.

Bryn's eyes widen as the priest accepts the challenge. That, and being spotted by the knight, for the moment, ends his attempts to get closer to the Temple. Still, when Eonn calls, he seems a little reluctant at first, but in the end runs over towards Eonn and Peri.

Peri mms a bit "I was jittery. I can't stand it." she settles beside Eonn, shivering when the knight talks, drawing her shawl over her shoulders, her weight settling fully, very calmly watching the spectacle

"Climb up here, lad," Eonn tells Bryn. "Better view." He gestures again for the way 'round the side of the stand, which will at least make it easier. Now Eonn leans deeply to offer his hand there, though.

The big man strikes out with no warning, aiming for a shoulder seam in the Dark knight's armour with his heavy sword.

Bryn quickly scrambles up, accepting Eonn's help to get up with the pair. Once he's up, he quickly turns back to watch the battle happen.

It's over before it even begins, before The Dark Knight even has a chance to indicate he's ready, before he has a chance to move out of the way, or raise his blade. He goes flying from the blow, crashing to the ground, prone. His armour crumples… wait no, just some of the ornamentation of it gets hacked off, revealing grey steel beneath.

While the Dark Knight lies prone, The Dark Destrier, goes crazy. No one told him he couldn't participate. He's a war beast after all. It snorts, it dances, it kicks out at the Champion.

Eonn sighs gently. He makes no move to leave the roof of the fishseller's booth, though. He looks a tad disgusted.

Peri is quiet, reaching to take something from a fold of her dress, offering some of the parchment wrapped toffee she had been hiding to Bryn. "You want some?" she offers, offering some to Eonn too.

The Red Champion is gloating. Ha! He smacked that busy body knight down good! he is posturing and glaring at the crowd, unaware of the wrath of the Dark Horse.

Eonn doesn't take any candy. He looks at the fight, and the fire beyond. Without the Hightower's beacon blazing, the street looks so strange.

Bryn glances up to Peri, and nods with a smile, "Yes please." Looking back to the 'fight', he frowns, "that wasn't fair, the Knight wasn't ready. More like a street fight than a duel."

The crowd is rather in agreement with Bryn. Angry voices are raised taking up the complaint. Towards the back of the crowd, people start prying up stones for throwing or looking for other makeshift missiles.

Fair's fair. The horse's hooves connect solidly with an almightly clang, sending the Champion flying and perhaps even bones cracking. This gives the Dark Knight just enough time to leap to his feet, and this time he is ready, blade in hand as he waits just long enough for the Champion to stand up, before attacking. Round 2!

Eonn starts to chuckle at the sight of the people picking up rubble. Alas, the crates that the little group used to climb up to their perch are about to be torn up for clubs and missiles. Still, Eonn seems unworried, and says, to Bryn, "See? This is a nice view."

Peri is quiet "Life isn't fair." she offers to Bryn dully, she smiles though "But you take what you can and enjoy what you can, and enjoy it to the fullest." she offers, offering a bright smile. She watches the crowd "Well things are about to get violent and it isn't over." she offers, taking a big bite of toffee. "Eonn, when it is time to get down, can you help me down?" she asks, absently, with a grin.

The Red Champion lands with a thud and is slow getting up. He is clearly dazed and looks to have had the wind knocked from him. The crowd cheers the Dark horse and cheers even louder for the Dark Knight! As the Champion rises and turns to face the knight, the crowd begins to chant, "Kill him! Kill him!" They know the hero when they see him.

The Iron Islanders watch impassively, warning people away from their walls if anyone comes to close in search of something to dismantle.

Maybe it's the stupid decoration on his armour, maybe it's those distracting horns on his helmet, but the Dark Knight doesn't actually seem to be that good a swordsman. His destrier would likely be better with a blade between his teeth. He hacks at the dazed Champion with his sword, striking a glancing blow against the chest plate. The horse, in turn, continues to rampage, snapping at a nearby priest, intent on wreaking more havoc. If there's toches in the way, those will get knocked over. The Dark Destrier's off in a berserk rage.

Eonn says to Peri, absently, "Of course. Down. or up."

