(121-09-16) A Cat, A Seal, and A Hound
A Cat, A Seal, and A Hound
Summary: Kelinyx and Tellur Snow meet newly arrived Lord Killian Farwynd of the Lonely Light.
Date: Date of play (16/09/121)
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Killian is at least a hundred years out of style and dressed too warmly for the weather. He has a dreamy, unworldly air about him as if his sea coloured eyes aren't quite seeing the here and now. He smells like a man who has been weeks at sea and his bright hair makes him stand out. he is standing rather perplexed, a bundle in hand.

There is a mildly distant-eyed Keli walking up and down a disused and not-so-sturdy pier, an old and withering affair. Gulls and cats are nearby, but Keli seems quite intent on keeping both from finding out she has a buttered roll hidden in her hands, nibbling at it squirrel-like, always ready near the mouth. She watches the big, uncommonly dressed man in time enough, present for the sake of watching, as near it seems.

Killian seems to be studying the buildings rather than the people, but his gaze glances her way and stops there, and he cokes his head as if seeing something really interesting. He steps gingerly onto the pier and produces a roll of his own, one filled with some sort of fermented fish paste. He tears off some chunks and tosses them away from the girl, perhaps to distract rats and sea gulls.

The small thing watches warily what he does, oming to a standstill as the creatures move past her, leaving the them mostly isolated from the zoo. Keli smirks lopsidedly and quickly stuffs the last of her treat into her cheeks in the fashion of little wild creatures. The belt and daggers at her hips indicate she's not exactly an urchin, perhaps one in her past, and her wariness is only rivaled by her curiosity.

Killian breaks what is left in half and offers her part while he takes a bite of the other. The tall red head has a knife and a proper sword of old fashioned, but servicable design. His accent is very thick, all rolling "r's" and a strange mix of Northern and Iron Islands, as archaic as his clothing. "Greetings be to ye. Are ye a native of this place?"

Kelinyx's eyes narrow as her cheeks lift, an amused and endeared gesture. "Oh, uh, yeah, always lived right in this gritty city." She inches nearer, plied so easily by food, snatching the item quickly ant taking a few steps back, eyes on him as she bring it to her nose for a sniffing. "T-thanks," she mumbles to tbe big man, her cheeks still big with her last food as she bites into this.

Killian eats his roll and squats, watching her patiently. He sets down his bundle which makes the distinctively sone of bones clinking together. His expression is open and friendly enough, though his eyes get that lack of focus again, "I've been wondering where a man might go for a bit of advice. You wouldn't happen to know an young person who might take a few coins for showing a man about?"

"The city is always ready to teach you somethin'," Keli says a bit cautiously, though her eyes widen and she studies him more carefully, trying to sneak a peek at his satchel when she can. "Depends on what a person's wanting to learn," she says with a bit of a grin creeping over her face, making her cheeks rounder.

Killian gives her a friendly enough smile, his teeth surprisingly good. "Well, I want to be selling these for a good price." He shakes his bundle gently, "And I'll be needing a building close to the water, cheap, but large enough to be housing twenty to buy. In bad repair don't matter. I have me fine carpenters on my ship. What I need is a clever but honest local who'll keep all these sharp eyed southerners from cheating an honest man."

The fish paste is strong of taste, being fermented fish, but the bread is wholesome and fresh baked.

Looking him over carefully, she tries to suppress the reaction to that taste, her eyes nearly watering. "Well, I don't know no shipbuilders or people sellin' houses, but I can talk to the birds and the cats and everything else and give you an answer later. But I know there's all kinds of merchants and guild halls on Hightower Street."

Killian listens carefully as if she is the most important thing in the world, "Would ye be busy just now, or might thou show me Hightower Street and help me with the bargaining? Would ye like to see what's to sell?"

"It's not far, just two blocks that way, but I can go with you." It seems, despite her waifish appearance, she isn't too worried about making money so much as just engaging with the curious man. "Come. You don't have to tell me, but if you don't mind, where you from?" She starts trotting towad Lower Hightower street.

Killian dips his hand into his bag and comes out with a beautiful piece of intricately carved walrus tusk shrimshaw of various birds of the northern islands. "Ack. It's likely a place ye never heard of. It's an island called the Lonely Light far to the North and West, far out in the sunset Sea. We are the last inhabited place before the Lands Beyond.

