(121-08-22) A Toast to Manners
A Toast to Manners
Summary: Iris and Kelinyx have a late-night chat at the Quill and Tankard, soon to be joined by Eonn and Madrighal. There is one slightly unsubtle admirer of Iris in need of a lesson though.
Date: 22/08/2014
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Quill and Tankard, Hightower And Citadel

This is the common room of the Quill and Tankard, that famous Oldtown Inn that has never closed in five hundred years. The building is a noble old half-timber structure with plastered stone between the enormous old black beams. It sits on a small rock of an island at the edge of the Honeywine River, and is accessed by a little footbridge, or by water-taxi.

Rivermen and seamen, smiths and singers, priests and princes, Lords and sellswords, travelers both noble and small, and the novices and acolytes of the Citadel - all come for a taste of the fearsomely strong apple cider that makes this inn so beloved by Oldtown's people. There is a pleasant buzz of chatter, cups and tankards being filled and refilled, and general laughter.

The fire in the hearth allows for a merry glow and a comfortable warmth from Oldtown's breezy, misty cobblestone streets. Benches and tables offer places to sit, and there is a deliciously toothsome smell in the air of food from the back.

!!! Currently at least two City Watchmen are stationed here at all times. They will be quick to arrest those who offer violence to anyone. !!!

A late night it is already at the Quill and Tankard. Some patrons are still around, and so Iris is up as well at this late hour, her appearance orderly as usual, the scent about her, nice and flowery, giving away her regular visits to the Lysene Baths. Her blue eyes wander the tables with a slightly weary look to them, and so that swat to her behind, administered with the drunken innocence of someone who is already far into the cups, takes her quite by surprise. "Keep yer hands to yerself!", she snorts, a rare occasion when her smile fades. "If yer looking for wenches then go to the Bawdy Bard." Her gaze lingers for another moment on the scoundrel, a middle-aged man who only reacts with a grin of drunken happiness but does perhaps not really get her meaning.

In the wake of a cluster of new patrons, a pale shadow of a girl dressed in grey also slithers into the bar. Obviously she's not of age to have come alone, yet she breaks off from the group almost instantly. It's near but not too-near someone who's half-asleep over their meal that she takes a seat, well, more of a perch, legs curled against her body, weight on the soles of her shoes while she simply roosts, contenting herself with people watching for the time being.

Iris looks up, her blue eyes narrowing just a touch when Keli slips in. Happy to have an excuse to walk over to a table with less threat of unrestrained behaviour to deal with, the barmaid appears beside the young girl, smiling warmly but also with a bit of curiosity. "Now, what can I bring you, little one? And why, by the Seven, are you still up at this hour?" Her voice is friendly enough.

"Cat naps," Keli explains to the second question first, carefully assessing the woman's demeanor before offering a sly smile. "A roast bird and potatoes, if you would," she then orders, setting down a close approximation of the price, as if she knows the menu and costs well. "And don't shoo me out, please." The last bit is intoned like a joke, but her brows lift to press the point.

Iris raises a brow at the order, but her doubts swiftly dissipate when the required coin is presented. "Umm, certainly. There may be some roast bird still left. As for the 'tatoes." She shrugs, her gaze drifting towards the kitchen next. "I only hope the cook is still awake." Keli's plea has the barmaid turn her head again, however, and shoot the girl a glance. "Why should I shoo you out, if you can pay, obviously?", she smiles. "Anything to drink to go with the meal?", she inquires next, shifting a little in her stance, which earns her a drunken compliment being yelled at her from a corner of the room. "Water?" Blue eyes move over Keli's features, assessing her age, a bit of doubt showing again in Iris's face. "Or something stronger?"

"If I ask for a wine or a mead, then the others will tell you to shoo me out." Keli taps her temple with her fingertip. "I learned my lesson. Bring a water, and don't tell them others back there it's me who's here. Sometimes they chase me out like a cat, broom n' all." Well, she does look a bit pickpockety, but perhaps her clothes are a touch too good to present a proper urchin image, even if her calculating eyes and slim build could add weight to such an assumption.

