(121-08-16) Skulking After Silk
Skulking After Silk
Summary: Kelinyx and Peri capture a Silk Worker. Keli explores the Smuggler's Tunnels.
Date: Date of play (16/08/121)
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It is an overcast evening. The looming sky disinclines people to linger, though the usual food carts are doing decent business and there are already a few drunks making their way. The alley by the Bawdy Bard has the unwholesome smell of numerous men having relieved themselves against walls for generations. The access point to the sewers is a rather large one, likely built when the drainage tunnels first were long, long ago, to allow men to work on the tunnels. The bolts holding it down have long rusted away.

Peri is content to walk with Kelinyx, hand holding the smaller woman's fingertips. She seems to observe the workers.

The slender girl, wrapped in her gauzy cover, walks hand in hand with Peri, but as they approach the sewer entrance, Keli gives it a long and curious look. Tugging Peri's hand, she urges her down for a whisper. "I ain't been in the Undercity for a while now…not in proper…not skulking like I used to…but…you know it, yeh?"

There is a slow scrape as the opening is drawn back from below.

Peri adjusts her silk dress, tilting a bit to take off the skirt portion, being left with a below hip length silk dress, wearing fitted trousers, tucking her skirt into a bag. "I walk the Undercity every night, in silk and jewelry." she offers with a grin, ears perking as she tilts to look at the tunnel nearby.

"Tis a strange place…strange things come from there. Besides myself." She quiets down, keeping a casual gait and leading Peri so they can both have a good look at what's to come while not being obvious about it, a bit behind the corner of a building but still in a line of sight.

A gloved hand appears in the opening, soon followed by it's twin. A bleary eyed young man with wild hair and even wilder eyed emerges slowly from the hole and squats before it, blinking slowly at the pair as if trying to place them. He's a cloth tied over nose and mouth, like a man who's been fighting fires. Though his boots are mucky, the rest of him is only average working man grubby.

Peri watches Keli for a moment as she looks at the man for a moment, letting go of Keli to hoist her pants up, jiggling, her weight stretching as she wraps over Keli with her arm, smiling brightly.

Keli turns to the woman, putting on a believable enough act when she says, "Do you promise we can have dumplins and fruit?" She's doing her best to sound like a demanding daughter, then adds to Peri with a quiet, private volume, "I think…I should…peek in that hole…will you watch…out for me?" She uses Peri's body between her and the stranger to obfuscate lip reading and the rather serious expression on her face. Looks like the girl is up to something.

Peri blinks a bit "Of course baby doll, and we can buy you a tunic." She offers, rubbing Keli's hair, gently. She nods at Keli, her hand squeezing 'her child's' hand.

The man with the gloves starts crawling towards them, with that quizzical expression still on his face. In the half light cast from the square he has the look of a well formed apprentice, but there is something odd about the way his eyes don't quite focus on them.

The continued attention from the man has Keli tugging Peri's hand, her eyes getting wide, face showing alarm, but just for her, the woman's body between the child and the oncomer. "Let's go quickly, then, it's late, their shops might be closing soon." Her left hand on Peri's, her right slips under her shawl and clutches the hilt of a dagger as subtly as possible. The child's body is stiff with battle-ready tension, and it's clear she'd rather the two simply be out of the way (and perhaps near plenty of witnesses) rather than nearly alone in this slum.

Peri looks at Kelinyx "Oh dear, don't tug mommy's hand so roughly, you'll make the baby upset." she offers, resting her hand on her belly. The tall woman is deceptively calm, not a hint of tension on her frame. She walks slowly with Keli, laughing "Do you want mum to buy you a new doll, is that it?" she teases, speeding up with Keli calmly enough.

The peculiar young man strikes up an attitude of religious supplication, "Oh Maiden and mother! I ask you blessings and would know what you wish of your prayerful servant!"

Religion, the perilous language of the world, now coming from a man with strange eyes and aimed at two smallfolk. Keli draws a slow, deep breath, hiding her body behind Peri, peeking around her as slender arms cross over her flat body, ready to send her weapons flying. She's not witty, she's not charming, and unless the daggers are out she has little in the way of intimidation, so the girl plays mum, shy. She is careful that her joints don't show the tension in her muscles, that her neck seems relaxed, and with a quick glance up to Peri she makes a petition that is clear - Peri gets to be the face, and if needed, Keli will be the fists.

Peri looks at the man "Why are you praying at us, mister?" she asks, voice soft as she rubs her hand against Keli's hair, eyes half lidded, her expression cheerful and warm. Her long legs shift, heavy belly adjusting itself as she lets out a sigh, rolling her weight to stretch out just a little bit.

The young man keeps his eyes lowered, "What else ought I do when two of the Seven lower themselves in a cloud of light to speak to a lowly mortal such as my self!"

She might not be educated, but at least the girl has a decent memory. She draws a slow breath, tucking away her weapons as subtly as she took them, then very softly whispers to Peri, "I think the man's got afflicted from a tincture…he ain't 'imself fully."

