(121-09-28) Loryn's Nameday Party
Loryn's Nameday Party
Summary: Loryn turns 18 and throws a party at the Garden Isle Manse
Date: 29/09/2014
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Grand Hall - Garden Isle Manse, Sphinx Street

The first floor's main hall is grand, open room dominated by a massive fireplace and high-arched windows facing the street, protected by heavy iron bars. The white walls and polished white marble floors make it seem airy and bright. The starkness of the walls is softened by three long tapestries, depicting fantastical hunting scenes, while the marble floor is cushioned by rich Myrish rugs.

Down the center of the hall is a long, wide dining table, able to seat thirty comfortably. At the head of the table is an enormous chair of elaborately carved rosewood, with a door behind flanked by two high windows, giving a view of the sunlight gardens. Near the fireplace are smaller chairs, cushioned benches, and small tables for more intimate conversations.

Alcoves and doors at either side of the great hall lead to servants quarters, kitchens, and smaller sitting rooms. At the northwest and southeast corners of the building are square towers holding the stairs up to the floor above, where the bedchambers and other sitting rooms are found.

It is the young Reachlords 18th nameday and thus a great reason for a big party at Garden Isle. Loryn has practically had the big mansion for himself for some time now and so the great hall is lavishly decorated with flowers as becomes the Tyrell, and musicians have been hired to get the party started. A large table is bulging with all sorts of food and drink and there's already a bunch of people sitting around it, while Loryn himself is receiving the new arrivals by the door.

Iris enters, her deep blue eyes wide with wonder and a certain shyness about them as she looks around, for this is indeed the first time she is allowed to enter these noble halls! She wears something flashy today, a nice dress of blue matching the colour of her eyes, that accentuates her shapely physique in a modest way. Her dark brown hair is worn in a braid. Once she spots Loryn a comely blush will adorn her cheeks, as she breathes a greeting.

"Happy nameday, Loryn."

After which she will lean closer and give the young Tyrell a modest kiss to his cheek - not daring to go beyond that for now.

With light taps accompanied by only slightly hardened clacks of heels, Daemond settles in with his fingers idly running through his hair, offering glances to and fro around the grand hall of the large Tyrell mansion. A faint grin plays on his expression as he offers a glance over his shoulder, as a cloaked, tanned man approaches with simple glances here and there. "Oh, stop being so upset- you don't get out enough." he says with a snicker and a pat of a knuckle against his shoulder before he turns his attention forward, before shifting his attention to Loryn, "Ah, good day to you, Lord Loryn! I heard of your nameday and I simply couldn't pass up the event." he greets, with a slight curtsy to accompany it, his eyes diverting for a second to scan over Iris' figure before he simply looks back to the birthday boy himself

Madrighal is in his finest silks. He bows and offers Loryn the bottle with a flourish, "Blood orange liqueur. Very rare, in honor of your Nameday." He flashes Iris a sunny smile, but recognizing a Lannister, eyes Lord Daemond and his guards warily.

Loryn wraps an arm around Iris' middle while she leans in to peck his cheek and smiles. "Good to see you, Iris. Do sit and enjoy yourself.", he says, gesturing at the table. He looks a little surprised to see the young Lannister, but then he totally doesn't mind showing off the Tyrell wealth to the Westerlander. "Lord Daemond, what a pleasant surprise! Do come in!", he urges, bowing a little, then pointing the way towards the table. Finally he receives Madrighal as well, grinning at the bottle "Oh, how kind of you! This is truly wonderful stuff… isn't it?", he adds vaguely. Apparently not sure.

Iris beams as she looks up to Loryn, leaning into his arm. "And it is good to see you, Loryn.", she murmurs, with admiration in her eyes. "I haven't seen you in a while, thought you'd forgotten about me?" Her lower lip is pushed forward in a pout as she tilts her head a little to the side. "And what about that leading part in your next play, hmm?" Madrighal will receive a warm smile from her, when she catches his glance. Daemond's gaze is noted, but it does not seem make Iris feel uncomfortable at all.

Daemond gives a light nod to the Tyrell Nobleman with a tilt of his head to the side to allow his eyes to roll over to offer a glance- or rather a glare to the entering Madrighal, a faint mischievous grin playing on his lips before he simply glances away, allowing time for his guard to glance back in a blank manner before a furrow of his brows appears and he simply moves to follow his lord before the two simply move over to take their spots at the table, offering nods and greetings to the people at said table.

