(121-10-27) Fast Times in Oldtown Square

The only light is Moonlight and Starlight. Many businesses are closed for the duration, though some food stalls and the like are selling cold wares. The Bard is doing business, though the display is out front instead of inside, where there is at least a bit of moonlight. The crowd is rather rowdy and hectic and not particularly safe. Still, there is music and some dancing. Still there is plenty of drinking and eating.

The Woman in Red is Dancing beautifully, gracefully, sinuously. Men circle her, and though they dance around her, she dances as if she is alone. As before, it is as if her head and arms belong to the most demure of maidens, but the rest of her is the most shameless of courtesans.

Edwyn makes his way through the crowd dressed in his normal attire and wearing his Lion half-mask of black and gold. He puases looking over the different wines for sale but he apparently decides against getting drunk tonight. He turns away and wanders off before he spots the crowd around the Woman in Red. His steps carry him closer and he props against a closed stall watching her and the men dancing around her with interest. He studies her movement as much as he can from the distance and crowd between them. He lets out a soft breath his cheeks growing warm but thankfully the color in them is mostly hidden in the darkness. A smile works its way onto his lips as he watches the dancing.

The lack of light doesn't seem to bother Camillo particularly. He has become accustomed to the dark. He keeps close to the faces of buildings not only because it is his way, but also so that he won't get stepped on or knocked into the street and run over. Not that there are many clattering through town at full speed on a night like this. He's got his keyhole domino mask on again.

The steady clip-clop of hooves heralds the arrival of The Dark Knight. He's a monstrous entity in horrific, barbed, black armour, a horned helm atop his head that provides an imposing outline straight from a nightmare. His horse, or at least what can be glimpsed of the similarly armoured beast, is a fowl-tempered creature, prone to snapping at those that won't move out of its way.

The edges of Square are not a savory as they normally would be, what with couples in the dark and the occasional sprawled form, and no one to see that waste is making it to the collection bins.

The Woman in Red twirls, the layered silk flaring out, but never quite far enough to reveal everything. She is makes each dodge of a man's grabbing hand look like an effortless part of her dance. She is sober tonight, and is shows.

Edwyn continues to watch the dance for a moment longer and then he moves off the stall where he is propped and dances toward the veiled woman in red. He moves through the crowd surrounding her with ease his movements graceful and fluid, like a true lion stalking its prey as he draws closer and closer to his goal. There is a smile on his lips as he dances around the innermost part of the circle. He is sober and his level of skill is almost even with hers, his movements are slow and teasing as he dances a slow circle around her but never moves to reach and grab for her like many of the others he studies her as he dances tilting his head to one side as he moves.

The Dark Knight is just policing the streets. He is the hero Oldtown neither needs nor deserves. He moves around the edges of the square. From high atop his beast of a horse he surveys the dancing, his gaze resting decidedly upon The Red Lady, and the Lion. The horse keeps walking.

The Woman in red spots the Lion from the other night and steps toward him on light feet. She dips a low courtesy to him, head lowered.

Camillo sees the red lady before the lion due to the hue of her costume, and drifts that way, but he isn't quite as quiet as he thinks he is. And perhaps, with everything dark and people's eyes adjusted to it, there are no particular shadows for him to skulk in as usual.

The Lion also steps forward towards the woman in red. A brow raises at the low curtsy and then he is dropping into a polite and rather graceful bow himself. Edwyn smiles softly. "We meet again my lady…and I must say it is a pleasure." He extends his hand, a silent offer to dance with him if she will accept it.

Darkest Night is a dangerous night for unaccompanied young ladies. Perhaps this is why Princess Visenya is flanked by two guards, the three-headed dragon on their breastplate obscured in the black of night. She wears a pale gown that catches the moonlight, and makes her more noticeable than a woman in darker colors may be. She stops near where the bard plays to watch without comment, although occasionally her eyes tilt towards the dark edges of the square where sin takes place.

The Woman in Red takes the Lion's hand docilely and head tilted down stands and readies herself to dance, posture perfect.

The Dark Horse carries The Dark Knight towards Harbour Street and the pickpockets rife within the crowds can rest easy that this violent vigilante has better things to do than prevent then committing their pretty crimes.

