(121-07-30) Disturbance at a Party
Disturbance at a Party
Summary: Jennifer Mallister collapses at her own party to the distress of family and friends.
Date: Date of play (30/07/121)
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The Hightower Lord has just arrived at the house-warming party. The air is full of music and the smell of freshly-brewed stout. Gwayne smiles and dips his head to Jennifer, "It pleases me to see new businesses popping up in the city. I will do anything within reason to help them succeed."@

Apparently her introduction was too awkward, so Kelinyx takes a deep breath, tries to muster a proper stance of a messenger, and reiterates. "Prince Daevon Targaryen has sent these gifts, brandy-laced lemoncakes, and a donation to the success of this house!" Her voice is reedy, scratchy, girlish, but she speaks from the diaphragm and does her best to invoke the stance of knights before their royal patrons. With that, her scrawny arms hold out the basket and she kneels, trying to be subtle about how she peeks at all those fancy folk gathered, possibly peering at Gwayne with a 'help-me!' expression if he has a keen enough eye to spot it.

Prince Dhraegon arrives with his usual 'out in Public' entourage. Two Targaryen house guards accompany the palanquin, along with four men sturdy enough to carry the Prince. One guard comes inside with him, standing quietly in the background in case of trouble. At his elbow is the inevitable Flox, a small, nondescript man with a harried look about the eyes. Flox is carrying what looks suspiciously like a box from Good Queen's Cake House. The Prince himself is well groomed and wearing a striking outfit of yellow, orange, and black. The Prince squeals with delight on seeing people he knows. Being Dhraegon, he comes right in for the hugs, Steffon being his first target.

Pausing for a few moments as he sees that look from Jennifer, Steffon takes a deep breath, before he looks over to Kelinyx now. "Gifts? From Prince Daevon?" he asks, after a few moments of pause now, offering a quiet smile as he moves the rest of the way over.

Right after that hug from Dhraegon is taken care of, of course.

Jennifer watches her father deal with the girl and her eyes go back to the Lord, she smiles then as she sips on her own stout, and smiles with the music. The air is happy and carefree as the nobles talk and sample the brews here. As the prince hugs Steffon she laughs a little then she turns her eyes to the girl "thank you for the gifts.. we were not expecting any." she motions for her handmaiden to recieve them.

Jennifer is in a dress of the finest silk - bright periwinkle with silver thread woven through it .

Gwayne rests his hands on his hips and eyes Dhraegon's entrance with a smile. He may not know the man personally, but being the lord of Oldtown, he pretty much has to keep up with the nobility and what he hears about Dhraegon, he likes. A look at Kelinyx and he offers a simple shrug, lifting the cup of stout to his mouth for a drink.

Kelinyx has at least been received, so that's something. She looks for a spot such a tasty gift might go, the satchel of coins and letter of good wishes from Daevon settled into the hands of a trustworthy-appearant assistant of the household, certainly in view of the leadership so they might be able to manage accountabilities. That's not Keli's gig. Instead she sidles up near the vaguely-familiar Dhraegon and tries to look useful, or at least stay out of the way. Jennifer gets a thankful nod of the waif-child's head, though, and if they're not all grabbed up, Keli will certainly help herself to one of the lemoncakes.

Dhraegon's voice is a deep bass, consistant with his size, but rather at odds with his goofy smile and childlike delivery, "Have you thought about the Tarth trade idea?" Then he is attacking Jennifer with a pick up and spin hug, giggling. Flox looks pained and hands over the box of tarts and jam cakes, the Prince's house warming gift. The Prince asks, "Who are your friends? I learned about how to make slug traps with beer!" He gives Kekli and Gwayne a big friendly smile.

"Still waiting for a message…" Steffon replies, looking a bit relieved that there's now another target of the hugs. Stepping back a little as he does, to look around at the rest of the crowd now.

Jennifer hugs the prince and as she is spun around she blinks a little and she eeps a bit "woah!" she says as she is spun … "what did you touch me with?" she asks as she begins to itch .. her fingers sweeping against the periwinkle silk and she inhales deeply as she rubs her eyes. She staggers and trips over her own feet as she tries to regain her composure

"I am Lord Gwayne Hightower, my Lord," remarks the man to Dhraegon with a short bow before he returns to sipping the stout that was offered to him earlier.