Peri is quiet "We should get you to the Maesters, for rest and a washing. Would you like a septa or septon to join you in prayer?" she asks, extending her hand to the man, to come foreward. She is very keenly paying attention to Kelinyx and the man.

The man shakes his head, "I'm not worth of such honors. A blessing is all I ask and if you might help me find my way… The street is a little strange tonight.

Peri smiles "You are worthy!" she offers, voice warm and welcoming "Come now, let us get you to the Maesters. You look so pale and hungry child." she hams up, softly, her fingers running through Keli's hair.

Kelinyx pages Peri and Madrighal: So…we're gonna deliver him to Garth. <3

Quite encouragingly, Keli says, "I know a strange street…all streets are strange under the right moon." Keli is playing logic-interference, slipping around Peri's back to take the man's other hand. "I know family is important. A man, a woman and a child is a family, yes? And if you left us, it would break the circle. Come now, just a little walk and we'll be right where *you* need to be."

The man's eyes go wide and he starts backing towards his hole, still on hands and knees, "no! It's more than my place is worth!" he giggles, "'Tis a very strange moon indeed, her light is like water…

Kelinyx asks with a mildly wounded tone, "You would deny a request from us? We chose you, good man…" Then she flashes him a smile. "Come, just a few blocks, and the water will become moonlight, and the circle will be filled." She's doing her best to sound mystical, or at least strange.

The man's shoulders slump and he nods acquiescence. Who is he to deny the Goddesses their requests.

On Keli's return, the lid is still off the hole. Freshly forged rungs lead down into the dark of the drainage sewer.

While she was grinning at the unexpected ease of their ploy's success on the way back, she is soon returning to a more cautious state, having literally run the way back. She's got her dark wraps tight about her now, and thanks to her tall but soft-soled boots, her cautious approach is easy. She checks for parties coming out, checks for voices once near the tunnel, and if all is clear, will begin the descent, her body light, muscles tensed and ready, and stamina good enough as she is warily slow in descent, ready to flee at the first risk of being caught.

It is very quiet in the whole, though plenty of sounds from the Square and the famous brothel reach here. Down in the sewer, there is the sound of water moving over stone. It is very dark down here as the lights in the square don't reach this far. There are little moving puddles of light in both directions as people carry lanterns and the like past occasional drainage grates. The path along the edge is covered in a layer of slime and muck, quite slippery from recent rains. The center of the passage carries waste water and worse things to the sea. This is a crossroads, one path in the direction of the Citadel, one in the direction of the harbour, one towards the Undercity. The water flows from the Citadel and Undercity towards the harbour.

Good enough for her. Provided she can keep out of lamplight, the girl shows her true prowess at quiet skulking. She's well in-tune with her body and unconcerned about muck or stink, nor the crawling or buzzing things that might follow her warm body - at least the gauze is some protection against the latter. Toward the Undercity she goes, remembering as best she can Garth's suppositions that there may be a workshop. Her goal is merely to locate and confirm it, then report back to him.

There are rats. Bold rats. Rays that occasionally run over a boot as they go about doing rat type things. This is a main line. Smaller waterways feed it. drainage grates, privy holes, some still in use after centuries, the occasional trap up into some home can be spotted by sharp eyes up those smaller branches. Somewhere, there is the tell tale sound of a man poling a punt, but echoes are strange down here. There are sygils carved at various turnings and more modern signs in paint. It is every bit as much of a maze down here as the nastier bits of the city are up top. There are spots where cave ins have blocked off passages, and more modern makeshift diggings marring the ancient stonework.

The girl slowly tracks, trying to recall as best she can what few underworld markings she had learned, though she hadn't really managed to grasp reading and writing until her time under Eonn's wing. What she lacks in knowledge, though, she can certainly make up for with energetic curiosity, and it is on this which she relies in tracking - that and a keen sense of smell, be that a punishment as much as a gift down here.

It turns out that a few peeks through the grates will help a clever girl better orient and her nose will lead her down a side passage where the tell tale scents of dyeing can be detencted. There is a wooden ladder and a trap door. Voices can be heard above and light creeps through the crackws around it. The sound of the men poling a punt seems closer here.

Since the sound didn't seem to be following her, Keli retreats back into the tunnel which most recently admitted her to this area, waiting, watching, absorbing information - something she's almost as good at as fighting.

Patience and silence is rewarded by the sight of a two man punt with a crate between the men. They stop beneath the trap. The thinner of the two climbs the ladder and gives an elaborate knock. The trap is lifted, flooding that section of tunnel with light. The men are using scarves to hide their features, but the crate is revealed to have Dornish port markings, but no Oldtown customs seals. The stouter man hands up the box, his movements suggesting light, but bulky contents. They are paid of, and pole back the way they came. The accents of the thin man and the men above were Reacher. There was a hint of the Summer Isles in the stouter man's tones, and what skin might be seen was dark enough.

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