(121-07-17) Words of Advice
Words of Advice
Summary: Visenya pays Thadeus a brief visit, he offers her wine, and she gives him words of advice.
Date: 17/07/2014
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Walled Garden - Leaping Trout Manse, Hightower Street

This small garden is neatly kept. It is shaded from the branches of old apple and cherry trees, which still bloom and fruit in their cycles during the summers. There are a few comfortable wooden benches under them, and some small flower-beds and herb-gardens. Ivy grows on the grey stone walls. At the center of the garden is a small and aged fountain with a low spray of water emerging from its top.

Near the back wall there's a flat clear space, offering enough room for a couple of men to spar.

It a wonderful warm summer morning like so many before, and the Bull Fish is already up and about. Indeed, he has been already having a spar with one of his Riverlands retainers, a lengthy one, judging from the beads of sweat showing on his forehead as he sits down by a little table that has been brought outside, carrying already some refreshments: A bowl with fruit, a bit of bread, and of course, the inevitable flagon of watered wine to start of this fine day with. Thadeus is attired in a light training armor of fine leather, the training sword leans against the armrest of his chair. It does look like this will not be the end of the sword practice yet, but rather a short break.

It is certainly an interruption of the Bull Fish's morning when his future good-sister, the famous and infamous Princess Visenya, is announced. The Princess wears a gown style popular amongst ladies of the Reach: airy fabric accompanied by subtle slashes where skin is exposed so it may remain cool. Most shocking, however, is her hair and skin. Her hair has been scandalously cut short, and the left side of her face has a certain amount of color on it that the other side doesn't. As if she were recovering from a sunburn.

"Ser Thadeus." She says casually after she is announced, and saunters over to his little table. She holds out a hand, "Oh, don't get up. Enjoy your breakfast. I'll only trouble you for a moment or two of your time."

The announcement has the Bull Fish's head turn at once. A kerchief is lowered, drenched with the sweat he has wiped off his comely visage, and Thadeus looks up, admittedly still a bit out of breath from the exercise. His grey-blue eyes widen, perhaps in shock as he beholds the unorthodox haircut and the red side of her face and his jaw drops, giving him a slightly dumb look for a moment. Until he remembers his manners and rises - in spite of Visenya's request to remain seated."

"Princess Visenya," the Tully greets with a bow, the smile that curls his lips bewildered, to say the least. "What unexpected honour to have you visiting. Mayhaps you'd want to do me the honour and join me for some wine and refreshments?" His voice, although still a bit breathless, is easy on the ears. A servant hurries to bring another chair, after being gestured to do so.

Visenya ignores the dumb look on Thadeus' face. Instead she smiles, and explains casually, as if it were a problem everyone experiences on occasion, "Got too close to dragon's flame." She slinks over to the offered chair with a lazy sort of grace, and settles down into the chair next to Thadeus. Her smile widens slightly, "How well do you know my younger sister, Ser?"

Thadeus nods at the explanation, and a bit of amusement flickers in his mien. "Oh, I see." Of course, she is a Targaryen. But that is all he will dare to comment on the matter. A servant pours two goblets for them, and the Tully will wait until Visenya has been handed hers, before he will take a sip from his own. "Not as well as I would like to. I've seen little of her lately. But…" and here his grey-blue gaze shifts to meet that of the Dragon princess, "I trust she is well, and that there is an explanation for this reluctance…?"

"Do you know what they say about me, Ser?" Visenya asks as she considers the wine in her hand. "They say I am mad. Half-dragon myself, I am told." She flicks her boldly colored amethyst eyes upwards to meet Thadeus', "But no one ever recognized the same in Cerys. She lives her life in this beautiful illusion. Everything is beautiful, and wonderful to her." She lifts the cup to take a sip before continuing, "And when it isn't? …Well, then you become a villain. I suggest, if you don't want to be a villain in my sister's eyes, that you keep your affairs more private."

A faint smirk appears on the Tully's features when Visenya speaks about what people say about her. "A dragon. Aye, I've heard some in that vein,…" he mutters, as he takes another sip. "And mad…?" He looks up, studies her attentively before he shakes his head ever so lightly. "Nah. Although you and your sister have… interesting personalities, but that's what's being expected from Targaryens, is it not?" Clearly amused at his own reply, Thadeus arches a brow, before he lets his gaze drift towards the apple trees, and Visenya continues about her sister's delicate personality. It is when the Targaryen speaks of him becoming a villain, that his eyes focus once again on her, and some of the friendly politeness leaves his face. "I fear I do not know what you are getting at, Princess Visenya."

"Of course you don't." Visenya responds with a light little snort, and a roll of her eyes. "Our father would have said the same, and yet we have more natural siblings than I can count." She takes another swallow of the wine, and shrug, "I don't care what you do, Ser, or who you do it with. My point is that my sister will care. Furthermore, my point is that she will loathe you for it. What you do with what I'm telling you is up to you." She has a final swallow of the wine before gathering her wispy skirts up, and rising. "What I tell you I tell you out of kindness. If you don't want my sister to hate you then be discreet." She smiles again, "Thank you for the wine, Ser Thadeus. Have a lovely day."

A bit of air leaves the nostrils of the Tully in a low snort, and he shakes his head with a faint smirk. "You seem to have a high opinion of me, princess." he chuckles softly, as he looks over to her, his goblet of wine still in his hand. "I assure you that I do not intend to harm Cerys's feelings. But… I thank you for the advice, dear future good-sister." Seeing she is rising he will move to stand as well. "A brief visit. Are you sure you want to leave already?" And after a pause he adds: "Shall I accompany you to the door?"

"You shouldn't feel sad, Ser Thadeus. I think you're no better or worse than any other man." Visenya continues to smile, and shakes her head. "No, I don't think so. I intended for this visit to be short and sweet. Cerys was already convinced before that I would attempt to steal you away from her." Her eyes roll lightly, "So it's best if you finish your breakfast, and think on what I've said."

That smile grows a bit pensive, when Visenya speaks of Cerys's fears, and Thadeus nods slowly. "Aye, she has told me about that…" he sighs. "So… this visit will remain a secret between you and I?" A bit of mischief sparkling in his grey-blue eyes as he bows to her in a polite farewell.

"Think of it as a chance to begin practicing discretion." Visenya says in a flippant, even slightly playful tone. She gives the Tully a little quirk of her lips before following a servant out through the house and onto the street.

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