Camillo slips a little closer to the area where the dancing is. he'd prefer to remain on the edges, lost amongst the crowd, but an unexpected flailing gesture from a drunk his mask prevented him from seeing sends him stumbling gracelessly into the circle.

Edwyn takes that offered hand just as Camillo goes stumbling into the circle and towards the pair. Thinking on his feet the Lion gracefully spins the red woman away from any danger while dancing out of the way. He twirls them about a few times and once he is certain they are out of harms way he smiles and gently pulls the woman closer to him continuing his dance with her.

The Lady in Red turns her head at Camillo's arrival, but with very good reflexes, goes with the Lion's spin, her steps light and body pliant. She moves where he leads her with a seductive grace, still silent.

Camillo doesn't threaten a whole lot of danger to the dancers, he's just rather in the way until he regains his balance and quickly back toward the edges of the gathering.

Its hard not to spot Visenya making her way through the moonlit square. Edwyn can't help but notice her and to his credit he doesn't even stumble when he spots the beautiful Targaryen. Still it is rude to abandon ones dance partners and so he twirls the red woman ever closer to the Targaryen Princess keeping a respectful distance though so as not to give her guards any trouble. He flashes the Targaryen his most charming smile as he dances about dipping his head to her, low and respectful.

The Woman in red manages to work a low curtsy into her steps to honor the Princess as her partner dips his head to her.

The moonlight shines off of the Princess' pale garments and fair flesh as if she were made of marble. The Lion's smile causes her statue-like composure to break, and her lips curve upwards slowly into a lazy little smile. She lets her eyes linger on him a moment before they purposefully flick away.

Camillo doesn't dance. He melds with the crowd again. But he's watching, noting the new arrival's appearance.

Edwyn's smile brightens when the Princess smiles back at him. He seems to take her lingering gaze and the way she purposefully looks away as some sort of challenge. He turns back to the veiled woman in red that he dances with and proceeds to lead her in slow graceful circle dancing around the princess and her gaurds. His movements are quite graceful and while not quite risque it is clear he is trying to tease the Targaryen. He smiles warmly at his dance partner and leads her about tossing the Princess a sly little smile as they spin gracefully past her.

The Woman in Red does not seem the least distressed by this attention to her rival. Indeed, she now seems to be dancing as much to please the Princess as the Lord.

It is at this point that she slips on a bit of fruit and crashes flat on her firm little bottom.

Visenya's eyes follow the peacocking Lion as he dances around her with the Woman in Red. She does not address them until the Lion's partner slips, and she lets out a little cry of surprise as the other woman goes down. Picking up her skirts she strides towards the couple at a quick pace, "Oh, are you alright?"

Edwyn's eyes widen as his partner slips and falls. Reaching down he gently grips the red woman's arms and lifts her upright helping her onto her feet and holding her until he is certain she can stand on her own. Then the Lion steps back slightly bowing low at the waist for the Princess but looking to his former dancing partner in concern now. "My sincerest apologies Miss. I hope you are not hurt?" He looks the veiled woman over carefully his cheeks slightly flushed with embarrassment now.

The Woman in red speaks for the first time this evening. Her voice is a husky whisper with a low Valarian edge to her accent. "I am well, Your Grace, Lord Lion. A minor mishap." She is a solidly built woman, with strong abdominal muscles, wiry like and acrobat, and a little bit taller than her partner. She let's him help her up, face still downcast, and body language rather modest and embarrassed.

Visenya reaches over to give the Woman in Red's bottom a firm knock to get loose fruit off of the back of her dress. "Poor dear. Just because it's Darkest Night doesn't mean people ought to be slobs, and leave things others can trip on." She offers the Woman in Red a small smile before turning her eyes towards the Lannister, "Have a lovely evening."

Visenya gets a warm and rather charming smile from Edwyn now. The Lion dips his head to the Princess politely. "And you as well Your Grace. You have my thanks as well for your beauty provides a light on this darkest of nights." He smiles warmly and a touch playfully and looks back to his companion. "My apologies once again…would you allow me to make it up to you by buying you a drink or something to eat? I should probably stay away from the wine myself, lest embarrassing incidents repeat themselves." He grins impishly his grey and blue gaze sparkling from behind the half mask he wears.