Madrighal flashes Loryn a wicked grin, "It is strong and sweet and will send you reeling if you are not very careful. If you do not like it, I suspect Ser Daevon would take it off your hands in a heart beat…. As to your next play, I have what I think might be an interesting idea with a fine part for Mistress Iris here." He moves so as to put Lord Loryn between his diminutive and unarmed person and the potentially dangerous nobleman, though his smile doesn't flicker.

"Well, I'm looking forward to try it.", Loryn winks at Madrighal, glad he gets a brief respite from Iris' question. But there's no dodging her for long and he sighs."Well, the play is still being written, you know. I've been busy… with everyone gone, the running of this mansion and of Tyrell affair in Oldtown has fallen squarely onto my shoulders, leaving me with less time that I'd wish for the Whimsy. But yes, do let us hear your idea, Madrighal!", he urges the Dornishman, apparently not noticing the tension between him and the young Lannister.

"Is that true, Madrighal?" Iris inquires, her voice already bubbling with excitement. "Like, you have written a song for me?" Her imagination already rushing ahead, as she leaves the comfy position of Loryn's arm around her. Just in time to shoot him a glance at the Tyrell's explanation. "Oh sure," she remarks, with the tiniest hint of bitterness. "It's not like I haven't been busy as well. A barmaid has things to do, you know…"

Snickers and shuffles from the table the Lannister occupies are frequent, though only become audible in pockets here and there amongst those present. With his guard wandering from the table and back with a drink for both him and the lord, though the most Daemond offers to the trio by now is simple glances, despite the occasional silent taunt towards Madrighal, as subtle as they may be, offering a simple smile each time he'd dare to try to instigate the Dornishman, though his attention is often dragged back by the watchful demeanor of his guard.

Madrighal says, "Well, my thought was, what if there was an elderly knight, who had become adled in his old age. He dons his old armour and taking a member of the small folk for his squire from forty years back goes out questing, but in his delusion, he takes a windmill for a giant, and the pot girl at a tavern for his lady love whom he hopes to woo with his prowess. The old knight's family are embarrassed by his confusion and some of them want their inheritance so they try to get him back. the old knight believes so strongly in chivalry that the squire and lady fall in love with his dream. We could work in your dragon effect, have it start as a boar or cow or the like, then transform into the glorious dragon. I've an idea for a song you could sing about dreaming the impossible dream… but I don't know if it would suit politically. I do think something that pits true chivalry against more base behavior might cheer up the Prince…" He blushes, "I have, Iris, it's very dramatic and a little dark. see, she is a pragmatic woman, but she begins to fall in love with the dream, but the cruel family of the knight get ahold of her and rub her nose in her true station and she's angry and heart sick and full of dispair, but in the end the Squire… nevermind, it's complicated and sad and beautiful, but I don't know if it will do." He looks between lord and barmaid and there is a deep sadness in his dark eyes, he keeps smiling though, "Perhaps some refreshments." The Dornishman keeps an eye on the Lannister with a resigned air,"

"It does sound like a rather interesting idea.", Loryn confirms, "We all know about dreaming impossible dreams, don't we?" Why is he looking at Iris briefly, while he says this? Quickly pulling himself back to reality, he claps his hands together. "Well, let us sit down and enjoy the feast!", he calls out, urging those who are still standing to settle down. "I do hope you will delight us with some music later?", he asks Madrighal, "Perhaps you could introduce us to that song you have in mind?" He takes his seat near the Lannister, making sure there's still enough space for Iris to sit down.

Daemond offers a glance over to his side with a quirk of his right brow and a pleasant grin, his eyes glazing over those present. He offers a nod to both Loryn and Iris as his eyes flit between the two, assuming Iris had sat down, before he offers a glance back towards Madrighal, with a casual lower of his brows, he folds his fingers together before he rests his chin upon his hands, idly closing his left eye to stare at him for a moment, a warm expression in place of the previous mischievous demeanor as he stares at him with a slightly lop-sided grin before his left hand drifts away to grip his glass, raising it to his lips to take a sip. "Glad to see you could take some from enjoying the company of pretty woman to come and enjoy the party with the rest of us." he jests with a quiet snicker as he sets his glass back down.