"Hmm," Iris replies, shooting a lazy glance over her shoulder at those left. "They are far into the cups, if you haven't guessed already. I could slip you a cup of mead, without them even noticing." Keli's comment about being chased out of the place has her glance back at her with surprise. "Animals," she shrugs, rolling her eyes. "I will go and get your drink. Check on the cook too. I should be back in a few…" And off she goes.

"A water is fine," the girl replies, still sporting that cautious smirk that hints a lot that's thought but not said. "And if they're that drunk, you can sit with me and have some food," she says, loud enough to rouse the bar fly at her table, but only to the point he lifts his cup to an imagined toast, slurps down his drink, then starts to weakly amble toward the bucket out back.

One hand goes up as Iris walks off, indicating she got Keli's remark, insisting on water. It will take a moment and she will return, a mug and a flagon of water in her hands. "Food should be ready in a minute." The barmaid disappears again, this time for a slightly longer period. When she comes back she'll carry the dish Keli had ordered, roast bird and some potatoes, that had been already cooked previously and now heated again over the fire. And in her other hand she carries a tankard of cider, this one probably intended for herself. The meal is set down before Kelinyx, and Iris will take the seat opposite from her, with a slightly mischievous grin. "Time for my little break, I daresay," the serving wench remarks with a sigh.

"I won't tattle on you if you don't tattle on me," the little girl says with a conspiratorial tone and lopsided grin. She happily digs into her meal, not bothering with the simple utensils or any proper manners. Though Iris mightn't know, Keli relishes the chance to be messy in her meal time. Talking with her mouth full, she gives a hearty thanks for the food and attention. "Not sure you ever brought me food before. I'm Sugar Death," she says warmly as some manner of introduction.

The Quill never closes. Another man comes in, pausing at the door a moment.

"Sugar Death?" Iris chuckles in reply, the tankard before her still untouched. "Now that is an interesting pick of a name, sweet and menacing at the same time." She hesitates, using the time to take her first sip of the cider. "Well, I'm pleased to meet you. I'm Iris, barmaid, although you may have heard of me as 'Claribel'. I'm also an actress, was, in fact, in the play Lord Loryn Tyrell wrote." A warm flicker appeas in her gaze at the mention of this nobleman's name. She looks up briefly, noticing the new arrival, but will remain seated until he has picked a table - or left. He may only be checking in for a brief moment to look for someone, after all.

"Ahhhhh, that's why you look familiar!" Keli says with excited recognition. "You sing, I remember!" Now she eats more eagerly, but something about the gait of one customer has her eyes following him and her attention drifting his way more by the moment.

It's just Eonn, with a black cat and a white one twining about his ankles. He doesn't trip over them. A specialized skill, perhaps. He heads towards Keli and Iris.

"Oh, you've been to the Whimsy and seen the play? Aye, a bit of singing and dancing, is what I do. Acting too. This has been my first play, and I hope there will be more. Lord Loryn has told me about a new project, and I hope there will be a part for me in his new play as well." Iris takes another sip from her tankard, blue eyes shifting from Keli, whose glance she has noticed, to the man approaching.

Kelinyx is wearing a full on smile as the man and hes feline retinue approach, scooting her plate of food over so Eonn can help himself. In public she's a good deal more shrewd, but she is at least nice enough to introduce the young lady. "This is Iris, and I paid her for food and water. Just water." There's a petition in that for the man.

Eonn raises his eyebrows at her. "Water?" he says. "You are not getting drunk again, wretched child?" His tone is mildly surprised, and skeptical. There's a bit of teasing at the corner of his mouth, though.

"I work here," Iris confesses, looking up to Eonn, a brief explanation for her presence at the Quill and Tankard, but maybe not one that suffices to point out why she is sitting idly here at this table. "So? You're Sugar Death's father? Won't you join us? And maybe I can bring something to drink for you too?" Suddenly remembering her function in these walls.

"No, I'm 'is ma, I just got cursed and get younger each day. He came out this size! What a world, what a world!" Keli giggles excitedly, not very good at disguising her fondness for the man. "Remember, son, when ya used to call me wretched ma?"