The Woman in Red has a very firm bottom indeed. "Yes, your Grace." She curtsies. She waits, head lowered, hands demurely clasped in front of her. As the important folk talk. She is very, very still.

Camillo moves around the ring to be a little closer to this meeting with the princess, taking care not to be too obvious so as not to alarm her guard.

Visenya smiles in the manner that a woman who is used to being called beautiful smiles. She is not flattered because she is quite aware of her beauty, and yet social decorum states that she smile. So, she smiles. "I'm just glad your lovely companion is alright." Her eyes turn slightly to look over the Woman in Red.

It's dark out. Her guards don't notice the creeping Camillo.

Edwyn tilts his head looking to the woman in red now. Visenya's comment earns a soft smile from him though. "As am I Your Grace and I hope she will still be willing to dance with me again sometime?" He looks to the red woman intently a moment. "But I think perhaps a break is in order. I will buy drinks and food for you both if you wish to partake of them?" He looks between the two women curiously extending his offer to the Princess so as to be polite and so the woman doesn't feel left out.

The woman in Red hold her submissive pose, still as a statue. "As you wish." A drink being on offer, she moves to follow.

"Perhaps one drink." Visenya says casually. She does not follow the Lion to the refreshment table.

Camillo follows along, though he keeps to the ring of people who surround the dancers.

Edwyn nods and moves to the stalls selling refreshments. He buys three goblets of the best wine available and offers one to the red woman who followed behind him. He smiles warmly at her and then takes the remaining two goblets making his way over to Visenya and offering her her own goblet with a soft smile leaving him with only his own drink in hand.

The Woman in Red whispers her husky thanks, silk gloved fingers caressing the Lion's as she takes her cup to sip, sliding it up under her veil to do so. She trails the lion, two steps behind him as they return to the Princess.

The only light is Moonlight and Starlight. Many businesses are closed for the duration, though some food stalls and the like are selling cold wares. The Bard is doing business, though the display is out front instead of inside, where there is at least a bit of moonlight. The crowd is rather rowdy and hectic and not particularly safe. Still, there is music and some dancing. Still there is plenty of drinking and eating. The edges of Square are not a savoury as they normally would be, what with couples in the dark and the occasional sprawled form, and no one to see that waste is making it to the collection bins.

Princess Visenya, The Lion, and the Woman in Red are sipping wine, with Camillo close by.

Visenya takes the goblet with a pert smile, but doesn't drink from it. Instead, she holds it in her hand as a way to facilitate conversation. It is the Red Woman who she speaks to, although her amethyst-colored eyes flick over to the lion on occasion before the flick away coquettishly. "There is something familiar about you, Mistress." She says to the Woman in Red, "But I cannot place it."

Norah is quiet, walking with a guard, expression embarrassed as she watches the comings, her hands carrying a delicate fan of white feathers. Her hair is blushed with dark blue pastel, a costume borrowed from the Whimsy? or perhaps sewn for the Whimsy. The gown is like water. Her face has tears drawn under her eyes. She seems to be observing the crowd.

There is absolutely no good reason why a Lady of the Rose should be out and about on her own on a night like this. On a night like this, when the darkness is king and dastardly beasts will be doing dastardly things. So, of course, this is the night that Lady Lisette Tyrell slips away from the Garden Isle manse, sans her usual Purple Cloak guard and her ever dutiful lady-in-waiting. Tonight, she is no lady. She is a skulking voyeur there to observe the dangerous pleasures of questionable people. The darkness is an acceptable cloak to hide her from view, but the hood of cowl does wonders as well. Just another body roaming the streets.

Edwyn smiles warmly looking between Visenya and the Red Woman and taking a slow sip of his wine as he listens his gaze sweeping over the area briefly before being drawn back to his company once again. The gaze from the Princess is returned and Edwyn smiles a bit more now lifting his goblet to sip from it again his gaze drifting to his red veiled companion and waiting for her response to the question. Norah is noticed after a moment and Edwyn flashes her a warm and charming smile tilting his head into a polite nod of greeting as he studies her a moment, curious. The cloaked figure of Lisette is not yet noticed nor is the sneaking Camillo as Edwyn is once again distracted by a pretty face.