Madrighal knows damned well why Lord Loryn is looking at Iris that way. he doesn't comment on it though. Instead he says, "You will need a really good comic actor for the Squire, if you do it. I have brought my mandolin and my skills are at your service as always, Lord Loryn." He knows his place and sits below the salt. He stares back at the Lannister, chin lifted in a proud tilt, but does not rise to the bait.

"I think I would tackle the role of the squire myself?", Loryn asks, apparently not at all worried about his own acting talents, "It seems the role best suited for me… and an older actor to play the knight… a role I might need to find someone suitable for first. I am not sure if Lord Amadys will be seen on stage again after his family gave him such an earful about the Pirates of Pentos.", he sighs. Trying to draw the Lannister into the conversation, he asks: "Do you like the theatre, Daemond?"

Daemond gives a light bob of his head with another quirk of his brow, "That I do, Lord Loryn. While I haven't had the chance to attend a play going on here, because my family oh so loves to have me deal with some of their problems, but regardless if I get the chance I will most certainly attend a full-fledged play." he says with a light nod of self affirmation, before he begins to casually critically stare at Loryn, "I had not heard of you take part in a play, news seems to like to delude me, what play would this be exactly?" he casually inquires.

Iris has been quiet, ever since Madrighal has presented his idea. Noticing the glance of Loryn, of course, as her own eyes had looked his way, when the plot indeed had showed some similarity to the reality of Loryn's relationship with Iris. Daemond's remark to Loryn will be mostly ignored, when the comely barmaid takes the seat beside the Tyrell. Even if it may not be her place.

Madrighal looks startled, "Ah, I'd assumed you'd want the more romantic role of the knight. You will need a strong singer for the lead then." His accent is as Dornish as his clothes, but rather aristocratic. Not as exalted as that of the Martell Prince, for example, but suggestive of nobility. He shrugs, "I fear the Maester was prone to a bit of over acting in spots. Your performance was the more natural."

"Well, you described him as elderly, didn't you? Turning 18 doesn't mean you can classify me as elderly.", Loryn protests with a good-natured grin at Madrighal. Then he turns back to Daemond, looking a little surprised: "You have not heard of me then? I am not only an actor, but actually the owner of the Whimsy Theatre. I often rent it out to travelling groups, but I also put on my own shows, shows I've written myself. Most recently we have done a play called Pirates of Pentos. Madrighal here was the minstrel-narrator of the show and this charming young lady here was one of my leading ladies.", he smiles, indicating Iris.

As if on cue, Iris assumes a most charming posture, tilting her head a little as she smiles at Daemond. "Indeed, ser. I played Claribel, the…" pirate wench "…pirate princess…" A wink is shot Madrighal's way, as if she were trying to charm him into not contradicting her.

Madrighal laughs softly, "There are makeup and wigs. Theater is illusion after all." He gives Lord Daemond a seated bow when he is mentioned. Madrighal agrees, "Iris was a very sweet Pirate Princess indeed."

Daemond raises his brows slightly, "Really now? I guess I am much farther behind in the talk of today than I could have imagined." he says, with a quiet chuckle to accompany the remark, before he looks to Madrighal, and then to Iris, "Really now? I am most certain that the two of you did fantastic jobs in the play, simply talking about it makes me wish that I could have been there to experience it first hand." he says with a grin, eyeing Madrighal casually before he looks to Iris again, "A pirate princess? Intriguing. That must've certainly been exciting for you. If it were me in such an important roll, I may have suffered from severe stage fright." he says with a snicker, noting Madrighals bow, he offers, "Of course I'm most certain that your narration was fantastic as well."

"Well, we finished that play a while ago, but you're welcome to attend the opening night of the next play.", Loryn offers to Daemond with a little smile that soon turns into a big grin. "And if you fancy an appearance on stage, a role could easily be written for you." He looks at Madrgihal and Iris for confirmation, then wraps an arm around Iris' shoulders for a brief hug. "I doubt my pirate princess would want to see me all greyed-up and wrinkly, would you?"

Iris smiles when Madrighal does not let her down, and Loryn does not as well. Chuckling at the Tyrell's latter remark she shakes her head with a fond fond grin. "Certainly not, M'lord." Although the familiarity of her tone does not fit the respectful address.