The torch poles break and the torches begin to gutter out in the dirt. The startled Priest dart behind the other guard, who swings at the horse with his blade.

The Red Champion Says a very rude thing about the Dark Knight's Mother in the language of Lys, and swings again.

Peri 's hand covers her mouth "Ohh. How unsavory!" she gestures at the red champion, her eyes lit up with amusement "Down would be best, perhaps I'll give you a massage for your efforts." she grins, whispering a translation of the slur into Eonn's ear, making sure Bryn doesn't hear it. She takes a few bites of toffee yet, smile showing.

Eonn chuckles. "We should have brought things to throw up here," he says considerably.

The Dark Knight's having a hard enough time with this fighting business to be shouting out curses. He's about as good at speaking Lys as he is with this blade, which is to say not very much. Still he has resilience and perseverance. This time at least he manages to parry the attacks made against him, lashing out in turn with his own blade.

The red Knight is a bit wild eyed as rotting vegetables start flying from the front of the crowd. He mostly side steps the Dark Knights's blow and swings in for a counter attack.

Bryn watches the fight with interest, but says to Eonn, "I didn't know there was going to be a fight, I just came here because there were still fires."

Peri grins a bit "Aye, we should have. I'm not sure I'd like to throw my favorite knife on such a dark night." she offers, lopsidedly grinning. "We could throw Bryn down to fetch things." she jokes to Eonn "When people are upset - there are always fights." she offers to Bryn, adjusting her top a bit.

"This is not the night for fires," says Eonn simply. "They should have put it out."

The Dark Horse loves vegetables! Maybe not rotten ones, but certainly these ones that are thrown distract the creature. Is that a carrot? Nom! A lettuce! Where is the source of these tasty treats? It charges for the crowd to track down where the food is, the fight suddenly losing interest.

And the Dark Knight is hit once more, not only by blade but also by a sword again. Still this is important, he can't give up, not even with most of the decoration from his armour lying broken in the dirt. He swings again, his blade connects.

The Dark Horse loves vegetables! Maybe not rotten ones, but certainly these ones that are thrown distract the creature. Is that a carrot? Nom! A lettuce! Where is the source of these tasty treats? It charges for the crowd to track down where the food is, the fight suddenly losing interest.

And the Dark Knight is hit once more, not only by flying vegetables but also by a sword again. Still this is important, he can't give up, not even with most of the decoration from his armour lying broken in the dirt. He swings again, his blade connects.

The second guard back up towards the door, sword at ready, as the Priest makes a hasty retreat back inside the temple. Apparently the mood of the crowd is enough to make him think twice about standing where they can easily grab him.

Eonn laughs as the red priest retreats. He doesn't seem to like the fellow.

The Red Champion staggers backwards, blood running from his arm, and the crowd pushes him back into the cleared space. He rushes the knight, swinging hard for his head.

This time The Dark Knight is prepared. He ducks beneath the blow, the horns of the helm slicing off as if they were made of tissue paper - they probably were. The Dark Knight presses his advantage and again nicks at the Red Champion with his own sword.

The Dark Destrier has likely found a barrel of candy apples by now and got its teeth stuck together, or something.

The second guard stands in the doorway, lest his comrade be forced to beat a hasty retreat.

The Red Champion goes flying past the Dark Knight, overbalancing when he hit paper, not the expected metal. He lands on his face, but rolls over and sits up, to slice at his opponent's legs.

The Dark Knight dodges back, giving the Red Champion enough room to stand up (and get pelted with some more rotten vegetables).

Peri grins at Eonn and Bryn "I'm enjoying the fussing." she offers, bright smile showing as she bobs her leg, gently and calmly.

Harder missiles are joining the rather squishy ones and the folks with stones filter forwards. The crowd is now shouting, "Dark Knight! Dark Knight!" as well as the poppular "Kill him!"

The Red Champion jumps up and starts edging backwards, closer to the spill of light from inside the Temple, where the other guard might have his back.

