(121-08-01) Crisis in the Healer's Hall
Crisis in the Healer's Hall
Summary: Maester Garth and Mistress Peri question the Silk Sufferers.
Date: Date of play (01/08/121)
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The healer's hall is currently a literal mad house, with makeshift restraints and healers trying to bath, sedate and treat people ranging from benignly gibbering to violently psychotic. Luckily, by the time Peri arrives, about half the current patients are sedated, and another quarter are on the mend. The Healers look exhausted with so many, often violent or accidentally self destructive people to tend. While a majority of the patients are well off ladies, there are a handful of male dandies and prostitutes. Those not in either of those groups are some of the higher end courtesans, mistresses, and prostitutes, though there are three of the better looking mid-range girls here as well.

Peri is quiet, slipping in with a journal "Ah excuse me." she taps one of the trainees on the shoulder. She's heavy and carrying some mint salve with her. She seems healthy enough "Can I volunteer some aid?" she asks, gesturing at a friend carrying a large basket of prepared food behind her "And may I have a look?" she asks, head tilting to the side.

The healer looks like he's been up for at least 24 hours. They have even young novices doing washing and bed pan duty. The healer looks wildly relieved, "Just don't untie anyone. A few got into the library and did decades worth of damage. Is that salve? Please tell me you brought salve. They don't all have the rash, but the ones that do often scratch bloody.

Peri considers a bit "Yes. Mint salve." She takes the basket to offer it. "Will it help any?" she asks, considering him "Take me to one and lets see if I can do anything?" she offers, curiously watching the healer, adjusting her hair to pin it back up. She looks fairly calm and relaxed now.

Dhraegon leads her to a nearby bed where a middle aged woman of portly build is restrained. She is giggling. He pupils are large and jiggly. There is blood and serum seeping through what looks suspiciously like a man's night shirt. Have at it. She kept scratching." Then he's running off to help with what looks suspiciously like a homeless person violently objecting to being dragged in by sheepish Targaryen guards, "She not in silks, but our orders were all the mad…"

The healer leads her to a nearby bed where a middle aged woman of portly build is restrained. She is giggling. He pupils are large and jiggly. There is blood and serum seeping through what looks suspiciously like a man's night shirt. Have at it. She kept scratching." Then he's running off to help with what looks suspiciously like a homeless person violently objecting to being dragged in by sheepish Targaryen guards, "She not in silks, but our orders were all the mad…"

Peri is careful, "Adarine get a basin of clean water." she looks at the woman, carefully, moving to gently pull up the shirt, examining the woman clinically, expression serious as she takes some clean cloths, moving to double check her hands for cuts and scrapes, cracking her upper back a bit.

There are novices on duty heating water and bringing basins around on a cart. Between the rash and various sorts of filth restrained adults tend to have or get on them, just keeping everyone clean is a major task. Odds are the Citadel laundry is as overwhelmed as the Hall of Healing. It might be noted that the only children here belong to the citadel. There are none younger than fifteen or so among the patients. The woman patient has some abrasion at the wrists from trying to get free of her bonds, though the ankles are fine. The rash is raised areas of inflammation with tiny raised pustules with clear, weeping heads. There are bandages where she scratched herself bloody, and she has bled through some. There are signs ther was salve on the wounds, as the swelling from inflammation is coming down. The rash is mostly in spots where sweat gathers and cloth rubs, though there are some patches in areas where skin is particularly thin and delicate. Her diaper is clean. There is some bruising around her knuckles and her fingernails are ragged. There is still blood under them, likely missed when they washed her. There is some light bruising on her arms, likely from trying to hold her down. Her diaper is clean. She's clearly partially sedated, though conscious. The restraints are tight enough to hold her, but loose enough for good circulation and limited movement. There is some residual dye colouring the skin that couldn't be scrubbed off, in areas like under arms and breasts. Yellow and bluish streaks can be seen. She peers at Peri, as if having trouble making her out, "Are we invaded by giants, then? How do you get your hair to _do_ that?" More giggling.

