(121-09-27) Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting
Summary: Dainel brings samples for Prince Dhraegon and Kelinyx to try.
Date: Date of play (27/09/121)
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The Sitting Room at Dragon Door Manse:

This lush room is comfortably furnished with chairs and couches, all thickly upholstered in either black or red leather. There are upright reading chairs, sofas that allow people to sit side-by side, one of those 'gossip' couches that separate a seated pair with a curving arm, and lounges for lying down. Placed handily among them are end tables with polished stone tops, black veined with red. Their wooden legs are dragons, each carved and painted differently, with gilt details. A similarly carved sideboard holds wine bottles and glasses, and two matching chests contain blankets and extra throw-pillows.

The room is well lit in the day by three large arched windows that offer a view of the garden. They are framed with carved stone dragons that match those of the arch leading back into the entry hall.

Dhraegon is in the sitting room this time, gluing… feathers on fabric? He has a look of intense concentration and his tongue is sticking out a bit.

Dainel is quiet, dismounting Quincy and heading into the garden - as Flox had called for him, he is careful to enter and allowed to do so. Instead of interupting the Targaryen he moves to set the small mini-barrel down and settle next to the man, looking at his work curiously. His hands rest in his lap and his assistant is carrying in a few things to set on the table, out of Dhraegon's way, but within reach - A small cheese platter, a strawberry cake, and a pretty bowl full of a variety of grapes.

Dhraegon has been gluing feathers to cloth when Dainel arrived with wine, cheese, grapes, and strawberry cake. Dhraegon finishes the row he is on and looks up, "Oh good! A distraction! Who knew cocks were such hard work!"

Dainel eyes Dhraegon "I beg pardon?" he asks, incredulously "I brought your wine samples, my prince." he offers, brow waggling "Can I talk you into trying bits? I am sure .. that we can find a spit receptical if you aren't inclined to imbibe." he offers, calmly and patiently, taking his grapes to peel the skin from it.

Dhraegon giggles and sets aside his cloth and his feathers in his eagerness to get down to the wine tasting, "I would hate to waste fine wine on spitting and I truly am grateful for the distraction! Come! Sit! Tell me what I am about to drink!" He looks longingly at the cake, but instead helps himself to cheese and crackers, ready for palate cleansing.

Some little stray thing must have followed Prince Dhraegon here and only now chosent to show itself. No cat or pup, it instead a slinky, lanky Keli arrives wrapped in her sheer black cloak, some bunched up around her face like a hood, light enough to be comfortable, enough to collect rain and keep her from getting soaked. Plus it helps her look just a little more striking, something she wears with pride as she struts into view of the men with a toothy grin.

Dainel eyes Kelinyx "Hello lovely." he pauses "Ah yes. Mugs. Thank you." he offers to the accomodating serving staff, moving an orange to slice it with a knife from his belt. Slicing it thin "Here. Use this to clean your palette so the flavors stay pure." he offers the thin slices, and smiles "I've prepared a spread." An orange slice is set infront of Keli on a plate. "This is a Dornish style white. Crisp, sweet, and light. I've paired it with the fresh grapes. This is a very light varietel." he instructs. "Use a bit of the pork sausage and the pale soft cheese." he gestures, pouring two mugs of the wine - one for Keli and Dhraegon before making one for himself.

Dhraegon opens his arms and gives Keli a friendly grin, "Keli! I've been making wings all day! Come help me pick wines for the Dance!" Then he is listening open mouthed and blank eyed to the instructions, but he does follow them. To Keli he says, "No gulping. These are experimental vintages to be cherished." He tries the wine, holding it under his nose to breath in the fumes. He warms his goblet in his hand and sips carefully, holding it in his mouth for tasting. After he eats what is suggested, watching Kelito see what she does.

Kelinyx peers curiously up to Dainel, the kind words making her grin a bit awkwardly. The big prince's hug eases any worry, though, and soon she is doing her best imitation of an adult. This is surely no flimsy excuse for a drink while her guardian is away.

Dainel smiles "Keli has tried wine with me before, she was a wonderful guest at my table." he offers with a chuckle. The wine has a defined apple scent to it with notes of melon and sweet lemon. The spices are made to compliment the wine - making it a desert in itself. The wood has left a rich buttery note to the wine. "this wine, I'm not sure about it, I've not yet even tried a drop. If it is not to your liking , I apologize. Ah! Thank you." His assistant carries in two more barrels, which are labeled with numbers and letters. "The apple should flatter the pork and cut the fat of the cheese. "Don't worry too much about politeness."

Dhraegon sighs happily and giggles, "I will take this one and expect a new shipment of wood shortly. This is a fine dessert wine. What do you think, Keli?" Eats rather more of the palate cleanser and makes a happy squeal of anticipation as more vintages are on offer. He gives Keli and approving look.

