(121-08-14) When the Animals Had a Boat Race
When the Animals Had a Boat Race
Summary: Prince Dhraegon, Eonn of Rills, and Kelinyx hold a Boat Race in the Dragon Manse Garden.
Date: Date of play (14/08/121)
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Dhraegon has his toy boats in the largest fountain and is using a long reed to blow them about.

The waif of the Walled Garden, Keli, is dressed very lightly to handle the heat of a summer night. Just her tunic-dress and some light sandals wrap her form, daggers with her as always, but on a simple cord of fabric around her waist. Her hair is messy, as though she might have been napping. "Prince," she says quietly to the big man, approaching him with shuffling, lazy steps.

Dhraegon is characteristically unarmed, and being safe in the walled garden lacks even his Minder. He looks up and gives Keli a huge smile, "Want to racve? Or should we play hide and seek?"

"I never had a boat race before," Keli says warmly flopping against his side as he crouches near the boats, her weight negligible but her warmth and trusting fondness clear. "Do you pretend you are a captain on the high seas when you do this?"

Dhraegon has his toy boats in the largest fountain and is using a long reed to blow them about. He offers Keli a reed. He gives her a one armed hug. "Sometimes. Sometimes I pretend that some are pirates. Sometimes I put slugs on their and pretend they are… Nevermind. Which boat would you like?

Kelinyx takes the reed, testing its piping ability, then uses it to draw near a smaller boat. "Oh, it isn't important. Because mine is full of horses. They are very smart horses, but they are very tiny. Listen, can you hear them?" Keli even covers her mouth and makes a faint neighing sound. "They have learned how to fish…and eat fish. Or maybe the sell them."

Eonn comes out of the manse. He's not in his armour, just his soft shirt and trews. He's barefoot and carrying a wine-glass.

Dhraegon giggles and mimes listening, "Those are clever horses." He draws his own choice back to line up for the satart, "Mine has cats, which are not very disciplined, but very clever with their paws." He makes tiny, fairly realistic meows. He waves to eonn, "Would you like a boat, Eonn? Oh wait, you have your own, don't you?"

Keli's smile splits wide as she has to struggle not to dash up to him on the spot. "Eonn, we are racing our tiny horses and cats!" she says, frantically waving the reed to wave him over. Why yes, her eyes do lock briefly on the glass of wine, but she's not tackling him and taking hit, so that's nice.

Eonn ambles over, smiling distantly. He's obedient, but slow about it. "Mine's a little big for the fountain, I think," he says. "Where did you get tiny cats?"

Dhraegon explains patiently, "We imagined them. Pick a boat then and what sort of crew is on yours?"

"I think his crew is all oysters, with little arms and legs." Keli draws a breath to make an oyster sound, but the best she can come up with is 'glug glug glug.' Her arm slides around Eonn's side and she nuzzles to his chest, she dressed similarly light, just sandals and her tunic and the soft cord for her daggers instead of the leather belt. "An', also, cuz my ship is special, all the horses are ladies and girls."

"That one," says Eonn, pointing. "The crew is half badgers and half hares. That's why it's going in circles." He puts his non-wine-bearing arm around Keli and squeezes her to his side.

Dhraegon squeals with laughter, "Tiny Oysters with wee little legs! Glug! Glug!" More giggling, "Basdgers andf hares going in circles!"

Readying herself for the race, Keli starts with a few deep breaths, testing her reed like it were a fine musical instrument, then she leans over the edge of the fountain and tells her horses tricks about defeating their foes. "Tell the badgers that the bunnies are made of honey, and the coneys are made of dandelions. When you get to the cat boat, tell them that other cat tails taste like river fish!" Uneducated yes, but Keli works cunning into the game.

Eonn smiles. "The badgers can't catch the hares, and the hares don't want to abandon the ship to the badgers. The oysters are all afraid, because they can't swim." He sits on the edge of the fountain and drinks more wine.

Dhraegon eyes Eonn, "I didn't know oysters can't swim. My cats can, but don't want to. We ought to have a signal when to go."

Kelinyx laughs happily as the game gets so much better with each addition. "And my lady horses are all in love with each other, so it's a perfect team, ayeh!" She gives Eonn a puff of air through her reed. "We should all stomp our feet three times and begin on the third stomp, that way we can save our breathin'!"

"The hares will not hear that stomping," says Eonn. "They're stomping too much themselves. And oysters have no ears. There's nothing for it, they'll all just have to go when they notice it's time."

You say, "I fear Keli has by far the best crew. All my cats want to do is laze about in the sun!" He looks confused, "Are we stomping oir not?":"

Taking a big breath and well-concerned with winning, she lifts a foot very slowly, giving the boys a chance to find the rhythm, then a stomp! One count, two count, three count, then a second stomp! They'd better ready their reeds!

Eonn stomps, off time and lazily.

Dhraegon readies his reed and stomps along with Keli, not quite on the beat. Off beat, even.