"No Killing," The Dark Knight growls, his gravelly voice resonating even over the noise of the crowds. "Life's blood should not be shed, even to extinguish upon these blasphemous flames." He'll let the red champion retreat, there's a greater issue at hand. Still at least now he can extinguish the lights that remain outside of the temple. The flame within though, is another matter.

Daevon pages Eonn and Killian: Hey, I remember you syaing before that the streets of Oldtown could be flooded. Is there any way to flood the red temple? Any water that could be diverted within there from where we are?

Bryn isn't joining in the cheers, but he watches the combat with obvious interest. He smiles as the Dark Knight calls that there will be no killing, glancing up to Peri and Eonn again, but doesn't say anything.

Daevon pages Eonn and Killian: I'd say any of the rigging that can be improvised to scoop water from the harbour and dump it on said temple? Or will we need to just make do with barrels and a bucket chain assault of sorts?

Eonn pages Daevon and Killian: Rigging could be improvised to help, and there are tonnes or barrows and things, but yeah, mostly it would be hand labour.

Eonn pages Daevon and Killian: To flood the streets, you'd need to crawl into the underground canals and block them. It would take a lot of doing.

Daevon pages Eonn and Killian: And it'd take too long?

Eonn stays where he is, watching in silence, his face stern now.

The crowd quiets when the Dark Knight speaks. he is their Champion, after all.

The red Champion waits before the door, his comrade guarding his back. He watches the Dark Knight warily, unsure if they are still fighting or not. The torches are nearly out, thanks to the Dark Horse, and easily stamped to ash.

Eonn pages Daevon and Killian: Yeah. To really flood the temple, you'd have to go upriver and block where the tributaries flow into the river. To do it more easily, both upriver and in-city. It'd be a major-ish undertaking.

Eonn nods in approval as the torches are stomped into darkness and the battle-field on the narrow street goes dark. But his eyes go to the temple's glow.

Eonn pages Daevon and Killian: Pouring water on the fire would be much easier and faster, and wouldn't require multiple organized groups to manage.

Peri is quiet "Death should not come on this night, but darkness is required. I put out the baths' great fires out of respect, even though I am not a follower of the seven." she offers to Bryn, smiling "oh, look at the sky." she gestures up. "You can see the sky as clear as if at sea." she whispers.

"We need to extinguish that flame." The Dark Knight calls out. "But we must try to do it without killing anyone, if such is possible. To shed life's blood upon this most holiest days makes us no better than they are. Start filling barrels with water from the harbour. Form a chain. Those of you with axes, get that door broken down. We will have Darkness on this night." He's assuming that those guards on the door are going to retreat inside it would seem.

Announcement: Gashlycrumb shouts, "The stars gleam. Even the harbour, with all its ships that usually glint with coloured-glass lamps, lit in red and green and white, starboard and port and stern and bow, to prevent collisions, plus the guide-bouys that allow them to navigate into port, all are dark. Only the moonlight and stars to reflect off the water. It's eerie and beautiful and perhaps terrifying, the entire city enveloped in darkness. There's only the faint yellow gleam of the Red Temple's big indoor fire. It's visible from anywhere, now — the glow of its spark-lit smoke is usually hidden in the lights from the Hightower and the harbour."

The Guards look at each other uncertainly, then dart inside and try to bar the Temple doors. The crowd is rather drunk and disorganized, but given a thing to do, they take to it well enough, the endeavor aided by the quantity of seamen in the crowd and the number of barrels along the warf.

Eonn looks to Bryn. "Shall we, lad?" he asks. He seems curious. Maybe the boy can't bring himself to /douse/ a fire.

Peri is quiet "I'm not supposed to much lifting. Healing yet." she gestures at her belly "But perhaps I can help urge people to lift the water and heave?" she suggests, moving towards the edge of the stall, graceful as the night, looking to Eonn for advice.

Bryn looks up to Peri again, and says, "Who do you follow, then?" He looks to the sky, and smiles, "It is pretty." He looks towards the crowd, and the fire, then back to Eonn. He does, indeed, look very hesitant. "I.. I don't know."

Eonn shrugs to Peri, and starts to move to drop off the front of the fishmonger's stall. There are advantages to being tall. He says to Bryn, "If it is never dark, what is the point of a fire?"