Peri is quiet "Adarine, go bring a cart of fresh towels from the baths. Offer to take the Citadel's towels and wash them in the scalding water. Make sure the water boils." she orders, a little distracted. She takes the bandages off, without fussing taking to washing the victim so she can get a good look at the rash. "Get some apple cider vinegar, some salt, honey, poppy seed and some limes. This rash I can deal with." she offers, cheerfully enough. "Make a paste of poppy seed, lime, and a bit of water." she half orders to her poor assistant.

There /might/ have been some talk of the Healing Halls running out of clean laundry, what with the sudden influx of patients - here and there pallet beds have also been made up in the corridors for the over spill from the regular wards. There's also more than one novice who's complaining that their bed linens have been commandeered by the Healers. A curious state of affairs, is all this business. Some are being more gracious about it all than others, of course. Here comes another pile of clean sheets, linen wraps, cloths for the cleaning of sores, bandages for the worst affected skins. This pile of soft, white, freshness floats along in the arms of a man - his face obscured by the tower of fabric in his arms.

The pile of 'floating' linens wobbles this way and that as the bearer comes further into the room - at the last moment, narrowly avoiding colliding with Peri's assistant, the man leans to one side to see where he's going. It's Garth, of course.

Adarine rushes off to arrange the laundering and treatment as ordered. The patient wriggles, trying to either get her hands free or rub the rash on Peri's hand and cloth. "Snakes! I don't like Snakes!" In the background, someone is screaming about ants under their skin.

Peri doesn't look too worried about it. "I'm going to scrub the rash with something to take the itch out in a moment. Calm down. I need you to try to concentrate. Did anyone do anything weird to you?" she asks, voice soft, commanding, unwrapping the rash fully on her patient. When the laundry goes by - she grabs a clean cloth, dipping it in clean water, slowly cleaning the rash, careful of the pustules. She actually looks proficient and focused on the issues at hand and the beginning of the cleaning process. She eyes a passing Maester "Reinforcements are coming with clean towels, salves, and extra hands. This shouldn't be contagious if they act carefully."

"Not contagious at all, unless someone else picks up the discarded silks and puts 'em on," Garth says matter of factly to Peri as he approaches the bedside. "Dresses should be burned, bolts of cloth confiscated for evidence. And, hello Mistress Peri. I'd been meanin' to stop by the baths and explain all the commotion there but," he frowns "haven't had a spare minute since. One case turned into two, turned into…" He gestures around the room with one hand, now having got the pile of folded material tucked under the crook of one arm "many more. I've some idea what's causin' all of this now… at least."

The patient whispers, "They were feeding me snakes. I _had_ to hit them."

Peri smiles a bit "my own silks will be boiled thoroughly." she admits, smiling "I can't afford to throw out gowns." she watches him, "The book is a medical book I brought. Its in Lysene and is.. for lovers' ails." she offers, with a soft tone. She considers "Whatever it is, it looks bad, but I can take the itch out easy and help feed and wash them. The girls are getting over time, but, if people are miserable or worried, they may associate my baths with this. My baths are sanitary." she points out, leaning to press the back of her wrist to the patient's forehead "Surely dear. Who fed you snakes?" she asks. She isn't discounting what the woman is saying but she isn't exactly taking it as fact.

"Any of those bright silk gowns should be burned," Garth says again more forcefully. "I don't know if any amount o' washing would get the stuff out, the stuff that's causin' all of this, that is." He sets his burden down on a free space nearby, the top of a little cabinet. He rolls his shoulders as he tries to work out some knots there. "I don't mean all dresses should be burned, Mistress. Just… you must have seen at least one of 'em by now. Colours so bright as they'd give a Summer Islander a headache." The concept left his tongue before he realized it, as soon as cognizance of what he's said kicks in his look turns sour.

The patient is quite earnest, "The monkey that murdered my husband and stole his skin. That's why it didn't fit any more." She looks horrified, "you can't burn my silks. Cost most of my savings!"

