(121-10-26) Creeping at the Quill

There is a hectic feel about the city this evening, and people in the Quill are drinking like it's almost the end of the world. there is a wildness to the mood. The Tavern's resident Dorenish minstral is not performing during the festival for religious reasons, but a bunch of reasonably talented rather nautical gentlemen have taken up instruments are are playing a serviceable jig. Many people are still in costume or at least weaiing masks, which adds a surreal air to the festivities.

A rather tall athletic woman in a long red veil and rather skimpy Lysene silks is dancing by herself on a table. Somehow despite all the swaying of hip, the silk manages to keep all the really important things covered, even while suggesting an accident might me imminent. From the looseness of her movements, she's likely a tad tipsy, but there is an underlying greace.

After his second drink Edwyn, spotted the woman on the table. The Lannisport Lannister has a black and golden mask on obscuring the upper part of his face. The young man watches the veiled woman going through two more drinks before he can't stand it anymore. He gets out of his chair pushing it back dramatically and beginning to dance around the woman's table. And for someone who is rather slow mentally Edwyn is a fantastic dancer. Even with having had four glasses of wine his movements are smooth and graceful as he dances around the veiled womans table trying to catch her attention with a grin on his face.

Camillo is masked, in the domino with a keyhole eye. Otherwise, he wears his ordinary clothes. He isn't dancing, but he does have a drink in hand, and he is taking in the revelry from a position against the wall. He watches the veiled woman, and the young man who comes to dance with her.

The veiled woman does indeed notice the young lion. She steps down from the table a little awkwardly and dances close to him. In contrast to the nigh scandalous…gown is an awefully strong word, and the overtly enticing nature of her dance, the tilt of her head suggest lowered gaze, and there is something demure about the movement of her arms.

Edwyn grins in triumph and then blushes just a little when the woman dances so close to him. Still he plays along with ease dancing with her in a slow equally enticing manner. He presses his body forward lightly brushing against her before withdrawing once again. He is sure people are watching them but he is completely focused on the woman and her rather revealing gown. His gaze studies her intently as they dance and though he opens his mouth to speak he cannot seem to find the words and so his parted lips close once more and he continues to dances with his newfound partner smiling happily all the while.

Camillo moves in a little closer now that the woman's off the table and therefore harder to see. Just when things are getting interesting. With the mask on, it's hard to tell exactly where he's looking, but his attention is almost certainly on the two dancers.

The Woman in Red doesn't seem to mind being brushed up against, though she does not touch Camillo of her own volition. She is in fact slightly taller than Edwyn. She is a wiry sort of muscular, like an acrobat. Her voice is a husky whisper, very quiet, with a pronounced Low Valerian accent. "Bid me, My Lion."

Edwyn is lost in admiring that scantily clad form. The voice draws his eyes upwards those grey eyes with a hint of blue to them are slightly dazed due to the wine. He dances a bit closer now his own voice quiet as he replies tilting his head to the side as he speaks. His movements are slow and graceful, both seductive and a bit like those of a large cat in thier grace. "Bid you? I would not dare to order you about. However if you wanted I would gladly be your dance partner for the night." He offers a the red woman a rather charming smile.

Camillo lowers his chin slightly, maybe to change the angle of what he can view through the eyeholes of his mask. He doesn't drink, since he'd have to push his mask up.

The Woman in Red nods. She drapes her gloved above the elbow arms around his neck and whispers, "As you wish." She dances dazedly, as if she dancing is like sweeping the floor. Her body moves very, very close to his, but her thoughts seem elsewhere. She smells of red wine and sandalwood and sweat from the dancing.

Edwyn smiles happily taking a slow breath as they continue to dance. He seems to notice the red woman's distraction. His arms reach up his hand encircling her waist gently. Dispite being well on the way to drunk his hands don't wander and he keeps a rather gentlemanly level of control. He leans in whispering softly into her ear his breath warm and smelling of sweet wine and mint. "What has you so distracted I wonder? You seem as though your mind is elsewhere." He smiles softly his tone light somehow sounding a touch concerned and a touch playful at the same time.

The party is growing louder as the ale slides down throats. Woman, professional and otherwise mingle with the crowd. A woman lurching away from a groper loses her balance and jostles Camillo as she tries to catch her

Camillo has slightly limited vision with the mask, so the woman gets to him before he can move out of the way. He gets his drink out of the way with one hand while reaching out to steady her with the other as he steps around her to block the path of any pursuing gentleman without appearing to do it on purpose.

Her skin is well heated from the dancing and her abdominal muscles are impressive. The Woman's veil brushes the Lion's skin below the mask as she breathes back, "I live to serve. What would please you more?"

The party is growing louder as the ale slides down throats. Woman, professional and otherwise mingle with the crowd. A woman lurching away from a groper loses her balance and jostles Camillo as she tries to catch her balance.

The stumbling Woman has a Bluebird half mask. Her head turns and catch a look at cCamillo through the eye holes and seeing his hand respectful and the protective stance she relaxes a little. A very drunk fish headed man tries clumsily to reach past Camillo for another grab.

Edwyn blushes a little his tanned cheeks turning rosy pink. Still the drink has bolstered his confidence so dispite the blushing he grins a bit playfully. There is a spark in his dazed grey and blue eyes, desire. "What would please me? I'm afraid if I went through with taking what I currently want then we might both wind up in trouble, though give me another drink and I might make that choice anyway. I'll settle for a kiss for now though." He seems to be teasing her now but the desire is still there. He wants a kiss even if he doesn't think he will get one.

A quick elbow to the man's solar plexus, as if by accident, ought to take the wind out of Mr. Fish's sails. Camillo doesn't look at the man, and he releases the woman at the same time so that she can get farther away while the getting is good.