"Wretched Mother," says Eonn, sitting down beside Keli and taking one of her potatoes in his long fingers. To Iris he says, "I am called Eonn. Cider, please, but you've no need to hurry."

Iris eyes sparkle with amusement, going from Keli to Eonn and back again. "Eonn," she smiles, already rising when she hears his request. "Getting your cider then," she says, "for the son." And indeed, Eonn may not have to wait as long as other patrons currently present. More orders are tossed Iris's way as she passes some tables. "Have a break, will ya," she retorts to one in particular with a raised brow - by coicidence the same that gave her that swat to her behind earlier. And so she will carry just one tankard of cider when she returns from the bar, and puts it pointedly down before Eonn. "You can pay, right?", she inquires, a little belatedly, before she resumes her seat from before with a light shrug.

"'e always counts on his mum's fat purse to get 'im through life," Keli answers, doing her best version of a crone's wavering voice - it's comically bad. The child does produce another coin, that plus the previous payment making a friendly but not bold tip. "It's okay, though, he'll have to change my soiled pants when I'm an old baby." Again, the child giggles, but then her eyes shift to the man who's giving Iris a hard time, gears turning already.

Eonn smiles. "As the girl says," he tells Iris. "Or, if you like, I'll wait outside and kick that fellow's teeth in. For a few more drinks." He washes the potato down with cider.

The white cat jumps up on the table and tries to steal some of Keli's roast bird.

"Oh my!" Iris gasps when she notices Keli's stare towards the man, followed by Eonn's offer next. "I'm not sure he'll be worth the effort. Just the usual pain in the ass guy who has had one cup too many." She chuckles, rolling her eyes a bit. "You two just relax. And enjoy your cider, okay? But thanks for the offer. That's… really nice of you. As for the few more drinks… we'll see about that." She winks at Eonn, the wink more of the nice and less the flirtatious kind.

Kelinyx and Eonn are seated on one side of a table flanked by benches, Iris across from them, a cat pawing at Keli's roast bird and potatoes. She tugs off a small bit of meat and tosses it below the table to hopefully distract the kitty from further machinations, and the three non-kitties seem to be chatting well enough. Eonn and Keli are giving a good hound stare to a certain patron, but Keli breaks the gaze at something Iris says.

To Eonn, the girl asks more privately, "You in a kickin' mood, tonight?" with a tone of concern.

Madrighal comes in from outside, his lizard tucked under his arm. He flashes Idris, Eonn, and by extension Keli a bright smiles and drifts that way generally. He holds a hand out for the cat to sniff, asking Keli, "Is this yours, Mistress?" His accent is as Dornish as his clothes.

Eonn shrugs to Iris. "No real trouble," he says, amused. "But as you like it." He grins at Keli's quiet question and says, "Not really, but why not? Are you?"

Iris smiles and takes another sip from her cider, looking up next to see Madrighal enter. "Oh my, what a busy night," she says, returning the bright smile of the Dornishman. "Won't you come over and join us? And…um… what would you like to drink, Madrighal?" More late night visitors mean she will have to get up again and get more drinks, but given the company who is she to complain, really.

To Madrighal, Keli says, "This cat's no one's." She glances to Eonn sidelong, perhaps hinting that he is the owner or at least something subtle shared. There's room on the bench, but Keli doesn't invite nor dissuade the stranger, just peeking at his curious pet for a moment. She says in a quieter way to Eonn, "I'm in a mood to do what fits you, but right now I'm in an eatin' mood." Her greasy bare hands work over the warmed-over taters for cheek-stuffing snacking.

Madrighal smiles and bows to Iris, "The dry Greenblood white, if it is no trouble. Would you like a cup for yourself?" He studies the cat, "Ah. I am much the same. Eonn of Rills, I have met, but I do not think I have met you, Mistress. I am Madrighal Sand."

Eonn lifts his tankard of cider to Madrighal in greeting, and then looks at the lizard.

"No trouble at all, Madrighal," Iris smiles, rising again. Oh my, she really is in for some exercise despite the late hour. Rising, walking, getting the drink, carrying it all the way back, ignoring the pestering patron once again, who suddenly stands up to follow her in a slightly staggering gait.