Peri blinks a bit "Maybe it is in the dye? Have you tried distilling it?" she pauses "I didn't know a shipment of summer silk came in. Or that most of these prostitutes could afford silks. A silk gown is… painfully expensive. Two yards is twenty stags. Fifteen stags if it is low end" she blushes "Most of my gowns take at least six yards to complete, most have at least ten yards." she points out "The monkey?" she asks, taking the cider and diluting it, pressing the cloth to the woman's scabby pustules to kill the itchy spreading sensation. It likely stings like the dickens but within a minute is likely to bring a bit of relief." she considers "Whatever this is, the drug is irritating and causes delusions."

Peri blinks a bit "Maybe it is in the dye? Have you tried distilling it?" she pauses "I didn't know a shipment of summer silk came in. Or that most of these prostitutes could afford silks. A silk gown is… painfully expensive. Two yards is twenty stags. Fifteen stags if it is low end" she blushes "Most of my gowns take at least six yards to complete, most have at least ten yards." she points out "The monkey?" she asks, taking the cider and diluting it, pressing the cloth to the woman's scabby pustules to kill the itchy spreading sensation. It likely stings like the dickens but within a minute is likely to bring a bit of relief. she considers "Whatever this is, the drug is irritating and causes delusions."

"It's not the dye that's the problem, Mistress, or at least… not the worst of the problems. Clearly, I should explain what I've been able to learn so far - not all on my own, though," he adds. He rakes his hair back behind his ears for the moment and leans against the bottom of the bed. "The cloth's been dyed with stuff that's known to be less than healthy, green cloth's coloured with arsenic, for example. There's a magenta coloured one floatin' around that's shaded with some kinda poisonous laurel… there's others too. That alone would be enough to have some delicate-skinned folks scratchin' at the very least." He pauses as the shouts and wails from other patients almost threaten to drown him out; when the hullabaloo dies down a bit he resumes. "The really nasty thing's whatever mordant, the fixer, has been used - at least on some of the colours. So far, my research has narrowed it down to some kinda highly toxic funghi and.. or… venom from the skin of a toad. These nasty things come from Summer Isles and YiTi." He watches quietly as Peri tends the rashes and sores on the woman's body.

"The dye likely makes you itch, so you scratch… the scratchin' turns into open sores and pustules, which then let the venom into your body. It's the poison that's causin' the hallucinations and the likes." The Maester explains to Peri. "There's been merchants down in the Underground, as well as in other places. Dunno yet how many, or what they're charging to explain how the poorest women are gettin' their hands on it. I'm guessin' that some have it bought for them by rich…patrons." He deliberately chooses that word, rather than 'customers'.

The patient whispers, "Got them from the cart in the Undercity. My friend knew a man….It was hiding, but I saw it creeping. Slit him right open. Pried him out like an oyster." She shouts, "Impostor!" She screams in earnest as the medicine touches her, "Your cutting me open! I'll not be a Giantess' dress!"

Peri is quiet for a long moment "Let me use my pull. I live in the undercity." she admits. She considers "Garth, do you think we could catch the man by going to try to buy some? I doubt anyone saw me come to the citadel." she eyes the woman "Bitch please you wouldn't even make an adequate breast bag and thong for me." she takes the poppy seed paste when it is offered and begins applying it with her fingertips onto the scabs and irritation, "I've been confused for a whore before. If I put on one of my linen gowns I could do a patrol." she offers. "I wouldn't wear the silks though."

Garth sucks in a deep breath, audible as the air passes across his lips. "Do you really think that you should be takin' those kinda risks in your condition, Mistress?" He looks meaningfully at her belly before returning his attention to her face. "I wouldn't want to think of you doin' that, we don't know how they…whoever's selling the silk…might react if they suspected for some reason." He continues to watch as Peri applies salve to the other woman, whether she likes it or not. "I'm too easily recognized to go try doin' somethin' like that myself, even if otherwise I could fit in - besides, ethics of bein' a Maester likely prevent me from being part of such a deception. I came across an urchin, thinkin' she might be able to go nose around if I ask her nicely - little thing like her won't easily be noticed."