The Woman in Red sips her wine daintily beneath her long veil. Her voice is a husky whisper, hinting art Essoi origins. "I drank a drink with the Maiden Knight first night of Festival, and Danced with an Ice Princess on Beggar's Knight. The festival brings odd combinations of people together, Your Grace, and I have come out each night to Dance." She is very still except for her hands when she drinks.

So many faces in Oldtown that Lisette simply does not know. This is what comes of never leaving the opulent sanctuary of Garden Isle. For most, this sort of merriment is commonplace, but for The Blue Rose, this is nothing short of stepping into wholly forbidden territory. If her mother knew where she was… Finding shadows to hide in has neverbeen easier, however the Tyrell Girl does have the good sense to avoid the alleyways and stick to more open areas, albeit pitch black ones. She passes by an outreached hand clutching a goblet of wine, presumably, and the reckless youth takes it up and begins drinking behind the privacy of her hood. Being noticed is very much last on her list, so she is careful to remain just another shadow in the night.

The stars gleam. Even the harbour, with all its ships that usually glint with coloured-glass lamps, lit in red and green and white, starboard and port and stern and bow, to prevent collisions, plus the guide-bouys that allow them to navigate into port, all are dark. Only the moonlight and stars to reflect off the water. It's eerie and beautiful and perhaps terrifying, the entire city enveloped in darkness. There's only the faint yellow gleam of the Red Temple's big indoor fire. It's visible from anywhere, now — the glow of its spark-lit smoke is usually hidden in the lights from the Hightower and the harbour."

"The Maiden's Knight?" Visenya asks, and her eyes take on a mischievous glint as she turns her head to give the Woman in Red a surveying look. She finally takes a little sip of her wine, frowns and smacks her lips as if it tastes funny before shrugging and having another swallow.

Norah is graceful, looking at Edwyn, eyes lidding as she gives him a polite curtsy again, her smile showing as she watches the crowd, her hands adjusting her hair, her fingertips smoothing her gown as she stands straight, "Good eve." she offers, waiting for further invitation to come closer or return to her merry promenade about town.

The Woman in Red sips her wine daintily, but steadily, giving ono sign she notices ought odd. She repeats, "The Maiden's Knight, who looked a great deal like the Ice Princess. They might have been Brother and Sister." She curtsies to Norah, with maidenish awkwardness, despite the revealing nature of her gown.

"Good evening to you as well My Lady. If you would like to join us I certainly wouldn't mind. The extra company would be very welcome in fact…provided my current company does not object?" The Lion gives Norah his most charming smile and looks to his two companions in question. If there are no objections he will beckon Norah over with his free hand taking another slow sip of his wine. The taste is a bit…off but Edwyn isn't one to complain about wine.

"But the Maiden's Knight is not a costume. He is a Targaryen, and my own twin brother." Visenya says with a smidgen of a grin. "I did not see the Ice Princess. What did she look like?" She has another casual swallow from the goblet before commenting, "I wonder the vintage of this wine? It tastes strange…of elderberries, almost." She dismisses it with a shake of her head before looking to the Woman in Red expectantly.

It would be most polite of Lisette to sip her wine, like a lady. Like nobility. Like a good little courtier. But she is really none of those things tonight. She is in disguise. She is out and about, rampaging through the streets - in her own discreet and genteel way. So the wine which she so elegantly stole from a near unconscious individual is now rolling down her throat like a fire across the sea. Then it is gone and she quickly hiccups and grins at the very naughty, naughty thing she has done. What would her brothers say?! The warmth moves through her quickly, and she tosses back the hood of her cowl to stare up at the sky. "Oh… look at the moon," she coos, her smile a swift memento of intoxication.

The drugs are quick.

The Lady in Red says with a voice that sounds amused, "I object to hardly anything." Sip. "The Ice Princess looked very like you, your Grace, so lovely that my dance partner forgot his steps, so lovely that she stopped men's breath. She came to give dolls to children, and the men all wanted to touch her, but she danced so fast and light that none could touch her, though they followed her for blocks. Very much like you, your grace." Sip. Her head tilts, and catching sight of Lisette, she points to her stretching out her arm like a sign post.

Norah gets a bit pink, "Many thank yous my lord. Does the atmosphere please?" she asks towards Edwyn, listening to Visenya and the redwoman with curiousity, her hands resting infront of her. Her costume getting adjusted as she glances up at the sky curiously. "The moon looks bigger than at home." she offers, listening to the two and smiles brightly.