The lizard is a long dark stained curved wooden horn near the length of Madrighal himself. Madrighal's quick eyes catch the potential for trouble, and though he a self proclaimed man of piece with no weapon larger than a single eating knife, he slides the hooked end of his lizard along the floor between the drunk and Iris, casually like.

The tiny girl corrects the dusky stranger. "Not Mistress. Never Mistress. Don't own nobody, never will. Sugar Death," Keli says for introduction. She's quiet and observant at Madrighal's actions, blindly but skillfully popping potato chunks into her mouth, as if she's almost more interested to see what would happen to the goon if he did get what he was after. Reactions and such.

Eonn stands, slowly, looking at the troublemaker. He steps toward the man.

Iris smiles when she returns to the table, oblivious to the drunken man following her. And so her eyes will widen in surprise, seeing the expressions on the faces turned towards her. Madrighal's drink is about to be deposited before him on his table, when a sound behind her makes her turn.

"Iris… most luvly woman… I e'er… beheld…", the drunken man behind her mutters, his arms outstretched as if he were seeking to catch her in a bearhug. His staggering foot meets with resistance, suddenly, and, with it being caught against one end of the lizard, he will lose his balance, falling forward, right onto Iris, if she is not quick enough to evade him.

<FS3> Eonn rolls Reaction: Good Success.

Eonn moves abruptly, to catch the drunk.

Madrighal bows his head in apology, "I meant it as a polite form of address, such as I would use for Mistress Iris here, with whom I work in the theater." His speaking voice is rather high and musical, especially for a man. He is rather diminutive as well, but stands swiftly and attempts to tap the falling drunk sideways towards Eonn, "Manners are important in a gentleman."

<FS3> Madrighal rolls Reaction: Failure.

Eonn holds the man upright and looks into his eyes. "Do you think this is a large city?" he asks.

Iris just stands there, too stunned, for a moment. Her mind has to deal with the sudden threat and leaves her unable to react in time. "Pshh," is all the noise that will leave her lips, her blue eyes widening as she sees the man stumbling then falling towards her. She exhales when the guy is caught by Eonn's swift intervention, and Madrighal's assistance, even if it is marginal, acknowledged with a smile. She certainly had not noticed the lizard action on the ground! "True," Iris comments to the musician's remark, her gaze returning to the red drunken visage of the scoundrel caught in Eonn's grasp.

"That's my son," Keli says with a bit of pride for Iris to hear, gleefully watching events unfold, easing a hand toward her hip out of habit, and if Iris hadn't noticed before, a fine dagger is in easy reach for her.

"Ughh…." This is the reaction of the drunkard when he is caught, and he will attempt to snake himself out of Eonn's grasp with the sluggish elegance of a man who has been far into the cups already. "Iris…" Muttered next, as his bleary gaze tries to focus on her. "Luvly…" Before his gaze turns to Eonn, realizing he had been asked a question. "Huh?"

Eonn doesn't let the man go, but grips him by his upper arms. "Pay attention," he says coldly.

Madrighal looks flat out relieved at Eonn's intervention, giving him a polite bow before pulling in his lizard and sitting, "Thank you for the drink, Mistress Iris." To Keli, "How to you prefer to be styled?" Trusting Eonn to handle the threat part of the proceedings, he sips his wine, savoring it, "It is nice to have a taste of home while traveling."

"Sugar whispers louder than Death, whichever needs more secret-ness," the child says, her body moving like a cat stalking prey, slow, poised, like the slipping of a shadow as she rests a hand on the table, the other still at her hip, holding the hilt of her stabber. One set of eyes might see this and think some dark plan of murder is coming together, another watcher might just see a kitten play-practicing at blowing leaves, but the predatory gaze she fixes on the drunken goon is anything but forgiving, her twisted grin adding strangeness to her game.

"Will you just… leave me alone..?", Iris finally mutters, in the direction of the drunkard. "You've already had too much to drink. I'd say you better leave." She takes her seat from before, pointedly turning her back towards the man, who is taken care of by Eonn, or so she hopes. A glance is offered to Madrighal next. "You are welcome," she says, when indignation fades and her smile returns.