Though she manages the rhythm well, she is giggling too much to get a good proper launch, and she nearly sputters the reed into the water. "GOOOO!" she calls, then properly launches the vessel with her face (and some lung power).

Eonn has a swallow of wine before starting, and quite deliberately makes his badger and hare crewed vessel make a wobbly, off-course start.

Dhraegon is struggling with giggles too, but eagerly starts blowing at the last stomp. No way is he not taking this boat race seriously.

The girl again loses it when Eonn plays comedic with his race, her free hand reaching out, pawing blindly behind her to give him a pinch or ten at the sides. Already she's red-faced from the huffing and puffing.

Eonn gets pinched and laughs through his reed, nearly capsizing the hares and badgers. Then he makes little squealing noises, followed by a squeaky, "Badger overboard!"

Dhraegon blows hard, face flushing and cheeks ballooning out. He is trying so hard not to giggle at Eonn's distracting antics. He gives a squeal of distress as a bdger is reported overboard and moves around the fountain so he can blow his ship back the way it came to help with the rescue, making distressed meows in between blowing.

Strained through the reed, Keli announces, "Horse women unite, stroke, clop, make wind! This is our chance!" It all likely comes out as silly sounds, but she hurries around Dhraegon, then squats at the edge of the fountain precariously, trying to keep a mild drift from putting her vessel out of lungpower's reach.

"Fuck badgers! Sail on!" squeaks Eonn, presumably the call of a hare crewman. He puffs on his little ship and it starts to make way.

Dhraegon giggles, "Break wind, my cats!" As they pull up alongside where the badger presumably fell overboard. He makes a series of excited meows.

Kelinyx peals out in laughter, her reed falling into the water. No mind, she'll use laughs and big gusty gales of breathin' to help the ship…not so successfully…perched precariously, fighting more tittering. "We'll sa-a-a-a-ave you next time 'round!" she neighs in tiny horse voice.

Eonn produces a timely and noisome fart, and then says, "That was the cats," before puffing his little ship further along its now almost straight course.

Dhraegon is now giggling too hard to get a proper wind through his reed, He moves back around behind his shipand when he can breath again he dutifully makes an attempt to catch up.

"Mew-tiny!" Keli cackles, tottering, slipping, then splashing right into the water. Alas, this is no game stopper to her, so she just grabs her reed, takes a deep breath, then ends up pouring water into her boat which was trapped in the reed. Pffff!

Eonn stops and laughs as the little boats are nearly swamped by Keli's fall.

Dhraegon makes his cats cry, "Oh Noooo!" As the wave hits, but his boat staying upright, he shrieks, "Meow Power!" And starts blowing again in earnest.

Keli's drenched boat is nearly doomed, and while making time for neighs and whinnies, she soon strikes a Titan of Braavos pose (ooh, someone's been takin' in stories!) and makes her best version of a horn calling out, totally unconcerned with which boat wins at this point.

Eonn grins at Keli, widely.

Dhraegon giggles at the Titan of Braavos pose, before going back to trying to make his boat go faster.

This means that Dhraegon eventually wins, because Keli is too busy tooting out, and it looks like she's about to smash the boats, but instead she cradles them to her bosom as they float by, then leans down to scoop up pretend crew and castaways. "I will protect you all…come live in my belly!" Then with a theatrical evil cackle, she pretends to gobble up the crews, pouring them from ships into her mouth.

Eonn shakes his head and laughs some more. Then he downs the rest of his wine.

Dhraegon gives a squeak of alarm as the crews are devoured in the middle of their meowing cheers.

"Disaster at sea," says Eonn.

"Valhar meowghulis," the terrible tween replies with facetious gravitas before stepping out of the fountain, setting the now empty ships gently on the stone border. "I hope the oysterfolk don't stage a revolt in my Understreets."

Dhraegon bows his head in sorrow at the death of the valiant sailors.

"They always do that," says Eonn. "Don't worry. They can't swim."

Kelinyx gives a sopping-wet hug to Dhrae's arm. "Their spirits will join the Stranger," she reassures him, "And do whatever he does. I don't know. He won't tell me." She snickers, then twirls away, up to Eonn, draping her arms around him as she drips from head to toe.

Dhraegon hugs Keli quickly, headless of his fine clothes, before she twirls away. "We should likely drink to their memory…."

Eonn laughs. He hugs Keli, then stands to turn her upside down.

And up she goes by her ankles, squeaking and wiggling about. "We'll have to catch up with Slitherhoof!" she sagely declares upon the intent to drink! Squirm, writhe, snicker.

"There is no catching up with me," says Eonn. "You will have to mix your mead with lemon and honey." He shakes her a little, gently.

Dhraegon says quietly, "In a small cup for Shadow Claw." He orders them a round and comes back to collect the boats from the fountain.