The patient is cowed by the fierceness of the presumed giantess and meekly submits to her torments. The woman in the next bed is unrestrained. She is hoarse from yelling, but calm enough to be allowed loose. She rasps, "They been given 'em out. For s'lect people, they said. Drumming up custom. We was glad to have 'em. Let us sell in the square to Maesters and th'like. Cleaner, doncha see."

Peri giggles a bit "I have lots of pretty girls who work for me who would do it for a gold coin, honestly." she pauses "Some of them used to be prostitutes." she admits, wrapping her poor patient with a bandage. The spa girls have showed up, standing in a line for Peri "Clean the injuries, They will scream. You are doing good. You all get a stag for coming to aid the Maesters added on your pay. After you have the women clean apply the poppy seed paste. The ones that smell foul put a bit of basil or peppermint oil on the linen wraps. Wash your hands thoroughly between each patient in hot water with a lump of lye. The rash may not be infectious." she half orders, expression giving away displeasure at the small folk being screwed around with. She listens to the woman "Do you remember what they looked like?" she is quiet, taking time to look at the calmer patient, following her own instruction and washing her hands with a lump of lye soap.

Garth seems to prefer the idea of Peri sending one of the girls who work for her, rather than going herself. The bustle of tending to the injured goes on around them all but he, like Peri, seems deeply curious as to what the bed-bound woman has to say about where the silks came from.

Peri's minions set to work. The bottle blonde looks exhausted. She makes an effort to remember. "It were two weeks ago or such like… I'm a little hazy on the time. I… started to get a little confused after the first faint… They were rough like. Looked like sailors. Had that weathered look about there faces, you know? They were very tan and looked like they were hard livin', but muscular in that stripped down way sailors often have. One might o'been Dornish, but he didn't say much, and there's plenty look Dornish round abouts what aren't. The one did the talkin' likely was from here though. He was dark too, but he sounded Undercity. Said I was pretty and would set off the silks, though he wouldn't mind a huffle for him'n his friend and I didn't mind as they were the prettiest I seen anywhere. Yellow as a tart and green as a bottle of honeywine…"

Peri is attentive enough, her long legs shifting before she takes some salve to work onto the woman's rash, inspecting her carefully "Are you hungry, sore? How may I help you?" she asks, cleaning the woman. She is.. surprisingly compassionate about the plight, although her face is giving away anger. Not at the victims though.

Garth lets Peri tend to the patient for a moment, he turns around and surveys the room - the assortment of patients and the like. He collars one of the passing acolytes. "We should start segregating the patients more, try and divide them by those who're on the mend and those that need restrainin', possibly find somewhere else for those who's symptoms are some kind of mind-malady, rather than caused by the cloth."

The addled woman with the rash says, "Might I have some soup? No snakes mind! They are always trying to sneak snakes into you." The bottle blond says, "I could _murder_ a chicken!" The acolyte nods, "We're moving the ones who don't look like to mend to the provost's for now, if they don't have anything else wrong needing treating…. I'll see if we can move the ones on the mend out to the chapel, mayhap."

Peri agreeably nods "And give the ones on the mend some food. The body heals better with olive oil, grapes, bread and a bit of cheese. I've provided." she offers, expression warm and calm. She washes her hands, taking a chunk of bread - grilled with a drizzle of olive oil to offer to the addled woman's mouth. "Oi oi eat up." she offers, chipperly.

Garth nods to the acolyte. "Very good, yes. That should help ease the burden on those doing the treatment and those being treated…those who're well on the road to recovery won't be gettin' disturbed as much by those who're in the throws of whatever, thinkin' there's snakes under their skin or monkeys murderin' their kinsmen and women." His own stomach growls at the mention of food.

"You're a good hostess, Mistress. I can see why your business is such a popular one." The Maester says pleasantly.

The bottle blond starts to eat, then makes an alarmed face. She does swallow, "That… tastes peculiar. Please check it?" She closes her eyes and sighs, "I'm used to the halos and the weird way things move still, but nothing is quite right." She adds hurriedly, "I'm not having visions anymore; please don't tie me up. It's just things aren't quite right."