The Drunkard meanwhile tries really hard to follow Eonn's request. "Yeah? Whassup?", he intones with the slurred pronounciation of lips and tongue already succumbing to the effect of alcohol.

"Do you think this is a large city?" Eonn asks again.

"Aye?", the drunkard replies, still not comprehending what Eonn is getting at. "So?"

"It's not so big," says Eonn, "That I can't find you. And you are annoying me. Do you understand?"

Given the knife games Dornish noblewomen routinely play at the Acacia club, it may not be all that surprising Madrighal is not bothered by a girl with her stabber speaking of Death. He does softly repeat her words, with the air of a man thinking about turning them into music. He flashes his smile at Iris, "It is a shame more men are not taught manners by their Mothers when they are young enough to spank, as the lessons are so much more painful to a man grown."

The little one watches with a sole of her boot on the edge of a table, coiled up like a snake ready to strike, her fingers drumming along the handle of her still-sheathed dagger. Of course, Eonn could perfectly handle this situation, but there is some level of ritual, or perhaps a show of solidarity that is important for the girl to exhibit.

It may take some time, but the drunkard slowly seems to get Eonn's meaning. "Aye," his his short reply. "Apol'gize ah annoyed ya… Won't happen again… Promise…" Eonn may indeed have made his point. "G'night, Iris," he tosses in the barmaid's direction next, before he tries again to wrench himself free from Eonn's grasp, and if he manages, will stagger towards the exit.

Iris rolls her eyes towards Madrighal. "That one is really a pain in the arse. Worse than any I've met in a while…", she murmurs, before she shoots Keli a glance, one brow rising. "Everything alright, Sugar?" The tension as well as the play about the handle of her weapon has certainly been noticed by the barmaid's attentive gaze. A nod comes next, when the drunkard apologizes and moves off. But Iris will really relax only after the door has shut behind him.

Eonn holds the man and lets him pull a bit, releasing him at a moment when he's not struggling.

Madrighal watches Keli, his back being turned to Eonn and the drunk, "I am a man of peace myself, but some days it is very easy to see why a person might choose the other path.

Some deep level of satisfaction washes over the child with a falcon gaze, and moments later she plops on to her rump, just to find that the little which remains of her chicken has been kitty knicked. Ah well, potatoes are left, and all the better that she didn't need to make a greasy-handed grab for the thing and ruin the leather about the handle. To Iris she answers, "Fine as Dornish wine," her approval and kind regard for Eonn written on her pale visage.

Indeed, Eonn letting go off him when he did not struggle may have had its benefits, as the drunkard reaches the door without falling, and manages to exit the Quill without causing any further problems. Iris will look up now, to shoot Eonn a grateful glance. "I thank you, Eonn. That was very nice of you! That man was horrible." She shudders, seeking comfort in her tamkard of cider. "And… I owe you one.", she adds with a smile, after a moment. Madrighal's remark has her attention next and she nods. "Aye, peace. I'd rather be left in peace by drunkards such as he. It is about time, I'd become a fulltime actress, right, Madrighal? The work here at the Quill becomes more and more tedious. Patrons that mistake you for being a whore, the later the hour gets, the more."

Eonn chuckles to Iris and says, "Another cider, then." He returns to his seat and steals another of Keli's potatoes. "Were you going to stab him?" he asks. "Fighting isn't allowed in here, you know." He's got a bit of twinkle in his cold blue eyes, affection.

Madrighal says, "If acting pays enough to live on, it would certainly be a less exhausting way of making a living, and you are quite good, I think. You should speak to Lord Loryn of it and see what he thinks." I thought strikes him and he pears at Keli, "Are you the girl Lord Loryn is planning to set on fire and fly at the audience in his next play?""

"People play tricks a lot," Kelinyx replies to Eonn, scooting a bit protectively nearer him. "I thought /what if I'da not been ready to help and it'd been needed?/ and then I knew I should be ready. Besides, 'e started it." The potatoes run low. Madrighal's inquiry ensures the potatoes which remain are stuffed into her mouth, her skinny shoulders lifting and falling, ambiguity likely not really matching a question with such an obviously binary reply.