The dark-haired girl can't help leaning forward to catch a better look at the item, her body just a little visibly taut, as if she expects she might need to dash away any moment. "Man from Ack," she says with a grin, her acute blue eyes always sharply sizing him up. "What's in the Lands Beyond?" she questions while urging him past a cross street.

Killian follows along, "If ye like it, you may have it in place of the coin after." he grins mischievously, "Ack! It's a secret the seals whisper to men."

The man must know some magic words, because Keli is soon a yard nearer to him, her hands up near her mouth and her eyes full of bold excitement. "What's that mean? Did the seal make that charm, too?" she teasingly asks.

Killian is at least a hundred years out of style and dressed too warmly for the weather. He has a dreamy, unworldly air about him as if his pale eyes aren't quite seeing the here and now. He smells like a man who has been weeks at sea and his bright hair makes him stand out. His accent is full of rolling R's and a thick mix of archaic sounding Northerner and Iron Islands accents. He is currently following Keli, but they have paused to talk, "Seals have flippers, so it's men must do the carving. Seals are very wise though. It is said that sometimes they take mortal man and women to husband or wife."

Keli casts Killian a very suspicious look, then lets out a bemused grunt. "I don't know if you are playin' a trick on me or not, but that's the first time I ever heard a story like that," she says through a boyish smirk, trotting about energetically as she leads the man, moving almost like a dancer, but a little too twitchy and slithery, erratic.

Killian says it all dead pan with that same open expression, so that it is impossible to tell if he believes it or not, "Even look in a seal's eyes? They have very human expressions.

Tellur is out walking by the water, in the perpetual Northern attempt to cool down - one that will likely never truly succeed. He has an almost grown pup with him, a huge dog, with a deep barrelled chest, and heavy fur. A war-mastiff, or the kind of dog used to hunt humans. The Northerner himself is limping lightly, in the wet, heavy air.

Killian says it all dead pan with that same open expression, so that it is impossible to tell if he believes it or not, "Even look in a seal's eyes? They have very human expressions." He follows after the waif trustingly enough, "If we are to fdo business, perhaps we ought exchange names. I hight Killian." He is about Tellur's height. It is the dog he notices. He squats and holds out a hand for sniffing, still a good distance away, happy to let the dog decide to come to him or not. His body language is subtly animal like as he does so, something about the inviting angle of his head.

Kelinyx and Killian safely off on a disused and slightly unstable pier, the two are safe from puppy attention - they both probably smell like food presently, at least for the moment. She spots the big dog, though, brows lifting as she sees the outstanding example of his breed, still in that awkward puppy stage. She lets Killian field meeting the little creature first, she draped in the skepticism of a street cat.

The dog looks at Killian, noting the gesture, but otherwise remains at Tellur's side, an obedient creature. As the man gets closer, it becomes more obvious that the creature is female, despite the fact she has a studded collar on. She just happens to be, well. Very large. Not quite as big as a wolf, but not far off it. Tellur himself looks over at them, and nods as he approaches, saying in a gruff fashion "Good…" He hesitates. What _is_ the time "…whatever. This confounded. Heat."

Killian has been eating a roll with fermented fish paste baked in and has another on his person, so the scent would be noticeable top a hound. He does not seem alarmed by the sound of the dog. The man is flushed with the late afternoon heat and his heavy clothes. The sun will soon be setting bringing hope of relief. he gives a long suffering sigh, "Aye. I've never sailed south of the neck before. I never imagined such heat." He turns his eyes up to meet Tellur's and his expression sharpens. He has the look of a man weighing another's worth. "Be ye of the North, by chance?" His tone is elaborately casual.

The slim girl keeps Killian between herself and the dog, though ofen she cranes her neck to get a peek at it, apparently unsure whether she finds it intimidating or charming. Smart enough to not butt in, she gives a dip of her head in greeting to the man and no more.

"Hello lass," Tellur says to the girl, for all that he is only a boy of nineteen or so himself. What. Someone that short can make _this_ short man feel relatively big. The dog sniffs a little, and so does Tellur, and he notes "Grace is friendly. Mostly. Unless people are doing wicked things, then she is very angry indeed." He smiles - an expression meant to be cheerful and about as friendly as a sprung trap, as he says "Aye, that I am. I am Tellur, Master of the Hounds, once of Winterfell, though now my Lords are politicking in the South, or whatever it is Lords do when they aren't getting their asses in trouble." Grace flops herself down, wagging a heavy tail.