Peri mms a bit "We've all been sick and miserable." she pauses. At the food, she hesitates, taking a piece of the bread to stuff in her mouth. "It is oat bread, not wheat. I made the dough personally and took it to the baker." she offers, she chews, swallowing down the tasty bread. "Are you not used to light bread?" she asks, curiously.

"Might be the toxin in the cloth alters the way that the tongue registers tastes," Garth suggests in reply to the patient's comments about things not tasting quite right at the moment. "Some compounds can do that kinda thing, if that's the case then things should taste as they used to as soon as the substance is out of your body, Mistress…" He considers the patient, he doesn't know her name.

The blond blushes, "It…tasted of fish. It's like your hair looks like you are under water and the walls keep breathing, I expect. Please don't tie me up. I know it's delusion…. El-a.. Luna. My names Luna." She sighs, "Lily and I was trying to move up. Don't look like it'll happen now."

Peri blinks a bit "My hair is curly." she offers, honestly "And it happens. You aren't screaming, and your head is coming back. I'm afraid to go too heavy on the food." she admits, looking to Garth and observing him for a moment. " I would never feed someone something bad." she admits.

Garth reaches up to smooth down his hair, just making sure that it's not really wavering around as if he were underwater (though maybe Luna meant Peri's hair). "Don't think that there's any need to restrain you, Mistress Luna, since you know that what you're seeing isn't likely to be real. The biggest dangers come from those who can't tell the real from the imagined, like the soul who was tearing leaves out of the books," he frowns at that memory. "Lily? Think I met your friend already, she mighta been the one who was taken to the baths a few days ago."

The bottle blond bites her lip, "I'll try, Mistress… Not so much curly as floating around your head and waving in the current… Not that we're under water. I know that." She giggles at Garth's smoothing, "You're not underwater. It's more like there's a red light around your head… I knoiw it's not real, nor the blue light round my arms and legs. I'm getting used to it really. I'll try the bread again. It just startled me is all." She looks worried, "Is Lily all right? she had the faints something fierce all week."

"She was quite ill when we brought her up here, then she got very angry and called the Maesters, me included, some very colourful names but we let her go in the end… hope she just stays away from those silks and doesn't go buyin' any more of 'em." Garth tells Luna. "Curious as to why I should be red, and you should be blue…. but at least you're not under the impression that I'm the Stranger come for you." He smiles a little.

Peri is listening, nodding a bit. "The books damaged, if its something I can read, maybe while I'm on my leave preparing, perhaps if they aren't forbidden I can personally see to writing them in a new bound book?" she offers, smiling a bit. She's in a good mood despite the situation. "Its always water with me, ain' it?" she jokes.

Luna snorts, "When the Stranger comes for me, I'll know it right enough. My heads much clearer than it was. It got hard to think right after a while, but I'm better now."

"Doubt I have clearance to let folk from outside the Citadel near the books, at least not without special clearance. Books on exotic creatures, scorpions and snakes, that kind of thing," The Maester explains to Peri before he nods to Luna.

Peri laughs a bit "We could ask.. I'll be making shrimp stew. Something with heavy herbs." she admits, weight swaying on her feet as she touches along Luna's face and neck "If you ever have something uncomfortable on your body come in to the bath and we'll look at it. If I ever get a chance, I want to get some of the little skin cleaning fish that are in ponds in the grass sea. They would have helped muchly." she admits.

"It sounds like Mistress Peri has everything under control here, patients' moods included," Maester Garth says. He smiles at the women-folk and then stretches again. "I'd best go start helpin' make preparations to get some people moved here and there," he nods his head towards Luna again. "You needn't worry, shouldn't be too long before you're fine to leave." Another kindly smile before he walks off, towards the main corridor.

Luns is clearly suppressing panic at either Garth or Peri's words or the touch, though it's not clear which. "I… think I'll go use the chamber pot, Mistress, Maester, if that's all right."

Peri rests her hands on her lower back "oh quit moving you cheeky little bastard. You already have me swollen up." she groans at her own belly with a sigh. She moves to sit for a moment, puffing softly.

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