The Dark Knight's a bit disorganized himself to begin with. He's really got little idea how to command a bunch of drunks it would seem so it takes a little while for him to actually get into the swing of things. That gravelly voice, doesn't help him in the slightest, being all rough and gruff. Oh! The door. He whistles, sharp, and loud. His errant horse immediately comes charging back towards him. There's a fast way to break that door down. He clambers back atop the beast's back.

Killian gazes down from his balcony, drinking something from a skin and looking amused.

Peri is quiet for a moment "I am a follower of the Seven sighs of Lys - primarily the love goddess who brings us pleasure and contentment in life. But I acknowledge that the weeping woman will find us from time to time, it is that sadness that makes the happiness of life so much richer."

There is a cat herding quality to organizing the mob, what with the tenancy for people to veer off into shoving matches or wander away in search of ale and greasy food, but they are willing enough and good natured in victory. This Darkest Knight, the dark Knight is their knight and they really do want the light dowsed.

They stop milling and start cheering as the Dark Knight mounts his charger.

Eonn hops down to the cobblestones and then moves around to the side of the stand to offer Peri his hand.

"Out of the way!" The Dark Knight orders. And then. "Charge!" Knight and horse charge for the door, and at the last minute spin around. Back hooves solidly connect again, and again with the door, turning it into splinters. A barrel, in turn, is kicked within, wood and water flying in equal measure.

Peri takes the hand, using it to steady herself as she drops down, wincing slightly, "ooch, I'll tell you, I learned I had new muscles when I had that little one. She moves to stand out of the way, adjusting her gown. She's gathering her energy, as if planning to bark orders herself.

Bryn answers Eonn, "there is dark, but there's things in the dark that fire keeps away. I'd rather stay in the light." Completely clueless that he's echoing the beliefs of the Temple being invaded across the street, he hesitates only a moment more, before following after Eonn.

"I don't think so," says Eonn, and with that he lopes off down towards the water.

The interior of the small temple is revealed again, the guards standing between door and fire. The Priest and Priestess that were confurring look up in horror.

Peri muses, "I'd much rather be in the shadows, where I can see the light but am not going to get burned and not quite in the blackness of night where I'll be lost." she coos very softly, her long legs shifting, the long slit in her dress showing as she drops the neckline, her lightly oiled skin catching the light a bit. She knows what she's doing "One two lift and pass - all together." she calls out, helpfully.

The Dark Knight's just planning to throw as many barrels of water as they can get into the Red Temple, in the hope of dousing the flames. Or at least get the mob to do it.

The Drunks respond very well to being ordered about by a delightfully curvy Goddess with amble cleavage.

Eonn lopes back, not as fast as he left because now he's pushing a barrel, open-topped and sloshing water, inside a wheelbarrow that reeks of old fish. He makes for the temple door.

Peri bounces in the moonlight "Douse the flames!" she calls out, cheerfully, her arm going up to to make a counting time, not unlike the helmsman on an Ironman's longboat. She's a lot jigglier though.

The Iron Islanders at Beakhead House start singing a sea chanty in time to the crowd's work, though it is unclear if it is meant to mock or cheer them on.

The Dark Knight becomes a silent, ominous presence, just overlooking the goings on now.

The guards look uncertain. Finally the Priestess sighs and guestures them back. The move well out of the way. Apparently it's not a good day to die for Ry'llor.

Bryn follows along after Eonn for a while, seemingly ready to help, but as they get near the Temple and the fire, he just can't seem to do it. He retreats again, just once again finding a spot where he can watch what's happening.

Eonn rolls his barrow up to the door, and lets the crowd wrestle the water barrel from it. He doesn't go back for more immediately, though, but goes 'round to the temple's back to begin filling the wheelbarrow from their firewood stacks.

The Dark Knight's curious as to what Eonn's up to, and so he slips off his horse, unnoticed, to follow him around. It's easier to be unnoticed when you're mostly black, in the middle of the night, and there's a far more interesting pretty woman ordering and jiggling nearby.