The Woman in Red nods. She presses her self against the length of the Lion's body and kisses him through the veil. It is the sort of kiss men dream of, slow, smoldering, thorough and knowing. Her breath tastes of wine and the mint she chewed to sweeten it after. She is forced to tilt her head to keep their masks from smushing, and there is no chance of tongues with the silk between them, but she gives herself to the kiss as if there is nothing more important in the world then making this the best kiss the Lion has ever had.

Mr. Fish doubles over and begins to retch. The rather overworked bouncers whisk him off outside. The woman says thank you in a local accent, common with skilled smallfolk artisans, and starts edging away from the spouting fish, escape being slow due to the density of the crowd.

Camillo only nods at the woman in reply for her thanks, appearing to want nothing in return. His attention drifts back to the dancing couple, who are so arresting in their masked charm.

Blue and grey eyes widen in surprise as the woman in her red veil presses in close and kisses Edwyn. The arms around her waist tighten just a fraction as the blonde Lion returns the kiss slowly but very eagerly. It is the best kiss he has ever had…it is also the first. Edwyn seems to be throughly enjoying it though even with the veil between them. He shifts slightly trying to hide just how much the woman is affecting him now his blush deepens and he lets out a soft pleased sounding moan thast is mostly swallowed by the kiss.

The Woman in Red does not give any sign she notices anything untoward happening down below. She just keeps kissing him. One silk covered long fingered hand caressing the back of his neck and gently tugging at strands of his hair. She wriggles against him enticingly, still moving slightly to the beat of the song.

Camillo is surely very rude to stare, but perhaps the affect is mitigated by the mask. It's hard to tell where anyone's eyes are pointed from a distance. He seems to have decided that he won't be drinking any more tonight, as he hands his mug off to a drunken reveler who was trying to get to the bar. The reveler thanks him loudly and accepts.

Edwyn is in bliss, he lets out another soft moan pressing against the woman kissing her back. The Lannister has almost completely lost his control now. There is no doubt the woman can feel something pressing against her and Edwyn slowly pulls back his face flushed and his eyes dazed. He is still dancing, moving to the rythem of the song his eyes locked on his partner. Unknown to Edwyn a servant, an older man in the colors of Edwyn's house is moving through the crowd searching for the young Lord with a growing scowl.

Certainly, there are many men staring at this spectacle and a number of other dubiously appropriate activities going on, though those are mostly at the edges of the room. The Woman in Red releases her Lion. She curtsey's deeply, her head at a suggestive height. In her husky whisper she breathes, "Is there ought else you would like, Master Lion? I honor the Gods with Service."

Camillo notices the retainer coming to fetch Edwyn and takes a step or two to the side just so that he can be out of the way of any unpleasantness that might be about to ensue, but can keep an eye on things.

The servant draws closer spotting Edwyn just as the kiss breaks. Edwyn shivers slightly seeming to sense the danger even if he doesn't see it just yet. He is distracted by the womans low curtsey and how close she is to to bulge in his rather tight breeches. He opens his mouth to speak but the servant starts pushing his way through the crowd with a determined glare that would scare all but the most dumb or drunk of men and women. "Lord Edwyn!" He barks out coming up behind the blonde and grabbing an ear. Edwyn jumps and then lets out a sound of pained surprise. He looks up at the man sheepishly. "Aaric..I.." The man scowls. "Don't you Aaric me young man! Your father will hear about this and I do hope you have a good reason for sneaking out of the manse yet again and acting in such a…disgraceful manner. I am not your minder Edwyn but I am seriously starting to think you need one. Now come!" The man turns and stalks off through the crowd expecting Edwyn to follow him. Edwyn blushes and looks to the woman mouthing "I'm really sorry" before he begins to follow the angry man who is definately not his minder.

The Woman in red keeps her head down throughout the scolding and only rises when Edwyn is clearly being dragged away. She drifts in Camillo's general direction in a billow of layered silk, and finds a place to stand out of the way of servers with her head down. She is almost eerily still, her knees slightly bent and spaced so she might stand that wa7y for quite a while. her hands are folded demurely in front of her.

Camillo notes the woman coming closer, but he doesn't approach her or particularly move away. He watches the hapless Edwyn be led away.

She will stay at the tavern some time, drinking or eating what she is offered, dancing if anyone says they would like her to, kissing any man that asks. She is surprisingly good at evading grabbing hands, stumbling drunks and the like. When she is not performing, she stands with that eery stillness, waiting. It seems she hasn't much of a head for drink, and when she starts to sway on her feet, she begins to make her careful way out of the press.

Camillo doesn't drink at all for the rest of the evening. He's a quiet guest, blending in with the crowd, making no noise, moving with the flow of people. But he does take note of when the red lady leaves, and, giving her a little time, he follows.

The Woman in red winds her way slowly South and East towards Oldtown Street. The drink clearly hitting her harder than she is wanting to show, she trails her fingers along walls to keep her steps steadier and her path straighter. Likely it is the drink making her less alert to her unobtrusive tail. She fumbles at the latch of the service entrance to Weirwood Manse and stumbles into the safety of it's old fashioned kitchens.

Camillo is very quiet, and this is clearly not his first tail. He stays back enough to avoid alerting his quarry, and he blends in with other people when they pass, or slips into the mouths of alleys. Once the veiled dancer disappears inside, Camillo takes the time to note the location. He hunkers down for a little while across the street to see whether any lights show in any windows, then at last simply melts off somewhere.

The front of the Manse is incredibly distinctive, so it will be easy to find later. There are a couple of lights upstairs. A lantern is lirt in the kitchen and appears at the stairwell windows as the Woman in red goes up. Her bedroom is at the top of the house apparently and you can mark her window easily.

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