(121-10-27) A Deal for Information
A Deal for Information
Summary: Camillo comes to Edwyn offering to help him discover the identity of who the woman he danced with at the festival.
Date: 28/10/2014
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Its dark and very few people are about. Edwyn had been returned to the Lion Door Manse about an hour ago but now the youth is sneaking back out. Creeping out through a servants exit the golden haired Lannister youth glances around and then starts off down the street with a happy smile on his face. There is a spring to his step as he starts off heading in the direction of lower hightower street.

Camillo falls into step with Edwyn not far away from his house. "My lord," he says. "I hope you have been enjoying the festivities."

Edwyn blinks looking to the man who just appeared next to him in surprise. He smiles warmly and nods. "It has been enjoyable yes." He studies Camillo curiously a moment. He doesn't seem to suspect anything is out of place or even wonder why the man suddenly appeared to talk to him. "I hope it has been enjoyable for you as well? Are you planning to celebrate some more as well then?"

"Certainly," Camillo answers. "It's only right to. A festival does honor to the Seven after all, as well as refreshing people. I've seen you dancing, my lord. You're very skilled. I'm not much of a dancer."

A nod is given and Edwyn smiles brightly at the compliment a slight blush appearing on his cheeks. "Thank you…did you want to learn to dance? I had a really good teacher myself and I enjoyed learning how. So if you wanted to learn maybe I could help?" He looks to the man, extremely curious now.

"No, my lord," Camillo says. "Smallfolk have little need of such graceful dancing if they are not…entertainers in some way." He looks straight through the eyeholes of his mask while he talks, but now turns his head to look at Edwyn. "I saw you dance with a woman in red. She was particularly graceful."

That blush deepens further now. "Yes…she was very graceful..and very pretty too." Edwyn ducks his head trying to cover his embaressment now. "Why do you mention it? Surely our dancing together didn't leave that much of an impression?" He peeks up again his curiousity getting the better of him.

"Of course it did, my lord," Camillo says. "I thought it was very beautiful. You must know who she is?"

Edwyn smiles fondly and then he looks a bit saddened all of a sudden. He shakes his head. "No…I never saw who she was under the veil. I do not know her name either…though I would very much like to." He looks wistful.

"How much would you like to, my lord?" Camillo asks softly.

Edwyn blinks in surprise. "You know who she is!?" He breaths out softly his eyes wide with surprise and excitment. "What would it take to convince you to tell me?" He looks at Camillo with a determined gaze now.

"I don't know, yet," Camillo says, inclining his head apologetically. "But. I think I could find out."

Edwyn grins. "If you can find out and tell me I will gladly reward you. Just name your price and if it is within my power I will grant it in exchange for the information." He looks excited now.

Camillo nods faintly. "Even if the information isn't what you hoped? If she's poor or married or scarred across her face?" he asks.

"Yes…even if if its not something I want to hear you will still get your payment. You will have done the work so therefore you should still get paid no matter what is found out." Edwyn declares quietly and there isn't even a shred of dishonesty in his gaze. He is being serious.

Camillo stares back at Edwyn with his masked face for a long moment, then makes a bow. "Then I shall endeavor to find out, my lord. I will find you again." He gestures to the Lion Manse. "That is your home, is it not, my lord?"

Edwyn nods to Camillo a grin appearing on his lips. "Yes that is where I am staying. Let me know when you've found out and I will reward you for the information." He looks incredibbly happy and he makes his way down the street with a bounce to his steps.

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