(121-07-30) Discovery in Starry Street
Discovery in Starry Street
Summary: Mariya, Daena, and Visenya discover that gift silks may not be a gift at all.
Date: Date of play (30/07/121)
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This part of town being fashionable, a number of women on foot or in palanquins are wearing fine gowns of the new, unnaturally bright gowns. None of the fabrics are as beautifully designed as the ones that came as gifts, as all the silks on the fashionable ladies are single colour with trim and the like added later.

Out of the door, Mariya steps. Though she has been mostly a recluse, lately she has been seen out and about more. Despite the attack on either her or Lord Stark's life, she will not be shut up inside. Gingerly, the young princess steps out from the White Stone Manse, attempting to make sure her wounds do not ache or stiffen and to show her face. Her outfit is still somber, reflecting the sorrows the Dornish house has seen while being in Oldtown.

Daena Yronwood has perhaps decided that bravado is not worth the risk. So, though she is much as has been seen before - a dark blue sandsilk underrobe that fits her well, a much looser overrobe is belted and pinned in place - this a sandy color, more like the the colors of her father's house, there is something more - a guard trailing her protectively. "Cousin." she greets. Perhaps she was meaning to find the Princess or it's just providence? "You look well."

Fashionable gowns may be a new thing for the ladies of Oldtown, but Princess Visenya has been wearing interesting designs since arriving from Dragonstone. Today she wears a gown in the cut and style of the court in the Red Keep in a shade of emerald green with a bustier made of black leather decorated with silver swirls. The sight of the newly clad ladies causes her eyes to roll slightly as she steps out into the street.

Apparently body lice are in fashion as well, since a few of the ladies are visibly scratching.

"Hello Daena," Mariya greets with a smile. "You are looking well, too. I hope you have been healing properly?" The Martell does not move much further beyond her door once she has met with Daena. However, her eyes do scan the streets and as she spots Visenya, she gives a wave. The new dresses catch a curious eye. As a woman who is interested in the new, it is plain to see that she's curious as to the new fashion - as well as the itching - but she has yet to approach anyone to ask where they received their new gowns.

Someone in a purple dress passes, scratching as she goes. "That is strange." Daena says, looking back to the Dorish princess. "I received a bolt of very expensive-looking purple silk… a great deal of it. It was a very expensive gift and I do not know who sent it." She looks to one of the women again and then back. "I have seen a number of these purple dresses. Is someone mad? Who would be willing to throw so much coin away?" A smile for Mariya again. "The bolt did not go in far. I am well." Her gaze follows to the lady in green and black and silver. "Oh. Who is that? She looks like a dragon."

Visenya's eyes flick from one itching lady to the other as she walks the short length towards the White Stone Manse. Her eyes linger on a particularly scratchy maiden as she nears Mariya and Daena. She mutters under her breath to Mariya, "Reachwomen are filthy." Then she takes in the Martell princess a few moments before asking, "Oh goodness. What happened?'

A lady in bright green faits, presumably from the heat and is carried off by her guard.

"I received a bolt of orange with the Martell sigil patterned upon it." Mariya frowns as she looks at the women passing and scratching. "It was also anonymous." As Visenya approaches, she smiles and reaches out a hand to the Targaryen Princess. "Princess Visenya. It's nice to see you. This is my cousin, Daena Yronwood," she introduces to get that out of the way. As for what happened to her, she shrugs, though the motion is a bit stiff from the wound on her side. "We were a part of an unfortunate event." Her face darkens and saddens at the thought of it. "An attempt on either our lives or one of the Northern lords. They were chased off." Out of the corner of her eye, Mariya catches the woman fainting and frowns.

Daena inclines her head a touch. "Princess." she says, considering a moment. "Your Grace." she greets. "My pleasure." She absently touches her right shoulder a moment. "I think it was the Stark. If they had meant to kill you they would have charged you in special." The talk of the orange silk finally registers. "Who would be sending… are they all mad here?"

"Lady Daena." Visenya gives the other Dornishwoman a nod of her head. She turns slightly, distracted by the sound of a body hitting the cobblestones. "I also received silk. Mine was red with gold dragons on it." She looks back at Mariya just as she explains what happened, and a look of alarm crosses her face. "That is unacceptable. Not only are you royalty, but you are betrothed to a Prince of Westeros. I am going to put a price on their head." She says to Daena, "Mad? Yes. And none of them know it."

Speaking of mad, a lady in an unnaturally bright yellow underdress and a magenta overdress, begins giggling uncontrollably in her palanquin and starts licking the polls of her conveyance.