Killian says quietly, "I think I dreamed of you. There was a wolf…" His tone is gentle for all the thickness of his accent, "Not this girl though, big as she is, she is no wolf…. Winterfell… Are ye kin to the Starks then? I'm Killian Farwynd of the lonely light." He take the wagging tail as an invitation to give Grace a belly rub."

Kelinyx slowly creeps nearer the man applying belly rubs to that great 'pup,' on tiptoes to get a look at the action, grinning a bit - that friendly demeanor is winning over Keli.

Tellur watches Killian pet his war dog with a faint expression of disbelief. Clearly, he is used to most people deciding that friendly or not, they are NOT interested in playing with the massive dog. And then he says "I'm no noble. I'm Tellur Snow, bastard of the House, but I do serve House Stark - they call me Lord Carolis' dog." He grins, and his teeth show, a little wolfishly "Farwynd? I don't know the lonely light…you're a sailor?" He looks at Kelinyx, and adds "And her? I suppose, welcome to the city. It isn't my city. It smells hot here."

"More my city than you or you," Keli replies with a point to each, followed by a cheeky smile. "I learned from the gutters and garbage, and now I'm learnin' to sew and do actor stuff," she notes, promoting her expertise on what goes on in the city.

Killian is murmuring sweet nothings to grace in that thick accent of his as he gives her the pettins. It never seems to have occurred to him to be afraid despite her size, "I've never seen a play. We're eight days out from Great Wyk. You don't see players so far out in the islands, nor dogs as big as this. I suppose you could call me a Navigator as much as a Captain." There is absolutely nothing of the city or the south about him. Indeed, he might have stepped out of some old story from before the Targaryens came, judging by his clothes, accent, and general sense of being out of place and time. "I still haven't your name, my young guide."

Tellur raises an eyebrow as Keli speaks, and while he does not smile - clearly not much of a smiler - he does give a sudden nod "Now there's a useful lass." _Useful_. Hmm. He is giving the new man a slightly cautious glance - at talk of dreams. And wolves. After a moment he says "When folk are being more complimentary, I am Lord Carolis' wolf. Wolf, dog." A shrug "The plays here are good. It's a thing I had little appreciation for in the North, but here they are more colourful."

The girl looks pleased with Tellur's response and that visibly relaxes her. "I can keep leadin', but really it's just down that way," Kelinyx notes, pointing to the next cross street. Most merchants down the left side for us, guild houses on the other side, and some pretty good bread at this one place. I used to get their thrown away loaves a lot, and now I buy 'em hot and fresh."

With her little story told, the waif offers the name, "Keli, at your service as long as it's useful." Devilish smile.

Killian nods at Tellur's statement, "Aye, you have the look of it, Tellur Snow, Master of Beasts. I… haven't much experience of… places like this. Perhaps when I've found a buyer for these carvings we might ale to for an ale, if either of you know a reputable place to wet our throats." He is still watching Tellur with a fascination his square honest face can't hide. He flashes the waif a grin though, "Keli it is then, and well met."

"Aye, I know a…" Tellur hesitates. He knows a lot of disreputable places, actually. He colours up, somewhat, and then he says "The lass here knows her way best, let's do as she suggests. I can behave myself in a good place." With Winterfell manners, admittedly "You…dream of things?" he adds to the new man, and glances at Keli - to see what _she_ thinks of that "What carvings?"

"He got pictures that seals told him," Keli happily answers for Tellur, as though that would make any sense in the first place. "He showed me one. He's got plans," she says confidently, leading the gents North to the Quill and Tankard as though she were an honored guest there at any time. Maybe she's just playing it cool in hopes of earning a cup of wine.

Killian says quietly, "There is a lot of the old blood in my line, much as they say of the blood of Winterfell. I dream of many things. My dreams have lead me here." He shows Tellur a sample, a walrus tooth intricately carved with a variety of island birds scrim shaw style, "I'll be needing more coin to buy a house for my men. We can fix it up ourselves, but coin not being plentiful…." he flashes Keli a grin, "This one is for our young friend here once the buisness is concluded." he4 follows along trustingly enough." He lowers his lids and blushing says, "Perhaps you might like one for yourself?"