Edwyn takes a gulp of wine a rather silly grin spreding across his face. He has almost drained his whole glass now as well. He blinks looking down at the goblet and the he laughs merrily. "I think…I think I'm getting a bit drunk…odd normally I don't get even tipsy until at least goblet number three. Oooh the moon is pretty!" His head snaps up and his eyes widen as he looks at the moon. Slowly his head lowers again and he gives Norah a silly grin laughing lightly once again. "Pretty like you! Your prettier than I was that time my sisters decided I would make a good victim for a game of dress up." He flushes a rosy pink in the dark. Normally he would be mortified that he just admitted such a thing happening to him, there must definately be something in the wine…

"Men always want to touch what they should not. It is in their nature." Visenya gives the approaching Norah a loose smile, and lets out an airy laugh, "Goodness, the more the merrier." She then looks back to the Lady in Red, and says, "That is why the Ice Princess danced away. Their touch would cause her to melt. Ice is beautiful, but it cannot withstand the heat of a man's hands." Her eyes seem to brighten despite the lack of light, and she smiles for the second time tonight like she actually means it. When someone suggests looking at the moon she tips her head back to stare up at it, and lets out a laugh that almost seems inappropriate in it's gaiety.

"Ah, and the stars. We mustn't forget the twinkling stars," Lisette continues to coo with a lilting slur creeping up on her words. The wistful drugged girl, that is who she shall come to be known as come morning. The cowl is now a cloying thing strangling her, so she pulls it from her neck and tosses it into the street before she takes a few more steps forward. The moon, is so very close, she can almost touch it. A pale hand reaches for the heavens, and the billowy folds of her sleeve fall down the length of her slender arm. "I can't… reach it," she squeaks, still walking forward. "Why do you run, moon?"

Norah laughs a bit "Well you are quite pretty Lord." she offers with an awkward giggle. "I appreciate the compliments, but if you keep throwing them so often I'll likely turn crimson and have to run all the way home and stay there until after the festivity's end!" she offer, watching Visenya curiously before tilting to watch Lisette, her fingers going up to adjust her loose blonde curls. " It really is quite a lovely night, despite the darkness being so frightening." she muses, smile giving away she is entirely sober.

The Woman in Red answers Viisenya, her voice sounding oddly attenuated as if she were only half corporeal, "So I have found, your Grace, my bottom is sore from all the pinching and squeezing this week….Do you see her?" And then she is staring toward the distant light of the Red Temple, and making soft sounds of wonder, deep in her throat, "Was any night ever as beautiful? I am made of Fire and Iron, your Grace." Then she is giggling too, high and light and mildly unhinged sounding. Then, with the sexy turned way up in her husky alto, "Suddenly, I want very much to be touched." She drains her cup and lerts it drop.

Edwyn looks to Visenya blinking in confusion. "Whatever do you mean….I'm a man and I have excal..exeli…exzi..very good control of my hands." He nods sagely and then looks back to Norah with a kind look and a rather sucessful pout. "Aww…don't leave us. I won't compliment you anymore if it makes you…um..nervous? Yes I think thats the word! Father always told me that even though some things are true they need not always be said." He beams at Norah and then blushes some more. "Don't worry My Lady the night isn't as scary when you have other people around you yes?" He looks to the Red Woman next blinking in confusion. "You want to be touched? I did most of the touching during our last encounter…and afterward too." This last part is said in a low mumble and Edwyn pouts some more now before breaking into giggles.

"If a man touched my bottom I would stab him in the throat." Visenya says this as if she were remarking on the weather, and yet one could be certain that the Princess is not being flippant about her claim. "Her? Who? No. Although I think silk worms are eating that poor man's face." This is also said remarkably nonchalantly, as if it's common for silk worms to munch on someone's face. The Woman in Red's words cause her to let out another unrestrained laugh, and she turns to face Edwyn, and drags her teeth across her lower lip while eying him up, "Touch her again." She commands.

Malcolm is swaying her hips to the music again, the statue stillness of before lost now. She runs her gloves over the bare skin of her upper arms and at her waist. She giggles at Edwyn's addition, "I mustn't do that, Lord Lion. It is… a sacrifice, like the men grabbing me and the rest, your Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace." Her head is still tilted up towards the temple light.