"Perhaps. Though, their timing was obviously lacking if we were caught up in the middle of it." Mariya does not like to think about the incident and shakes her head, waving a hand to forge the incident. "Thank you, Princess Visenya. I am sure Lord Stark would be glad of the help. He mentioned he would be pursuing the matter. As are our guards." Her eyebrows crease. "And you do not know who sent it to you? That is truly odd. Why would someone do such a thing?" Finally, she starts watching the woman in the magenta dress. "Is it me, or…" She starts to move forward toward the palanquin. "Are you alright, my lady?"

"That may not be wise." Daena says as her princess moves towards the mad lady. "They could be ill. I would not touch them." She looks back to the dragon princess, hopefully keeping track of her too. "I do _not_ like this. I am inclined to see us all inside until we know what is happening." She shakes her head. "If you two received material like mine, it must have cost a fortune just for we three. But… all of these ladies?"

"Mariya, don't." Visenya says softly as the other young woman begins approaching the woman on the palanquin. She doesn't move to help the woman. Instead, she watches in almost morbid fascination before finally saying, "I think they are drugged. The fabric poisoned…"

The lady in the palanquin stares wide eyed at Princess Visenyas as if she's never seen a Dornish woman before, "How do you get your eyes to _do_ that? And your eyes…" She tries to touch Mariya's eyes. The woman's pupils are huge and wiggly.

Despite the warnings, Mariya can't help but go to someone obviously in danger. Especially if Visenya is right and she has been poisoned. "If they are ill, then they need help. Quick, someone fetch a healer or a Maester. Perhaps water will wash it off?" No matter the intrigue and the logistics, she is worried about the fainting and pole licking people in front of her. When the woman reaches out to touch her eyes, she leans backward. There is a difference between helping people and allowing them to poke her in the eye. "Shh," she tells the woman. "We think your dress has been tampered with." She looks back to the other women. "Her eyes are dilated. I think you may be right."

"Mariya!" Daena calls and then she sprints towards her cousin, there's a dagger in her hand. She comes up short next to the Martell woman when it turns out that all is more or less well for the moment. "Oh." and she sheepishly puts the blade away. "I don't know anything about poisons. What could it be?" A look back to Visenya, concerned for her as well.

Visenya approaches the palanquin at a slower pace, her steps cautious. "We're going to get the guards from my manse to clear the street, and have any of the women taken to the Citadel." She watches the woman on the palanquin with a look of disbelief. "Who could have done this, and why?"

The lady in the palanquin, keeps moving her hand back and forth, staring at it in puzzlement, Mariya already forgotten.

"I'm fine," Mariya assures Daena with a wave of her hand. As the woman in the palanquin moves her hand back in forth like a woman in a daze, she frowns and stands. Convinced that the woman is not in imminent danger, she takes a step backward. "I have no idea. We should figure out who delivered the bolts of cloth and from there perhaps who hired them." Her eyes fall back to the woman in the palanquin. "I don't see what anyone could gain in spending a fortune in expensive cloth to poison the women of Oldtown." She glances around. "Are there specific people being targeted?"

Daena rubs her face with both hands a moment. "The world is mad. Or perhaps I am mad. What would be the purpose…" but then Mariya reads her mind. "Are there men who have received the same sorts of things? If someone can poison or drug cloth, why not food or drink?"

"Take your Mistress to the Citadel." Visenya says to the palanquin bearers in as authoritative a voice as possible. That said, she turns on her heel to walk back towards the Targaryen manse. Words are exchanged with a guard, and the man vanishes inside only to come out accompanied by several more. "Round up the ones not acting right, and take them to the Citadel." She gives the men-at-arms a warning look, "If I hear that any of these women have been abused or injured in any way by you lot I will practice my whip cracking on your back. Is that understood?"

The palanquin bearers carry their lady off to the citidal. Honestly, they are panicking and a Princess' command solves all dilemmas. The guards trot off to start collecting delirious fashionistas.

Dhraegon arrives in his palanquin with guards and Kelinyx of all people. They go into the manse with his guards.

"I am not sure," Mariya tells Daena. "Something is certainly going on, though." She frowns as she watches the palanquin depart under Visenya's orders. "Perhaps we should give the cloth we were given to the Maesters as well. Perhaps they could find what it was coated with."

"That seems wise." Daena agrees. "I was going to try to see if I could turn up who delivered the cloth, then see who might have hired them and so on. There must be a trail." She considers. "This could not be a small undertaking. There would have to be a large space to do this all at once, yes?"

"We're looking for someone with a lot of money." Visenya mentions from the distance of her manse. "The fabrics are not cheap. Likely, the dyed were imported from Essos. Yi Ti, perhaps?" That said, she gives a brief wave to the other two before vanishing into her manse.

Visenya goes into the grand manse whose heavy ornate doors are decorated with the three headed Dragon of House Targaryen.

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