(121-10-12) The Masked Revel

The White Knight stops in front of the man dancing and seemingly summoning flames from his bare palms. He puts his hand on his hip in a casual manner as he watches. Out of armor the knight's posture may be called languid. With his other hand he flips up his visor to better watch the spectacle. A fair face is revealed. This, of course, is to be expected. They say the Maiden's Knight is fairer than the prettiest maid. He takes a coin from his pouch, something decent like a silver stag as opposed to a copper, and flips it into the basket. "Do it again." The knight requests, his voice high and sweet and very melodic for a Knight.

Kygoxi notes the Knight when he stops, and gives a bit of a nod of acknowledgment without missing a step in his dance. It's hard to tell behind the mask and the performer's smile if he's surprised, but he comes around a bit closer to the Knight, smoothly moving into a new dance. He holds his hands up, as though to demonstrate that he's hiding nothing, then snaps his finger and another flash of fire blossoms into the air and is extinguished. Rather than allow the smoke to settle as it will, he blows on his hand so that wafts of purple smoke curl toward the White Knight, bumping against his armor and curling about him before dissipating.

Servants in Targaryen livery with several guards to watch them roll large barrels of Sapphire Heart ale to the feast. The barrels are stamped with white dragons with blue eyes. The ale inside is smoky with a touch of apple.

The Knight lets out another delighted sound, and claps his hands together. His armor rattles as he claps, and his ornamental sword slaps against his armored thigh. "I'm thirsty." The Knight announces again in his high, pretty voice. He gives the magician an expectant look before turning to walk towards one of the tables.

A very tall women dressed all in whisps of red silk enters the square. her head is veiled and bowed. Through the veil, dartk eyes, dark hair, and what are likely the edges of of a mask can be made out. The silk is carefully layered about her waist so nothing untoward can actually be seen. She is very muscular and has small scars on her hands and arms. There is a wide ribbon around her neck.

Kygoxi tilts his head a bit, watching the Knight go, but gives a final little show of several puffs of flame in succession combined with elaborate moves of his hands, before finally ending in a sweeping bow to his audience. While the little gaggle of onlookers is still clapping politely and gradually wandering off, the robe-wrapped man sweeps up the basket of coins and makes it disappear into the depths of his sleeves, and then wanders after the Knight, smiling graciously at every reveler that passes, with little bows of his head that slightly involve his upper body.

The Knight sits down at the table with a weary clatter as if he were unused to bearing such a heavy load as full plate, and fills a wooden cup with ale. He swallows it down, and makes a face at the taste of the beverage before intoning, "Ah, but I do prefer wine." Another cup is filled by the knight when the wizard approaches, the motions startlingly delicate for an armed man. "How did you do it?"

The woman's head moves beneath the veil as if she's looking about herself. Spotting the Maiden nights, she moves in his direction, her movements demure despite the revealing clothing. She drops to her knees before the night and says softly in a Stormcoast accent, rather husky and deep for a woman, "I am your servant, Ser."

Kygoxi settles into a spot near the Knight with quite a bit more grace, and fills a cup for himself as well. He smiles, giving the Knight a mysterious look, then sips the ale. Mmm. "It is being the magic," he replies, with a heavy accent that places him as being from somewhere in Essos. He's so distracted watching the Knight that he looks up with mild surprise when the woman speaks. He glances over with an amused little grin. "This one… She is looking the cold, yes?" he observes, and passes over the cup that he's already had a sip from, and offers, "A drink?"

"Magic?" The Knight's lips twitch upwards into a smile. "Once my people had magic. We conquered dragons with it. Now we use whips and chains. There is more than one way to do something, and oftentimes magic is not the only path." The Knight turns his torso slightly to look at the woman. "She looks as if she is freezing." The Knight stands, and unbuckles his cloak. "Come, beauty. Drink and be warm with us."