Madrighal shrugs it off, "Ah, mostly I made music for the true acting talents. I am a simple traveling musician who performs for the love of my art… Well there is the villain, of course, the knight's kinsman who takes the barmaid captive and tries to shock the Knight, or if you have the voice the knight himself. There is a Maester who helps the knight's kinswomen…."

Daemond tilts his head to the side and a pearly white smile comes to his expression as he quirks his right brow, "I'll certainly try to divide my time so that I can attend the next play, though I must warn that I am a /terrible/ actor, so I couldn't possibly even imagine myself up upon a stage as the roll of even a mere background character." he admits, with another quiet snicker, a bit fainter than the rest but a snicker nonetheless. Diverting his gaze over towards Madrighal he listens before he speaks up afterwards, "Ah, as fantastic as those roles sound, and speaking of them most certainly makes me wish to have the ability to act, I simply couldn't see myself as any of them. I mostly attribute that to my inability to act, let alone lie about the littlest of things."

"A Lannister witn an inability to lie?" Loryn arches one brow in a certain way, looking amused, "I think you are just contradicting yourself, my friend. But! Of course it is your decision. If you change your mind, you know where to find me. Here - or at the Whimsy. And please, MAdrighal -", he turns to the minstrel, "We are not a rich troupe. Keep the cast small, will you? The Pirates worked just perfectly with four larger parts, two supporting roles and some chorus…"

Madrighal nods in a haughty way and smiles at the Lannister's comments, without trying to hide the skepticism in his eyes. To Lord Loryn he responds, "We can cut it down and the Muleteer chorus can double as the villian's sell swords. Similarly the Maester and the Inkeeper can be the same man and also be in the chorus. It is a shame lord Carolis stark does not perform publicly. he has a voice to put the nightengale to shame."

Daemond offers a shrug with a slight raise of his brows, shutting his eyes momentarily as he speaks with a grin, "As fantastical as it sounds, it's what I've been told time and time again with experiences to prove such a claim." he says with a lopsided grin before he gives a nod, "Of course, Lord Loryn." he says, before trailing his gaze off over towards Madrighal as he's addressed and as he speaks, before giving a light nod in agreement with the dornishman and looking back to Loryn, "That certainly sounds like it could work."

"Yes, perhaps.", Loryn replies htough he doesn't seem too happy to share writing credits with someone else. "Why don't you write down a thorough synopsis of your idea and I will see what I'll do with that?", he asks Madrighal and focuses on eating his food for a bit. Then, changing the subject, he looks at Daemond again: "So what brings you to Oldtown, my friend of Lannister? I assume you are new in town?"

"Mm, I wouldn't necessarily say new, I'm just not around as much as I'd hope I could be." he says with a tilt of his head to the side, "I'm here because my parents decided that they'd have had enough of me teasing my sisters and generally causing mischief here and there, and wherever I could, though I'm also here to 'represent my house' as they said. And by that I'm really just assuming they want me to get married and go about waving a flag about /Lannister pride/." he says with a chuckle, emphasizing lannister pride in a sarcastic manner before he shrugs. "I'm really just here to get away from my sisters, and to give my parents some form of ease, as they're trouble enough, having me around with them must be like living in a firepit."

Madrighal stands and bows, "Of course the play would be yours. You are by far the better words smith. I merely make the music. Shall I play for you now, My Lord?"

Loryn nods to Madrighal, "Yes, please, tell the musicians they can take a break now and eat, while you take over the entertainment.", he smiles. Then he turns back to the young Lannister, looking at him with something akin to sympathy. "Well, I believe we find ourselves in the same boat. I am here representing my house as well… though not dodging my sisters, since both of them are in Oldtown as well.", he sighs. He leans in a little. "I don'T see myself getting married yet, though - do you?" The party at Garden Isle is in full swing with a bunch of people around the big table, laden with food and drink. Loryn Tyrell is sitting between Iris and the young Lannister. Tyrells and Lannisters side by side, without bitching at each other.

Norah is carrying in a large cake and a pretty maid is carrying a few boxes, an embarassed young man is carrying a large box. Poor Norah looks flustered due to being late, but she is dressed appropriate, save the bunch of pretty wild flowers at her neckline. She sets the large cake down ona food. table, the maid setting up the ornate cakelets and tartlets. the man sets the box on a table and screams in a hurry. the cake is brilliant shimmery green frosted with yellow piping and large red candied roses.