Well, she hasn't been shooed away yet, so Kelinyx will happily remain in attendance to this curious event. After all, mostly new faces, treats, celebration, not getting boxed on the ears? This party has everything! Looks like the kid's even had her hair washed recently, and she actually smells rather nice, something that at least mildly contributes to the possibility of her belonging here. Then again, some of the more savvy might recognize her as Daevon's messenger already.

Dhraegon sets Jennifer down and looks alarmed, "My hands?" The Prince smells of lavender and vanilla, and doesn't seem to be wearing any odd pomades or lotions. He absentmindedly recites his memorized introduction, his attention clearly on the distressed Mallister, "I am Prince Dhragon Targaryen it is nice to meet you… Are you all right, Jennifer?"

"Good evening." comes a new voice. This is a young lady with what might be coppery-brown hair in the sunlight, not so much indoors. Her eyes are a little too blue, though. That at least may be interesting. She has dressed up a touch - her kirtle is silvery silk decorated with various sized of pearls. She has brought along a small basket, perhaps this is her gift. "Ah, there he is. I _thought_ I heard Prince Dhraegon."

Steffon had started moving back a bit now, but as he sees Jennifer staggering and tripping, he moves forward for her, looking quite concerned now.

Jennifer shakes her head, whatever happened had struck her as the Prince spun her around, the periwinkle silk spinning round the Lady's ankles. She spun and then settled on the ground, and her fingers reach out as if to touch the grass. She twitches and then scratches her shoulders as she murmers something to her father.

The arrival of Doryssa draws a familiar smile on Keli's pallid face, and she can't help but at least stand nearer the woman than the others, though she seems to know enough to stay out from under feet and bustles and trains. Watching Jennifer curiously, she nibbles at the last bit of her lemoncake, delaying grabbing another snack to make sure Jennifer's addled in a way she enjoys, not succumbing to some unknown and unwanted intoxication.

Dhraegon looks relieved to see Doryssa. "Hello, Doryssa. Could you… see if Jennifer is all right?" He wrings his hands and goes to stand next to Kelynx, who he hasn't actually met, and Dryssa. In a small, childlike voice he says, "I promise I didn't do anything."

Doryssa offers a curtsey to the assembled lords and ladies and another for the Prince. "Hmm?" she asks with concern. "Is there something wrong?" and she moves towards Jannifer. "I am not a maester, lady, but I have picked up a few things here and there." she says, a bit too humbly. "Are you well?"

Steffon blinks a bit as he hears Jennifer's words now, "Huh?" Watching her carefully, before he looks over at Doryssa, lowering his voice as he says something to her.

"Me /neither/!" Kelinyx clarifies to Dhraegon, practically hiding behind him as all eyes turn on the tumbling girl. "Is she sick? This happen often? I ain't met her before." There's a real bit of concern in Keli's voice, but she isn't diving in yet - proof of her confidence in Doryssa's skills, if nothing else.

Jennifer twitches and her fingers begin to itch under the silk… she pushes her hand against the silk as it slowly "It itches…" she says quietly to the woman whom approaches.. she then leans closely to look at the grass.. she brushes her hand over her shoulder as she looses herself to whatever it is that is bothering her. "The…the guests must go."

Dhraegon looks like he would like to hide behind Keli, but seems cognisant that that might not work what with him being a man mountain and her being a little girl. his lip trembles as he watches the proceedings.

Doryssa wrinkles her nose at what the tall man in purple tells her, low. "Whaat? Purple…" and she hurries the rest of the way to the lady's side. She kneels swiftly next to Jennifer, setting her basket near to hand. "Good thing I brought all this." It's a pretty basket of peeled willow branches, inside are a number of little boxes and small glass jars. She reaches out to try to take the lady's hands in hers a moment. "Lady? Will you look at me, lady?"

Kelinyx frowns a bit, and finds her arms wrapping around one of Dhraegon's own. "I…I guess we should go…outside or something…be close by in case we can help, though." With that she gives a reluctant tug to the big man's arm, her worry growing until Doryssa's reassured tone at least keeps the little waif from becoming more distressed.