The woman in red stands and curtsies rather clumsily, and whispers, "As you wish, Ser." Head still down, she lets the night cloak her and comes to sit demurely at her side, legs carefully together, and her body and legs angled towards the others.

Kygoxi smiles at the Knight, eyes sparkling behind the mask, and answers, "Ahh, but whips and chains… This is being another show entirely, yes? Magic, she is being more… Ah, pleasant." He glances at the woman in red and gives a bit of a chuckle, but then forgets entirely that he had offered the ale, and has another drink for himself.

Visenya drapes his white cloak over the shoulders of the woman in red, and takes her hand to assist her in seating herself. This done, he pours out a wooden cup of ale for her while he says Kygoxi, "Control is control. Does it matter the method that it is done." He hands over the cup, and takes a swallow from his own before grimacing. "But I suppose you will say no more of it, and continue to be mysterious and an all-around tease."

The woman says in that soft, husky voice, "I have seen the witch Isador make a tiny dragon move." She did not think to wear gloves to hide her swordsman's callouses, which are noticeable as she takes the cup. She lifts it under her veil, and must lift her mask slightly with the other hand to take a sip. "Thank you, Ser. You are most chivalrous."

Kygoxi smiles back at Visenya, brow lifting slightly. "Magic is not being for only control, no?" he points out, lightly. "Where I am coming from, magic is… ah… Every day. Like… Trees are being here," he claims, waving a hand with a complicated gesture that is probably meant to indicate said trees. He has a sip of his ale, then glances toward the woman, brows lifting questioningly. "This… witch Isador. She is being here?" he wonders, gesturing to indicate the feast.

"The only way I've ever seen magic be used is for control." The Knight says, "But what else is it but power, and what else does anyone use power for beyond control?" The knight peels off his gauntlet as he speaks, revealing delicate fine-boned hands with carefully tended nails. He reaches out daintily for a sweet on the table, takes a bite and chews fully before saying, "She ought to be hidden if she is."

The woman laughs softly, "How would I tell, when so many are other than they seem… It seems to me a person might use power for the good of the people as well as for control, but what would I know of the doings of the great.

Kygoxi chuckles a little and looks into his cup, regarding the contents thoughtfully. "Perhaps you are seeing but you are not seeing," he suggests, to the Knight, then gives a wordless salute with his glass to the woman's suggestion. "Perhaps, perhaps. Myself, I am being but a humble street wizard." He flicks his wrist to produce a flower from seemingly thin air, and presents it to the Knight. "But I am thinking there are being many uses for magic."

The knight takes the flower's stem between his delicate fingers, and turns it about curiously. This is followed by a brief sniff to verify that it is real. "People only say they are humble when they don't mean it." He offers the flower to the woman in red after he has examined it.

The woman laughs again at the magician's antics, then takes another careful sip of her ale up under her veil and mask. She takes the flower carefully and holds it up, sniffing through the veil. "People say many things."

The flower is indeed quite real and smells lovely. Kygoxi waves off the Knight's observation, casually. "Perhaps here, this is being true. Where I am from? This is not being so." He finishes off his ale, then goes to pour himself another.

"Where are you from?" The knight asks with a little quirk of his pale brow.

The woman tucks the flower in her cleavage. "What is it like where you are from?"

Kygoxi chuckles a little and flicks at his simple peasant mask. "Ah, but I am being only a poor farmer. This is what is doing, yes?" he jokes, with a broad grin.

"Yes." The Knight says with a light smirk, "And I am but a Knight."

The woman sounds like she is smiling, "And I a terribly pampered virgin…."

Kygoxi can't help but give a peal of laughter at the 'woman's' assertion, and glances between the two of them. "Shall we be guessing?" he suggests. "I am giving you /all/ the clues already."

The Knight says off-handedly to the woman in red, "You sound like my twin." He glances to the 'peasant' "Guessing?"

The Woman lowers her head further at the amused responses to her claim and murmurs, "I am not good at guesses, not having been much in the world."

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