The girl follows along carefully, goofy grin on her face since neither of them seem to censor her exaggerated gestures or prevent her from enjoying adult portions. Spit bucket? Hardly, gulp!

The scrawny girl makes a few thoughtful grunts in the style of a discerning patron, then notes, "It's like a spring and an apple rutted when drunk!" She appears to expect those words to be received as praise.

Dainel takes fresh mugs, pouring strawberry wine, it smells different than his normal batches. He hesitates "Rutted? I'm not very good with vulgar slang. Do you like it?" he asks, brow raised. "I spared no expense or effort in making this wine." He moves the wine, moving it over "This is made from mountain strawberries. We harvested them before the sun was high and transported them on blocks of ice from the ice house to my vinyard. We mixxed them with my beloved crops of strawberries in my fields - I have a matching preserve to go with this wine." he offers, He slices two thin pieces of cake, serving them at the same time. "This is a pleasant low spirited wine good for gulping down in great quantity without getting too drunk." he offers, taking his own fresh mug to test it, apparently approving. The mountain strawberries are a bit more intense and sweet than the normal ones, the wine has almond and lemon notes when sniffed and tasted. He really made it taste like a slightly less sweet jam in politely drinkable form.

Dhraegon nudges Keli gently, "Sips, not gulps and food in between. I don't want your father complaining to me I encouraged bad habits." He pats her shoulder encouragingly at her 'refined' opinion, though from his expression, it's likely he has no clue at all what she is talking aboout. He sips the strawberry, clearly delighted, "These really are good, delicate and interesting. I wish I could bath in this. You really do good work, this is sweet and cooling and… perfect." And then there is cake. He looks like the happiest man in westeros as he takes his time with cake and preserves and wine. "Flox will pay you for as many of these as you have."

Keli works over the second drink, following Dhrae's lead and not chugging too much too quickly. "It's not a bad habit. I can quit any time I wish," she says, not realizing how much she sounds like an addict with such a quip - but maybe she is teasing. "I like them both, I think I like the first one a little more, but that is because I like stronger. It's good. It's like the fruit and cool water mixed up…I can teach you how to say anything dirty…or make anything sound dirty," the girl offers as if in return for the shared wine and treats.

Dainel laughs "My prince you may have nearly all, I must keep one cask and three jars for myself, and I've already sent one small cask and one jar to my beloved grandmother, as it was her nameday not too long ago." her offers, merrily. "I must keep one cask so that should you visit I can entertain you with something I quite know you enjoy. You really must visit the vineyard - it is so lovely to entertain. We normally will make sausage for the dinner from scratch or roast an entire cockerel in wine so the wine kisses the meat." he chuckles "Perhaps miss. Perhaps. I should like to make my milk maid flush from time to time."

Dhraegon looks horrified, "I prefer to be clean. I.. I mean what I said to the Red Witch. I am happy as I am. I do not want…. I like things as they are. I am happier as an aphid." He looks relieved as the subject turns. "Of course, of course. What barrels aren't spoken for of the first two vintages then…. Might I bring friends to the dinner. It is lonely riding in a cart by myself at night."

Dainel hms? "Oh god you do work, my prince?" he asks, looking at him with a frown "Oh goodness no no no. When I say We, I mean my kitchen staff." he admits, "Yes of course you may, just send a letter ahead to warn me the number?" he offers, merrily. "There is a less sweet ale I brought - for your guests, not all guests have a sweet tooth. You don't have to taste it, grace." he reassures.

Dhraegon giggles all smiles and jam smears. Somehow, he has gotten the jam all over face and hands. "I will have flox warn you, yes. It is fine." He blushes, "I like a good ale too."

Dainel pours a bit of the ale "I tried to make as unique of an ale for you as I could. With your blessing I would like to market it to local taverns and inns. It is.. my favorite ale I've made in a few years." he moves to set it down "It isn't excessively sweet. I used summer orange peels and spices from Dorne. It will only improve with age." he admits, grinning a bit. This beer is very pale yellow, heady with lots of spice. "I did some reasearch and made it in the Tarthan style - to get the most out of the barrels." It has a light orange flavor, and notably corriander. The ale is both sweet and sour. "If you like it, I welcome you to name it."

Dhraegon :takes the tasting of the ale as seriously as he does the wine. He sits back as he contemplates it, "We are naming my ship 'Sapphire Eyes.' Would Sapphire Ale sound weird? I like the Tarth connection being in both ship and ale." he looks earnest, like a child not sure if the adult will understand his drawing.

Kelinyx has been listening and nibbling and sipping, sticking with her first goblet while the two men chat, but eventually a hand and a napkin extend to dab at some of the jam on Dhraegon's cheeks and chin.