"Too kind, my Prince," she says softly to Dhraegon, still held aloft, tunic-dress tucked between her thighs as she paws helplessly at Eonn's feet. "Slitherhoooooof," she asks in her best plaintive voice, "Are you hungry, too? Do you need your hair braided?" Despite the reddening of her face from her inverted posture, the girl seems casual about being dangled, perhaps even pleased by the attention.

"Shadow Claw?" says Eonn. "And yes, of course. I am always hungry." He holds Keli by one ankle for a moment so he can get his arm under her back and flip her up, then turning her to put her atop his shoulders.

Dhraegon stage whispers, "That's her code name." In his noirmal voice, "Should we have oysters and cakes?"

Never one interested in proper nutrition as much as simply stuffing her face, the righted waif takes her perch atop Eonn's shoulders contently, arms folded over his crown and she leaning over his head with a deep bend in her spine. She says something quietly to him, then notes, "Cakes over oysters. Easier to catch."

"Roasts and sausages, and bread," says Eonn. "I get plenty of oysters."

Dhraegon orders them roasts , bread, sausages, and cake when the Mead comes.

The small thing makes an excited clap at the choice of foods, no doubt getting better at masking her constant interest in alcohol. "I was listenin' to stories from the ports the last few days, and talked to Maester Garth some, too. He told me about other big cities, like the Titan and how some folk are scared of a skinny ocean." Ocean, sea, what have you.

Eonn moves over to the table, Keli still on his shoulders. He says, "Did he show you pictures?" he asks.

Dhraegon helps himself to his mead. "If he has book with pictures, I will have to ask him to show them next he visits."

"He didn't except with his stories. He does good enough with those, but I would like to see the drawings or paintings, yeh? One day maybe I'll get brave enough to leave the city and see for myself!" She has to twist her little body some to reach the cup of softened drink, some bread as well.

Eonn smiles to Keli. "You will see Braavos," he says, "And the Titan."

Dhraegon watches them over the rim of his Tankard, "That must be exciting, sailing to another country…"

"I wouldn't know," the child states with a smirk, nibbling at her treat, even ginger with her mead. "Sometimes when men are makin lies to impress each other, though, or when the plays happen, or when I watch people brag about what they did before bein' old scared 'em too much to travel, I think I almost get an idea. But I only ever been here. Like you, Prince."

You say, "Well, I've been in other parts of here: KingsLanding Dragon Stone, and the like. I think I should like to see… Dorne, maybe?" He perks up as the food arrives."

Eonn smiles. "Some day, not so many years from now," he says. He has a deep swallow from his tankard, and takes a sausage.

"Well all you been goin' and doin' and guess what? Kelinyx has been here, keepin' the city from burnin' down or washin' away. You can thank me later," she jokingly boasts, scarfing the rest of the bread and going for a sausage, next.

Dhraegon pats her shoulder, "And a fine job you are doing." He eats heartily of bread and sausage."

"Are you sure you're /keeping/ it from doing that," asks Eonn, setting down his tankard to grab one of Keli's feet and tickle it. "I thought it was me keeping you from burning down the city."

"Myahhhh! I'll fall! Be careful!" Sure she will, dancer and sneak, but a tickle will take her out. For his efforts, Eonn gets a few drops of mead very surely accidentally spilled on his head. "Asides, if you let the Prince know my evil plot to feed the world to a fire, then what'll I have for a fun secret?" If Dhrae looks genuinely concerned, she'll cast a reassuring wink to show the joke.

Dhraegon giggles happily, "As long as no one is burning down the city it is likely all right!" He lifts his tankard, "To us not being on fire!"

Eonn laughs. He stops tickling Keli's foot and goes back to drinking.

"To not burning. …yet!" Swig! The girl wiggles atop Eonn's shoulders, noisily snacking on the sausage. "Good food as always. And nothin' smells bad, and no flies, and nobody tryin' to talk to me like I know stuff I don't. I like the garden."

Dhraegon drinks deep and helps himself to a cvake, "They do not feed Princes or Prince's guests bad food.

Eonn smiles, "I," he says, bending so that Keli might easily climb off his shoulders and onto the table, "Like the garden, too. And I want to sleep in the shade for a while." He finishes off his sausage.

Dhraegon suspects there is a hair too much brandy in this whipped cream i made.

"Right now, then? Or after we clear this table and fatten our bellies? I need to drink all this mead up, so the little kitties and horses and badgers and coneys can get sleep, too," the tot says, a bit reluctant to dismount her noble steed but knowing his back might get sore after too long with her bending his spine.

Dhraegon whispers, "Don't tell anyone, but this garden is the best thing in the city.

"Now, with some more meat," says Eonn, taking a chunk of roast. He looks to Dhraegon, "Oh? Why not tell?"

The girl leans on her dear guardian's arm, hooks one of hers around it and reaches for the roasted meat next, listening, though not quiet for her eager eating.

Dhraegon grins, "Then everyone would want to be here and we would never have any peace.

Eonn smiles at that. "True." He gives Keli another one-armed hug and rises, snatching a slice of bread and weighing it down with more meat before he steps away.

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