Two fingers go up to Eonn, when Iris replies: "You've certainly earned yourself more than one. Two. No less. Or I will be wroth at you." And here another wink comes, her features relaxed now, apart from the easy smile that graces her lips. After listening to Madrghal she will nod. "I will speak with him, indeed. But I already fear, the wage will not be enough to help me over the times when there are no performances in the theatre…" His remark about Kelinyx has her mien lighten up, and she shoots Keli a curious glance. And noticing the shrug, she'll inquire: "Is that so? Loryn mentioned something about a girl playing a dragon to me as well…"

"Clever girl," Eonn tells Keli. Then he pokes her in the ribs. Iris's offer earns a smile from him and he nods, "You don't need to tell me twice. Make it three. Or we'll see. This girl doesn't sleep."

Madrighal nods, sadly, "Nobles often do not understand what things cost. I have other sources of income, so it is not of much matter to me when there is no play on, but for most non-noble players…." He eyes Eonn, but addresses Keli, "I am paying my friend Maester Leandro to look over the plans and the rig itself.

"So he's gonna set this girl on fire, Lord Playmaker, hmm? She'd better drink lots of cold water to drink before the big night. Whoever the lucky starlet is." Her brows waggle and once ciders are mentioned, she might just be slipping a sneaky hand toward Eonn's big mug of drink, testing his response, even as she leans her weight into his side if allowed.

Eonn looks at Keli's hand, but he doesn't stop her from taking his tankard.

A smile is offered to Eonn, as Iris raises her own tankard in a toast, as if to confirm he will get the three he requested. Madrighal's remark has her turn pensive once again. "I had an offer once, by Ser Teryin Lefford, to work at the Golden Maiden Winery. But alas, I haven't seen him in a while, and now I hear he was found dead, a casualty to those days of chivalry… How stupid men can get to sacrifice their lives for achieving such high ideals." She shrugs, then raises her tankard again. "To Ser Teryin Lefford. His wife must be devastated…" A curious glance is shot Keli's way next and the barmaid chuckles. "I should have brought you something stronger. Really."

Madrighal lifts his own cup readily enough. "I fear it is the way of the world. All thought for honor and little for those left behind. Still, may the Father judge him kindly."

Kelinyx looks like the cat who got the cream, in this case cat being stab-ready tween and cream being Eonn's cider. She doesn't chug it all down, but certainly there's more than a sip, then she returns the drink to the one who earned it. "Dreamers," Keli says in reflection on Madrighal and Iris's conversation. "Can't fill up yer skull with too many dreams, or they push out your common sense. Seen it happen a few times myself, yeh."

Eonn has another swallow of the cider, then pushes the mug back to Kelinyx. "Let her have that one and bring me another," he tells Iris. "I try to keep her from having as much as she wants. Childhood is supposed to be a time of hardship."

A moment of silence follows to Madrighal's toast, at least on the barmaid's part. "But then again, what would life be without dreams," she counters to Keli's remark, shrugging lightly. "Actually, I was about to get you another cider anyway," Iris remarks to Eonn then, noticing he leaves his tankard for Keli to finish and rising from her seat as she does so. More patrons have arrived, and it seems her little break is over. "I may join you later, but for now,… alas, work calls." A smile is offered to all of them, before the serving girl resumes her duties.

Madrighal laughs, "My mother is a very practical woman, who quietly put her money away to by property and shares in shops all over Dorne. A musician can be practical and sensible enough if one chooses to be. Money buys opportunities that dreams alone can not."

"Well, as you're my child, I appreciate your sacrifice." To this, Keli holds up the tankard and pulls it to her chest, the soles of her boots on the bench as she leans fully with her back to Eonn's side, facing Madrighal and sipping lightly. "See, not all of us got parents to look out for us all the time. But some folk like to adopt kitties, so…sometimes it ain't all hardship and sometimes it ain't all wollowin' in lemon cakes."

Madrighal nods, "Very true. I am lucky. I also grew up working, though to some, music may not look like work. To be really good, one must practice for hours everyday. Musicians try to make it all look easy, but that is part of the illusion. I can only hope that all kittens find good homes."

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