"…that the seals told him," Tellur says, eyeing the man, and then he follows them both North, and he says "…such plans. Your men, eh?" Another toothy grin "You're a Lord? I shouldn't be speaking so freely, being a bastard. Well…I'd gladly take a look of them. My Lord likes to collect things of interest, writings, pieces of art. He's got the mind of a Maester, though hardly the self control." And with _that_ observation, North he goes.

Killian ducks his head, "We're nothing to the Starks, the cadet branch of a minor house. I am the heir, though. There is no need to stand on ceremony. I've my crew to house and look after, though." He gives a low chuckle, "Aye, on the Lonely light we think highly of seals, much as Starks like highly of wolves."

Leads the men readily to the adequate if unimpressive Quill and Tankard. There are guards about the place, indicating this is the adventurous district. "One time I thought a bat was my sacred animal, but then I saw one get eaten by a spider. But I don't stay still good enough to be a spider," she notes, a sly sparkle in her pale blue gaze. She stops before the tavern, holding an arm out. "Drinks are here, I don't suggest getting any of the beef or sheep, though. Stick with chicken."

Keli leads the men readily to the adequate if unimpressive Quill and Tankard. There are guards about the place, indicating this is the adventurous district. "One time I thought a bat was my sacred animal, but then I saw one get eaten by a spider. But I don't stay still good enough to be a spider," she notes, a sly sparkle in her pale blue gaze. She stops before the tavern, holding an arm out. "Drinks are here, I don't suggest getting any of the beef or sheep, though. Stick with chicken."

Tellur enters and says quietly "I think highly of wolves, but I've never really seen one close. They're wary beasts." He notes to the girl, a little dry "Funny, eh, no one ever picks 'mosquito' or 'woodlouse'." He licks his lips as they enter, and then he says to the girl "Let me get us all a cup of wine - that is, if you've no lad - or father - who'll come after me for the rudeness of offering."

Killian orders them each a cup, "Perhaps you will someday, Tellur Snow. You have the look of a man wise in the ways of the woods….I suppose it's a matter of what one's goals are whether bat, or spider or woodlouse."

Keli Isn't skilled enough at disguising her happiness at being favored with a drink to keep it from showing in the lively sparkle in her eyes and the way she pinches her own hand to keep from smiling too big. "Too kind," she says, working her best to keep that comical attempt at a calm demeanor going, easing on to a seat. "If anyone comes after you, it prolly won't be for gettin' me a drink, so take my thanks and let's drink to the man's business dreams."

Tellur says, somewhat awkwardly "I prefer the woods." His voice is gruff, but then it eases, softens "They're safer. The city is a harsh place for someone like me." And then he laughs at the girl, and he says "We'll drink - ah, our new Lord has paid!"

Killian gives Keli an amused look, but doesn't say anything to call attention to her excitement. He nods, "This is not my sort of place either." He shakes his head, "Just Killian is fine, or the Navigator or Captain if you must be formal."

"Kap-tin!" Keli chirps, curling her legs to her middle and rocking from side to side. "One time I captained a boat full of kitties under the Titan's legs," she says quiet surely of what is surely some flavor of fib. "But I ain't never left here - which is all the better if you need help finding other places."

Killian looks at Keli with curiousity, "

"I think 'The Navigator' is a finer title than Captain," says Tellur, rather thoughtfully, and he shoots Keli a side-glance, and then he comments "I've a bit of a need of finding a few folk in this city who have an eye for good bargains, I must say." As the wine arrives, he lifts his cup, and says "So, lass, do you have dreams like the Seal-Lord here does?"

Killian looks at Keli with curiosity, "Is this some clever sort of riddle?" He thanks the server for the wine, "Shall we toast to new friends?" He winks at Tellur, "Navigator is more accurate. I never get truly lost." The red head blushes crimson at being called seal Lord, and ducks his head.

Kelinyx holds her cup aloft with both hands, looking utterly pleased to have the weight of the drink on her arms. "To business and seal-dreams," Keli suggests, drinking with the others before answering, "I don't ever have animal dreams. I have dreams about gettin' caught peeping and soft-pawing, and I have dreams where I don't get caught. And one time I had a dream about a goat-bunny."

"What's soft-pawing then?" enquires Tellur, with a dryly suspicious glance.

Killian drinks, eyeing Keli warily, "I don't know what those words mean, I fear."