The Woman in Red is swaying her hips to the music again, the statue stillness of before lost now. She runs her gloves over the bare skin of her upper arms and at her waist. She giggles at Edwyn's addition, "I mustn't do that, Lord Lion. It is… a sacrifice, like the men grabbing me and the rest, your Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace." Her head is still tilted up towards the temple light.

Somewhere along her wandering Lisette encounters a sturdy lamp post that seems more than willing to hold her up. So she leans her cheek against it and peers up at the beautiful, tempting, and teasing moon that continues to beckon her and then run away. Her eyes are so glossy now, and her mouth is held lazily agape. So drugged. This would be when in the third hour of searching for her, the Purple Cloak, Andros, finds Lady Tyrell. He is sober as a board and standing at rigid attention when he approaches her. "My Lady," he murmurs, his hand coming to take purchase beneath her arm. "The manse is in an uproar over your absence. We must go." Lisette turns to her guard, there to take all her fun away, and suddenly realizes that his hand on her arm feels… amazing. "Andros… you came for me?" He clears his throat and looks about the darkened street. "We must get you home, my Lady." Stupid, responsible guard.

Norah is quiet, watching Lisette and her guard, keeping her arm around her guard's for protection, her bright smile showing as she watches them, her weight balancing as she cheerfully watches the group with a bright smile.

"Touch..her..again?" Edwyn blinks and gulps down the rest of his wine tossing the cup aside with a clatter. "I would love to but what if…what if she doesn't want…me to?" He looks at the Red Woman imploringly his bottom lip quivering slightly in drugged nervousness that actually might look adorable to some people. He reaches out trying to grab her gently but firmly and pull the veiled woman close against him. "A sacrifice? Well sacrifice can be pleasant too can't it? I hope so anyway…" He leans in a bit his hand wrapped about her waist and it looks like he might kiss her.

The woman in Red is utterly docile as she is pulled close, wriggly happily against him, all warm flesh and soft silks. She wraps her arms around Lord Edwyn's heck, turning her head to Visenysa and whispering, "Bid me."

"And what if I do not want to go home?" Lisette asks, all petulant and adorably immature as the drugs transform her from prim and proper Tyrell courtier to doe-eyed minx in the blink of an eye. Andros inhales slowly and nods. "Then I shall have to do what it is I find to be in your best interest, my Lady. I will…" He is abruptly cut off when Lisette gasps and squeals, rushing toward Visenya. "Princess! Oh, was ever a goddess among mere mortals ever so very lovely? The dragons wept diamonds when you were created." Well, sure, why not. Andros is right behind Lisette, but cannot reach the girl before she drops to her knees before the Dragon Princess and buries her face in the opulent fabric of her gown. "So perfect. Andros, bring her with us." The dashing, though now thoroughly shellshocked guard bows deeply to the Princess in a most humble manner. "Forgive her, Your Grace. She is… deep in the wine, I am sure. Lady Lisette, I beg you," he whispers as he reaches for her her waist to yank her up like a cat.

"It doesn't matter what she wants. She has pledged herself to me as my servant." Visenya's voice is like the Fire and Iron the Woman in Red spoke of earlier; despite her innocent dress she is her namesake reincarnated at this very moment, and will have what she wants. That want, however, is interrupted before she can obtain it as Lisette buries her face into her gown. She lets out a giggle and says, "Oh, a comely little rose! Come, Rose. You will keep me company." She glances to the Woman in Red and the Lion, "Stay right where you are." To Andros she says, "Go away."

Norah watches the two women before she tilts to offer a sheepish smile "If it is just a kiss you want, my lord, I can humor you on this, the darkest night." she offers, "B-but nothing unsavory." she offers, her cheeks rosey as she bows her head, her bright smile showing again now. "I've not been drinking so I think if you scandalize me I'll have to ban you from getting my tartlets and cakes for a month." she warns.

The Woman in red giggles happily at the Dragoness revealed. She doesn't seem to mind anything that is happening. She repeats in a tone suggesting they are all being very silly, "Bid me."