Peri is just so damn good at jiggling and being a bossy bitch! She continues her calls, eying the ironmen and gesturing come hither, looking like she's going to bounce out of her gown on the top at any moment. For just having a baby - she looks pretty damn good.

Eonn seems to be having a better time, now that he's running about. He's stealing the firewood, and once his borrowed barrow is full he turns to wheel it at a long-legged lope, back to the docks.

The theft of the wood raises alarm and the Priestess motions for the guards to _do something_. They step forwards, blades raised again. "There is no call for theft!"

Killian , seeing the house is not in imminent danger just now, lets half the guards stand down. Several show an interest in jiggling Goddesses and start calling out offers.

The Dark Knight, and his sword, seem to disagree with the Priestess' statement. He eyes those guards and then, with a gauntletted hand he pulls out a single coin from a money purse, easily enough to pay for the wood. "There, it's not theft now." He tosses the coin at them.

Eonn says over his shoulder, "Fish it out of the bay in the morning," and charges off with it, to dump the firewood off the end of a dock.

The Priestess spits on the ground in the Knight's direction, but the Priest quietly pockets it.

The Dark Knight follows Eonn.

Eonn turns about with the barrow once it's empty, and starts to attempt to load it with another water-butt.

The fire is doused and the means to undowse it currently at the bottom of harbour. A cheer goes up and the crowd breaks up into bits, mostly in the hopes of more to drink. The race riot is averted for now.

Eonn doesn't hurry now, but he does continue stealing firewood. Instead of loading his barrow, he tosses it to the people about. The temple keeps a huge supply of the stuff, and while their firepit is now a sodden mess of ash, well, it wouldn't do to let them light the flames again before the appointed time.

As true darkness descends upon the city, his duty done the Dark Knight returns towards his horse in order to ride off into the night.

Peri 's still calling out orders, and cheering the crowd, Her small swarm of iron admirers formed as she adjusts her gown, long hair adjusts. She smoothes her hair down, gently. "Now, perhaps, we could have some food and drink." she calls out, voice soft and warm, welcoming her new friends.

Once the crowd has taken over the task of dismantling the firewood pile, Eonn looks around, scanning the darkness to find Bryn. or at least, to try to.

Bryn isn't very far from Eonn, and once the fire is out, Bryn returns to stand by him again.

Eonn looks down at the boy. "Hungry?" he asks, after a while.

The Iron Islanders seem like to hoist Peri up on their shoulders, "Where to, Mistress! Our treat! That was a fine spectacle, it was!" They have that same, very thick accent, full of riolling 'r's' and archaic vowels as Killian does.

Announcement: Gashlycrumb shouts, "The fires at the Red Temple have gone out, their faintly glowing smoke given over to darkness. The entire city is black, lit only by stars and the dim moon."

Peri squeals at being hoisted, her plump frame a bit harder to lift than it looks. She is afterall pretty heavy framed and thick all around - much like the seals that are around Killian's ancestral homeland. She cheers and waves "Could my friends perhaps join us?" she asks, not minding too much, it seems.

Bryn nods quickly to Eonn's question, "Very." And tense, now. While not visibly afraid of the dark, the lack of fire anywhere within view seems to agitate him.

These are Iron Men, raider and Whalers, and being from so far North, they like their women on the taller better padded side, the better to survive Winter on a cold Northern rock where strong arms are needed. The effort required is clearly all the more reason for a good drink and attractive in a woman besides.

"I bet someplace still has stew in a covered pot," Eonn tells Bryn, "Still warm from before nightfall. If not these Ironmen, then the dragons."

Killian calls down, "We have stew, but no fire!"

Peri is quiet for a long moment, "Ariyel go to the baths and bring back the coal cooked beef and the covered rice with vegetables and we'll share it with these new friends." she calls at a similarly attractive woman. Unsurprisingly the woman heads off to do as bid. Afterall the coals from her bath will likely be hot for many hours yet.

Eonn regards Bryn. "Will that do, lad?" he asks, considering the boy's face in the starlight.

Bryn considers, and then nods, give Eonn a weak smile. He doesn't say much, though, but steps forward.

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