Dainel smiles "A beautiful cream colored dragon with brilliant blue eyes clutching Sapphires?" he asks, a little hesitant to offend Dhraegon "I think it will be popular." he grins "Perhaps your cousins will clamor for it and always think fondly of you when you share?" he offers. Even for a Redwyne, Dainel is exceptionally into the Wines and brewing.

Dhraegon flashes Keli a goofy grin at her fussing. Then he is nodding enthusiastically, "Yes. That is lovely. Please do that. I should like two barrels for the Masque."

The girl works at a few more smears, then pushes the napkin into the Prince's hands. "I can't imagine how much fun the masquerade will be. I think I will use grapes for the eyes on my little snail hat."

Dainel takes out a note pad, writing down some quick notes. "Do you like raspberries, my prince?" he asks, a little curiously "This isn't as sweet as the strawberry, it is a bit tart, but, it left my workers refreshed in the heavy oppressive heat recently." he hesitates "Not that I'm trying to insult you by offering you the same wine I gave my workers." he offers. "It was the most … easily parted with despite being one of my favorites. Its easy to drink too much." he pauses "Masquerade?" he asks, as if suddenly realizing he missed something.

Dhraegon giggles and smears more jam about his tunic with the cloth in an attempt to clean it, "You may have access to our costume makers and seamstresses. I told them to make what you liked, Keli. You helped me pick my costume after all…. The Stranger's Festival is coming up. There will be two weeks of people running about in masks, but I was thinking we coyuld roll out this ale at the Masked Dance in the Square, so all might taste it."

Cradling her wine protectively, the girl nods eagerly. "There are tricks and stories with the masks, and that is the part I like. I will be a snail. I wanted to be a slug, but that is hard to make a mask for. Harder than a snail, at least."

Dainel smiles "Ah, I see, well yes. I'll have it all delivered in the evening tomorrow. He writes an order list and hands it to Flox to go over, making a duplicate for himself, his prices are fair - the jam slightly expensive but it is made by a nobleman and actually almost as labor intensive as the wine itself (he also noted he only makes so much jam twice a year. (He and his cook are good at it.)) "If you wish to negotiate the prices, mister Flox, send a letter payment is not due until the seventh, your happiness with my product - after sampled - is garunteed. I am however not responsible for acts of drunkeness." he jokes, pausing to eye Flox, whispering to the man, politely though.

Dainel whispers: Mister Flox, please include your favorite style of ale, sausage, and fruit. You work very hard for the prince and must be properly rewarded. Nothing extravagent I promise.

Dhraegon nods wisely, "And you can put useful objects in your shell. I am going as a cock!" He gestures to the feathers. Dhraegon being a Prince has no idea what things cost and his purse is quite large. Flox opens a strong box and makes up a purse, making a few notes as to things he particularly likes, and deliberately over paying slightly. Flox says quietly, "If more is needed, please send me a bill." The Prince has finished the ale and is well into his second cup of strawberry wine, grinning happily to himself in a tipsy sort of way.

Dainel takes the items "Of course. Call if you want anything, and I'll give you a free gift out of my personal glee - we harvested triple what I was expected on the white peaches and I was sent a huge crate of dates." he offers, cheerfully "A quick peach wine is brewed already. I'll give you a cask - for free." He smiles to Flox "I'll also send you some things. he pauses "To Miss Keli, I have a very special thing for you at my house. A very curious, strong herbed alcohol. I have a meeting to get to." he admits, leaning to pat Dhraegon on the back and then over to Keli "And you." he pauses. He leans down, kissing the girl's forehead and patting her back, gently. "Be good." he murmurs. "Soon, my prince?"

Keli, not so far divorced from her times fighting for every meal, decides to wallow in the pleasure of this little meal and its setting, and when things wind down, she offers to walk with Dhraegon home. The gift is received with a warm smile, and she's polite enough to not try sniffing or sipping it while still in sight.

As it turns out, Flox has a secret penchant for spicy sausages and strong dark ale. Dhraegon claps Dainel on the back, likely rather harer than intended as he has taken advantage of his minder's distraction to maake rather quick work of yet another cup of wine. The Prince is red faced and giggly. He bellows, "I love Peshh..peaches!" He tries to sweep the redwyne into a clumsy bear hug when the other man tries to pat him. "I love you all so much!"

Dainel is surprisingly sturdy when smacked on the back. When pulled into a bear hug he makes this awkward, terrified squawk sound. "AUUUUHGH H-HAY" he hesitates "Of course we love you Prince Dhraegon, but could you let me go?" he was admittedly startled, not angry. He looks amused at the entire scenario though.

Dhraegon seems oblivious to the Redwyne's startlement, but does let him go when asked, giggling again and swaying a bit.

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