"It's like what a cat or a good hunting dog does," Kelinyx explains, mimicing the low-bodied stance over the table's edge, simulating stealthy crawling. "Another time I had a dream I was watchin' something interesting, yeh? And this crate full of fish just fell on me, and when it went *crunch*, I woke up."

Tellur says "I've dreamed of dragons - but I've seen a dragon, and it is the kind of thing one is then led to dream of, for they're a terrifying beast." He watches Kelinyx, and then he says to the girl "I've some experience with Trade Tongue - and the people who need it, you might not want to tell me _too_ much." Then he leans in, and he turns his head to the girl "You never have dreams where you're an animal? Ever?"

Killian nods wisely at Keli's explanation and sips his wine, trying to look like he's had wine before and isn't completely overwhelmed by the city. He looks impressed by Tellur's dragon talk, "You've seen a dragon? I've always wondered how something so big can fly!" At Tellur's question about animals, he gives Tellur a sharp look and then looks down quickly. With eleborate casualness he asks, "Do you ever dream you are an animal, tellur snow? Or of crows?"

"I've been asked before," the waif says rather casually to Tellur. "But as best I remember, never had a dream from an animal's eyes. I'm always me in a dream, even if me isn't there. You know, in the dream?" she makes fruitless hand gestures to demonstrate selfness without presence within the selfness of the subconscious. Or something. The tell of dragons, though, has daydreamer's grin on her face before she takes another eager swig of drink.

Tellur says "Yes, I was with the Targs who rode out - my Lord volunteered me to keep the horses from panicking. I only saw it from a distance - it wouldn't have been wise to go any closer." He tosses the cool wine back with an expression of relief, and comments "Of course I do - I keep all manner of beasts, it's natural to dream as one of them." He tilts his head to the little girl - or woman - and he says "…I'm always me as well," simply, and he finishes his wine all too fast.

Killian is clearly not really following Keli at this point. Perhaps her accent is difficult for him to unravel. Then he is staring at tellur, "You know royalty?" he drops his voice, "Do you ever have a crow talk to you in your dreams or just the… being inside animals?"

"Well that is good. I have heard that wherever you go, there you are, and so far it has always seemed true." Silly or strange or a mix of both, this girl is at least amused in ways that keep her knives nice and tucked away. From dragons to animal dreams, she seems as interested in Killian's attention to Tellur as Killian is in the details of the other man's dreams.

Tellur is beginning to look more than a little wary, though he mutters "I have spoken to some of the Targs. And been to one of their parties. But. They are not like other people. You can't know a dragon rider. You can only be cautious of the hungers of their pets." Unnerved, his hand drops to pet Grace's shoulders as she lies under the table "…I don't know, man, they are but dreams. I don't recall much." Easy enough to lie.

The attentive way Keli listens in shows that some aspect of this conversation has a personal interest for her, and she's such a fly on the wall at this point that even taking a drink is done in silence.

Killian's got that innocent open face and his eyes are strangely compelling in their fervor. He drops his voice, "Some dreams are dreams; some dreams are more. I followed the crow here." He blushes again and reaches to pet Grace, finding Tellur's hand already there. This makes the blush spread all the way to his ears and he begins drawing back his hand.

Tellur is giving Killian a quite severely worried look now. The sort of look a man might give someone who is going to get him in _serious trouble_. Talk of crows is far more dangerous than talk of Targs, so instead he glances at Keli, and he tells her "Have you seen them? They are like dragons. Beautiful, violent, and strange."

"I seen 'em. I seen lots of shapes and sizes and names of people. I can think of reasons to make them think I think we're friends." Shrewd little Keli sips again, more savvy than she might have let on, earlier. "I'd reckon at least a few of 'em are as good folk as you'd find anywhere else among wealthy folk."

Killian,still blushing looks between them as they talk, himself having no experience of Targaryens nor plans to meet any.

"I think by the time one is like that, 'good' or 'bad' is something different again," says Tellur, who is watching Killian a little oddly. Strnage man. Then he says, more quietly "I'm just a hound-keeper. I don't understand fine folk. I know beasts."

Kelinyx makes her best cat sound in a show of solidarity, perhaps less about love of animals and more of a nod to the strangeness of the nobles. She quietly sits with them as they converse, but a time later, she seems to meander off.

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