With a tilt of his head and a simple sniff at the air he admits, "I can't see myself marrying just yet, no. But if I'm to be married, that's a duty to my family that I must fulfill, and I can only hope it's to someone that I can enjoy the presence of, and perhaps even love if something like that could happen." he says with a grin and a chuckle, "But odds are I'll just end up marrying to some prude, knowing my luck." he says with a chuckle, "But hey, I'll just have to make the most of it until then!" he says in a cheery manner, offering a glance over his shoulder to Norah, offering a grin and a nod in greeting, motioning to a nearby seat silently, before looking back to Loryn.

"Oh, I doubt you'll find many prudes in Oldtown, my friend.", Loryn replies, leaning in again: "Look to the North if you want some fire, my friend. Their country may be cold, but their women are burning hot." Noticing the new arrival, he mumbles 'excuse me' and gets up to greet Norah. "Lady Norah, what a lovely surprise!", he smiles, looking at the food brought - most particularly the Tyrell-themed cake. "That looks far too pretty to eat!"

Norah very politely curtesy at Loryn and Daemond. "a Happy name day my lord, ah I'm not entirely sure if can add any to this conversation." she settles nearer the Lannister, pausing to lean foreward, catching her breath a little. "well my dear lord Loryn, you simply must try it, It took me four days to make. Ah if your gift itself isn't right, by all means please send a letter." she considers "I don't much think about marriage these days, I am quite sure I will be happy regardless of the outcome.". she bubbles out.

Daemond tilts his head over to the side, with a grin, "Really now? Perhaps I'll just have to set my eyes to the north, then." he says, before he blinks and looks on over towards Norah as she speaks, leaning back into his seat in comfort, "I am certain such a fantastic looking cake could only taste even more brilliant." he offers with a nod and a quirk of his right brow, "And being happy no matter the outcome. Mmm', I wish I could live thinking like that," he says with a tilt of his head back, again idly running his fingers through his hair, "It'd make my sisters much more tolerable." he says with a chuckle, before looking over to Norah, "So Lady Norah, how has the pretty plum been faring as of late?"

The draped object Keli holds is light and boxy, a cloth draped over it. From within the structure come growls and chirps and sounds of hooves on cobblestone, then the tinkling of a bell. Keli's face can barely be seen over the top of the object, and her eyes lock on Loryn, a huge grin plastered on her face.

"Four days? Oh dear… I would not think I'd be worth so much trouble.", Loryn tells Norah with a little smile. Realizing that she and the Lannister know each other, he leaves them to chat while he turns to welcome another late arrival to the party. "Hey Keli, good to see you could make it!", he smiles at the girl, though he eyes the chirping, growling box a little warily.

A feast wouldn't be called a feast in Oldtown, if there wasn't at least one Hightower to make an appearance. One of the most notorious appearers has always been Ser Orland Hightower, having summoned a big, round cloud of merriment and jovial chuckles around his remarkably rotund shape.
He enters with a valet carrying a small chest and a paticularly grand cushion.

"What a day, young lad, what a day. What a day to put all frowns aside and congratulate you! Another year for your name to have grown, another year for you! And ah, you've crowded handsome youths around you. I'm enchanted, mylady and… ah, what a fine lad!" he muses, clobber-patting the young Lannister's shoulder with one of his borad hands "And the little lass - a pleasure to meet you again, little flower!"

Norah thinks for a moment "I have been busy, it's really for the best that I keep busy." she offers chipperly. "Toran's house is too big for just one tiny woman. Since he left I get a touch sad, his father was quite nice allowing me its use while things are sorted." she whispers softly to Daemond. she pauses, smiling at Loryn "Oh it was no bother at all it is a light vanilla cake - witha rose custard that has Casterly Rock style rose preserves swirled throughout. It was quite challenging and I hope you enjoy it."

Daemond tilts his head over to the side as he offers a glance up over towards the approaching Orlund, grunting slightly as he's patted by the large bear- er, hightower. "A good day to you, Ser Orland Hightower. I take it you've been faring well? It's a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance." he says with a happy grin, before looking back towards Norah, "I see, I'll stop by from time to time to help keep you company then." he offers in a quiet mutter back to Norah, before he leans back and looks over towards Loryn, "Such a pretty thing- I'm surprised you haven't already dug right on in, Lord Loryn." he jests quietly.