Moving over to try placing a hand on Jennifer's shoulder, Steffon tries just being there and calm his daughter a bit now. "Easy. She will help you…" he says, quietly now.

Doryssa pages Dhraegon and Jennifer: I assumed she was having an allergic reaction to something - maybe the lavender - so I was going to go with a white willow bark salve because that's the best anti-inflammatory I can think of that would be near to hand.

Jennifer tilts her head a little as the woman asks her to look at her and she blinks looking at her and she shrieks "noooo!" she starts to brush herself off and franticly she tries to take off her dress. Though her handmaidens are trying to move the Lady into the house proper.

Dhraegon is now flat out terrified. He covers his eyes with one hand and attempts to frind Keli's hand to clutch for comfort.

Doryssa frowns again, thoughtful. "Lady, you have to control yourself and tell me what you are feeling." She sighs as Jennifer's maids are making this difficult, but she can hardly stop them. "DId she eat anything odd, my lord?" she asks Steffon, who at least seems calm. She reclaims the basket and moves to follow the lady into the house. "Does anyone know if there are things she should not eat and may have? Do things make her itch or swell…?" that mostly said after the lady's maids.

Kelinyx at least knows well enough not to resist the orders of a birthday girl, especially one who is falling ill. She makes sure /someone/ hears her when she says, "I'll be right outside, let me know if I can do anything at all!" Then, summoning up will and resolve rare to one her age, she squeezes big Dhrae's hand and says, "Come on, we're going to stand guard outside for a while, make sure nothing else scary happens." Despite the final, truly worried look she gives Jennifer, she must trust Doryssa greatly, for with that she tugs Dhraegon outside the area as best she can.

"I don't believe so…" Steffon replies to Doryssa, blinking again as he sees Jennifer trying to remove that dress. "Wait… I think she just got that dress…" At the part about things she shouldn't eat and such, he leaves that for the maids, since they probably know more about that than the father who had been absent for a few years.

The maids shake there heads "no no, there is nothing…" they pause and nod to what Stephon says "come on lady. lets get you out of the dress." Jennifer is freaking out by now "there crawling all over me." she breathes in hysteria.

Dhraegon obediently follows the little girl's directions, this being terrifying fort the easily confused Prince.

Malcolm arrives late, with a pot of berry jam tied in a bow as a present. He isa in his fanciest outfit and looking a tad uncomfortable.

Steffon still looks quite worried as he watches Jennifer now. "I'm going to find out who sent her that…" he begins, clenching his fists a little.

Malcolm gets a flash of skin a lady is being disrobed! What kind of party is this!… There seems to be a scene where the now bare Lady is trying to scratch a rash on her skin. "the bugs…are!" she snaps at Dory as if she can not see what illusion she can.

"Sent her the dress?" Doryssa asks. "Why would the dress..? No. Surely noone could poison a dress? Why would they want to?" She considers a moment. "Could that be it? Surely I have something to purge the lady of most anything… think, girl." she tells herself aloud. Now that the lady is free of the cloth, Doryssa moves closer to examine the lady's skin. "DOes anyone see aby rashes or swelling?"

Malcolm looks away, like a gentleman. Turning his back to avoid seeing what he shouldn't he asks, "Is there ought I can do? Water perhaps?"

The rash is inflamed and there are tiny pustules that weep when scratched. The strips of rash are in areas that sweat gathers and cloth rubs.

"Bugs?" Steffon looks very confused now. "Jennifer, there are no bugs…" Reaching out to try holding her hands so she'll stop scratching for now. "Listen to me, let the lady help…"

Jennifer breathes deeply as she feels her hands being held and she whimpers "there…everywhere….Everywhere…in you, in me.." she breathes frantically "on her…"

Doryssa follows. "What are crawling all over you? Lady, there is something wrong with… I do not think there is anything…" and she sighs as she waits for the lady's dress to come off. "I do have some willow bark salve which may help. I wonder, though, if perhaps we should give you something to help you sleep right away?"