"Of course, Your Grace." Andros bows without a moment's hesitation and makes himself scarce, though some might note he is still about, just out of immediate sight. Lisette somehow, through a miracle of giddy excitement, gets to her feet and reaches for Visenya's hand as if she were touching a sacred jewel. "Your Grace, I simply adore you. That you would even deign to speak to me…" And then she begins to weep fat tears of gratitude, because, drugs. So many drugs. There are other people about, yes, The Blue Rose can sense them near, but how can one see anything when a star is burning so brightly before her?

"The fires at the Red Temple have gone out, their faintly glowing smoke given over to darkness. The entire city is black, lit only by stars and the dim moon."

Edwyn is about to kiss the Red Woman, his hands are inching towards that veil just as Norah speaks. He turns his head blinking and then looks from Norah to the red woman and back again. He looks back and forth again in a confused debate of who he should kiss. Though he does release his grip on the woman and step lightly towards Norah with a warm smile. "My lady…I would never dream of doing something you did not want me to…nothing unsavory you have my word…wait you make tarts and cakes?" He licks his lips looking postively gleeful. "If father wouldn't kill me for meddling in his plans for my future I would marry you…I love sweets and a woman that can make sweets is…" He steps closer and tries to draw her gently into his arms. "Like a dream come true." And then he will lean in for a brief and tender kiss.

The woman in Red Drops her arms as she is abandoned and goes back to staring entranced at the distant light. Which winks out. She begins to weep suddenly, "It's gone! The light is gone!"

Visenya puts her arm around Lisette's shoulder, and snuggles her in a chummy way, "I like you! You're probably my favorite Tyrell." Not a hard accomplishment considering the whispered about feud between the Princess and some of the other Lady Tyrells. The Red Woman speaks again, and she turns her attention back to the Lion and the Red Woman just as the Lion moves from the Red Woman to Norah. She opens her mouth to say something, and then closes it as the Red Woman begins to weep. "Oh, it's alright! It's supposed to be out, isn't it?" She takes a step towards the Red Woman to comfort her.

Norah takes a moment, taking out a parcel from a draped fold of her gown, digging it open in the darkness. "I'm waiting to hear who my father will attempt to pair me with curiousity, I confess to that." she offers absently. She sort of squeaks at the kiss flushing hard enough for the heat to very tangibly radiate off of her face. She offers a delightful almond fudge (chocolate free!). She is quiet, though. "The light must go out so when it is relit the light seems so much brighter." she offers, very sweetly. She offers the fudge to Edwyn and her lady friends. "Aye, I will be baking a lovely cake for the feast that Lord Loryn Tyrell is hosting."

The Red Woman flings her arms around Visenya, in no condition to remember the danger of beheadings and buries her face in the Princesses neck, the hard smooth shape of the mask underneath pressing though the silk. "But it was so beautiful and now the only like left is you and the Moon!"

So many crying girls! Lisette turns her attention from the Dragon Princess, who is touching her willing by the gods, to the Woman in Red and reaches for her. "It is awful, isn't it? To lose your only love. We can mourn together, my lady," the pretty, young, Tyrell girl promises. She glances to Visenya and smiles, her hand rising to reach for the Targaryen's lovely platinum hair. "I will be your favourite Tyrell forever and ever, Your Grace. I simply love you beyond measure." DRUGS! "Lord Loryn Tyrell? That is my baby, darling, terrible, angelic brother. Do not touch him," Lisette says haughtily. "He is a very bad boy."

"There, there." Visenya pats the Woman in Red's back as the poor thing sobs into her neck. She looks over her head to Edwyn and Norah, and gets an almost aghast look on her face. "You mean you /cook/? And get paid for it?" Her mouth falls open, and she looks rather incredulous. Over Red's head she says to Lisette, "What sort of noblewoman /cooks/?"

Norah looks just terribly confused by Lisette's words "My lady, I am not in the habbit of spending much time touching young men, especially handsome men beyond my social strata. I am simply his seamstress for the whimsy, and at other times, more rarely, just his ocassionally first choice at baking." she offers, voice a little nervous, cheeks getting so flushed that she has to touch her own cheeks. She looks just sort of awkward "One who is aware she will not be so blessed to marry high, grace." she's starting to back up, her guard humoring her slow, hesitant movements.