Kelinyx clears her throat to make an announcement, and whether or not it is given much heed, she does it with a ramshackle version of a herald's cry. "Behold! A gift from Prince Daevon Targaryen, delivered by a humble messenger!" Snicker. "Messenger! Messenger!" It's Keli's voice, but her lips are moving. The sound is emanating from the draped cage, and Keli can't help but laugh after that. The suspense at its peak, she pulls back the cloth covering within to reveal a clever-eyed parakeet small enough to perch on one's finger, brilliantly colored with red and green and a striking plum head. The bird peers at all the people, then makes a perfect cat's meow, a curious-sounding one at that. "If it pleases you, your gift, M'lord!"

Loryn looks surprised to see Orland's arrival - considering he and the Hightower are not on the best of terms following certain… taxation issues. But he manages a smile for the man and a nod. "Welcome Ser Orland, help yourself to food and drink!", he offers, his attention on Keli and the covered box. His eyes widen a little at the performance until the parakeet is revealed and he bursts out laughing. "Oh dear, what a clever gift from Ser Daevon. A parrot for a young pirate, huh?", he winks at Keli, referring to their recent play at the Whimsy. "Well, aren't you a beauty…!", he coos at the bird, then looks at Keli: "Does it have a name?"

Norah watches Loryn and Daemond, without much warning giving Daemond's arm a gentle patting as she sort of zones out a lil bit.

"A curious animal. It has the voice of my late stepmother, methinks!" Orland jests and bursts out into an uproar of laughter. "In this chest, lad, you'll find a proper helmet. If you like those birdy's feathers you'll see there are a handful on this one as well. It should keep you alive, in case you'll decide to swap those wooden swords on stage for a proper one on the tourney field. "

"I will have to think of a name then.", Loryn sighs, making some baby-noises at the bird again before finding a place for the cage where the bird can watch the party from a safe distance. Then he turns to Orland when the man presents him with another birthday gift. Oh, a helmet. "Well… some time I will.", he says with a little vague smile, "Thank you, Ser, very kind of you." The helmet is more likely to make an appearance on stage, but he won't reveal that.

Daemond tilts his head back, offering a simple glance to Norah at the pat of his arm before he simply looks over towards the unveiled parakeet. Raising his right brow, he scans over it's appearance for the moment before he speaks up, "Quite the pretty bird.". Looking over towards Orland, he listens to him before snickers along with the large mans joke, before he looks over to the chest idly, staring it over for a moment before he simply reaches back and takes a sip of his drink.

Happily offloads the bird, noting briefly what it eats, that it likes ficus, that he could clips its wings and have it as a house pet, but Orland is too much man for her to talk over, so when he starts in she steps back. She looks to Norah and Daemond, explaining, "Prince Daevon advised me to choose the gift! What better than an actor-bird?"

Orland cannot quite forbear an amused snort at the young girl's question. "The animal is a dainty thing, I agree, but back in my days birds were given to women unless they were trained birds of prey that could be used for hunting. Alas, I remeber having bought a peacock when I was his age to summon fair maidens in my gardens who wanted to admire it. Meanwhile, of course, I was able to admire them with their fluttering lashes and, ah, one of them even had been an 'actress' as I recall. And such a talented one. "

"It's a charming gift!", Loryn says firmly and looks at Keli: "Tell Ser Daevon I thank him and that I'm sorry he couldn't attend the party himself. I shall pay him a visit soon… Now, please, Keli, Ser Orland, help yourselves to food and drink!" He points towards the table where the young Lannister is sitting (and plenty other guests), then murmurs "Excuse me…" and goes to talk to some other people.

"I must say, that was indeed some fantastic thinking on your part, my dear." says Daemond with a grin and a nod of his head towards Kelinyx, before speaking up again after motiong to a nearby seat for the girl, "I'm sure that colorful bird will make many great appearances in coming plays." he says, before looking over towards Orland, "Speaking of birds of hunting, I've run into some men that are apparently scouting out a particular bird. Fiery red are the feathers on its head with black running down along its back and its wings, and even a beard."

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