The entrance hall is rather modest, with only one tapestry with the inverted colors of House Mallister covering one wall. A pair of windows offers a bit of light during the day, and the stone floor is covered with a rug of green. A narrow stone staircase leads up along the south wall.

Right ahead is the main room, with a large oak table surrounded by eight chairs of good quality but plain style. The dramatic backdrop for the area where meals are served, however, is a huge tapestry that covers almost all of the wall. It shows a map of the oceans surrounding the riverlands. A door stands on the wall just beside it, leading into the garden.

On the other side of the room is a hearth with three comfortable chairs and a small table where sometimes a flagon of wine can be found beside a few cups of clay. The stone floor is covered with a few rugs, and at the walls are sconces with oil lamps that offer flickering light at night.

Maybe all the time Keli has spent around nobles, leaders, knights and warriors hasn't been wasted in the bottom of a cup of wine. She stands with Dhraegon outside the door, holding his big hands in her little ones, looking up to him seriously. "I ain't never met her before, and I only seen you around a couple times. Now I know that's a Hightower knight in there named Gwayne, and a girl named Jennifer, and I think that Steffon's her father. I know that lady Doryssa is somethin' of a healer, and helps out the underfolk like I used to be. What do /you/ know about those people?"

Dhraegon is trailed by guards. His minder has clearly done a flit. Prince Dhraegon looks at her with big worried eyes. "Jennifer Mallister makes really interesting custom ales and her father captains a trading vessel. They seem really nice, though the captain is sad because his wife died… Um…. Doryssa is nice and a friend of Visenya and helps babies come. Her family is connected to mine through marriage. I've never met that Hightower knight, though I am going to marry his kinswoman."

Her head slowly nods, an appreciative if serious expression remaining on her face. "Okay…okay, that's all very good to know. Thank you." It seems that Keli is keeping the conversation driven, focused, as much for herself as for him. "Now do you remember seeing anyone unusual come here tonight? Or anything strange at all, tonight? I got here later than most of you, and I don't know why the dear Lady is so upset, suddenly. An idea occurs to her, visible in her brightening eyes. "Does she have allergies? You know, the thing where some foods or stings or such might make a person get sick, get a rash or such?"

Dhraegon speaks to the girl exactly as he speaks to adults, respectful and taking her seriously, though his childlike manner doesn't alter, "I got here when you were giving her gifts from Daevon. I promise I didn't do anything weird. People don't usually react like that when I hug them… I like hugs, so I hug people a lot."

Keli looks to him as understanding begins dawning clearly on her face. "Y-…yeah…I like hugs, too. Some people forget how much they mean." With that, the little one slides her arms around his waist and peers up at him. "I really hope she's okay…I work for Daevon, I don't think you'd do anything bad cuz you're nice like him. You're not like Vis…" She doesn't finish the thought aloud, just squeezing tighter.

Dhraegon looks relieved as she hugs him. He hugs back gently, "hugs make me feel safe. Like cake. I like Daevon. He's very wise and he doesn't yell." he seems not to catch the reference to his kinsman's twin. "That was scary, wasn't it."

"It's still scary," Keli confides, "But at least Doryssa is there. She seems very nice, and like she wants to help people, yeh? I saw her giving salt and bread to the poor, and she is like a Maester sometimes. She pulls teeth and helps with babies…hope she can help poor Jennifer." Now the girl is worried, clinging to the huge man for her own consolation.

Dhraegon pets her hair and makes soothing sounds, "she believes everyone ought to have help when they are sick whether they can pay or not. I think she is clever and kind." He seems to calm down as he comforts her.

Kelinyx sighs quietly. "I'm Keli," she says quietly to him, looking up to his face, her eyes locking with his quietly. "And you're Dhraegon. And we're gonna do all we can tonight to make sure Jennifer is okay, aren't we?" A bit of hope from the girl, perhaps rare, but no less sincere.

Dhraegon's big lavander eyes are sincere, "We will. Do you thing we should send for a Maester? Or might she rather have another Lady, like Doryssa."

"I…I don't know," the skinny child answers. "Does this house have a Maester? I never been here before, just met 'em all tonight. Might…might be a good idea," she admits.

