(121-07-24) Doryssa meets a good ghost
Doryssa meets a good ghost
Summary: Doryssa and Kelinyx meet after exercising a little charity.
Date: Date of play (24/07/2014)
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It's late in the evening, and Keli is draped in her big, dark cloak with the hood up. There is a bulge in the front, indicating she's carrying something covered. Around her right ankle is a white ribbon, and the small thing moves stealthily through shadows or at least out of an easy line of sight, using the bustling people and commerce as a fog of obscuring distraction. In her wake is mix of sweet and savory scent.

Doryssa Massey is somewhat out of her element here, deeper into the squalor of the city than she'd like. Still, she is away from the manses of the nobles, away from the Citadel. The lady is dressed in fine but simple things as usual, but she has brought a basket of tiny loaves and a wooden salt dish. There's a small table too, and a guard. A guard who is none too happy to be here, especially with this girl in tow.
If anyone has spent any time watching this little scene, they would have noticed the young woman asking people as they approach if they would like bread and salt, and then as they talk she's looked into people's mouths, even pulled a tooth from an frail old woman's mouth only to pack the wound with something. "Yes, I know. It's getting dark." she says to the guard. "We'll go soon… the bread is almost gone."

Keli is hunting for something, but it's not the hunting of quarry or treasure, and the way she scans every structure, covey and corner. The pale eyes, paler skin and dark locks give the quiet stalker a bit of a ghostly quality, but even her face lights up when she sees the perfect spot - a parked and empty cart, no horse or owner nearby. Here she deposits the cargo, a cheap braided basket with a white ribbon tied about the handle, a bit of ratty cloth draped over the contents. She quickly skitters away, clambering up to the roof of a presently unoccupied stall and stretching out on her belly, forearms folding for her chin to rest upon. She's watching the basket carefully, but her perch puts her in sight of Doryssa and her guard across the way, at least if their eyes are keen.

Doryssa does have keen eyes, she's clever in general. She notes the girl on the wall and reaches into her basket to take a small loaf from there. She waves it in the ghost girl's general direction, hopefully invitingly.

Kelinyx must not have been too absorbed in her task, for first she lifts her index finger to her lips, as though she's a secret she'd prefer kept, but then she flashes a pleasant smile to the stranger, big enough to show that one of her front teeth is still growing in. Sure enough, the patience of the two is rewarded, for within a few minutes, one of the poorly dressed children of the street is snooping about near the cart. Perhaps he'd even been tailing Keli. Perhaps she planned on that. He flips back the cloth on the basket and within are a group of stuffed rolls. The urchin boy seems to relish the sight, and soon he's snatched it up, scurrying off to, what Keli can make out, is a group of gathered children who dig in. Keli takes a proper gargoyle stance, perched on the edge of the shack and checks back with Doryssa and her guard for their reaction.

The guard's lip curls but Doryssa smiles. She mutters something to him and he turns away. Along comes a man who sheepishly approaches the lady and they speak again. She smiles at him and takes out a loaf, which she cuts into and then uses the tip of her knife to spoon up a bit of salt into the bread. He mutters to her again and she does the same for three more rolls. He takes them all and moves away.

Strange but perhaps fitting that these two should meet this way. The urchins cleared off, Doryssa's gifts distributed, Keli chooses to disappear from sight, only to reappear on the street, approaching them, the white ribbon outstanding against her otherwise dark attire. "We got the same idea at the same place…interestin', that," she says in a high, reedy voice, hugging her arms about herself while rocking on her heels, observing the two carefully, but more the guard to be sure he isn't about to clap her ear and tell her to hightail.

"Someone has to help. So, why not?" Doryssa says. "Hmm. You came into some coin, it seems, to buy that for those children." There's a little box on the little table too, she opens that and when her hand comes away there's a copper coin there. "This would help some. I could give you another if you will use it for a bath, or give it to someone else to pay for a bath. What do you say?"

Kelinyx shakes her head in polite refusal at the offer. "I work for my coins," the little thing says, trotting a bit closer. "And I already gave someone a bath today," she says with a quiet laugh, somewhat dirty hands covering her mouth. "I don't think…I don't remember seein' you before, but you look fam…fumilly…look like I seen you before." Her head tilts, more carefully examining the woman's face closely, the guard gets one more regard, Keli mostly looking to his neck and joints before being sure he's not going to negatively interfere. "You from a fancy family, then?"

"Not as fancy as some, or most. I'm Doryssa Massey, from Stonedance, all the way on the other side of Westeros, really. You can see the Narrow Sea from the tower." Doryssa responds. "Bread then, if not coins?" she puts the copper away, then. "Bread? Are you well? No problem teeth, no wounds that need looking at? Boils that need lancing? I doubt anyone wearing a chain comes here."

Keli looks more amused as problems are listed, but it's the mention of lancing boils that makes her face twist up in disgusted delight, laughing and replying teasingly, "Uh, Idunno, don't think I got no boils, but maybe you should check my butt!" It's clearly not an insult, just her bizarre sense of humor, the girl twirling about on a foot and regarding the woman with a kind smile. "I like you Doryssa Massey Stonedance!" Keli proclaims, dashing up near. "Tell you what. If you ever meet a girl about my age, blonde hair, eyes like you and me, called Emy? Just give her something you were gonna give me instead. And there's a boy who looks like me named Colen, and the same goes for him! And when *you*," she points a skinny finger, "Need somethin' delivered or maybe took or placed, you let *me*," the finger points to Keli's own nose, "…know!"

"I like you too, I think." Doryssa responds with a smile. "I think, if I can find you again, I should want to see if you can find people who are ill and might come out of doors to see me and get some help." But it is getting dark and Doryssa's guard leans to whisper to the lady again. "Alright, alright. We'll go." and with that the man waits patiently for Doryssa to collect her box and the basket, and then he hefts the table. "Alright." she says to Keli. "I think I shall have to go, just in case. I hope the Maiden watches over you until we meet again."

Kelinyx nods in assent to the proposition, but when the Maiden is mentioned, Keli perks up more. "Yeah, the Maiden, uh?" She gives a wink, as if they're both in on some conspiracy that amuses the child. "And you, mister guard man, watch out for miss Doryssa Massey Stonedance like the Maiden, too!" And with that, the energetic child almost skips with her verve-infused gait, so good at getting lost from sight between shadows and people.

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