Edwyn smiles happily at Norah and then slowly pulls back once again. He glances around but is distracted by…fudge! He takes a piece and grins biting into it. He actually lets out a soft moan of delight at the taste and nibbles on it happily. He glances at Norah and finishes the sweet off licking his lips free of any crumbs. "That was delicoous…if you made those I definately want to keep you." He is about to sweep her into a hug when a hand is placed on his shoulder. A guard in the colors of Edwyn's house looks down at him with a grin. "I'm glad I found you my Lord Edwyn….I believe your father said you are to return to the manse as soon as possible…so if you don't mind I will escort you?" Edwyn pouts. "But…but I was having fudge..and wine and kisses! I won't leave the pretty girl and her fudge all alone in the dark….I must protect her!" He grins widely and the guard blinks. "Seven's Mercy…what have you been drinking and how much did you have?! Come on my Lord…you need to go home he starts to lead Edwyn away now.

The Woman in red leans into touch and is soon making a happy, purring sound in the back of her through, easily distracted by any new sensation in her current state, oblivious to pretty much anything else going on around her.

Lisette looks to Visenya curiously, then to Norah, then back again. "What do you mean? Noblewomen do not cook, Your Grace. The kitchens are so very hot. Well, I have not actually been in the kitchens, but I am told that they are hot and uncomfortable. I believe Kalla has been in the kitchen. I shall have to ask her what it was like in there." As Lisette ponders this, Andros is making his way closer again, ever so slowly. Round Two of getting the Lady out of this part of Oldtown. He navigates away from the Princess and tries to gain the Tyrell girl's attention. Lise looks his way and smile. "Oh, Andros is so very pretty," she muses.

"…Didn't you just offer to kiss that Lannister?" Visenya asks in a confused tone. She shrugs, and looks away from Norah to Lisette, "I do like a bit of heat! Perhaps we ought to try our hands at making lemon cakes?" And then she lauuughs as if she'd said one of the funniest things in the world. "Cooking, really?" She gives the Woman in Red another little pat, and says, "We ought to go see what happened. Those Red Priests would not have put it out willingly. Lady Lisette, tell your handsome Andros to come with. We shall need more guards than what I have."

Norah is quiet, and gentle in voice " I spend much time in the kitchen, I like it there, I like making pretty things and in the kitchen I am an artisian." she's quiet, slowly backing away from potential ridicule, "Pardon, my lady, Grace. It is growing late and I have to finish hemming my gown for the parties coming up. Be safe in the darkness that has fallen." She's soon departing to follow Edwyn, for sake of not getting overly embarassed or risk having the fact Toran ran off brought up.

Lisette waves Andros over, and he is more than happy to be ushered into the fold again. "Andros, my sweet guard boy, we are going to walk with the Princess and you will join us to keep the lesser smallfolk away from us. Can they touch the hem of your gown, Your Grace?" she asks, her generous and forgiving nature showing through the drugs. Or something. Maybe she is always mean. Maybe she is always nice but a chance with a Princess will change a girl. Andros falls in line, compliant, willing, vigilent. He has no opinions he will ever voice in this mixed company. "Did that girl says she was hemming her own gown?" Wide-eyed, Lise stares at Visenya, then bursts into laughter.

The extremely tall Woman in Red has become entrances by Visenya''s hair, and being in a touch hungry mood, foolishly attempts to pet it, "Like Moonlight made solid."

"Of course they can touch the hem of my gown!" Visenya says with astonishing enthusiasm. "Who wouldn't want to touch my gown? It's silky!" She says the last part in a singsongy voice. Then the Woman in Red pets her hair, and she says, "Oh, yes. It's very nice." Detaching herself from the Woman in Red she links arms with Lisette, and lets out a snort when she mentions the other girl hemming her own gown. "She might as well be her own ladies's maid!" And then she laughs, too. "Ohhh…" She places her own hand on her chest. "Let's go."

The Woman in red drifts after, distractedly playing with Visenya's hair if no one stops her.

The Blue Rose is all smiles and glances back at Andros, seeking some stupid guard's approval for a moment. He knows what all this madness means to her, especially in her altered state, so he nods and offers her a smile. Then she is linking arms with the Princess - A Targaryen Princess. If the drugs were not putting her into a new level of giddiness, she might cry right now.

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