Dhraegon tells a guard to get a Maester, please. The guard looks reluctant to abandon his post, but the other guard gives him a nods. He ruins off. Dhraegon gives her a sheepish smile, "I am badat deciding things. Thank you.

"Me, too. At least when it involves people I don't know need a stabbin'." Keli sighs quietly, then pulls out one of her nicely crafted daggers. "Look…I use these if people try to stop me from delivering messages, or try to take adva…uvanti….fuck with me,"

Dhraegon looks very impressed by the dagger, "Oh! you must be very responsible! I am not supposed to have sharp knives." he sighs, "some people are very mean. I don't like when they are mean. That knife is very pretty.

"Thank you, Dhraegon. I am not really responsible unless it comes to my cutters or my messages, or anything Eonn tells me. He is like my dad, yeh? He is responsible for me, yeh? So I feel good payin' him back in kind." She puts away the weapon, then leans against the big man. "I don't like when people are mean, either. I can't fix all the shite ways people act, but I try to keep an eye out. Once there was this girl, Emy, and a man tried to pin her in an alley…between her stabber and my two, 'e changed his mind." She can't help but wear a proud if devious grin at that. "What do you like to do, Dhraegon?" She still is trying to keep his mind and hers off the worrying matter just beyond the doors.

Dhraegon keeps petting her hair as if she was a cat. his blank expression suggests he doesn't follow most of her talk, but he seems to take comfort from the distraction of it. "I don't think I know Eonn, though Daevon says he might like my boats. I have little boats I like to sail in the garden fountains and I like hunting slugs and playing in the garden."

Kelinyx says to Dhraegon smoothly, "Then after all this is taken care of, some day soon we can go to the garden and I will see your boats and your slug traps. It will be a nice way to relax after this night, yeh?" She's half-hugged about his waist and being petted, the two of them both looking clearly troubled, but at least distracted.

Dhraegon nods excitedly, "We can race them. I have these long reeds so we can blow on the sails!"

It is some time later when Doryssa returns. "Oh." she says, as she spies the Prince and Keli. "She is… well, she is sleeping now. There were no inspects, but she had a terriblr rash. It was something like poison ivy." She frowns. "I think… Ser Steffon seems to think it was perhaps something on the dress."

Kelinyx frowns in thought for a moment, once she hears Doryssa's words, but ultimately the relief expressed comes through the visible relaxing of her body as much as the timid smile she dons. She holds Dhraegon's hand as she steps closer to Doryssa. "I was really worried for a while…I am glad she is resting. I hope she is all better by morning. This was a poor name day for her. I am glad you were here, Doryssa Massey Stonedance."

Dhraegon wrinkles his forehead in concentration, "I think Flox said something about Lord Delwyn and Maester Garth finding sick ladies at the cake shop and bringing them to the manse for treatment…." He keeps hold of Kelinyx's hand. Thank you for taking care of her Doryssa.

Dory laughs wearily. "Little ghost, my name is Doryssa Massey. My family's holding is called 'Stonedance'." She nods, though. "I think she shall be. We rubbed her down with a willow salve. Still." She offers the prince a curtsey as he thanks her. "It was my pleasure. Are… are you alright, though?"

Kelinyx speaks for herself, but possibly expects it to include her big companion. "I think we were confused…it was more than I expected. I ain't been to a name day since Prince Daevon's, and it was…not like this." Something makes her look a bit stormy for a moment, but she moves on from it. "Should I call you Lady Massey? Lady Doryssa?" Anything to distract her from this troubling evening, even if it's boring old protocol.

You say, "Maybe we should have mead and cakes. It was pretty scary.""

"No, please." Doryssa responds. "My mother is Lady Massey. She was a Velyarion once, then she married my father." She nods at the Prince's suggestion. "Mead and cakes would be a good idea for you, Your Grace. Perhaps we could see you back to your manse, you might be more comfortable there." She considers a moment and she sobers. "If either of you know of anyone, lord or lady, who has received a strange gift of cloth - they should be very careful with it."

The Dragon Door Manse has a large walled garden behind. The tall stone walls have iron spikes topping them to prevent climbers, and a heavy double oak-and-iron gate leading into the alley behind. It's quite solid, though there is a little door in it that one might open to look out. Near that gate is the stables, with an attached mews on one side and kennels on the other. There's a small paddock for the horses behind the stables, and in front of it a space for training at arms, with a simple pell as well as a more complex practice dummy that can pivot when struck. These utilitarian areas are separated from the rest by a lower, and gateless, wall. Orange trumpet-creeper grows over it in most places.

Between this wall and the garden is a great fire pit, ringed in glossy black stones, each cut to interlock with the next and engraved with the image of a dragon. They're all in slightly different poses.

Nearer to the Manse is the garden proper. Its has winding stone paths and is planted thickly in flowers and trees. Most of the blooms range in colour from fire-orange to blood red. Deep purples are also included in the garden's otherwise limited palette. The pride of the plantings is an enormous flowering quince tree, some thirty feet tall — not large for a tree, but vast for one of its type. Clearly it has been pruned for generations to take on this form, single-trunked, with its branches curving up and then down in a fountain shape. Each of them nearly touches the ground and is heavy with bright red-orange flowers. One can step through them to stand hidden under the umbrella of blossoms, shaded and cool.

Most of Oldtown's grand manses have a fountain at the center of their gardens. Here there are only a few small ones, here and there along the paths. At the center there is, instead, a black stone pavilion, standing in the open and unshaded by any trees. It is seven-sided, with arched doorways on its East and West walls. It is otherwise glazed, including its domed roof. The glass is black and clear and red, pieced together to form the three-headed dragon sigil of House Targaryen. The image is repeated on the floor inside, in red jasper set into the black marble. The pavilion houses long curved benches of that same black stone. It gets tremendously hot inside.

Dhraegon rushes to his nice soothing garden and there is no Flox to stop him ordering mead and jam cakes. Keli is given a much smaller cup than the Lady and the Prince's tankard.

Jam cakes and mead are clearly something the girl looks forward to, and something about Dhrae's demeanor seems to truly set the girl at ease. She finds a small, common flower and plucks it, settles it behind her left ear, then tries to do the same for him. "I am sorry I did not greet you proper before…you…you know. You're big…an' I'm little. I was…well, ya skeerd me until I saw how nice you are," she says to the huge man.

Doryssa comes back to the manse with the others. "Yes. Your Grace is very kind." Doryssa agrees. "I could see that when that lady great with child came to the manse and Your Grace was so very caring about her well-being."

Dhraegon giggles as Keli puts a flower behind his ear. He seems much happier in his familiar garden. he helps himself to several of the assortment of cakes and takes a big drink of his mead. He nods as Keli admits to being scared. "It's alright, Keli. I get nervous in formal gatherings too. I worry I will forget my speeches and there are so many names to remember." He gives Doryssa a friendly smile, "I was glad you came. It was less scary with you there to take over."

Keli nods in agreement to his praise, looking to the woman fondly. "You are a good person to be in this city. You balance things some…if there was more uh you, maybe I wouldn'ta had to get so good at stabbin' in the first place. Sneakin's still more fun, anyway." Meadsip, cakenibble. The girl seems more relieved by the moment in their presence and in this safe place.

Doryssa bends a little curtsey. "It is my honor to help, Your Grace. I am always at your disposal or that of the other royal family. It must be difficult to be so far away from home." She smiles reassuringly. "But now you are here and all is well." she says gently. "I might suggest Your Grace consider retiring to bed early, the excitement may set your stomach to sour or upset your nerves."

Dhraegon looks rather alarmed at all the talk of stabbing and has another long pull at his mead, "It always seems like I am moving somewhere. I spent the most time at Kingslanding and Dragonstone, but after the accident, I got moved around a lot…. It's lonely now that the Old King is gone." His pale eyes fill with tears, "He was really nice to me. I had a scare the other day as Jaeherys looks so much like him." He sighs, "I will go up soon. Flox can give me a sleeping draught."

Doryssa nods. "A sleep will do us all good. Your Grace will feel much better in the morning. No doubt you will have a fine breakfast and all this unpleasantness will be forgotten."

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